Month: May 2019

Will your marriage go wrong in 2019?

When there is a problem in marriage, everyone will get nervous. Of course, everyone may encounter different marital problems, and the solution will be different. It is best to have fewer problems in marriage.. So will your marriage go wrong in 2019?? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a marriage test together.!   What do you think is wrong with your marriage that you cannot save??   A, Betrayal Question B, Economic Question C, Respect Question D, Any Question Test Answer: A, Your Marriage Will Be Troubled in 2019. Problems in marriage have a great impact on you. Bad handling will affect your life and completely change your life. Attention should be paid to it..   B, the year 2019 your marriage will be in good weather. the year 2019 your marriage will be very happy. there is no problem at all. the good weather brings you sweet feeling and happiness.. This year you will be busy for the sake of marriage, but you feel very happy, your efforts and efforts are targeted, you don’t feel lonely, and you have a family to support you..   C. in 2019, you solved the marriage problem. in 2019, you saved your own marriage crisis. you solved the problems in your marriage. this is a very happy thing for you. you and your partner have started living again.. This year, you will take your marriage seriously. You will not make some mistakes again, and you will understand the real meaning of marriage better..   D, the year 2019 your marriage will soon have problems. the year 2019 your marriage problems haven’t appeared yet, but the hidden dangers have already been buried. you should pay attention to them. you may not feel them yet, but marriage needs to be managed and maintained. you’d better be able to recognize them clearly.. Once the hidden danger of marriage is buried, it is only a matter of time before problems arise..

Do you commit The Whole Truth in 2019

Many people are afraid of The Whole Truth. The Whole Truth is always unavoidable. When meeting The Whole Truth, we should actively deal with it. Simply choosing to escape may not solve any problems. The Whole Truth needs to be careful when it comes to China.. So will you commit The Whole Truth in 2019? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a Desires Of The Heart test together..   1、. Do you have many peach blossoms around you at present?   More →2 Less →4 No →3 2. Do you think The Whole Truth is terrible?   Of course it is-> 4 should be-> 3 is not-> 63. will you rob someone else’s lover?   Yes-4 No-7 It depends-5 4, your lover was robbed, what would you do?   Take it back-6 sad-7 indifferent-8 5, do you think your emotional life is going well at present?   Smooth →7 OK →8 Not Smooth →6 6. Do you mind others talking about their feelings?   Will-9 will not-7 look at the mood-10 7, The Whole Truth has arrived, what should you do?   Take one step at a time →8 escape →10 being slaughtered →9 8, will you hurt someone who loved you very much??   Yes-9 No-A is hard to say-10 9, do you think it is terrible to hate because of love?   Yes, C is not, B is difficult to say, 10 10, will your temper scare away people who like you??   Yes, c won’t, d is hard to say, b

Will you miss Desires Of The Heart in 2019

The peach blossom in inside will naturally be the focus of everyone’s attention in the new year. Some people are looking forward to taking off their orders every year or hope that the people they meet can be the right ones. Desires Of The Heart is very important to those who want to take off their orders.. So will you miss Desires Of The Heart in 2019? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a Desires Of The Heart test together.!   What will you do after you miss Desires Of The Heart??   A, It doesn’t matter B, Regret not at the beginning C, Wait for the next peach blossom D, Let nature take its course Test Answer: A, 2019 You will miss Desires Of The Heart You are a person who doesn’t cherish love, Even if there are a lot of peach blossoms you will still miss, You don’t think love is very important, Most of the time you just face love with a playful attitude.. When you are not serious about others, others can only play with you.. You will miss Desires Of The Heart in 2019, which is a waste..   B, 2019 Year Your Flirting with Flamenco Year 2019 Year Your Peach Blossoms are numerous, as long as you want to fall in love is always the matter. You are a person who knows how to cherish. You will not miss Desires Of The Heart in inside in 2019. You will feel that you are very lucky in inside this year. Everything will go smoothly with the company of love.. Those who know how to cherish will not have bad luck..   C. The year 2019 is the year when you will not go to the old and the year when you will not come to the new. For you, Desires Of The Heart has it. However, first of all, you have to put down everything in the past before you can usher in your own new peach blossom.. As the saying goes, the old does not go and the new does not come. Only by forgetting the past can a new start be made.. You should cherish your Desires Of The Heart in 2019 and try to accept each other when you have peach blossoms..   D, 2019 Your true love is just around the corner. Although your Desires Of The Heart is not particularly prosperous in 2019, the people you meet can be your true love. In fact, the abundance of peach blossoms is not necessarily a good thing. The right peach blossoms are helpful to yourself.. There are not many peach blossoms in 2019, but you can hold hands and succeed. If you want to take off the list, start looking forward to it.. Please contact the website administrator if you reprint the original articles of First Constellation. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement..

Will you meet the right person in 2019?

Meeting the right person is not an easy thing. Some people meet it very early. Some people may not meet it all their lives. Those who meet the right person are lucky and have their own beautiful love.. So will you meet the right person in 2019?? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s be a Questions together.!   Do you think it is difficult to meet the right person?   A, very difficult b, a little difficult c, not difficult d, special simple test answer: a, 2019 you will meet the right person. in 2019 you will meet your right person and start your own happy life. for you, this year has been very lucky everywhere. you have met the right person and your life is slowly on the right track. This year you are living in the smooth. There is nothing to worry about and worry about. You can struggle well..   B, in 2019, you will meet someone with a flower heart. in 2019, you will meet someone with a flower heart, but you are stupid and give your true feelings. you will be very hurt. even if you know the other person is a flower heart, you still want to stick to it.. Maybe you can be together temporarily, but this kind of feeling cannot last long. You need to be prepared psychologically..   C. In 2019, you will meet someone who does not belong to you. In 2019, the person you meet does not belong to you. Maybe the other person is A Girl & Three Sweethearts, or even has a family. You should control your emotions. If you do not belong to your own person, you should stop putting your feelings in.. In the face of such a meeting, you should be rational. This is not true love, it may just be a heart attack..   D, in 2019 you will meet the person you are destined to miss. in 2019 you will meet the person you are destined to miss. you can only describe each other by decree by destiny. you will be very sad to meet such a person. you would rather not meet yourself.. The meeting that cannot be together is a blow to you. After such meeting, it will take you a long time to love again..

Will you be haunted by Promiscuous in 2019

When Promiscuous is tied up, everyone will feel that it is not as good as Desires Of The Heart. Some Promiscuous is also tied up because of our own reasons. There are many ways to deal with Promiscuous without panic when meeting Promiscuous.. So will you be haunted by Promiscuous in 2019? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a Desires Of The Heart test together.!   Can you tell Promiscuous from Zhenghua?   A, Definitely Yes B, Should Be Yes C, Often Not Yes D, Completely No Test Answer: A, 2019 You’ll Be Stuck with Promiscuous In 2019 You’ll be on heightened emotional alert in 2019. The appearance of Promiscuous will haunt you, and if you don’t handle it well, Promiscuous may haunt you for the whole year.. In the face of Promiscuous, you must have a clear attitude, which is the best for you. Don’t give Promiscuous any hope, otherwise the entanglement will be prolonged indefinitely..   B. You will be rejected by Promiscuous in 2019. In 2019 you are even rejecting Promiscuous. Your performance is very bad, but you may have done it intentionally. In front of those you don’t like, you are not willing to give even the least courtesy.. Your performance will make Promiscuous hate you slowly. Promiscuous has alienated himself from you and doesn’t want to tangle with you..   C. In 2019, you can repel Promiscuous. In 2019, you successfully repelled Promiscuous and started a new life. It has not been a day or two since you were entangled by Promiscuous. After Promiscuous disappeared, your hope came.. You feel relaxed all of a sudden. Of course, you don’t want to talk about feelings in the near future. You feel a little tired and need a rest..   D. In 2019, you don’t even have Promiscuous. In 2019, you don’t even have Promiscuous. This year, you have nothing to do with love. You’d better focus on other places, either study or work.. You even envy others for having Promiscuous. Do you think there is at least some hope emotionally? Your idea is too naive to know about Promiscuous’s troubles..

