Day: July 8, 2019

Like a hot flame burning in hell, “Why did you not let my wife!”

An Wei Zhen Wu secret to listening, a bit indifferent caress chin, she saw two brothers Wu and Wu Tao now you die I die situation, do not bother tube in the cold watching Zhou Zhou, Shen heels walked around the North Star.

Wu this time there is no effort to see Wei Zhen security, he now has to listen to them, and Wu Tao today he can not be placed in a non-death, but for Wu Tao said, he was dazed, “What wife?When you married?”

“Oh, you forgot?”Wu Tao Lengheng a cry,” that day four years ago, I took my fiancee came back, I just let her sit in the living room downstairs, I’ll call my mother, the results of Wu, like you ruthless man, you have no reason to live in this world?!”

Wu also like to think of it this time what, four years ago, he really seems to have seen a woman, it was a very beautiful woman.

Text Chapter 247 infant spirit

Vague memory, Wu still remember the man with bright red lips and white skin, slim waist long leg curl.That he seems to be just over eighteen years of age rite, so drink a little worse