Month: July 2019

Horch: “.”

  Sheng Qiao opening the hands-free, they poked open microblogging looked, suddenly exclaimed: “God, fell over, then ranked second all friends!You see, sign tasks have to do ah!”
  Horch: “You are in it to change the subject?”
  Sheng Joe: “trained,.”
  Fortunately, Horch and work life or the points very clear, not grabbing hold kiss this point, and she confessed a few pay attention to the body, where uncomfortable in a timely manner to the hospital until he was near the school there, before Joe Sheng reluctantly hung up the phone.
  Woo, long distance relationship is very hard ah.
  Off-site underground feeling more bitter.
  The next morning, Joe and Sheng Ming had breakfast together.Director should fill up her play, her scenes this time next heaviest, with Zeng Ming of match play is also up, eating buns time, had Ming said: “The agent told me that last night, I’ll fry with your campaign scandal.”
  Sheng Qiao a bun almost erupted: “No!”
  Zeng Ming smiled: “General operating filming, over the timing of the fans came to visit and then clarify the rumor on the line.A lot of costume drama filming recently, the topic of heat and are not enough.”
  Sheng Qiao repeatedly shook his head: “No no no.”
  Zeng Ming stared at her: “Do you have advice for me?”
  Sheng Joe: “No ah!”
  Zeng Ming: “Why did you can with Horch rumors, rumors with the intention Shen Jun, is

Gu Jiuan go around.

  After all Gujiu An really good, looks good good good ability origin, spoil everyone is lucky growing up, clean and pure heart, not his –
  So despicable.
  After Gujiu An wake up, it is already nine o’clock the next morning.
  Late is certainly late, this actor in the care or the first time in his career, he was a splitting headache, right fist gently tapping the forehead, until his mind swift tingling some relief, some fragmentary fragments suddenly poured his mind.
  Last night he seemed pulled Su Yuan’s hand, told her what.
  Bad, he would not say with Su Yuan should not say it.
  ”Ah ah ah ah.”
  Gujiu An could not hold his head long crying loudly.
  Fortunately, the room only one person, no one would see this dark side Gujiu An.He got up simply wash a bit, the pace of superficial out the door, opened the door, just to see Huoting Chen opened the door at the same time, the two 大眼瞪小眼, then invariably looked away, and grunted.
  Huoting Chen last night, although not drunk, but really drunk, wake up headache No, I did not expect to come across a door Gujiu An.
  Very unlucky.
  Huoting Chen Lengsu a straight face, taking the lead

Myself not to single trick with me, good, good!You’re calculating to me today, and tomorrow, I will let you die do not know how!”

The last sentence, Bowen said, teeth, face grim: “in the future, I will never let hello too!”
Even Chunxiao into the brothel, she is more than a means to make her living death in the kiln yard!This is going to Chunxiao today is the price paid for the!
The Chunxiao has been silent, but this time lips evoke a touch of intriguing smile: “You seem to have been so confident of their own, even to this present situation, the future will also think you had better than I.”
“How does?!”Bowen screamed, aggressive.
“I do not necessarily think.”A cold voice.
Bowen goes on after the red tide had intercourse full cheeks, pale moment, the whole body is stiff.
Jiang Chu came in slowly, looking indifferent, not anger, nor surprise, indifferent face that cold, unpredictable, but it also makes people more and more fear.
Bowen scared “plop” sound kneeling in front of Jiang Chu

Some embarrassing old head.

  ”Multi-Xiexiao You!Before things had offended many, but also do not want to forgive me!”
  Ye white waved, did not care.
  Everyone saw this scene, the hearts are set off a stormy sea, what kind of person this guy ah, students are not in medical school, there are such profound medicine.
  Lien and Soong hanging on to shame beats, they questioned what qualifications people?
  Huang Yi Liang and Yan Ze is the teacher and student were some embarrassing on the face, he stood on top of the podium is not to go nor to stay, embarrassing death.
  Think Before, Huang Yi Liang holds acupuncture needles with two hands, have won universal applause, and a white leaf, really bad days to do ah.
  Is revered white leaf reaches a height when suddenly standing on the podium Ma Baiwei two and one black, suddenly fainted.
  Fortunately, leaves white Shoujiyankuai directly to Ma Baiwei help up, Hengbao on the podium.
  A hand diagnose the troubles, a handspring eyelid.
  Chak Yan Xin and Dai are all shocked, Ma, this is a child ah, if there is anything happens, you can really afford to be magnanimous.
  Chak Yan Song and white leaves suspended immediately stood to the side, just like a

, Then saw the woman, he thought it was his father gave him a gift, so

Wu think the more the more down inhaled air, he looked terrified Wu Tao, “I, I did not mean it, Wu Tao, you believe me, I did not mean to.”

“Kill people, did not mean to say, people can live it up?”Wu Tao, some weeping laugh,” Wu, one from my father started, to my brother, to my wife, all dead in your hand there, you let me let you dream!”

As soon as Li He, Wu Tao, lying in his arms kid also felt the intention to kill Wu Tao, roared climbed on the shoulders of Wu Tao, bright red lips open to reveal a forest of white teeth, facing Wu whispered roar.

Eyes looking kid already gearing up plans to get involved, has been looking after the safety of the North Star Shen Zhen Wei side of the cold opening, “If you want to let your brother have a good reincarnation, do not let it hands.”

Wu Tao one, the people are stunned for a moment, he looked at his subconscious has a language unknown to the side of safety Zhen Wei, whispered: “What do you mean.”

An Wei Zhen support the gills with slender fingers, pale and said: “I just gave you a brother Bu Gua, he is in the pre-existence

Throat was issued adorable whimper.

