Month: April 2019

Autumn Wu

(A) dwelling vines vines forward, some wound on branches of trees, some of the previously inserted around good bamboo, some curled wire fence or wall straw braided, twisted paths are flowers spirally, brake very tight, it thought out heartless, selfishness, excessive reliance on its side feelings, a decision was no resistance is the nature of its material harm, but, gradually found that innate vine is upright, it is seen straight to account for a large area, spent a lot of land, it should be left to those who can only land upright and no ability to climb the “brothers” to enjoy, choose a the development of the air, the use of existing free space up the narrow road, it can be considered inventive.    Vine tender top, left shaking his right nodding, thinking for a long time, or to pass with a left open, whether twigs or bamboo, straw, their diameter is the radius of action of vines, to no, stretch turn left, turn right stepping not, would not overstepped the moment to close the sub-skin, the most space-saving way to go around the center, before the “left-right” labyrinth line.See vines helically, now think of the district where the stairwell into a piece of high-rise buildings, in a small fixed space, was not along the “left-right” spiral winding paths, it is easy to come to tens storey roof it?Shortage of land, reminiscent of the “day is not an area accounted for”, try to narrow the space.Plant vines that seemed to meet the current thinking, learn to be good at crawling in the crevices.In fact, much earlier than the vines wake of humans, it is more than modern people dwelling Debu Know year earlier, it has been valuable natural treasure respectable space of cute creatures.    (B) and complementary leafless roadside flowers and clumps of holly plant, its leaves green was mellow and bright, clear emerald dripping, like jasper as fascinating.Reading tired to walk outside, from afar, dark green is seductive.This time, a look that cluster around, holly are full of flowers, the flowers have ten several flower petals open, highlight the fragrant core core.Holly how will blossom?Its existence is that people appreciate the value of it was green leaves, no one has ever expect it to bloom, that green was perfect again, nor prescribe a lifetime of flowers.But today, it actually falls on the flowers of the head.It is safe in its head artificial flowers?No.Flower texture that told me it was true.Closer inspection, that is not spent out of holly, morning glory is next to climb out of the head of holly flowers.There leaf morning glory, heart-shaped leaves meager and sparse, the head of the holly, it is light green rich green holly completely submerged.Holly coupled with leafless flower morning glory, glorified.Morning glory just as naive girl, holly like a mature guy to stay together for a moment leave.Carmine set off on a holly green, red and more bright, carmine on holly green lining, more playful green.    Had always thought that needle-like leaves on its own with the best, I did not expect, leafless plant with another flower of a plant off each other, there is such an effect Jiaomei.Who have their own specialty, who have their own shortcomings, with the extension of their strengths approach, not natural to make up for the shortage, inadequate reclamation of virgin land on their own, are not able to see the effect of the moment.Like holly and leafless like morning glory flowers side by side, with the expertise of others, happens to be his own shortcomings, mix and match with each other, to achieve complementarity, it is the effort and realistic recipe.

Autumn wind

Part One: bleak autumn wind Lueqi trace out the window passed flowering laurel tree, and then not see a tree grow bustling eyeful of joy, and no fragrant soak into the depths of gentle lonely heart.Only the hearts of infinite love of expectations in the next field blooming.  Wind Yat slightest cold, cold breeze was blowing, cool thoroughly heart.In this cold season, no longer out of reach of the warm hot summer, flutter a few slices of dying leaves from drifting in front, across the quiet moments, the lonely rendered helpless.  It used to be brilliant beauty of the unknown world, though charming and colorful, colorful blooming, but always blooming with a timeless elegance, dressed in fresh green, chic freehand with natural, no regrets go after a short life.  Quiet autumn leaves brushed the fatigue life of any, seems relieved, no longer attachment trees and other foliage are brilliant fight rivalry, no longer need the day and night after rain and frost, infatuation does not regret only for a grown scenery.Seeing there are still a lot of green in the branches quietly, style remains, messy can not help but have developed a certain loss.Tan: flowery Meijuan eventually arrived, but Homecoming, also lost more amazing changes this season.In fact, the leaves are not heartless things, of Chunni more willing to nurse.  Wind shady trees, branches and leaves swaying is trying to be strong, no longer enchanting green shadows, time is mercilessly coated with a kind of dignified color, never gone early when it looks like Jiaochen.  Happened to the line of sight, there were two urchin figure, looking across the grass under a tree.Foot deep shallow kick, despite far scold adults, they simply bored.Two pairs of four innocent eyes exploring the surprise, is to catch butterflies or flowers?  A naughty hands still clasped several flower do not know where taken to the unknown flowers in full bloom of youth life in bloom.In this increasingly bleak barren season, can easily pick beautiful flowers predicament, finally he did not disappoint two pure and happy heart ah!  Trance two young figure like the two flowers in full bloom, set in the grass under the shade.Rosy cheeks, bright clothing, the green line of sight to quietly spread the gorgeous.  Suddenly two elf figure they vanish forever without a trace, just obviously there is a bit of joy to the hearts of all of a sudden lost depressed.  ”Mo flowers everywhere found, a final thin cold fireworks,” crowd crowd rub shoulders passing numerous, who inadvertently encounter a glimpse?The most is the bow of the tender bewildered Bliss; who for whom eyebrows?Sweet smile, then laugh Allure; who wants to be who I look back?Iraqis are dim light.  ”Pik days yellow leaves, the autumn even wave” through the grass sprout of spring, after a colorful summer, autumn season ushered boundless.But the heart has no intention at this time both have time to perceive that autumn rain.Facing the autumn, summer and watched it disappear in the vast passionate figure, the flooding along with this passion of the weather cools gradually cooled until woodenly.  Watching a brown ground, try to figure out the patches of deciduous solitude of mind, their sadness with sadness.Himself also did not ultimately become one leaves it?Also about to enter their footsteps, do die young roots of haggard, wasted years to be a twilight old woman.But then I also do this poetic heart?There adaptable state of mind can be calm and graffiti writing a few words which can not be said of the text you?  A hint of bleak autumn wind Lueqi!    Part II: autumn, the leaves fall swirling autumn sky, covered desolate atmosphere, the flow in the lonely years, the simple interpretation of the growth of laughter, that’s part of our lives in the most beautiful color dew formed by the experience four seasons the dust, dip the past how much Love.Nightlife net Weiwei time, through the vast depths of memory, the story permeates every corner of the mind, into a road chic yet magnificent scenery, the script of youth in wanton graffiti.At that moment, the dream and the sublimation of reality, transcend the hustle and bustle of this world, to all Smart poetic moment, three thousand years spread the fragrance of incense.  I do not know whether this feeling of real presence, perhaps, when to wake up, I would think, think of those times there had been, would think of those encountered in the front face.Just do not know when the fireflies fragrant, blooming dream of Qin Ying, my tired soul, you will get a moment’s rest, like the sea like a quiet comfort.  Memory wind, tearing a modern note, Jiexun in the ear, forming a broken songs, will eventually cover past.And I still like traces on sea, watching the sky white clouds, but every time after reading the mood will be very confused inexplicable, feeling like a delicate dandelion-like, whenever we get past the wind that carried away.  Perhaps a day of tension and fast pace of life, have long had their own pressure a little out of breath, the reality of darkness, life helpless, so numb mind getting old, but also to more and more dim memory.Really want to return to the good old days, even if it is a dream of youth moment, at least once so you can relive precipitation in the depths of the heart of old memories, and then quietly put it fly in the real world.  In fact, very grateful to those who have been with me through the years with friends, though, the time the waves were heading for the distant memories of each other, but the legacy of thoughts but never stop, really miss you, only time I could not find a clue at back.  Falling leaves, stroking face over the years, remember once when, missed the meet, missed forgotten, forgotten and remembered, very contradictory, but we are in such a loop, going around in circles of white young head.  I also know that, in reality, never had to change, but busy life, in the face of four seasons window, we seem to have lost himself, never laid hold traces of the past, like pure water Love in the era long gone looking less than back, leaving only four strands of fragrant memories of elegant.  A big crowd, edge to edge to, cold time when the memories tear to pieces, it becomes so easy to forget, that many, in the passage of the years has been familiar in the wind receding, many people searching, just never found, the wind rolled back, his eyes twinkling of an eye hazy.  Cheng pulls has to go, dream hard to open, immersed in their own crafted story, slowly and years meet, think of who’s face, who’s talking about old things, only sigh Come and dream, vain overwhelmed by the negative thoughts of love.  Autumn, the leaves fall, but I do not know, vaguely dream, past and how many.  - Original articles III: from the autumn, after a gauze curtain a curtain autumn frost, a piano from a piano song injury, a paper and ink incense tear a piece of paper, a furnace smoke a residual ash, strong drink a pot a pot of cold, Sparse in January to a window, Ichikawa Ichikawa cold misty rain, a dream long lifetime Acacia.  — Inscription cold dew early dip to fulfill cool thoroughly, from the autumn, after Shalian.Night, predictable, lonely, deep, deep sense of autumn mood to reconcile with sparse, messy thoughts together into the scarred heart strings of wind chimes swaying, every collision is crisp burst of osteoclasts pain, offer all kinds of taste, drop into the eyes, fingers wrapped into quicksand, thin experience.  Under Brightness Gambhir, the lights dim still, burns memories, lonely swim thought, as if hidden behind the sky, quietly held out his hand, skim a bunch of streamer and chest, until after the hustle and bustle of precipitation, clarity dash of unruly thoughts, Red deep, lightly dipped in ink, copy it to meet some deep-seated and can not let go of the memories.  We ran into the road to escape, edge predicament, and your last name, you are my sexual gratification, Heart Xiangxi, your words, your story, your sorrow joy to me unlimited drunk, you say, I will I you are looking for the man, I am embarrassed smile, mind mutual rhinoceros.  Wasted years, for a moment of happiness, I overconfident race against time, pushed hard to break through the maze, eventually, she was here before me.Standing confused staggered intersection, I like a stray dog, in front of numerous barriers, thorns everywhere, antecedents chestnut Margaret Philippines micro, fog astray Taiwan.You stand not far from encouraging encourage me, you say, happiness is on your tail, straight ahead, do not turn, it will always follow you, but you did not realize, I was a lost tail puppy.  