back to the start

Part One: Back to trace the origin of life is always very strange, like a circle, like, find a starting point, and then after a period of winding tracks, in turn back to square one, as if it is the only truly successful.- Inscription I do not like writing with other people, for example, do not like to other people, for example in terms of On the Road, I always believed that there is a world I belong to my all, I have to cherish, so each time for the text, I always like to use their minds, to speak with examples around them.Perhaps the very ordinary, even boring, but very real.  I was born in a remote mountain village, parents are farmers, I have a sister and brother of the above.Mother is the team captain, her years, from dawn to dusk every day to lead all villagers collective labor.So, for many years so that when they retire, in addition to a plot sick, but nothing accumulated.Father grew up an orphan, giving the sheep to cattle for a living, adult inserted down the door “married” to my mother, in a very patriarchal feudal era, this is not a matter of pride.In addition to my mother, father created several lives, but seems to have nothing left, and they do not rush into another world.  From the parents’ life path see, life does not seem to make much sense.So much life, death is also much better than this.Everything but from the beginning to the end, and so on back to the time, that is the end of the first origin.  Sister is a clever and good people, but very upright, somewhat like a man.When reading achievement has been the first, also a teacher in the eyes of the “Reds”.However, those days, teachers are parallel age, my sister no matter how smart, hard-working, the small village it is impossible to get out of a college student.The fate of her sister only to maintain the original in that village, and days of fighting and ground fighting.Later, my sister finally there is some fighting tricks, made national cadres, but to fight anti-bureaucratic those people on.Later, a loving sister to age quickly into the love of.Ironically, people who want to love can not love, not love every day to find the door.Wait until after my sister married, only to find the truth of the phrase folk – men fear the wrong, women are afraid to marry the wrong husband.  But my sister is a very unyielding, although marriage is not their own satisfaction, but she has been working for himself and the happiness of the family, struggle, forbear, dedication.Not as helpless man you were thinking, in addition to eating and drinking on her outside, as if nothing will do, in addition to Xiaodujichang, if nothing do not mind.So, my sister unfortunately.Today, her children are grown, as if everything is recognition of the life, love and marriage, romantic poetry, I think she is not really in this life have been.  From the emotional trajectory sister’s point of view, life did not seem to make much sense.So much love, but hate so.But everything from the beginning to the end, and so looking back, that is the end of the initial origin.  Brother, but a mind of very smart people, reading would not have said.The team took just thirteen or fourteen tractors bloom gallop, fifteen-year-old opened the car, seventeen-year-old opened the car, even after the age of twenty opened train.And all this, he is not a teacher, are self-taught, if born is expected to drive, what kind of car as long as he sit up, that car will obey.Later, we all think he wants to fly a plane or a tank and the like when the motorcycle he was home.  He is very young to have a lot of wealth, home to marry a woman many, he often took the woman out to splurge, truck, in addition to not go abroad door, seems to have traveled.Later, however, a car accident one, his liver was broken two-thirds of the emergency room for several weeks, life be saved, however, money is already an empty, old women also smoke pins scattered clouds.Today, riding a motorcycle, playing a small club card, Nishimura fighting Landlords, as if time had passed every day.  From the fate of the track brother’s point of view, life did not seem to make much sense.So much for life, but so transport.But everything from the beginning to the end, and so in retrospect, but the end is still the original origin.  Parents watched, Gejie, look at yourself, it seems so can not escape.The first reading the small mountain village into the big city is me aged 24, he made a director of the school’s three-year-old to do the principals, all the way Albatron, also described as bright.But in the end, all this is superficial, I put the Secretary of the table a film, he ended his political career, what ambitions it a shot and empty, although I do not regret it, but the cause of life seems so hurry knot, it is inevitable as people marvel.  From my point of view the trajectory of struggle, life did not seem to make much sense.There are much better than this, but not so.But everything from the beginning to the end, looking back it seems, that the end of the final but still original origin.  However, this is the origin, we do not need sad, although we can not afford to struggle with the fate, then we always have from the beginning back to the origin of the process that has always unusual experience, extraordinary memory.At least I walked through the calendar, I will not regret it.  Think about this, even if all everything back to square one, I think it is very fulfilling, but also of great value.    Part II: Back to square one I like the college entrance examination and no such person marriage, never thought to care about the college entrance examination.This year I was bored, the composition proposition Guangdong “back to square one” became interested in.Of course, due to the limited level, dare like literati like rhetorical exercise, but at the right time is also in line with the traditional suit.In Voices noise wow, I have to squeeze busy busy, I do not know if my back to the origin of zero can break it?Haha!  With the imperial examination since, scholars have never slept had a good sleep, bided who do not want in one fell swoop, the fear is back to square one.The wheel of history turned into the entrance of the “horse of God” test, but do students still physically and mentally exhausted, desperately rushed forward Zaikuzailei.Want to squeeze into the dream of the Holy Land (University), the best of the Holy Land is the cradle of Tsinghua University officials called the North, but also heaven or rich, as long as the chance to squeeze in Gaoguanhoulu family line is greatly increased.Who wants to back to square one.Of course squeezed into the Holy Land does not necessarily become a saint, look at that family medicine Xin, he is lucky to squeeze tens of thousands of students in a sanctuary, which unfortunately was unable to save his holy moral fall, helpless young life had time to look at this world is back to square one.  What is the origin?This is a problem because people answer it, everyone has their own answers.Perhaps the moment is the origin of human life left in certain memories, but also in the red or the athletes start to the end of.Origin before the formation of the Earth is the point of dust.Things in the world has its origin; all from the origin to the end.People also do so, for us the origin is the starting point to the end point.It is looking back but we can not reach the sheltered bay.  Today, the face of various interests scramble environment, at any time eating terrible food, breathe the air unfit for human survival, my soul feel tired.Where is my place to rest weary souls, I look back to square one, back to allow the soul to rest “cave”.Let the soul weary of a good rest, and then hit the road.Part III: we are back to square one she was gone, everything back to square one.  She wants to come back to hear the news, I was so excited a few did not sleep at night, I pull out photo albums and diaries, carefully pondering over every line and every picture, as if this is a projector, and I will be proactive in her story eyes, scene after scene, played slowly, back into the memories, huh, huh, I always like to giggle, I remember the first time I saw her, not in a romantic spring afternoon, nor is fluttering in the autumn season ten Youth-year-old, always I give the impression that a lot of memories, although sour, but real, real to you will never forget, do not want to forget, because this is the growing signs of a footprint of a parabola, the parabola top, ignorant youth I met her on a third-year junior high school, in an afternoon, and is a formulaic story one day, he hurried out of the classroom, he was a little faster, because the cafeteria at noon the day of the most crowded time, although the bridge of the nose and did not put up a pair of glasses, but he could see up to 10M, hard ahead of him, and his classmates, straining to run the canteen, like a pack of hungry wolves.At the time, the place he distance of 10 meters and 1, dressed in jeans, a pair of red slippers heroine appeared, she bowed, walked slowly, it seems that the hands of what is still playing, the poor actor has not had time to look he went quickly to hit the girl, he has been unable to control himself, formulaic acquaintance.A coincidence, or fate?  It is said that everyone is like a straight line, missed, it is always a parallel line, you go to you, I had my, you do not know me, I do not know you.Affinity, that is, two intersecting lines, intersection, you changed me, I imperceptibly when he took her to the hospital you are already in the afternoon, but fortunately she was not badly hurt, but leg fracture, hospital a few days on well, the hard part is, he who will take care of it?Her parents went to work outside the home only elderly grandparents, she has a younger sister and brother, in elementary school, then who will take care of him?Does she still want to harm her hospitalized for observation of a strange, rude, dark and thin boy to take care of it yourself?  He was stricken, had been sitting in a chair in the hospital corridor, head down, do not say anything, he put his month living expenses to pay the hospital, but he still did not feel at ease, he is very anxious, seeing in the exam is approaching, time left little, he wanted to go back to homework, but the nurse told him she did not come home, want to let him take care of her for some time, the hospital to contact her family.  He’d love to stay but he can not face her, he was afraid she scolded him, blame him, though he knew he must bear love, but he still have the courage, because he does not know what is male and what but the responsibility, I should go apologize to her right, after all, their right!I can go in the say what?I do not know her, in case the wrong thing, I will not make her more uncomfortable ah?Hey, why this novel’s story is truly happened to my body?  Helpless, he went in hard head with the skin, into the room, the girl lying on the bed, his left leg in plaster hanging very high, although quiet, but she could see his face was sore.  ”I’m sorry, I was wrong, I was reckless, it was my fault, hurt you hurt like this, I’m really sorry, please do not be angry!You fight to criticize, please wait for you after a good hurt, I will not move!”His head down, loud enough, I do not know if she could hear, Kuihen, does not help the girl sobbing, crying, tears falling drop by drop pillow,” what’s the use curse you, hit you what is the use, I have a good walk, my bother anyone?I have any hatred with you, you do this to me ah?I do not know you!”He took care of her in three days, she and he did not say a word, he’d been saying I’m sorry, girls do not cry any more, but has been in sleep, she simply ignored her, he was from a nurse at know, this girl named Yefang.    Part Four: Back to square Little Dragon Maiden first met in Zhongnanshan, the body in the tomb of the living dead, subsequent lines riding arena and skelter, eventually experienced a number of catastrophe, many life and death, but returned to the tomb together.  Zhang Wuji and Zhao war in Wudang Mountain, when two friends when the enemy, fighting each other but love each other, love and finally end dependents, country and give up wealth, wandering together.  郭靖与黄蓉 opener world beat, travels to the Central Plains, searching through Mongolia, inverse Click here to see the war West poison, South Royal respect, thanks to North beggar, Huashan Mountain, after all together against the common enemy, guarding Xiangyang.  This world, there are too many people and things, although experienced ups and downs, though full of thorns, although starred in scenes touching story, though all the pain only they know.But, ultimately, still we see the dawn of victory.  Come together to accomplish the objectives, is how many people desire, but not impossible, but also how many people in the middle of taking the number of detours, dead long before the pace, and repeatedly back too many times!  See a perfect ending, while we bless, is not it also found that they have matured a lot?  After all, the story may be the story, all this superficial, unreal elegance, has counted on what it!  We can change their minds, we can shake the will of the hero, we are free to change the end of the story.We can never let Shen Diaoxia take care of Guo struggling to find his sister, we can let the leader Zhang Zhou girl with the perfect through life, we can make Guotai Xia treat all my life alone.  But we have to admit, the reality is cruel.  Hidden sunrise month, alternating day and night, but also what is not looking forward to but reluctant; illness and death, heaven and earth cycle, not what we can not control the road?Blossom, East to spring, and what is not back to square one?  If you often encounter a crossroads when we stop turn left, turn left, and that if we do not have the slightest progress, and eventually back to square one.  Not back to square one to start again, but the other continued a painful journey.  Every night, always thinking of familiar and unfamiliar faces, looking forward to again shine Emmanuel heartbeat, waiting starry roots, not looking at one another a happy ending.  Every day, always in a hurry shuttle crowd, rushing forward again with a better opportunity, a moment again and again and fallen man, busy again and moving plot, all pass.  