Day: May 7, 2019

Baby, you grow up afraid

Baby, today to call home, my grandmother told me that you grow up, do not go to kindergarten grandmother and my mother sent, that you know better, do not say you love trouble as before, baby, I should be happy not it?Our little guy finally grow up, can I actually get a bit lost.I was a little afraid, afraid to see the next time you will not meet, afraid I want to hold you when you will run away.I remember you with every little thing together, for the first time to meet with you, you are eight months, my mother worked with her grandmother handed you over to me, to my aunt, treat you like a class enemy Like, I hold you, you look at my mouth started to cry, you cry I have no choice but to cry with you.In this way, in time for the harvest in the family are busy in full swing, I hold you to the edge of the ridge, which is to teach you to recognize the wheat, that is rape, pea that is, there is Angelica and Codonopsis.Hold you to the water’s edge, put your little body into the water, and you still do not know fear, I let you swinging in the water, but also giggle, that day, I get yelled at, because I hold you play in the water was found grandmother, Oh, I want to tell her, and I feel bad, you are my little baby, I just want my child likes to play something for you.In the summer, you learned to call my aunt.Every time I look like a girl of your long eyelashes God’s eyes, round, I like them very much, think you are the most beautiful and wonderful thing cute little baby.The concept I’m homesick, you became a hero.Later, every time I go home, you will be very close to me, when I was in college far from home, and sometimes come home once a year, but I came home I know you can, stick with me refused to leave.I called you, you cried very sad, but still holding my neck and cry, baby child, you cry when I want to cry, but sometimes have to teach you something.The future will not be like before I did hold it, only two of us at home the night, your arm around my neck, I ask you not afraid?You say afraid, I said, I’m afraid, you straining his arm around me, said: “Auntie, do not be afraid, you stay with me, I am with you”, baby child, I heard this is the most beautiful language, I could not help hold up the corners of the mouth each evening in the afternoon will.I will not go to bed late at night in my home, anxious to put all these skills I was away in time you learn are “showing off” to me?Milk and milk sound of gas you give me to sing two tigers, really gives me a unique routines that you play, in fact, quite like really like, even though I know you never fight with others, but you really are very “Kung Fu” Oh.In our house kang three meters square, you enjoy the show me, really poor technology, you sit down and put onto the foot to touch his face, like a kitten, baby child, you know, in my heart, you have always been the most handsome of the best!Finally, not tired of you, I want to get rid of overbearing grandmother chat, hug me asleep.After you certainly do not know what you would like to sleep holding people face it, for this, you were always criticize, but I love you tender fat little hands on my face, so I slept very comfortable.Happy, you will be holding my face, you fall like rain small lips, kiss my side will be the number of edges with: “the eyes, nose, ears, Guduo face, neck, forehead,” for fear of leakage, and also finished I would ask, not finished aunt?Oh, so you, how can you not make people love?Goodies every time you give to the people around them, end only when the next point, I still want to tease you, to tell you, you look at something in his hand, that is what you like to eat, but you also could not bear not to me, embarrassed to see me with innocent eyes, baby, you are so good, how can you not teach people to like?Three years old, I cook, you’ll put my hand on the small of the basin vegetables, help me, follow me in the kitchen, like a little tail, I did not do a good job in every meal when first put the goodies stuffed into your little mouth, I do not know you have not spoiled?(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) The last time I went back, did not see you at home, I quickly ran to the door to look for you, want to go home first to see who turned out to be you, oh unfair.You see me, but hidden in the edge of the door to see if I can not find you, you gently shouted: hey!Oh, I am very glad ah, or thin I miss the children sound, with no change.You grow up a little, but I’m still very easy to pick up you, hold you until the time I felt she was really back home.I want to get married, to melt the so bridal makeup, since then, you will not want to together with me, I tell you, you do not come to me and looked at me and cried all the way, send I married when you sit wedding car has been looked at me and refused to climb like that before in my body, I do not know in your heart young, my aunt is not turned into the devil you do not know from the angel, I know that the old aunt is beautiful in your eyes, because one day you look at me, look what I asked you, you said that good-looking aunt.Baby child, I know you will not be happy with a lie to please people, so this is what I heard most of the praise makes me happy.But now, you suddenly become so zoning up, if you can, I wish you only angel heart.Almost six months, you see, people say that children grow up just like bamboo shoots, like whizzing dart, also heard my grandmother say you grow up, I do not know happy for you, or you lost.Baby child, no matter what, you have always been to grow up, to enjoy the pains and joys of adults, but I still miss you a child.People say, aunt far, nearly aunt, think also, I was with a few pro-aunt, my aunt in my concept is relative, so I am afraid ah baby child, before the time you and I are the closest but now you want to grow up, you have two ah aunt, my aunt always not around, so I’m afraid you gradually forget your aunt is very pro-people, afraid you’ll just slowly put when my relatives, baby child, I will feel bad, because I have no sisters, no one called me aunt, I have only one brother, your father, so you are my only.Baby, going on holiday, time to go home to see you, to see you grow up a little, is not it become cool look.?