Day: August 3, 2019

o me, the envelope with the address of the house, my mother said, I welcome you to send a letter, I asked my mother gave me some stamps, send a letter to the stamp, Do you remember the resent posted good.] A lot to say, Pei Yuanbo mused, have added a sentence, [especially mom and dad love me, please do not worry about me, Sincerely, salute.]

  In fact Peiyuan Bo Regards still do not understand what it meant, but he wrote before, search with home computer and saw many write format, there are the words, they have to go with, he carefully the written letter into an envelope, and installed that good to put on the cover, stamps, this heart satisfaction from the seal, write the address, he encountered a major problem, although the mother prior to his address to copy can “Tai” word really so hard to write, a row address where it is e都市夜网specially great, he guiltily in turn under pressure in books, pretended not to see – it was the postman uncle would understand it?
  ”Bo Yuan!”Sitting behind him, and with him is as old as the boy, called the Little Ming, the other excited face:” You give me say it again chant!”
  ”what happened?”Pei Yuanbo some confusion, he was quite popular in the class, although for admission, but he sports a good academic performance is not too bad, is when I first came, many students crowd him at the door, asking him not quite nerve.
  Zhang Xiaoming holding paper work: “I am just a dog how to say words of the South?”He asked the last time, did not remember.
  ”.”Peiyuan Bo resigned look, he did not get to know, why is so fond of his classmates learn weird, he will continually have to teach out what son of a bitch, big dog feces, I am a pig,苏州夜网 I am a dog” baby, Department of high!”He had to read it in.
  ”Thank you!”Xiaoming very happy, immediately on paper a good standard Pinyin, then Peiyuan Bo saw him sit next to me to write the most handsome three characters.
  ”Dong Son!Come, you read it, this is my most handsome southern dialect.”Xiao Ming thieves looking深圳桑拿网 to