When the time is not the shuttle, when space is not spinning, not when the flowers wither, when the night is not coming, whether we should be good to sit down and listen to the quiet world, still feeling the breath.Good thinking, meditation, whether we have love, whether some regret, if still a little overwhelmed?The road ahead is long and distant, mysterious and full of choices, think, consider, we are not in whether or not a memory, if not in the back of the pass, if missed this time will continue to miss time at?  We can not let myself go a long route should go?Can not to re back to square one?  Maybe, these are just a dream, wake up in time, I suddenly realized that he eventually back to square one.  First started origin, not a starting point, not the life, not the first time the opening of the story, we start from the beginning, but returned to the place.After our efforts, but returned to the place.It is the place when we looked at the flowers and trees vitality, but wither and defeated.  Be back to square one, start again, forward again, raised the sail when the sail back again, will find that this is the most real and most profusely, most exciting and most spectacular.  Back to square one is not terrible, terrible is, since then life is not perfect, the sun is not bright.Its sighs and hated himself again and again marking time, it would be better on the road again to ponder what had gone through, once again feel the outlook over the landscape, you will find that this is a pleasure, a warm.In re the alter ego, self-improvement, better ourselves.  Back to square one, just start again, such a requirement is not too high.    Part five: back to the start point of origin of the dream of the blue sky, warm sun shed streaks.The tree, and occasionally several more minor birds singing, for fear that disturbed this quiet campus.  This is just an ordinary school, but it is the dream of starting point.Once, at the origin, her own dreams of luggage, starting with a dash of enthusiasm struggle.Regardless of wind and rain, splashing mud along the way regardless of whether the bags dirty, just blindly forward, only to chase the dream of footprints.  When the time is long road trip, climbed over the past years when the chapter, and the confiscation of yesterday, that this heavy album, memories of the past harvest.Looking back, the road has been further and further away, the time the storm led to food.Along the way, how much wind and rain, the memories of cooling, how many tears, the heartache wet.  Is it just rarely ever look up at the patch of sky is still blue blooming dream.But, initially a persistent dream that has slowly but light.  Wanted to return home, ignited enthusiasm share of chasing the dream, the initial touch that most truly delighted.  Perhaps, but unfortunately the reality of the dream broken, crumbled into one place, a dream that enthusiasm also arrived, but like water flushing time.Perhaps, that piece of the dream had not so blue sky, infected with a little haze.Perhaps the time past yellowed, share thoughts on the memories are slowly shortening.  Put aside the reality of glitz, back to square one, looking for that dream a blue sky, with water carrying joy, pick up a few fallen leaves, put together the most realistic dreams.  That dream of starting point, how many people have been looking forward to carrying Sentimental.Remember, we Yao Zhi blue sky, outlines a better future, remember, we said that in spite of any storm, just to keep up with the dream of footprint.Nightlife net back to square one, and now, leaving the empty campus quiet, who gave the melancholy, lay down that a hot pursuit of the written memories of past.  The story should have deviated from the original track, it should be good memories, memories rendered into mourning.Unstoppable is fleeting, unforgettable memories.  Perhaps blindly forward, forget the scenery along the way there, perhaps has been chasing tomorrow, forget yesterday has become increasingly distant, perhaps seeking only the distance, forget the dream filled with pure origin.  Back to square one, put away the complicated mess of thoughts, the guardian of this piece of blue sky dream.  Back to square one, listen to the melody memories, brought back memories of that section after section.  Back to square one, with a dedication, with a stick, weaving original dream.  Back to square one, the same blue sky, the same summer, as Sentimental Dream.Part VI: back to the origin of flowers in late spring, start sprouted from the earth, breaking the fetters of life, proudly standing in the branches, but life can not tolerate it forever!Spring flowers do, it will only be back to square one!Winter snow began to billow from the clouds, swim the loss of years of confusion, covered with desolate world, but the years of resistance, it may not be long!Chungui snow, it will only be back to square one!  But, back to square one, so what?Back to square one, people will forget it, get rid of it?As long as had been brilliant; fought in the process; leaving their footprints in history, their soul and spirit; that is back to square one, how can have regrets?How can sigh?  Remember the struggle of the half, back to the origin of Xiang Yu!  Once, the Wujiang setting sun on the fluttering wind, executive sharp Phi firm, calm calmly writing a bloody epic Kangqin!Chuhan once, Naruto overlap, hope the river east passed away, the two cities confront, open heroic struggle staged some deluded!However, through the Quartet sky, he stepped on the bloody river, history, or that he was leaving no Koto hero!Half of his military arms, half vendetta old hate, back to square one!Perhaps he really is a failure!But you can say, Xiang Yu did not write a glorious history, there is no miracle in the history of writing?But you can say that the origin of the destruction of all his feats Feng Gong, all hero?  Remember the grief of his life, back to the origin of Qu Yuan!  Sanlv also still remember the doctor saying “Luan birds Feng Huang, Xi date beyond” the helpless, yet still remember Sanlv doctor and the words “black magpie songbirds, nest Church altar Xi ‘anger.He can be described as Chu north shore of the Yangtze River have lived a lifetime, to persuade his life, I hate life, admonish all his life.His steadfast in upholding, Sincere Chixin but that it would not escape the dumping of the building, a lifetime of struggle, Chu, or the death!He paid all the effort, but back to square one!Perhaps he really is a failure!But you can say, Dongting Lake Miluo River to the old man chant of “Lament”, “Heaven”, “Nine Songs”, “IX” is not eternal farewell?But you can say, long sigh, not a tear stained Sang souls of this world?  Life, career, emotional, right.A society which is not a circle?No matter what you’re standing on a circle, you can always guarantee that you will not be back to square one?Not only can not guarantee, why fear?Why wretched?Why struggling?Why indecisive?  It boldly go!Back to square one, so what?You have gone through their own way to go, you have your life the others, what is regretful, what sigh?  Back to square one, not a failure, the process, is the real success!  Hanchuang 12 years, 4380 days, too small, maybe, in this last pawn of placing orders, in this last railings across, some people will be back to square.However, we are in the process too beautiful, we had gains in learning, us, everyone is a winner!  Do not be afraid to fail, do not be afraid back to square one, boldly go!    Part Seven: back to square one, back to the beginning people at the beginning, this pure heart.Human life is from the origin, it should be at the origin, the end, has maintained the original heart.- Inscription a long time ago, there was a small village.The village was rolling hills carefully nurtured, not disturb the outside world, guarding his little tranquility.  Morning, hazy mist valley, like this woman Qing Ling veil, elegant but without losing the Taiga.That mist, floating, the dough, to lush forests and scratched.Originally serious forest could not, “Puchi -” about laughed aloud, attracted cheered countless leaves, bustling!So, have heard this from the sun, he has always been a mysterious character, a little bit of a mark from the top of the hill, excitedly watching TV drama infinite vitality.  Hamlet day started from here.  Hard-working and simple villagers began to go out work, even small children have to get up early pal around.There are two brothers, they are a little shepherd boy, holding the Mavericks to go out with them, came to the field.  Endless fields, but can not tolerate the solitude involved.Here cattle and sheep flocks, of course, accompanied by the laughter of children.A cowboy with cowboy B they have been inseparable, they are the best of brothers.During the day, they roll around in the fields, hide and seek, catch small frogs.Hot, jumping into the stream bath; thirsty, pluck a stem grass to chew up breathing, restlessness sweet factor in their tongue.They laughed as unscrupulous, smiling as the United States.Even in the rain, rain into the line, but also live around their brows.Rain lingering kiss spend their faces, but can not draw a “plain” word in their brow.A “green bamboo hat, green coir raincoat”, the “Inclined rain do not need to go,” the.  To eat dinner, since there will be pulling their way home plume of smoke.So, day labor is over.  The moon is not in a village of exquisite brooch.  Shepherd A and B shepherd them in the yard shade.They see the moon in the seedlings sway in streams beating, they hear the moon affects the insects and frogs, as fiddle strings, made into a sweet music, moonlight flowing in their veins, these are all subtle feeling in their hearts bears feel.  Night, the moon shade sieve floor spot, flicker flicker vergence phase continued; moon falling rattled in the woods, in the grass, la rushing crowded lake.  Two restless cowboy for a day, but also noisy day, quietly asleep.Land frankly worries lay down the.He fell into a deep asleep in the moonlight, fog drift across the fields that the large group large groups, that is, it is long and soothing breathing.  This is a wonderful home, but no lack of quiet anger, but without losing the connotation of honest.Simple villagers with their own hands interpretation of the meaning of life.  However, one day the shepherd boy A, B seems to be tired of this good life, they are far away from here, they are lucky enough to get out of the mountains.  A shepherd boy came to the big city, he was traveling between neon, eyes will no longer be lit up clarity.With his own efforts, little by little climb, he had a very full life, and left him feeling empty.He found the city’s air is polluted, the moon is pale, there is no village as the warm breeze, the field is not as lingering rain, and no rain clothes that give a sense of security, and little by little he grew up, but found yourself during this time and not too many memorable beautiful, but rather a child’s happy hour in sight, lingering.His heart is empty, because too many “true” have been passed, he lost himself, perhaps he should say to myself “I’m sorry” because he allowed himself too tired.So he returned to the village, back to square one!  After B shepherd left the village, he began his life.But he mixed day, one day.Has absolutely no life, unexamined spent all day, he did not find any job, but some people were attacking the organization, there is no rule.And also detained several times, and he was incorrigible, always a good pain is forgotten.Gradually, he became bloodthirsty, ruthless, cold.In a rather night, he was looking at the sky, but can not see a trace of the stars or the moon, this is the outside world that there is no “rare thing”, or is there any obscured his eyes?His mind has been answered.He told himself that the “sorry”, and he is too self-indulgent, and also lost his innocence that childhood.  So he returned to the starting point, return to the true.  Everything is gone, but everything will not last, because it has already passed bears a deep imprint in the hearts of caring people, they all will not be passed.Now is the time to return to the past.  In fact, not only is the origin of the village, just a leisurely origin of the realm, do not let yourself too tired, it will not be too self-indulgent.To maintain themselves, no matter what the place is paradise, origin!  Shepherd, B and returned to their original life, return to the true!  Is a wonderful continuation of origin where.  The origin of the dead but also the bleak existence.  Origin and return fans, away, always in an idea!    Part VIII: slowly away, back to square one awakened from a nightmare midnight, I feel like I have come a long long way, actually feeling very tired, I know, I have always been very hard to wander in a way, a road away from the entanglement of their mind,.  Birthday yesterday received the blessing of text messages, said he hoped to have friends stay with me for a lively birthday.As you wish, birthday over into the wee hours.Make a wish before blowing out the candles I want to say everything back to square one, back to two years ago.Like a rare holiday and as usual, it felt as though nothing was thought simply to cooking, laundry, clean up the house, with the kids learn.Once again you refuse to put in the busy heart outside the door, despite the struggle and frustration, but also rational constraints persevered, who feel everything further away in the wave, the heart of immense pain no longer spread , calm day with no ripples as if all of a sudden came back, I feel there is a return of calm and tranquility.  But still accustomed to the open space to see every day, you see traces, and my heart will feel very at ease.Every time that left its mark, it indicates that you are still concerned, attention is still thought, how much my heart there will be some comfort.A day still habitually look at your gray hair head stay on for a while, in fact, I know, it is because his heart is still full of expectations, looking forward to seeing you in a few words.I can understand that we are working hard to keep, keep back to their inherent lifestyle to go.Each time, rejoice and despair are intricately intertwined, so I panic to escape, return to life in orbit wife and mother, quietly cooking, laundry, helping children.  Escape in exchange for a quiet life, but can their innermost tangled again and again hand in hand in a nightmare.I know that relief requires more persistence, more time is needed, as long as your heart will slowly go away, there is always one day, we will be back to square one.

