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did not react losers happen to see a group of Xiaoluobutou rushed over, “you can talk about things that do catch the thief, the thief was really scared ass urine flow you do, there are also深圳桑拿网 there, Feng Valley Township commune thief really is not scare you do, you spent any way ah.”

  Some of the stories are still not listening to a lot of times it is boring, on the contrary, whenever I hear all feel particularly fresh, you know, Lu Jianxun characters in their eyes and textbooks are no different, when he saw a real person, so exciting, the original land of rock is not a lie, their home is amazing West.
  Everyone rushes to ask questions, asked Lu Jianxun disoriented, when he ‘s much?Catch the thief is not to his credit, is a thief and his mother desperately to act decisively, as for other deeds, but also his mother’s head collar, really want to say his powerful place, then, is the farm last year to test the 100-point thing, but half a year ago is a thing, not worth mentioning.
  Lu rock pull his clothes, “Lu tetra,苏州夜网 you tell them about your catch the thief thing, I also want to hear.”That he is still small, just remember waking up Houge Ge say thieves storage room, grabbed their uncle is in German, he timid, far aim only dare to two, and later often think he would regret it, how it does not come nearer, look carefully in the class was bragging blown vigorously ah.
  Lu Jianxun pumping the pumping mouth, hesitated where to begin to speak, just listen to the jingle bell sounded the bell, time for class.
  West classroom next door next door, heard the bell, he hurried toward Lu Jianxun said the sound and ran away, the boys around Lu Jianxun even reluctant, had to return to the classroom, in particular, hear the voice of the classroom teacher knock the table , is run fast, a few seconds, no people around, Lu Jianxun a little difficult, heart and said he was about to tell the story.
  Lu Jianxun sensation caused by that small is not small, at least the classroom waiting for the

in the palm patted force, land and rock stomping,” can not shoot, you see, when I played no shot, pig, you must not lie, th上海夜网en lie I do not play.”

  Called pig boys busy stop action, the right hand and tofu, meat Lu Jianxun saw him moved his cheeks, “I do not see you knocked.”
  Read a few rounds Lu Jianxun to react, in addition to land and rock pig, the other is to watch the crowd, good Bi Xixi, he was pulled over rocky land morale.
  ”rock.”Lu Jianxun shouted a voice, strode past, people around the play was in full swing all turned silent on the veranda at once, shouting in the classroom is gone.
  ”Tetra, you come ye?”West to call the export happily ran towards Lu Jianxun,” tetra, tofu rock they hit it, he can be powerful, winning two.”
  Lu Jianxun put away the umbrella, “I pick you up from school, you ah Shashi Hou school?”
  ”There are lessons only released.”
  Lu rock answered a God, shouted a voice tetra land, put away the ground tofu, pig hey sound,杭州夜网论坛 “I hit the stone, you do not lie.”
  ”I’m not lie, I tetra came, I told him to speak.”Lu rock for their own sophistry, the tofu in her pocket, ran to bounce Lu Jianxun,” Lu tetra, you come too early, we have a lesson it.”Lu pointed rock not far from the office,” school class will ring the office, tetra land will be to listen to, school bell and not the same class.”
  Pig never seen Lu Jianxun, he asked Lu rock, “rock, he Who?”
  Lu rock thumbs up, “I Miss tetra, tetra West, we are the most powerful production team, he examinations can be powerful, high school papers can test 100.”
  For Union Village production team catch the thief thing, the class has a lot of stories, some of which are land-Rock said, some people coming out of high school, saying they listen to the village of Union students said, now listen to rock introduced Lu brea杭州桑拿th, they immediately think of Lu Jianxun and thieves wits story, his face conceal his excitement, “you are a thief particularly severe test you hear that name detour?”
  Lu Jianxun bewildered,

u are in the hospital, clinic gave birth to a child, it will automatically generate the binding bracelet, unless really go to the hospital to find the foot nook, living at home苏州桑拿 mothers – when you can on the account, the hospital will ask you for check proved that pregnancy prove it, this alone, it has changed countless family tragedies.”

