Day: August 6, 2019

ng also very fit, took his son to go out into the table that go – in fact, she has a lot of tears, which is also under the control could not, did not want to see Yuan Yuan.

  Pei Yuanbo before sitting the table, leaned in front after looking exceptionally huge cake, was surrounded by ardent looked at him, and put him as a baby, it is important loved ones, because the light with lights, flickering candle light, shine on the face, you can particularly clearly see facial expressions, her mother and grandmother were crying, and my father though not te深圳桑拿按摩ars, but also f深圳桑拿网rom a layer of fog glasses.
  ”Yuan Yuan, today is the last new one year old, pregnant luck to walk away full, good luck to come.”Pei Grandma recited, like Pray tell what is in the Buddha ceremony to do.
  Yang Qiuping has dried her tears, she re-focused on the head: “Today, in the past, is the new one year old.”
  Ordinarily in common, but just a birthday, this can be like family, however, it has been separated for a long time – like this one carries special significance, say goodbye to those painful torment each other, blame, blame each other time, welcome to cherish each other, hey did not give a good day.
  ”Yuan Yuan, the make a wish.”Pei Naochun today is the only one who can calm mood, he smiled and clapped his hands.
  ”it is good.”Pei Yuanbo and just get started, quietly closed his eyes, there are many scenarios emerge in front, overlapping and skip.
  He asked a few years have a profound memories, and get along with his paren北京夜网ts and West-Lu.After he was back, crying into his Naochun Pei, and Pei Yang Qiuping grandmother.And this short span of less than six months, but like after a long time, and by the love generation, need to be carefully treated as a treasure of the day.
  This world, there are many things to choose, just for the child, he is not an easy thing to do, he has not seemed to find time to really thoroughly remove those barriers, fully integrated into a new life.
  His hands folded, head against t