Back to the origin of the article

Part One: Back to square one sage once said, everyone’s life, there are numerous origin.  Those origin or that we regret, or our happy, sad or we are like ships loaded with memories of a ship, draw from the river floating through life, heading for an unknown destination.The ship, has often been defined as the memories.  The origin of our lives, hidden in a gap in everyone’s brain, hidden in a casket.Sometimes, these small points we need to track to open with a key, this key need others to give, then by their own gently open the box carefully, and then a small point that string precious crystal slowly piece together carefully series, maybe, to become no more than the price of pearls.However, there are some poor track point, they are our ruthless forgotten, perhaps because they are light enough to shine, perhaps because they are too small to look.In short, they are removed by us become people do not know they do not know the mystery.  I often can not capture these tiny point lightly trace Hanhen time of frustration for me.  Some of my regret.In the origin, the axes that, I made a big mistake.Among the hasty, top of my lungs, I resented for today.I was in the hectic rush like killing people in general, and then to erase all traces of blood, relieved myself, I have absolutely no crime.Of course, life is not what I said so exaggerated, but my impulse to make mistakes, impulsive time with the waves of drifting away, I held the urge to waste time, the impulse to tear gold communication between people screen, telling myself, anyway, I will have no need of these.  Then I put that point freeze up.I wrote in my diary of the brain: a year, a month, one day, I made an unforgivable mistake today, I do not intend to save, so I enjoy the exposure of human evil.  Perhaps life is a series of small dots are so small point up Zouliaoyizao fill the gap, leaving a string of flashing light.Have a point of a track record in our every minute, as if physics experiments, RBI timer hit the point is always continuous, they are staring us in neat.  Look, my point in the second and hit a.  We always Hanhen something, large or small.Some because of work in a casual round loser error caused some learning in a range of opening and closing of neglect and pass out, some love in an unexpected derailment full stop for love, some youth in the air once the young try on drugs Sheng.  We quietly Hanhen of these things.In broad daylight Everyone is king of the world, running in their own way, and moving his feet, doing their own thing.Late at night on the occasion, ultimately, people always secretly crying, crying in front of the full moon missing life.  If everything can be back to square one.  If everything can be back to square one, we would rather Renxia anger at lest that also own a hundred days after begging, if everything can be back to square one, we will know the subtle feelings between people, if everything can go back to the origin of life is probably the full moon like it.  Unfortunately, we can not go back.  Some errors are brewing on the must swallow the bitter water, some errors, it is difficult to return the bungee rope.So we continue Hanhen forward, because in any case we can not turn back the time, we can not go back and fight our point mark, go back and re-write our diary.  Fortunately, we are a minute trace point.  Perhaps only to lose too know what it feels like to treasure.When we lose helpless, if one day regained, if one day find their own mistakes can remedy, if suddenly hesitated and found everything just a nightmare, we will again face now, we will re-write our life.  Fortunately, God closed a door for everyone, it will definitely re-open a window for him.This single minute played track point, all we regret the next time the mouth of the so-called origin.    Part Two: we are back to square one to hear news of her to come back, I did a few too excited to sleep at night, pulls out photo albums and diaries, carefully pondering every word and every line of the screen, as if it were a projector, I will be in front of her camera, scene after scene, he played slowly, back into the memories, huh, huh, I always like to giggle.  I remember the first time I saw her, not in a romantic afternoon, nor is fluttering in the autumn season.  Eighteen of the flowering season, always give the impression that a lot of memories, although sour, but real, real to you will never forget, do not want to forget, because it is the traces of a footprint of a parabola, the parabola the top, I met her.  Ignorant youth on a third-year junior high school, in an afternoon, and is a formulaic story one day, he hurried out of the classroom, he was a little faster, because the cafeteria at noon the day of the most crowded time, although the nose did not hang on a pair of glasses, but he could see up to 10M, hard ahead of him, and his classmates, straining to run the canteen, like a pack of hungry wolves.At that time, he was 10 meters from the local zero 1, wearing jeans, a pair of red slippers heroine appeared, she bowed, walked slowly seems to still put a hand to get what, the poor actor has not had time look, he quickly went to hit the girl, he has been unable to control himself, formulaic acquaintance.A coincidence, or?Sauna net Some people say that everybody is like a straight line, missed, it is always a parallel line, you go to you, I had my, you do not know me, I do not know you.Affinity, that is, two intersecting lines, intersection, you changed me, I imperceptibly you.  When he took her to the hospital, have been in the afternoon, but fortunately she was not badly hurt, just a leg fracture, like a hospital a few days, the difficulty is, who will take care of him too?She went to the field work, the family only elderly grandparents, and she has a younger brother, in elementary school, then who will take care of him?Does she still want to harm her hospitalized for observation of a stranger, a thick Lu, dark and thin boy to take care of it yourself?  He was stricken, had been sitting in a chair in the hospital corridor, head down, do not say anything, he put his monthly fee and pay the hospital, but he has no peace of mind, he was very anxious, seeing in the exam is approaching, the remaining little, he wanted to go back to homework, but retaining a scholar told him she did not come home, want to let him take care of her for some hospitals to contact her family.  He’d love to stay, but he did not dare to face her, he was afraid she scolded him, blame him, though he knew he must bear love, but he still have the courage, because he does not know what is male and what Yes.  However, I should go apologize to her right, after all, their right!I can go in the say what?I do not know her, in case the wrong thing, I will not make her more uncomfortable ah?Hey, why this was truly the story happened to my body?  Helpless, he went in hard head with the skin, into the room, the girl lying on the bed, his left leg in plaster hanging very high, although quiet, but she could see his face was sore.  ”I’m sorry, I was wrong, I was reckless, it was my fault, hurt you hurt like this, I’m really sorry, please do not be angry!You fight to criticize, please wait for you after a good hurt, I will not move!”His head down, loud enough, I do not know if she could hear, Kuihen, does not help.  A girl smoke a choking, crying, tears falling drop by drop pillow, “what’s the use curse you, hit you with what I take to walk, my bother anyone?I have any hatred with you, you do this to me ah?I do not know you!”He took care of her in three days, she and he did not say a word, he’d been saying I’m sorry, girls do not cry any more, but has been in sleep, she simply ignored her, nursing a scholar at the he learned that the girl named Yefang.