  ”What is the infrastructure, which is actually a – a real change after the infrastructure of our lives, hopefully soon, we can also have their own free smart bracelet, saved enough money, I’m going to go buy three yuan an upgraded version of a rainy day, to express my support for the attitude 🙂 ”
  Computer faint light in the face, Peiyuan Bo sliding the mouse wheel, a lot of cut FIG saved as.
  ”Yuan Yuan.”Dual voice sounded faint, he was a few years ago, was upgraded Pei Naochun a wave, now has a projection may be permitted in the case of Peiyuan Bo, and he looked around the scene together,” you how ternary old, you do not love me?”It has been learned ten thousa苏州夜网nd kinds of ways to install wronged – no way, as artificial intelligence, rivalry is also an important task.
  Pei Yuanbo is two yuan laugh, all these years the two get along really like brothers: “No, I just want to see what they boast father.”
  Once cautiously, I feel the magic secret, my father did not dare to touch th北京夜网e world with his efforts, can gradually close, withOn the outdoor veranda, third of five children get together to play tofu, but also intense scene than war.
  His good eye, a saw West, landing him stand rock, rock right hand holds land tofu, tofu positive teeth staring at the ground, estimated his turn order, he pushed left and right hand sides of the people “my turn, my turn, I do not knock you.”
  Look He raised his right arm, forced thrown down, the sound of popping tofu floor, and tofu on the ground without any movement.
  ”Ha ha ha, I did not turn turn, stone, which I have the me.”The land opposite the rock fat tofu elated to pick up the ground, caught

rue sense –

  First against the comments of the topic, the most famous of the big V,杭州桑拿 is a well-known scholar Sadducees know –
  @ Sadducees know: Screenshot of speech in silence criticism intelligent bracelet of the year I published on the personal blog, and now want to come, can only say so delicious.Smart bracelet is indeed a project benefits the country, and now the family elders and myself, have been brought to the purchase of self-ternary bracelet – reportedly after payment of the country, can take two bracelets, in a triple Ltd. jointly upgrade.
  He bowed comments, first king of neat environment Chak really fragrant expression package, then 2333 is a pile of laughing face, and then later, users are then put together to discuss.
  ”I’m going year when born boss, on the account have to send a boss to this, I feel particularly angry vanguard, do not understand this is what to do with, and later found that this is really a baby artifact, Once we put the baby on the bed and we slept together, rolled down to him (it was our fault), bracelet directly called up, although the baby was shocked, much better than an accident!We went to three yuan upgraded the underlying disea杭州桑拿洗浴se detection, if a fever, the temperature wrong, the guardian will be notified immediately to this, eliminating the need to worry too much.”
  ”.Last time I went out shopping nephew and sister-in-law with play, the result wandered off, I began hastily pulling sister-in-law to go desk to find someone – everyone should have heard that parents of children XXX, your child service Taiwan and other broadcast your right?I was scared to death, fear can not find nephew, sister-in-law the results opened a mobile phone software, especially the kind of fool, only a few functions, the navigation to find nephew, and I was just as impressed by the development of technology.”
  ”It is now a three-way without blowing my brain, silently sharing news links – 1, intelligent bracelet timely warning, traffickers were caught.2

ow up happily.]

  [Yang Qiuping: I believe.]
  For most ordinary people, they did not read the news network’s habit, even if it is read, and most are open when eating, do not know if I have really heard the ear, intelligent bracelet this, there are many people at first glance, I just feel that somehow, Made in, suddenly felt unbearable anger, many intellectuals like to publish their ideas on the internet, quietly published a wide range of accusations, review articles, hardly a say good word.
  ”The tax people where to go?The so-called smart bracelet in the end it makes sense?”
  ”Smart bracelet is another scam to cheat the government funding it?”
  ”Children do not need a smart bracelet, please answer the question I ten o’clock.”
  Only at this time, the network is also not particularly prosperous, he failed to form a 深圳桑拿网government felt compelled to public opinion quickly, no matter how those who are against the common enemy, can not wait to eat this “Pei Boshi” meat are also only silently choose to give up – deaf ears, but also how they do it?Finally, only quietly watching from the other subjects.
  Intelligent policy bracelet, soon to promote top-down down – take this opportunity to also start earlier to the hospital, public security, civil affairs various parts of the linkage of newborn demographics, basic information newborn registration, just less than six years effort, even in remote mountain villages county seat, children under eight years old, but also a smart bracelet the hand.
  Also in that year, the state launched the second round of the smart bracelet plan and incorporate them into the third round planned over the next five to ten years广州桑拿网 of national planning – the second round, will start with the elderly over sixty start and the third round will achieve universal coverage.
  This time, the news on the Internet and news network disclosed together with the development of the information age, this topic, click on the hot search, triggered a national debate杭州桑拿 in the t

hort, it is the most intelligent!

