Day: July 15, 2019

Release, and as a bomb throwing into still water in, set off waves of a stormy sea!

@ Cold mountains: FML This is our best Prince ah!!Why do they do such things animals!!Instruments of torture on those who are stick blood ah, think about all the good terrible TAT

@ I do not know: there is not no justice it.Grapevine said to be forcibly penetrated a gun tire forced to stop before it is completed kidnapping?This is definitely a premeditated gang crime ah!!The police must take those bastards behind to find out!

@ Rainy night the sound of trouble: I was about to explode, he’s our crown prince ah!These people are psychopaths how it would be insane to the point where they ah (╯` □ ‘) ╯ (┻━┻

It grows more and more information from the beginning of the unraveling around to find out.

Sound crusade against public opinion has continued to rise, even many people take the initiative petition will be cut in pieces after these criminals sentenced to apprehend.

People began to imagine all kinds of conspiracy theories, from ‘US imperialism is not another thing to engage in’ to ‘internal conspiracy royal usurper’, those things tabloids even the stars are too busy to attend, so eloquent lengthy follow-up reports, sales surprisingly it is good.

To the trouble of the fourth day, the police finally held an open briefing, the ten flat