Back to Basics

Part One: Back To Basics With the development of society, more and more fast-paced urban life, and unpredictable, people can not figure.We have to adapt to this society, almost every day to change their.Or cater to flatter, or forbear concessions, or deliberately dress, and even force myself to learn, and all this is all camouflage.Although beautiful, but only masks.  Impression, it seems that the image of the angel wings are a child stuck.However, why is it child?In the eyes of the artist, it seems that only children in order to reflect the pure goodness of human nature, are in their innocent eyes, to see a better world, so they have to bring a better world.And we, in this secular and social life for so many years, attention wherever he went, rarely sincere.Let’s get real sophisticated, even snobbish.I think this is the biggest difference between adults and children.But we can not refuse to grow, then, how do we grow at the same time, maintaining pure soul?  Some people say: when a person began to recall, then he is old.I do not think so, the method may well be a fact, a return to the memories.Whenever finishing bookshelves, I will be passing those letters, Classmates, even when children are writing this to attract, and then sit down and slowly read what.Tender words, actually reflect what kind of real, between the lines, although not touching rhetoric, but full of true feelings deeply rooted.When the recall is strong, I would even against the time and space of their own simple rustic yet strange or laugh or cry, or happy or sad.I think I have lost too many innocent.At this moment, I can not allow ourselves to fall again and again in this secular society, I seem to catch a few fleeting pure, I told myself not to forget the pure, my mind also needs to grow up healthy.  Let us always remember to re-understanding of their own, but we can not live in the memories, we still had to return to the reality of their lives.Some people say: Casual man should be a third of the way of life.We are too busy, and for a free way of life, and perhaps is a way back to nature.No one bothered to find an afternoon to forget all the troubles.Cup of tea, a magazine, you may be able to make a better life and real experience.You can also choose a person to travel, often a person’s journey is most able to release the true self.No worries, no burden, but a soul flying.  Sometimes calm down, you will find that, in fact, all forms are thing of the past, all the camouflage, in fact, no need for camouflage.Life is like a big stage, only to show their true, in order to attract viewers.Only by allowing the most authentic interpretation of its own most true story, the most attracted to the real applause.    Part II: see Su Bao Pu, back to nature Zi “Life” article told the story of a carpenter: in Lu, a man named Zi Qing carpenter, he “cut wood for the inlay”.”Insert”, is hanging on both sides of the pillars of bells and drums shelf above the beast will be carving.”Insert”, there is an explanation, it is a musical instrument, carved above the tiger look.  The carpenter “inserts” into a “scared to see those spirits,” to see people are very surprised, really, “Seven Wonders” ah, that the above life-like beast.Azusa celebrate fame, and then spread to the monarch went there, the Marquis summoned Zi Qing, to ask him where the mystery.  Zi Qing very modest.He said: I am a carpenter, What am I to know-how, there is no skills ah!I’m going to insert this, I dare not the slightest loss of their own strength, and to hard to fast.I purpose of fasting is to “meditation”, so that my heart really quiet.  The process of fasting is this: fasting until the third day, I can forget “celebration tour Peerage”, and that is, I can get closure after a successful work ah, to be rewarded ah, ah celebrate, and so on, these things They can be thrown away.In other words, fasting three days, I can forget Lee.  Ramadan to the fifth day, I can forget the “non reputation skillful and clumsy”, and that is, I do not care for others is destroy my reputation is, right and wrong, no matter whether you say I did well, doing a good job Worth mentioning, I do not care, that is, forget the fame.(Sauna News .SanWen.COM) fasting on the seventh day, I can forget my people’s “body limbs” that is, the seventh day, reaching ecstasy.This time, I can forget I was in for the work of the court.(You know, the heart has to work for the court anxious, with distractions, to do bad.) This time, I went into the mountains.Into the mountains to find wood I need to observe the texture of trees, see the shape of the right, as if a molded inlay in front.Then I put the most suitable timber cut back, shoving a process, it will become like this now the.Zi Qing finally said, I do nothing more than to be called the “SkyTeam day,” This is my mystery.  Zi Qing carpenter’s story tells us: have a good attitude, you can achieve the best state, it has a “Trina days” in order to get things done best.This is the “Road”.  ”Life” is accessible Zhuang Zi life thinking and exploration.Chuang Tzu build a “road and is one” ideal realm of life to guide people through the pursuit of the “Road”, to life and smooth Shunda.Zi believes that life is accessible to follow the “inaction” of the natural way, this hold true plain root of life, beyond the physical labor was tired, maintaining the spirit of independence and freedom, inside and outside support, but suitable and.  People want to do things, you have to shape labor, the key is how to do things, to what extent the labor-shaped.Secular utilitarian abnormal people caught up in the pursuit of physical labor, was tired.If a man born so, it will hurt students and labor-shaped.”No pain-shaped” emphasize the human body healthy; “fine, no loss” is the emphasis on human mental health.”Pass away”, “abandoning thing”, “left students” as is, but “fine shape whole complex”.”Full-shaped fine multiplexing” may “and a day”.  Carpenter fasting for seven days is actually through three stages: the first stage, forget the interests, not to think with my things, to win a world in Italy; the second stage, forget fame, we no longer think of praise or blame non how important it is for us; the third realm, forget, people are actually only reached the ecstasy, we can do our best.  Wise had warned us: success is not just rely on faith and hard work can get.As the ancients said: “willing to be willing,” only to get homes.Say that all men need an addition, but in many cases, a greater need for subtraction.Simplify the complexity of life, is the true meaning of life; let a heavy life with the leisurely rhythm dance, is the origin of life; make complex ideas back to nature, is the highest level thinker.  Zi Qing carpenter “and the road as a” realm of life, and the success of his simple fact that we can learn.  In today’s competitive era, such a land full of impetuous and impulsive era, to be truly self-realization, self-creation, beyond the self, to do a social, historical helpful person, we should follow the ” inaction, “the natural way to ‘doing nothing’ attitude towards life.  ”Inaction” attitude towards life is in harmony with nature, its proper nature, not against nature to this really strong as rash.This is a “road and is an” ideal realm of life.  Taoism said: “The one two, two three, three things,” but added: “Everything simplicity, anti-Pu return” to little more than a stage of development, but it is the end of all things owned by a law of things.Buddhists believe that everything is more complicated, is the root of the human trouble, just remove all the troubles, will simplify life is the true meaning of life.  Zhuangzi from the back to nature, to the modern return to nature, this is a simple to complex, and then there are complex to simple, from invisible to visible, and from tangible to intangible intellectual advancement “process”, it looks like a cycle, but It has achieved sublimation and increase in circulation.  Therefore, the invisible road, Road to Jane, is a rising spiral of human wisdom to achieve, but also the human mind once again break free of the shackles of the body inevitable!  Zi Qing carpenter tell the world a simple but mysterious truth: Lee forget, forget the name, ecstasy.We call this “Road”, with today’s fashion language, this “Road” is a good state of mind.    Part three: back to nature each of us from the moment of birth, will have a unique talent, with age, it will gradually lose our talent, become ordinary people.Perhaps this is why often said that children are our God-given right angel!  This summer an uncle came back for the summer, uncle said to me: “I remember when you almost three years old, I tell you the history of the establishment of the United States of Wal-Mart, the older children are Tebian love to move, sit still, but you just quietly sitting there listening to me, nod occasionally also agrees, after I finished, you say: Xiaojiu, I have set up a company like Wal-Mart.Also took special decent piece of paper Tu Tu painting, to write down their goals, on the wall.At that time I thought: My niece is definitely not an ordinary person, but now you let me down, and now you, like all young people.You may not remember me almost a year.”Yes ah, now nineteen year-old I’ve lost all my good moral character.I told all the young people now, vain, cynical, could not understand everything.Then the little girl has disappeared in this materialistic society.  I have nineteen dare dreaming, three years old I had a dream of the establishment of China’s Wal-Mart, but I could not even dream of courage nineteen year old is gone.For me, 16 years is not just the passage of time, or a future dissipate.When I found that I become now, really hate myself, trying to find traces of the original, but fortunately I still go far, you might be able to get it back.  Now we may need to stop himself busy pace, look back.Find his goodness, truth, courage and all our good things.Too long without a break people will forget their own direction to go, and sometimes we should use a child’s mind to think about things, there may be different views.  I hope we can bravely face their own, taken away after the passage of time things only our youth.Either way, keeping most really own, leave all your good things.  When we walk the road of life, but also to look back, and now what we lost on the way to go.    Part Four: I understand it’s like a return to writing as one who wants to go beyond their own, after a step on each, from the patch of sky above will be getting closer, whether poet or a writer, wants to find his breakthrough, standing in a different corner of ideas with others to see the world, there should be some Taichetaiwu.Every heart, after all, to be back to nature, back to where initially walked, re-take the trip again.Someone once said a word, poets writers are buried keeping everything the pain of childhood, then pour on the world, this argument also has some truth.Before a new idea is a breakthrough, whether poet or writer, in the heart has a deep sense of nostalgia, this land away from home, it seems as if there is no life at all, the soul can not find sustenance, grief can not find care, From ancient times, many literati have a lot of description on the home of classic articles and poetry, no matter how fast walking pace, much soul drift away, are a permanent home unbeaten sing songs.Perhaps this home, feel the people have changed, tatters, or warm and pleasant, gentle harbor, many, many.The village was a rich vegetable bed, as well as Crooked Creek, all with dreams of childhood, nostalgia will become helpless and chaotic affair.  Now write the theme of rural people really sand, are springing up, unstoppable, why go to the countryside to write theme?Live in a big city, many people every day noisy, the city has long been the complete indifference of the soul looted things the city has developed rapidly, tall buildings, night feasting street, and people in drunken debauchery, full street chasing BS-ing sound, middle of the night shouting those Guikulanghao, like nightmares filled over the city.Every individual wants to get rid of the shackles, chasing freedom, but why not talk about the words hanging in the mouth, a unit, a family, a group, these rows like a good teacher homework, is waiting for you one go carry out.  I still can not learn words fickle, panic, perhaps with my experience related, but a long time, into that circle, I also learned to disguise, I put the strong appearance as armor, not to say resolutely do not say, those water chestnut are being ripped off in me a root footprint in the years, rather than the pain of the body, I feel even more isolated is the largest collective suffering.I learned to see the world blindfolded, cover your ears hear sound, closed mouth do not speak, I look fairly decent, but I became deaf and blind and dumb, full of a monster.Why do many people are talking pen story v. Rural themes, but also a large space to devote extensive offer, a typical farmer image vivid, typical of migrant workers, typical of rural women, typical of rural children, why go spreading these things do?In short, because the rural people honest, kind, no harm, no more alert of heart, when a wrinkled old man holding hands rural cooked potato for you to eat, and go Shihai donated some for you, how you the much moved, although things not worth much money, but it is the best thing in the countryside.City people do change, it will not have such a charity, would rather rot in the trash and will not take the initiative to give people, evil has long been alert to prevent the psychological mind soiling.A building of people, door to door, do not speak, do not say hello, step by step every day to do their own thing.  