  Hear some intermediate keywords Peiyuan Bo suddenly surprised a moment – as if he can think of, my father made this bracelet original intention, if we had had such a bracelet, maybe he will not get lost it?
  At the same time, Yang Qiuping in the next room are thinking about it.
  Husband before reaching cooperation with countries in advance and she said, now available in large shopping malls, intelligent robots, intelligent bracelet, even if it is only the bracelet motion monitoring function, can sell very good price, more Not to mention the security that comes with full-featured type bracelet, and if his name patented technology into a comme深圳桑拿网rcial, profit can be made a lot of money.
  But Pei Naochun business people did not agree brainer, he chose the initiative and approached the country, in order to convince countries to invest funds in this area – and this is because of the power of individuals seem insignificant in the face of the country, if individuals to promote, time-consuming, it is difficult to obtain the corresponding effect, he will be at their disposal new chip supercomputer technology available to countries in exchange, the only condition is that the state investment funds, to promote, to promote the convenience, he passed several studies have cost bracelet pressure to a minimum.
  But this also means that might otherwise relied Dongfeng “riches” of the home, still like now, living off the day before he made the decision, the head of a choice, is to seek the vie杭州龙凤网ws of Yang Qiuping.
  Yang Qiuping heard a function of the bracelet, after the trial himself, not with hesitation hesitation, immediately agreed, her mind when she wanted nothing, just talking back and forth to the TV drama words: “If there this bracelet, that the pain of waiting for a full seven years, we 北京风月网will have?”The current state of life is already rich, she hopes, will help to families may be harmed in the future.
  Of course, Pei Naochun are allowed under sta

had inadvertently looked down, after all, they are the most important segment of people shooting comes to an end.

  Pei Yuanbo into the house, began to inquire about the duality: “dual Dad do smart bracelet is doing what it?”In the news, put a little conceptualized leadership, he did not get to know of his father’s inventions, always feel very curious.
  Two yuan in Peiyuan Bo around for a long time, has not stopped learning, in other infections, more humane again, this time to answer quite proud tone: “It is our brother, ternary.”
  ”what?”This is more confused.How Yuan Yuan also with a series of.
  ”Mr. Pei are produced, Yuan series, you’re Yuan Yuan, I was binary, 北京夜生活ternary it, but it is stupid to stay in the lab, I’m smarter, just to accompany you on your side.”Dual full of energy,” its function can not compare me.”
  It illustrates it: “It’s the function I have, I will not do it.”Artificial intelligence community also has contempt chain, it will think this is the only study looked down, there is no emotional evolution of the ability of small retarded.
  After “In simple terms, it is actually bundled with personal information, real-time monitoring of daily personal physical condition – including blood pressure, pulse, etc., can be checked in time physiological conditions, once the situation a serious problem, it will locate, call emergency telephone and automatic call for help to the surrounding.Lock also comes with the surrounding environment, beyond the usual activities once the environment surrounding and no guardian is present, will automatically alarm, but also take the initiative to the police, call for help function.All in all, is a health monitoring, to prevent the child wandered off, encountered bad guys bracelet.”
  ”But the adult version and a minor version different, I heard Mr. Pei said that on苏州夜网ce the adult version will no guardian positioning of – unless the initiative is open to friends and family rights.”
  Two yuan dark rubbing discredit ternary one, in s

chen towel.

  This news, talking about the recent days, reached with the National Institute of Pei Naochun name of cooperation, patented under the name of the other party, to make things a “smart bracelet” in the name, and in the next ten years, laying the each of the hands of children – of course, only the first batch of children, if all 北京夜网goes well in the future, likely to continue to expand.
  Female anchor connection of the site, first appeared, was a hall located in, sign, handshake picture, the right side of the screen, you can see Pei Naochun being signed his name on the contract –
  Interview is a signatory of leadership: “.According to our estimation, intelligent bracelet, in the future, the popularity of every family, of course, our main target is children under eight years old, and will continue to extend after.Bracelet patented technology licensed from Dr. Pei Naochun main function is actually very simple, is to monitor, locate, alarm, record personal information, emergency contact.”
  ”.Yes, the current test machine have been released, according to test results, the completion of the equipment is very high, will be for the future protection of minors, give great help.”
  TV, Pei Naochun no interviews, with only a picture and name, but still want to see her family are truly proud of, knowing that the other party can not hear, palms have been red drum.
  ”Yuan Yuan, since you have to learn to your daddy on TV, to be a scientist.”Pei Grandma patted grandson, he said with a smi北京体验网le.
  ”Mom, Yuan Yuan wants to choose what you want.Non-scientists do not necessarily.”Yang Qiuping Pro to go back to washing dishes, put a sentence mouth, as long as the child of her peace and joy, and without big breath, feed themselves by their own hands, in her when the mother appears to have been good enough.
  ”Also, Yuan Yuan, or to choose their favoriteindustry.”Pei Grandma quite able to listen, nodded his head in affirmation.
  News on television continues, the only people in the room,

