Day: August 2, 2019

patchwork molding – This is a unique gift.

  In fact, he did not complete truth and Xiao Wu said, “Yuan” There are two, one is Xiao Wu visible, independent study, not produce emotion, emotional pseudo artificial intelligence, and the other, it is the current technology can achieve the artificial small retarded.
  ”But then, there are new problems to solve.”Pei Naochun eyes, already is everything is ready, insert a thin chip of the smart watch case, dial with the transformation of smartphone screens, bright colors, showing good results, the strap is replaceable,” the voice system how to solve it?”
  Pe北京兔兔体验网i Naochun is a focus on intellectual property rights of the people, coupled with the now, the voice system is not popular, he can only be clothed yourself –
  All right, then I own it.
  He pondered, quietly opened the microphon北京风月网e to record up to enunciate – yes, he had to record a version of dialect, that dialect son in the South to learn how to say?
  [Cub, a few days before you call me, I did not receive, because I have to go to school, but you are skipping yet?Do you still do not have school?I am now in the city of B first primary school, schools attached two pictures, I find students to work this cover to run out of the school with a book, are unified seal, I see top photo, you together sent to you.]
  Peiyuan Bo tilts his head and did not hold back biting written, his bad habit of being mom and dad corrected several times before changing for the better.
  [School classmates well, they say in Mandarin, we often say that local, they can not understand – quietly tell you, their dialect, Putonghua and almost, really strange.I’m here all right, do not worry.]
  Although under the supervision of parents, he had begun writing characters, 深圳桑拿网can not completely changing for the better, others three big a word game, written especially hard, if something is not cushioned, will be able to live back with a pencil to write the penetrating, effect.
  [I miss you, you have a lot to write t