Day: August 5, 2019

e had another birthday, it is also a fall, comparable to today more than a month later, he came, he has never thought there should be an exact birthday.

  Yang Qiuping eyes already cast a mist, in the same year, the child, at home only after two full inside birthday, third birthday has not arrived yet, has not at home, and later every year, he birthday, the family of three, just like there is a consensus, the whole does not exist when such a day, silently let him past.
  ”Yuan Bo, today, 杭州夜网ten years ago, we were in the hospital until you.”Pei NaochunThe gentle voice with a smile, “you are so small that time, I was in your grandmother to ask, you picked up, I always felt that he just a little hard, it will let you where the pain with pain, then your mother see me next, I said it, that I’ll get you uncomfortable.”
  Yang Qiuping tears shouting: “How are you will not hold the child, not professional posture!”
  ”At that time not much hair on your head, though soft, but less good.”
  Pei grandmother interrupted, afraid to get the cake, just gently come back a bit to his son: “How can say that his son.”
  ”Ok.”Pei Naochun simmering laugh, he shrugged his shoulders,” Yuan Yuan, after you go home, my father’s family status straight decline, appeared to be down to the last bit.”
  He cleared his throat and went on, the atmosphere did not intend to get too heavy, because it is the birthday of Yuan Yuan: “At that time I thought, you are so small, how can we grow so big it?You make me feel amazing, like a miracle, he appeared at my side.”
  Pei Yuanbo somewhat shy, he will be looked at father’s face shone bright.
  ”I’m really happy and feel very luc南宁桑拿ky, although once you grow missed significant time, you can still grow up healthy.”Pei Naochun deliberately blinked,” Yuan Yuan, this is the tenth year that you come around us, happy birthday.”
  ”Just let go sit Yuan Yuan, or candle going out.”Pei Grandma four sharp eyes, ears, noting the crumbling candles, the whole organization.
  Yang Qiupi