Day: July 19, 2019

Myself not to single trick with me, good, good!You’re calculating to me today, and tomorrow, I will let you die do not know how!”

The last sentence, Bowen said, teeth, face grim: “in the future, I will never let hello too!”
Even Chunxiao into the brothel, she is more than a means to make her living death in the kiln yard!This is going to Chunxiao today is the price paid for the!
The Chunxiao has been silent, but this time lips evoke a touch of intriguing smile: “You seem to have been so confident of their own, even to this present situation, the future will also think you had better than I.”
“How does?!”Bowen screamed, aggressive.
“I do not necessarily think.”A cold voice.
Bowen goes on after the red tide had intercourse full cheeks, pale moment, the whole body is stiff.
Jiang Chu came in slowly, looking indifferent, not anger, nor surprise, indifferent face that cold, unpredictable, but it also makes people more and more fear.
Bowen scared “plop” sound kneeling in front of Jiang Chu