Day: July 16, 2019

Throat was issued adorable whimper.

  Overhead, the sky snow, thousands of eyes are bright sun, the temptation Yu Ze addicted witch unintentional, and finally had to admit.He is a beast.
  He loosened his fist clenched hands, ask on her cheeks, her eyes widened in surprise when, looking down and kissed her delicate lips.
  Staff do not know who uttered a sigh.
  Nobody responsibility catch the sound of discordant voices, because they feel the same shock was not put into words.
  ”Under the Snow big.”Someone whispered.
  But no one concerned about the size of the snow to go up.
  Standing in the snow like catkins of two bright as if a painting, if not numerous snow, they almost think that time stood still.
  I do not know how long, the two finally separated in the snow.
  Yu Ze stared at the blonde teen cheeks flushed, her eyes **, only his shadow, just so, let him feel an incredible meet.
  He had never been like this, I felt like a fool.
  She just looked at him.
  ”You know you want to kiss it with eyes closed?”He says.
  She Baile Bai head, his face like her favorite dog Daitou.