Day: July 6, 2019

Column misfortune, had been clutching the man’s arm, hit the pressure off the back skin burning pain.

  Corridor lights, then snapped open.
  Xin long micro raising his hand over his eyes, his eyes overflow physiological eyes water, and then heard a dull pleasant male voice said: “Do not worry, all right.”

Chapter 115
  She wiped her face, looked up.
  In front of people wearing the cap down, back to the light face somewhat vague, tall slender physique moved, she came toward.
  Oct-long micro reflex back, spine hit the door, no retreat.
  Although he saved her, but she is still a little nervous, saw him coming, subconsciously I wanted to run away.
  Sip a sip of his lips, he stopped and looked at her silence.
  ”.Thank you, “she pinched handle heart, eyes on the man lost consciousness behind him, biting her lower lip, whispered,” I did not carry a cell phone, can you help me do the police?”
  ”I do not have a phone.”His voice was faint.
  This micro-Xin long to see him again, some incredible, “There is no cell phone?”
  His hook the hook lip shallow, beautiful pretty thin red lips,