Day: July 9, 2019

I never said I was good, but why you mistook my goodness bullied, to mess with my head, everything today, are not you deserve it!”

Bowen was staring fiercely Chunxiao, he screamed: “I’m beyond redemption?!You think just found a new man to spoil my body, I will be able to utter it?You think I discipline these days in the House of painstaking efforts are in vain do?I just find the old lady cried a cry, the old people must take pity on me, I would absolutely do not marry this and other menial beast!And you, you Chunxiao, is really beyond redemption!”
Then, he laughed: “You think you can pull me die with you?You alone, but also with?!You were sold to a brothel who suffered from bullying, people trampled!This is your destiny, and I, still in Ji Jiawei from wind hehe!”
Spring Min Zhaochun no longer speak.
Bowen thought that she was afraid, the more crazy laughing up: “Originally, if you really believe me, I climbed today is the uncle of the bed, then perhaps I can see on your poor with you a pull to be this great opportunity you