Day: August 1, 2019

, Flew to blame: “Lady, Chunxiao set me up, she lied to me into the yard, trampled a dirty man, his wife to call the shots for me ah!”

Spring has sneered: “Oh?Implying that I tie you to come to the yard?The neighbors can be clearly seen it, you came in, or that you feel this is my house San Acacia to you under?It also clearly brings yourself, since you say that I am lying to you, then you’d talk, I am such a basket case, what can the allure, what people, what can you lie to Bowen fond of it?”
This sentence, both straight Chuoxiang Bowen’s heart.
She was not not answer, but can not answer.
Because the answer behind this, than the man outside her fornication charges ten times bigger!
Bowen stood there, trembling, repeatedly shook his head: “No, no, no, she is nonsense, I do not, I really do not!”
Jiang Chu Paced slowly approached her: “San Acacia, the name, I know the name.”
Bowen quickly said: “This is medicine, medicine

r, he but he received from the teacherphone.

  The teacher invited him to create a “miracle” together, he readily agreed.
  ”can.”Pei Naochun nodded his head, he silently down the Enter key locations, appeared in front of a simple blue and white interface – like a return to the era of DOS op爱上海龙凤419网erating system, a bright blue background, only a white cursor flashing conspicuous, he was in awe Xiao Wu, quietly at the computer, enter: “Hello.”
  ”He will answer it?”Xiao Wu a little nervous, his eyes locked on the screen.
  That brief _ symbols flash on the screen according to the frequency, just a word of kung fu, quietly appeared the words: “Hello, Mr. Pei to create me, call me what you want to do?”
  ”Teacher, he answered!”Xiao Wu excitement was not, he chose to scientific research, to some extent, the heart also has a sci-fi dream, these years have seen a lot of literature, there are many countries in the onrush of artificial intelligence, in his view, he is very far from what he never thought it was possible reality within reach.
  ”Ah, he answered.”Pei Naochun answered with a smile, he smiled and said,” You say how kind he called artificial small retarded?”
  Xiao Wu has always looked at his respected teacher, suddenly silence: “.I think that may not be good.”
  ”Joking.”Pei Naochun against the chair, as if to say casually,” in fact, I called the 009 is not bad.”
  His voice faded, my mind rang familiar mechanical voice: [warning, official w杭州桑拿洗浴arning, do not just take up the name of the system, the host system is reputation infringement.]
  ”Why 009?Is there ahead of you, 2, 3?”
  Xiao Wu Pei Naochun no doubt the answer, just quietly entered on the screen: “Your name is Yuan.”
  ”yuan?”Xiao Wu thoughtfully,” New Year’s Day, the first year, which is the original meaning, this represents a beginning?”
  ”No, just the name has a special meaning for me.”Pei Naochun no explanation, he neatly enter the code on the screen, while doing the same Xiao Wu explained,” strictly speaking, it is not