Day: July 12, 2019

Variety is the thing turn suspense?]

  [Shao Yan snow dead???]
  ”.”Lu seventy-one silent, facing the camera, said,” In addition to ex-boyfriend ex-girlfriend, or I do not guess it just so?Multi unlucky ah.Shao Yan snow really want to focus on network drama of the shooting, so take forever struggling, decided to quit.But today she has come, now we prepared some audience, they will conduct on-site voting and online voting, just as included in a minute, but I suddenly felt that since have come to the scene, is not it a bit special.”
  Seventy-one called Lu Zhang Yun, “or else, find a few scorer, the scene of all staff, is also included in the scoring list.I think these professional staff, such as photographers what they vote, it should also be very professional?”
  Zhang Yun thought, nodding, “also, I went to co-ordinate.”Anyway, the greater the stall has been more frustrating, casual, kid thinking about how to how to come.
  [Everyone should feel little fairy playing bad]
  [23333 Zhang Yun is no love in the face of a good laugh]
  Chiefly interesting ah, only dare to think a little fairy is a]
  [The problem is still with her all, this is the legendary world is to be gentle ah]
  [Who have the heart to refuse her it?]
  [Always live maggots appeared, and now the Internet is also because Ms. Zhang Ying children curse longevity of it]
  [Shut up and continue to watch it live, just want to see fairies happily