Day: May 26, 2019

Test your popularity among men every year in 2019

Being popular with men is a good thing for some women, who will feel like they are popular with millions of people.. Of course, it is not a blessing for other women, because men’s popularity makes them feel very troublesome.. So, in 2019, your popularity with men will not be strong.? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s be a Questions together..   1、. Is male popularity important to you?   Important →2 unimportant →4 indifferent →3 2, do you often think men are troublesome??   Often →4 occasionally →3 never →6 3, what kind of man do you like?   Gentleman →4 Responsible →7 Filial Piety →5 4. How do you feel when men hate you?   No feeling-6 oneself also hate each other-7 ignore directly-8 5, will you take the initiative to talk to men?   Don’t need to take the initiative-7 don’t want to take the initiative-8 depends on the situation-6 6, men’s popularity is poor do you mind?   Mind-9 don’t mind-7 is difficult to say-10 7, will you show off your popularity with men?   Show off →8 Do not show off →10 Show off occasionally →9 8, will you order FOR HIM MAGAZINE to do things??   Do everything you want to do-9 do your own thing-b look at your mood-10 9, do you hate men’s verbal abuse??   Special Hate-C Is a Bit Hate-A Doesn’t Matter-10 10, What Role Do Men Play in Your Life?   Porter →C has no effect →B punching bag →D Test Answer: A, 2019 Your popularity with men is booming in 2019 Your popularity with men is booming in 2019. Men will take the initiative to strike up a conversation with you wherever you go, and you will feel very happy. When your popularity with men is booming, men will take the initiative to help you. Your life is much more convenient.. This year, you are likely to encounter new relationships. When men are popular, you look particularly confident. Confident women are often the most attractive..   B, 2019 Your male popularity is generally the same as that of 2019. What do you think of this kind of life is rather easy. You are originally a low-key person in your life. When you are not popular with men, you feel that there are very few troubles.. You feel that without men around you, you can do whatever you want, and you can live according to your wishes. It’s really good. You really like it.   C, your male popularity is very poor in 2019, your male popularity is very poor in 2019, not to say no, but the popularity of three or two men does not have any effect and influence on your life.. This year in inside, you will feel that men are the last thing you can count on. You don’t want to rely on men. You feel that you can do everything well on your own most of the time. You feel that you are actually better than men. You won’t feel sad because men are less popular..   D, 2019 Your popularity with men is not as good as that of 2019. For you, it is still more pleasant to play with women this year. When you are not popular with men, you may have unpleasant contact or even quarrel with men.. In inside this year, you will find that women are very helpful to you. In this year, inside especially hates men. Do you think men can’t enter your eyes at all.