Day: July 14, 2019

  ”Patients with brain dead, he falls fell to the back of the head, causing serious damage to the brain, died.”

  Secretly heard the news, Chen also finally relieved diving.
  This son of a bitch to make money to incitement to murder Sibuzuxi, jumped to his death has been considered good for him.
  But unfortunately Chen diving off the trail is here, and he was not any way to know what will kill him.

Chapter 130 temporarily settle down

  Chen diving and Chakun return leaves home again, waiting for the owl from being courtyards.
  Now are the days just before dawn, had not a moment at first light.
  When listening to Chen Xiao from diving to tell from what happened after the owl, the owl some irony: “such a short period of time you do things quite a lot ah, too busy now?”
  ”The less sarcastic.”Chen diving smile:” I want the life of a day can not find, can not be here on the day corpuscles.”
  ”You do not expect I will always protect you.”Seriously road from the owl:” I have my mission, if you feel that you are useful to me because people take advantage of me, I can not do that.”
  Chen diving waved his hand: “Do not say that to take advantage of our relationship with each other, Taisu.I promise you that will help you in exceptional circumstances to take care of Miss Zhao Da not use you to help me now, I treat you like a friend.”
  Fierce stare from a diving Chen: “You’d better say