Day: July 13, 2019

There are rumors in advance.But, in fact, Zhou Yi Lan contact the group, I also quite unexpected, our group had not intended to belong to the two of them.”

  Forest Health: “He is the initiative to contact the program group do?”
  Wheat nodded, “Yes ah, he said and Wan Baihao Gang Gang establish a romantic relationship and want to publish it with a special way, take the initiative to contact us, the team think this is a good topic, besides the two of them have just red, it they chose.Program has been set for the marriage are star groups, the direction slightly changed some, but also to explore the star couple’s views on marriage.”
  Lam soy sauce paper wiped his mouth, my eye caught a glimpse of wheat still looking at himself, he smiled, “I feel this quarter is very interesting.”
  Wheat should smile and.
  Lin gave birth to a passing waiter cutlery, mixed with the eyes across a chill thinking of.
  Although he is not difficult to participate in the “rest of his life have you” message is not public, but are aware of the internal Lin smoked a lot, you want to find out.
  Zhou Yi Lan initiate contact?How it is at this point suddenly in love?Raw heart of a forest ridicule, surface look very light, change the subject:
  ”Our task is to shoot today?”
  Wheat busy photographers to let the camera is on, from the Assistant Road