Big Brother simple and honest and simple farmer’s image became an awe-inspiring righteousness, on why the coat brother Zhu Wen TV so famous, not because he sings well to sing, he sings better than a lot of people a lot, but a genuine farmer singing, then it is a beautiful landscape, because he was a simple and honest farmer symbolizes and represents a collective, we promote a harmonious society today, but also need a group to promote the unity of a nation, we call it blame for positive energy.Previously read “A World Without Thieves” The film, which will have a daft little people, kind-hearted man, and never have any greed, because he is good, he also believes that all people in this world have a good mind is not evil, not knowing that the world is more complicated than he imagined, the final outcome is still good, although we are masters of death crying, but just to stay in the goodness of people’s hearts between , so that people remember forever that love to laugh, silly fools, interspersed with positive energy that one’s inner being alert all the time to us, guide us, but this is a fellow traveler of good and evil, there is good will be the root of evil nature, we see the beauty of human nature, this little open sunflower in the sun, the sign of justice and perseverance, but also the evil of human nature, that is not the dark side of sunlight, is planning a ramble its greed our eyes can not see, because this little beautiful sunflower obscured all evils.  The most stupid is the most lovely, most honest is the most trusted, revealed the most primitive of all the good will, this world no more complaining, no longer have all the dirty things, from the written word is showing good things, contrasting the tatters of this world, both good and evil things that exist in the present, you who say who more than less, it is not good to decide, and no one has the ability to decide.Unconsciously we have become purveyors of lies, we say run counter to the world, about the world, what we can react, you need to add a lot of modifications, this will be a lot of things that are tragic painting satisfactory conclusion, let this be the masters tearful face suddenly nervously happy smile, will present the bloody life wrapped spotless, all the same story, good things are people’s hearts desire, but out of the text, which lives there are so many beautiful.  Now there are great changes in rural areas, with the progress of the times, the return of migrant workers return home employment, housing demolition, compensation accounted for the Land, a Chinese New Year, all these people as wealthy as the FCL FCL rushed burning fireworks fireworks, a night put a few Daqian.Land a little money, do not know the use of resources, all day long mountain sea eat and drink, booze used to gamble, lose a night houses several buildings, really mad, and some also eat the flour, eat like a Houjing, He sat several times in prison, later released, hardcore and continue to eat, eat and go to jail, later released, and instigated by others, usually relatives of victims and relatives, a man surnamed harm a surname, a get are eating flour, dead or maimed eat dead, most poor children must belong to some of the affected children born flour is born mentally retarded.I used to substitute in the home, there are three mentally retarded children in the class, at first I did not know, when I found out, it was too late, I want to change the class, but the class schedule are lined up, how can I say to change to change the.My most scary thing every day and deal with those few mentally retarded children, often I turned around, few child disappears, because the school is a carrot a pit, generally you can not find the people to substitute, Moreover, I was just an intern, I was panic, do not know how to deal with, it must be bent to criticize president, to immediately leave the book, go for around three mentally retarded children, so I put people to come back after that, the entire class has 乱成一锅粥, it was also really failed.Look Look at the three mentally retarded children, will only drooling, innocently he smiled at me, when I was afraid to do morning exercises take students out, the sound of music, and that several children, gave what moves you play all over , and there is also a full playground to run around ooo, ooo, I felt at that time really is not a good substitute internship job.But think about that a few children really poor, remarried jail, reform the parents sitting on the older people become their backing.  I hear a lot of listening to these stories, and more will feel this world as we actually depicted so beautiful, because rural women bear the burden of life choose to remarry, working out countless, lost and lonely work because the whole mess is also plethora, the whole out of wanderers and lost everywhere.Because toddlers are not natural and fight a lot of people, and because not natural wanderers decorum plunge hanged drink dichlorvos lot of people, because there is no ability to raise more than toddlers, men outside Chihepiaodu, in desperation woman commit suicide are not uncommon.  To pay would point land claims, son and I Guangzhebangzi fist thrown in the street, swear decorum skin, because the land compensation to war, to petition to hold explosives and bomb the township government, the whole village like so much noise suddenly ripped the cat among the pigeons pot.The whole street at night through the night, through the night, winning always wanted to sleep, the more want to lose winning more fierce, bank credit to the tens of thousands, always want to win back their money, I did not expect gone, until a few years also come to the money, the money has already turned over several times, I am afraid that this money should have decades to clear Oh!  This village gang Xiaonian Qing, did not read good books, thirteen-year-old Zhao Renqu just work, fifteen-year-old to get married a few, a few days ago I also eat a few wines are aged in girl, but people do low-key, without fanfare to a dinner party, but people are going to know, be a host family to face, but in the side of many who make irresponsible remarks, but also tell a trouble end, really endless.After years over the whole village quiet a lot, and divide it among wage earners, like the gang after another to go.But the street or down the street mahjong dice sound constantly, which can not stop this battle, because they always want to have a winning or losing, winning would like to win another one, want to regain this lost even more, without beginning or end, because stay up all night play mahjong also crippled a great people, in order to really win or lose the fight.There is a stockade eating flour collective go to jail, the entire stockade overnight became empty nesters, who left after the overall relocation of tile-roofed house, house walls, also rain and wind, midnight, if from those walls had bypass heap, mountain breeze blowing the broken walls and broken glass window sill, Guikulanghao general roar, the heart really a little fear, looks like a ghost town stockade, leads people to have so little fear.  Barren land was expropriated, and even buried people have no place coming from, but the dead to be buried after all, a year ago this place was started burning system, without a large coffin, older people, a listen to the news, worried about their death Shiguwucun, ready ahead of time, Yao, and have run away, and now we all figured out, to adapt to changing times, how do go how do.The consent of the land quickly, that this is not within the planned range of barren hills also were razed, the old people say Qinglongshan, White Tiger Hill also all been leveled, and the graves of our ancestors just a pot of soil under grave also scrape flat, for which numerous and sudden wind and rain, the entire village has been turned upside down, everywhere axle India.  I heard this place to build a large plant, this is the start of several billions also heard that this place to be the overall relocation also heard that because of environmental reasons, this place is not suitable for factory repair, confused panic sleepless nights in order to lose more than money, capped with a layer of three or four houses, and regardless of whether the bear footing, while others with lower hollow brick footings, overnight, some barren land full of large and small built hollow brick, the government ordered the family not illegal buildings, painstakingly assembled a team of demolition, repair quickly, too quickly demolished, a morning time, those hollow floor on torn down, confused everywhere brick rubble, a tatters look bleak.Can not build a house, then go to plant fruit trees, also overnight, hillsides are fruit trees, in short order reparations, every inch of this place there is no one is empty, the villagers also took out an unprecedented catch spirit, enthusiastically into the ranks of species of trees in the forest, it really is crazy, there are policy measures to counter, but the government is not a vegetarian home, broke down the walls of the house to pay to see is not hollow bricks, land is cement is not light, and lose seedlings to hand to Lara, and has been planted just uploaded a few years there is a big difference, fruiting and fruiting is not a measure of.  After years had finished, a lot of quiet village, young men away, leaving the elderly and children, to go to the market a day, the villagers will come to the fair, regardless of money or not, have to walk around, filled potato pieces are dried bean curd stall, these old people can not buy anything in short, but several kilograms of tofu meal wine is indispensable, but every game will go, and then dispersed field, those old drunken disorder fell to the road next to a large cold days also deaf ears, kneeling, lying, in short, what position has, on the eastern slopes a few days before the sudden death of a person, it seems fair to go home when the day lying on the roadside too far, this man eight is Zuisi, and dead for several days, but fortunately, a number of hot days, cold days, then, a grass and forest road on both sides of the street there will be a few drunken man lying down, is dead or alive do not know, I do not know how the final deal, do not know there is no one claims.  In fact, the reality in rural areas did not like the story of the choreography is so wonderful, there is bitterness, there are many unknown side, everywhere these vicissitudes how to draw it into a successful symbol, really hard.Bones tragedy, let it be a tragedy it!Let the world flow of tears a few drops of pathos not better.Back to nature, this really, there are a lot of vicissitudes and tears, there are a lot of people’s ignorance and ignorance, there are too many sharp contrast.Back to the good and the beautiful, ugly ugly, how to evaluate?This is not to say, only a little closer to the real thing, but they can not touch the bottom line reality, what is good?What is bad?How can so many gaps, stop and meditation all, everyone’s different ideas, to treat things would be different views, listen to the stories of others, to think about their own life, it should be the most sensible choice.    Part five: back to nature like the word for decades, but always can not control this charming little angel; often eager to punctuate the final chapter is the residue, shy and gauche.Venture to say today in this period of real facts, confirms a return to the principle of a.  She had also had a naive, live wave cute happy childhood.However, vigorous Mandarin Revolution will revolutionize the country, will revolutionize her home, but also changed just sensible that her character.Since then, in the eyes of others she was proud and lofty, and cynical, also received a loud clang clang “cold beauty” nickname.Zero seven meters tall, she is fine white skin, big eyes, high nose, small mouth.Generally look cool, she only laughed before giving the impression that she affinity, and therefore large group where she always seemed very gregarious.  Special family circumstances she is absolutely positive factor, “excellent in all aspects,” she and her parents are required to own goal!Eventually, she read books and write beautiful calligraphy, poetry, good writing; red books she has advanced worker stacks.Same age, same situation, people looked the same unit where she was outstanding, but out of tune!No matter how lofty not have to eat it?She often went to buy food, however, it is always “empty when returned,” young and old beggar total road by her generosity moved to dance away!Family advised her to say that they are more deceptive, and she will look Stern said: “They really pathetic.” .Things like this will become numerous people run her jokes.  Never strike up a conversation with people talking to her, but often shelter in the yard out of the house the children in their own home for dinner.Bullying bullying the weak and old people do not run into her, once encountered, beat her out of his mouth, then you still can not find a quasi mad at her stubble.Customers to come back to her gift will be reprimanded dingy carrying things, actually bother to say hello when its meet again, she felt completely unreasoning!The unit in her eyes that nobody wanted to take public stitch, if “unruly” behavior to her that she’ll say: “less cheap public accounting!”In this case call you embarrassed, even an old newspaper she also tell you the same Xiabulaitai.He says what people say behind her otherworldly!  The only good that year, she was like a changed man like, see the initiative to greet acquaintances, occasionally very funny to the people a line of Hitler salute.Because people pretty, suddenly put down the former “frills”, and people get along together is especially affinity.Between Moran found her smile more, to understand human nature, the more extensive the love, humility and courtesy to see if their loved ones were of general!  Although a change in the date of her lofty extraordinary charm as ever, and looks behind the already tottering state into old age.Weekdays will expel like a child as others road, afraid to stay alone at home, watching TV would cynical laugh or cry; because sedentary and fat family forced their exercise, but she is not lazy is talking about conditions she likes to eat ice cream, and sometimes even eat rice sprinkled on the table, will also argue will certainly seize the opportunity to say; “a Journey ah!”.Like childlike, funny and cute.  Human life is like a circle, starting and ending almost approximation.He came naked to grow in the tempered, strong in the rain.After the old, the brain cell aging, frail, moving further and further hobbled back to childhood like a general, eventually go naked.And pinch those years FY sweltering day and the sun is not, do not use it to describe a return?