  Overhead, the sky snow, thousands of eyes are bright sun, the temptation Yu Ze addicted witch unintentional, and finally had to admit.He is a beast.
  He loosened his fist clenched hands, ask on her cheeks, her eyes widened in surprise when, looking down and kissed her delicate lips.
  Staff do not know who uttered a sigh.
  Nobody responsibility catch the sound of discordant voices, because they feel the same shock was not put into words.
  ”Under the Snow big.”Someone whispered.
  But no one concerned about the size of the snow to go up.
  Standing in the snow like catkins of two bright as if a painting, if not numerous snow, they almost think that time stood still.
  I do not know how long, the two finally separated in the snow.
  Yu Ze stared at the blonde teen cheeks flushed, her eyes **, only his shadow, just so, let him feel an incredible meet.
  He had never been like this, I felt like a fool.
  She just looked at him.
  ”You know you want to kiss it with eyes closed?”He says.
  She Baile Bai head, his face like her favorite dog Daitou.

Release, and as a bomb throwing into still water in, set off waves of a stormy sea!

@ Cold mountains: FML This is our best Prince ah!!Why do they do such things animals!!Instruments of torture on those who are stick blood ah, think about all the good terrible TAT

@ I do not know: there is not no justice it.Grapevine said to be forcibly penetrated a gun tire forced to stop before it is completed kidnapping?This is definitely a premeditated gang crime ah!!The police must take those bastards behind to find out!

@ Rainy night the sound of trouble: I was about to explode, he’s our crown prince ah!These people are psychopaths how it would be insane to the point where they ah (╯` □ ‘) ╯ (┻━┻

It grows more and more information from the beginning of the unraveling around to find out.

Sound crusade against public opinion has continued to rise, even many people take the initiative petition will be cut in pieces after these criminals sentenced to apprehend.

People began to imagine all kinds of conspiracy theories, from ‘US imperialism is not another thing to engage in’ to ‘internal conspiracy royal usurper’, those things tabloids even the stars are too busy to attend, so eloquent lengthy follow-up reports, sales surprisingly it is good.

To the trouble of the fourth day, the police finally held an open briefing, the ten flat

  ”Patients with brain dead, he falls fell to the back of the head, causing serious damage to the brain, died.”

  Secretly heard the news, Chen also finally relieved diving.
  This son of a bitch to make money to incitement to murder Sibuzuxi, jumped to his death has been considered good for him.
  But unfortunately Chen diving off the trail is here, and he was not any way to know what will kill him.

Chapter 130 temporarily settle down

  Chen diving and Chakun return leaves home again, waiting for the owl from being courtyards.
  Now are the days just before dawn, had not a moment at first light.
  When listening to Chen Xiao from diving to tell from what happened after the owl, the owl some irony: “such a short period of time you do things quite a lot ah, too busy now?”
  ”The less sarcastic.”Chen diving smile:” I want the life of a day can not find, can not be here on the day corpuscles.”
  ”You do not expect I will always protect you.”Seriously road from the owl:” I have my mission, if you feel that you are useful to me because people take advantage of me, I can not do that.”
  Chen diving waved his hand: “Do not say that to take advantage of our relationship with each other, Taisu.I promise you that will help you in exceptional circumstances to take care of Miss Zhao Da not use you to help me now, I treat you like a friend.”
  Fierce stare from a diving Chen: “You’d better say

There are rumors in advance.But, in fact, Zhou Yi Lan contact the group, I also quite unexpected, our group had not intended to belong to the two of them.”

  Forest Health: “He is the initiative to contact the program group do?”
  Wheat nodded, “Yes ah, he said and Wan Baihao Gang Gang establish a romantic relationship and want to publish it with a special way, take the initiative to contact us, the team think this is a good topic, besides the two of them have just red, it they chose.Program has been set for the marriage are star groups, the direction slightly changed some, but also to explore the star couple’s views on marriage.”
  Lam soy sauce paper wiped his mouth, my eye caught a glimpse of wheat still looking at himself, he smiled, “I feel this quarter is very interesting.”
  Wheat should smile and.
  Lin gave birth to a passing waiter cutlery, mixed with the eyes across a chill thinking of.
  Although he is not difficult to participate in the “rest of his life have you” message is not public, but are aware of the internal Lin smoked a lot, you want to find out.
  Zhou Yi Lan initiate contact?How it is at this point suddenly in love?Raw heart of a forest ridicule, surface look very light, change the subject:
  ”Our task is to shoot today?”
  Wheat busy photographers to let the camera is on, from the Assistant Road

Variety is the thing turn suspense?]

  [Shao Yan snow dead???]
  ”.”Lu seventy-one silent, facing the camera, said,” In addition to ex-boyfriend ex-girlfriend, or I do not guess it just so?Multi unlucky ah.Shao Yan snow really want to focus on network drama of the shooting, so take forever struggling, decided to quit.But today she has come, now we prepared some audience, they will conduct on-site voting and online voting, just as included in a minute, but I suddenly felt that since have come to the scene, is not it a bit special.”
  Seventy-one called Lu Zhang Yun, “or else, find a few scorer, the scene of all staff, is also included in the scoring list.I think these professional staff, such as photographers what they vote, it should also be very professional?”
  Zhang Yun thought, nodding, “also, I went to co-ordinate.”Anyway, the greater the stall has been more frustrating, casual, kid thinking about how to how to come.
  [Everyone should feel little fairy playing bad]
  [23333 Zhang Yun is no love in the face of a good laugh]
  Chiefly interesting ah, only dare to think a little fairy is a]
  [The problem is still with her all, this is the legendary world is to be gentle ah]
  [Who have the heart to refuse her it?]
  [Always live maggots appeared, and now the Internet is also because Ms. Zhang Ying children curse longevity of it]
  [Shut up and continue to watch it live, just want to see fairies happily