, “Do not howl, people have been taken away!”Then he went to the rain in front of Nguyen, a look of Yin Zhi,” is not that good earlier, we do two written off?”

  ”I milk previously agreed to break off an engagement, why should you be humiliated Lin Ruan?”Amid Nguyen asked, she 北京夜网sneered,” to blame, blame your old lady and son to do things absolutely some of Intuit!”Granny Lin over the previous child how humiliated her, humiliated old Ruan, and Lin Kuang-hua of connivance, she is credited in the eyes, her little man in mind, but also hold a grudge, so do not offend her!
  ”What’s more, a huma苏州夜网n life, wanted to write off, Lin captain too naive, right!”
  Lin Kuang-hua was livid, “you.You do not never die?”
  ”If I die, my family more uncomfortable ah!Lin captain assured, like forests home this wicked did not die, I’m willing to die and how it!”Ruan rain smile on his face, whispered.
  Lin Kuang-hua took a deep breath, he was afraid he does not inhale, the next second must be mad.
  Zhou Xiuying three-step rushed over to push a staggering Lin Kuang-hua, Nguyen rain will quickly pulled behind the patrol, then shouted, “Lin Kuang-hua, you little Chilao, if rain dare to bully my house, I’ll get you!”The crowd was all gone, the old lady in command of Ruan Zhiwen to the ground inside the tools back, how blink of an eye, their own good granddaughter disappeared.
  Lin Kuang-hua see a good granddaughter and two stood one, gave her so深圳桑拿ul scare off.
  Nguyen rain look cute smile, “milk!Guanghua Uncle and I apologize for it!You do not worry!”
  Lin Kuang-hua hold breath in my throat mouth, how he did not find before, this little girl is old Ruan pervert it!
  The second is still a threat to life and death take him, and the next second look as well-behaved with little rabbit.
  His throat from the inside to pull out a few words, “to.”
  ”I did not bullied?”Zhou Xiuying look of suspicion.
  Amid the white Sang Sang Nguyen raised arm, crisp Health said: “Not yet!”
  Zhou Xiuying be assured gone, Lin

the Pei Yuanbo more puzzled: “But how do I feel this way Xiaoming, red only does he hate more?”Think red angry look in the afternoon, then empathy – though he did not understand, why should substitute its own red position, if someone pulling his hair, he would be very angry right?

  ”.”Dual down again,” your human emotional problems, you can not ask Artificial Intelligence?”I never learned it!They artificial intelligence, love learning, love the owner, what is love, that does not exist.
  ”Ok.”Peiyuan Bo can not help but throw in a disgusted expression – two yuan said it understands everything, in fact,.
  As Time Goes By, Days pass, home furnishings, also changed a lot杭州夜网.
  Located in the middle of the living room big picture, has changed to the second quarter, Peiyuan Bo is in junior high school when the family went to shoot, he was wearing a freshly baked “blue sky” uniforms, brilliant smile, sitting cross-legged parents grandmother among surrounded, anything seen before pictures of people, can see the changes in the family.
  Let me talk about Pei grandmother, the former negligent care, already messy white hair, has now been re-dyed black, also sat a fashionable perm, had increasingly severe hypertension, while adhering to medication, often re-examination of more than under terms of control and also to maintain a steady line, although not in the past agile legs, she would no longer be locked myself in the house, even on crutches, they have to go outside to buy food, and thought square dance, wi杭州桑拿th her privately their own old sister said that she was afraid that a few years before his own ruined body, she may want to live long lives, looking at her baby grandson, Sun-law to her to find it!
  And Yang Qiuping re looking for a job, she could not return to previous organization – stalled seven years, the school doe深圳桑拿网s not naturally keep that mouth, she is to the other universities in B city, as Church and State Department teachers, school and home not far from easy to come