Back Articles

Part one: the back of the leaves, such as butterflies, flutter in the wind blows.Between Fen Yang, your perseverance turned on so dashing left.Walked into the clear autumn cold, you have embarked on a piece of road covered with warm, out of the sea of my heart, I took my dreams.Step by step, curl Tingting, you have not linger, you do not look back.  Front have not lost due to kissing autumn green.Despite crosses leaves, reeds swing flower, then the roadside, flowers and still.  So innocently at you disappear in my eyes at the end, he had disappeared in the warm trail.You no attachment.Wave between that sound “good-bye” actually clear, natural.I want you hanging on, hanging on your gentle yesterday, hanging on you that feeling of wandering.But you do not want to have untidy hair tied my heart disorders and sad tears that drip.  Green and leaves flying, water gurgling, feeling confused, wind howling, the heart has been hurt.  You go, bring your charming face, with your fiery passion, and left a lone figure that floated away.Even gentle moon will climb Meet treetops, even bright stars will smile, but that was the joy of the heart but fall into bottomless fall of Han Tan, wistfully will no longer have any clear yesterday.  Jisi melancholy, sad dash.Not faint, it is thick.  Wild geese flying south desolate Li has been calling the warmth of rows away, abandoned scattered thoughts with yellow autumn leaves rippling in the wind, shivering in the chill.I hold in mouth mouth your name, gently call you, no one can recall a pupil of the eye that you turn around, the magnificent old term break in late autumn yellow.  Clouds isolation eyes dim live passing Spring.Looking back, looking at the sky, many past Ju Yi drift in the wind.  Love to go, hard to stay in the heart, to flee back.  Autumn still wind as before, sorry.  .Ah, late autumn wind, you blew it.Part II: back early winter night, hanging on dark sky with a crescent of silver, which as a shy little girl, hiding, and disappeared the next, lonely back seems a bit melancholy, but also sort of a surprise, is very interesting!  So comfortable night, I no longer love online, calmly put on a thick coat, he took Mr. stroll hand in student apartment is full of culture.Busy on the road, such as various brands of cars satiate horse, Ass busy forward Ben.I feel eyes flash, leaving only the back of the car as if a puff of smoke, and instantly disappeared, leaving behind me a while, “It looks good Meng ah!”Gee sound surprising.Guys and Dolls fashionably dressed leisurely stroll hand in hand in the streets, along the way laughter, snuggling back, in addition to my envy jealousy, no hate.Alley variety of tasty snacks steaming child, with the wind afford to drill into my nostrils, intangibles tune up my sense of taste.We could not help but stop and stay, Mr. hint at once, very readily took out a hundred dollar bills, buy?String snacks.I put aside the image of ladies, belly open gobble up, feeling there has never been forthright.  ”Girl, sent point slightly.”Single-minded to enjoy delicious meals, offensive, inappropriate words drift into the ears, I reluctantly raised his head slightly, a moment’s inattention, a pair of” dirty “hand directly into my chin down, seemed to have robbed me swallow half of the lamb skewers, how disgusting behavior!I almost contemptuous glance at his eyes with regret: nest-like gray hair with the wind shaking, deep eyes bloodshot, and attached haggard eyes full of sorrow and begging.My conscience the moment it seems shuddered, suddenly no taste, hurried out of the half-eaten lamb skewers from the throat, threw his hands.Later, he again and again thanks, holding a cane hobbled and turned.He looked at it like a dustpan back, seems so humble and helpless!My heart suddenly sting a bit: “Dia Dia, wait a minute!”I walked quickly across in front of him, hands still warm snacks all into his trembling hands, then pulled out a new old $ 10 stuffed into his dilapidated sack:” Take it, cold outside, go home early, do not thank you.”I did not see more of him, I do not want to see more of him, and turned to leave immediately.Out of conscience, he was afraid I have to thank this drop in the bucket?Maybe I can not take back his old helpless?  In fact, I did not really leave, and continue to hang around in Mr. Night that have a little bit cold in the warm early winter together.”Whirring” north wind blows, we could not help but called Han Li.I saw not far away from us back the old man will shake, looks really shaky for him Nie Bahan.I could not calm the mood, consciously or unconsciously eyes watching his every move.Suddenly, a beautiful “cold” and appeared in the old man’s back.She, dressed and stylish, flowing hair set off her narrow back, thin pork sock in her thin legs, painted bright nail polish hands gracefully tucked a say the names of cigarettes, along with her shivering back jitter.Looking at her fragile back, I suddenly some mercy on her, and some doubts, why she does not want to wear a dress?Really do not want to grace the temperature ah!”Girl, sent point slightly.”The old man held out her repeat” dirty “hand.”No, you go away point!”Flappers almost yelled.The old man did not give up, stubbornly put his hand in front of her: “pass the point slightly.”” Hate, so I’m going to call the police again ah!”Flappers daggers old one, by pushing a bit old, old man almost fell a reel.Looking at the fashionable woman proudly raised his head, muttered back of the mouth and sped away, my heart burst of cold wind, like a sharp knife into my heart, Shengtengshengteng of!Previous heart on her mercy gone, leaving only nausea.”Grandpa, are you okay?”A little voice in this cold night seemed so warm!Mother looked, about a year-old boy’s body trembling old man leaning nervously inquired.His thin back maybe a little trivial in this noisy crowd, but only he would stop hurry at the crucial moment, out of the warm little hand to the elderly rely on a back.  I have seen countless back or watch the elegant, burly, dirty, emaciated.Let alone a long time I can not get that back together we learned tonight deja vu, but melancholy surprise back!    Part Three: A few days back that I would like to see the wife, perhaps the most desperately wanted to see her reasons.One morning, in the district where walking in front of me a man seven or eight meters away from me, at first glance, it is not my wife yet?So I can not wait to shouted wife, the man did not respond, I think my wife did not hear it calling again, or did not respond.I quickened his pace, rushed to the man beside.The man a shot from the side, yeah!I look embarrassed, hastened to say that the human voice: “Sorry, wrong person.”That man’s wife back and back images of very.She smiled and said to me: “Who has got the wrong person when.”I eased my embarrassment.This is a warm and talkative person, I ask who is to my wife?I did not intend to tell her, because the wife who does not have to secrecy, but, after all, I never met with her.Under questioning her well-intentioned, I honestly told her, then politely say goodbye.  Speaking to call between me and the teacher, wife, it is unexpected that interesting, pleasing and natural.Before I did not do the teacher’s students, teachers and wife call me aunt.Later, I had the honor to do the teacher’s students, they call to me has not changed, but I have to call on them to change – teacher, wife.To call this thing we started a little controversy in the classroom under.From ancient times to the modern civilized society for thousands of years, how long who is not “only” the truth of it?We can not forget the old saying: day as a teacher, father for life.The teacher taught me the knowledge, whether teachers are age, how can we address him by name it?The teacher grace with me, since ancient times, “grace” and “division” closely fitted together, become an integral term.Call the teacher, wife of more normal.Sauna net a few days, why I want to see my wife does?Not only is missing, as well as its reasons: gentle and virtuous wife, passionate about people, frankly, is a very cultivated person.I like to talk to her, when my wife speaks always smiling, always smiling and listening to my East 1, West 1 – leaping tell.My perspectives and insights, she always timely and properly made pertinent advice and guidance.So confused I become enlightened.Wife in my mind was a strong elderly.Wife pure temperament like a clear window of clear moonlight.Over time, I want to see her that if she wanted the reason is clear, clear moon shining and comfort, let the dust return to the pure and clean heart.  A Sunday afternoon, my wife and Syria meet in a small park.We have become close friends.We sat on a bench under an old elm.It is surrounded by shade trees, very quiet.We have something to chatting, seen and heard each with Syria, the solution.Very bright afternoon sunshine, our mood as bright as the sun.Time really fast, we feel just sit here, and again was time to go back to the.Wife took my arm, walking intimacy of talking to me.I suddenly felt I was aunt, she was a child.At this moment, we are back to the past.Pm start at the park entrance, we have to forget.I let her go first.I looked at her familiar silhouette go away.She suddenly turned towards me, waving.I was a hot, also waved, indicating Come.She looked young and vibrant back, looking at the back of her kind, she looked at her back blurred in my sight.I started to move the feet, I think she just said to me: “Our summer vacation together again.I remember a small junior sister apprentice summer are back.I could not help her back and looked in the direction of.At this point my wife was on the bus bar?  My teacher is an accomplished university professor, he is a man of pure scholarship.He treasuring, is a well-known scholar.He is so pure treat the cause of life.He gained more understanding and respect.In the teacher’s teaching, I am confident to learn, to understand the reading, learning is the source of wisdom!As the famous British philosopher Francis Bacon said: “Knowledge is power.”So I am full of hope and the pursuit of life.Forget age, there are evening scene in the moonlight.In this quote the famous Taiwan songwriter ninety-old Zhuang Nu old man’s words: “There are poetry sunset, dusk there Painting.”To follow the example of the old village, to live a wonderful!    Part Four: With the back of the driver feet scattered, step from the car’s pace Chenhuan.Shake just to find space to sit down in, he found a woman holding a child, I had to stand up.  Children looked not a year old, a meat toot a toot, more and more discussion eye.  She is also, oval face high nose, mouth like small pieces of cherry children.Although single eyelids and thin, the eye can be large enough, Huhu shiny, like a WANG Chun water.  She’s filled with very casual.Egg white children color pant children, pink Jixin Ling knit short-sleeved children.Black glossy children’s sandals fine with children, she was fine a tender foot high mound of very surprised to see children insisted, properly feel at ease.Dark brown hair, natural scattered, very hair fluff.  Children with a piece children Siamese skirt children, but also pink, with the body sway, teach people to think of the lotus pond swaying summer children.  It was very hot, do not open windows Jedi inside a confused Chung confused with heat, the car got a not smell good for some hearty atmosphere.She took out the fan, to keep the child violently, his eyes fixed on the child’s face for a moment, while children look out the window from inside the package, while looking over the past while looking.Xu is too hot, the child in her mother’s arms finally impatient, the body of a child shake the East West Akira, Jiji mouth babble.She looked at the child sweetly, did not speak nor angry, the child move, she also move, shake to photograph.  Little children do not buy it, not a moment’s break, scratch and scratch, who got on hand, grasp it tightly clutched.Her temper is still so good, sometimes attached to the child’s face, suddenly pro child’s mouth, suddenly and gently bites, pretending grimace, play the angry.She splashed into the eyes of a child, played like a stimulant, like shiny, almost I do not see her a hint of fatigue.  Children still ton of bricks, crying sound increasingly large up.She lifted the child, swinging on the arm as swimming, she began to sweat, sweat cheek occasional fall, sometimes a few lock-soft hair is stuck in the wet and greasy face.As she shook their children, while children creak child, the child’s crying did not, and occasionally send out milk and milk sound of laughing gas.Her movements gradually slowed down, or whether she would like to take intermittent children happy, a little rest now.Children and he turned his face, burst into tears open.Suddenly, she stopped hand, the child oblique in his arms, the child seems to guess what the interest rate immediately cry.She stood up from his seat, he looked around with after confirming no one noticed, the swift body torsional windows, seems not at ease, and partial back Miaole Miao, deftly stitch together clothes.  I suddenly understand, hungry children.She had then tried to coax children, just do not want to breastfeed her child in such a situation, the result was not bend over children.  Children greedily sucking the nipple children, issued sound Zaza.Juvenile a tender little hand while clutching a nipple children, while clutching his little feet, two legs a child, do not dig kicking a little while, the sugar is generally pleasant sight.  Useless little while, the child will sleep comfortably.Children sleep, she was just like a Shuangda, it seems to have stuck up.Her body scarred seeds as a child and fell on the back, head upturned, eyes closed and open, opened and shut, eyes hard a hard, suffering exceedingly.Car total was a push over, she stared hard for a while, while they closed, spurt shaking his head from side to side, for fear of sleep in the past.  Before long, the children woke up.The little guy really frustrating.  The car, the crew kept the station name in the newspaper.brake.Door children.Woman hurried out of the car, ran to shelter children sudden step behind, hand clutch the child in one hand and hug from the child’s skirt, deftly crouched down, she just squat, children will be urine.I was really surprised, so surprised she was so young but experienced.  .Car drifting away, between Dayton moment I understand, understand the connotation of the mother could be so obvious; so simple.  I gazed in silence towards the car, her gaze up a little faint but Johnson’s back.Part five: back I do fireworks business, after the Spring Festival is busy in the fifteenth day.Journeymen Wushu twelve came, except not see his father’s shadow.I know he is busy, but in my eyes, he’s busy perhaps somewhat redundant components, so they give birth within the heart beat a little disgruntled by the head.  But the father is not known, it is probably this thought with me in front of him deliberately obscure about.So before getting up early to go home every day, my father still want to stay in the store mouth for a while, to talk about his critical things, often this time, I do not put down the hands of the living, not words, it touches the side of Wu Shu pick a long time, it does not As for him, then 说给自己听.  My father was very keen on foreign affairs of the people, failing to wheel straight and not good comprehensive physical, idiomatic word mother said to him: “do not know Editor’s Note will be able to give people offended.”I know that these days he was in celebration of the third anniversary of the completion of the home ‘champion grave’ statue thing busy, no wonder door to door to collect the money, then that is the fifteenth night of fireworks accompanied by a chorus of drama.Father as precisely reflected in the door to door to collect the money, his upright and stubborn always play to the limit, so this time of year, there will always be home to some of his bad news, which virtually I have contributed to dissatisfaction and distress.I ignored my father, and even want to give him an embarrassment on the fifteenth day of this year’s fireworks supply.Because I know my father has been able to endure high-sounding door to collect the money, more than half of the village is a very good father and uncle with the door, he was out of business in recent years made a fortune every year before the celebration of the preparations, the 10,000 yuan of money playing on his credit card, as the fireworks, which I have, by the father can take the temper.  My father saw some signs of his discontent, or my mother, or to his dark Wushu pass some kind of message because of it, in short, the fifteenth day early in the morning my father came, not a short stay after he is gone, but left to help.Fifteenth, on the sale of fireworks coincided sprinted juncture, busy is expected to do.About nine o’clock, I see my father on the phone, very loud voice cried: “Come, my very busy.In, I’ll go back!”My father hung up the phone, turned to look at me.”I have to go back to the old cemetery memorial evening at the beginning scene, a group of people waiting for me.”Father look at me, eyes as much as an unintended inter pray sadness.” ‘.There are firecrackers, and other home use, I will take away, as fireworks.’I do not see the words, my father will no longer speak, went straight to the opposite side of the road pushing his three-wheeled electric car to go.  Than the fifteenth day of the bustling downtown and catharsis in the set did not see less, many people and cars, just a few steps so that the father can not actually take the fun.Especially in the beginning and end of the middle of the road, a slip of much long electric car is connected Bike.First, father stopped to wait, then, they bent down in front of an empty bucket of the tricycle, his first grab the car to help, slowly circled one leg.I saw the difficulty of his bowed legs, he extended his right hand several times trying to pull that circled trousers right leg, so that the whole body seemed twisted.He finally climbed in, he was squatting, only forward slightly bowed, his hands on the grip again across the car to help the child.The car was moving slowly, his father squat body, hands clutching the car to help.At this point, I can only see his back, to see the exposed white hair under his black woolen hat, to see his bronze feather jacket of the wide backbone.I felt my father’s backbone shake, just like the old look at my eyes, no longer inadvertently pray sadness, frustration and injustice after but a helpless fear and hopes.Rather abruptly, my mind a hot, want to cry, but I feel sad hateful!  To his father’s side, I’m just in a few stride.I pulled his father’s hand and helped him to get off, and I told him this year’s fireworks all-inclusive, to let him go, and so I drove back to the party.Father did not seem surprised, he just is not my habit to pull his hand.”You’re busy, and so I have another trip right party!”See I insist, father no words, rode his electric car, a look of laughing.  Positive lively downtown, father in my line of sight, black woolen cap of white hair, the wide backbone bronze backs down jacket go away.

Baby, you grow up afraid

Baby, today to call home, my grandmother told me that you grow up, do not go to kindergarten grandmother and my mother sent, that you know better, do not say you love trouble as before, baby, I should be happy not it?Our little guy finally grow up, can I actually get a bit lost.I was a little afraid, afraid to see the next time you will not meet, afraid I want to hold you when you will run away.I remember you with every little thing together, for the first time to meet with you, you are eight months, my mother worked with her grandmother handed you over to me, to my aunt, treat you like a class enemy Like, I hold you, you look at my mouth started to cry, you cry I have no choice but to cry with you.In this way, in time for the harvest in the family are busy in full swing, I hold you to the edge of the ridge, which is to teach you to recognize the wheat, that is rape, pea that is, there is Angelica and Codonopsis.Hold you to the water’s edge, put your little body into the water, and you still do not know fear, I let you swinging in the water, but also giggle, that day, I get yelled at, because I hold you play in the water was found grandmother, Oh, I want to tell her, and I feel bad, you are my little baby, I just want my child likes to play something for you.In the summer, you learned to call my aunt.Every time I look like a girl of your long eyelashes God’s eyes, round, I like them very much, think you are the most beautiful and wonderful thing cute little baby.The concept I’m homesick, you became a hero.Later, every time I go home, you will be very close to me, when I was in college far from home, and sometimes come home once a year, but I came home I know you can, stick with me refused to leave.I called you, you cried very sad, but still holding my neck and cry, baby child, you cry when I want to cry, but sometimes have to teach you something.The future will not be like before I did hold it, only two of us at home the night, your arm around my neck, I ask you not afraid?You say afraid, I said, I’m afraid, you straining his arm around me, said: “Auntie, do not be afraid, you stay with me, I am with you”, baby child, I heard this is the most beautiful language, I could not help hold up the corners of the mouth each evening in the afternoon will.I will not go to bed late at night in my home, anxious to put all these skills I was away in time you learn are “showing off” to me?Milk and milk sound of gas you give me to sing two tigers, really gives me a unique routines that you play, in fact, quite like really like, even though I know you never fight with others, but you really are very “Kung Fu” Oh.In our house kang three meters square, you enjoy the show me, really poor technology, you sit down and put onto the foot to touch his face, like a kitten, baby child, you know, in my heart, you have always been the most handsome of the best!Finally, not tired of you, I want to get rid of overbearing grandmother chat, hug me asleep.After you certainly do not know what you would like to sleep holding people face it, for this, you were always criticize, but I love you tender fat little hands on my face, so I slept very comfortable.Happy, you will be holding my face, you fall like rain small lips, kiss my side will be the number of edges with: “the eyes, nose, ears, Guduo face, neck, forehead,” for fear of leakage, and also finished I would ask, not finished aunt?Oh, so you, how can you not make people love?Goodies every time you give to the people around them, end only when the next point, I still want to tease you, to tell you, you look at something in his hand, that is what you like to eat, but you also could not bear not to me, embarrassed to see me with innocent eyes, baby, you are so good, how can you not teach people to like?Three years old, I cook, you’ll put my hand on the small of the basin vegetables, help me, follow me in the kitchen, like a little tail, I did not do a good job in every meal when first put the goodies stuffed into your little mouth, I do not know you have not spoiled?(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) The last time I went back, did not see you at home, I quickly ran to the door to look for you, want to go home first to see who turned out to be you, oh unfair.You see me, but hidden in the edge of the door to see if I can not find you, you gently shouted: hey!Oh, I am very glad ah, or thin I miss the children sound, with no change.You grow up a little, but I’m still very easy to pick up you, hold you until the time I felt she was really back home.I want to get married, to melt the so bridal makeup, since then, you will not want to together with me, I tell you, you do not come to me and looked at me and cried all the way, send I married when you sit wedding car has been looked at me and refused to climb like that before in my body, I do not know in your heart young, my aunt is not turned into the devil you do not know from the angel, I know that the old aunt is beautiful in your eyes, because one day you look at me, look what I asked you, you said that good-looking aunt.Baby child, I know you will not be happy with a lie to please people, so this is what I heard most of the praise makes me happy.But now, you suddenly become so zoning up, if you can, I wish you only angel heart.Almost six months, you see, people say that children grow up just like bamboo shoots, like whizzing dart, also heard my grandmother say you grow up, I do not know happy for you, or you lost.Baby child, no matter what, you have always been to grow up, to enjoy the pains and joys of adults, but I still miss you a child.People say, aunt far, nearly aunt, think also, I was with a few pro-aunt, my aunt in my concept is relative, so I am afraid ah baby child, before the time you and I are the closest but now you want to grow up, you have two ah aunt, my aunt always not around, so I’m afraid you gradually forget your aunt is very pro-people, afraid you’ll just slowly put when my relatives, baby child, I will feel bad, because I have no sisters, no one called me aunt, I have only one brother, your father, so you are my only.Baby, going on holiday, time to go home to see you, to see you grow up a little, is not it become cool look.?