In the end, unable to let go, will you push her cruel people’s arms, closed his eyes, got the idea off the door, lest one of your face, loud mews, could easily destroy me around and take the air can be dangerous risk of fence wall.  You sad to ask, whether there is no more love.I pondered, lift the rise, pretending to take it lightly, in fact, just the tears overflow the eyes of control, restrain live throbbing emotion, sad smile Overwhelming spit: Yes.Lies push the two lips, like a tender and charming poppy, hurt you, but also poison me.Your sense of loss parting, did not take any, only the temperature of the volume of all my seats away, hang around in some PASSING encounter knowing each other, turned into deep-seated Acacia, buried among the hubbub.I lost you picked up the sadness.  Pain, hit, run through until it can not breathe, love, gone, no wrong, no period until despair.Thoughts such as a tsunami engulfed the heart inch by inch.Twitching soul free body, internal organs also will be dramatically rush is not broken burning flesh.  Steeped earthly tie him down, silently looking exile, the mood was as random alternating seasons, sometimes, gentle spring breeze, in turn, the long winter snows, sometimes, autumn howling, instead, Xia Yu Xiaoxiao.”Hold your hand, and grow old.”I remember feeling ignorant when first reading this poem, it was a young girl living a better vision of the unknown, the sweet longing for romantic love.Fantasy that one day, there will be a mortal world know I pity my friends, holding hands with each other to firm eyes soft eyes, whisper in my ear the same verse: staying forever.But, how far it always ah!Afraid only afraid trying world of band, suffering no consistency of the song.  Those who had threatened to forever life and death go hand in hand, now how many have rode the horizon, went their separate ways, you have your rivers and lakes in northern Hebei autumn, I have my apricot spring south.In the end, as long as was, alone drunk moon, inviting centuries injury.  ”Come on wide sigh, do not I live Xi.Xun sigh Come on, do not believe I Come “.How sad choice.Mo hurt soul, stained frustration and melancholy.  Yes ah, the world’s vast, vast universe, life as mayflies, vague like dust, compared to external forces us to repeat itself weak, birth, old age, sickness and death and love and parting, how was dominated by themselves, often only want to do contrary, lingering desire for freedom can only sustenance spread over the country.  All naive to imagine, can not withstand the ravages of reality, blame, doubt, difficulty, and those crumbled stone of the agreement, vows into the sea, cold light glowing in the night in the vast, cool heart piercing.And then unable to irrigate flower once the most beautiful roses, only with indifference slowly forcing withered withered, with fresh forgotten to fill vacancies.  Walk slowly on the streets alone, staring at the end of the line time and space, eyes locked in a curl of smoke, any tears wanton flowing, smoke and tangled, give birth to a myriad of pain and loneliness.At the moment, you think there is stationed in mind, have you accompany, without the need to taste this alone, “Kwong Wan extravagant” lonely.Yesterday a dream, a dream Allure, dream ring overnight, Xixi outside dreams into ornaments, and the dream is a dream after all, but Cheng, wind and rain to kill, grind the completion of mud.I think this world, I dream of you is the south, I guess, in this life, I would be passing your rivers and lakes, loving Melancholy, vowed, as according to the send side yugao in ruins, humble small, tragically sad cool , quietly waiting for the frost and wet judgment.Part four: one year from the autumn moon is pouring down selfless, quiet and covered with the hustle and bustle of town, independent windowsill, looking at the night away, the heart gradually quiet down.  A year ago, a fit of anger came to this strange city Jincheng, had vowed, to a strange place to start again.When the moment to get university admission notice, and my heart is not happy but is a touch of sadness, it is only clear: I am not notice the arrival of the end of the era of high school..I forgot how to freshman summer before time runs out, just remember a rain in the afternoon, together with small hair, a song by the river roar afternoon.When the train at South Station Jin slowly docked at the side of the terrace, the heart does not know is happy or sad, and finally came to a strange city, can you be yourself reinvigorated, better ourselves, I do not know.  New Year set foot on the school bus, sitting in the window seat, his arms holding the bag, broke into the embrace of Jincheng this strange city, her head leaning against the window and just imagine her breath.  After many turns, traffic lights, came to work Liao South Gate.In an instant I step out the door and face the opposite Liao workers, after payment, collect various items, accommodation, all step by step.Always like night time enveloped the earth, burning a lamp, quietly, at night, in black, accompanied by the music of the day in the mood to write down on paper.About University, about home, about that many good but too late to the realization of a dream, at that time always feel that they have dissolved the night, dissolve in a quiet, dissolved his heart.  The next day, school, eat, sleep, exam, everything mundane, placid, he did not try to learn, something else is the same.One was so crazy heart seemed asleep, tried to wake up many times, but always feel they have nothing, it just Jincheng city is the seat of the wind, blown away by a gentle awakening let the heart.This summer, in Shenyang with Mom and Dad together, did not return to Shandong, this is not his first hug Shandong in the summer and would like grandparents in Shandong, I want to tread the numerous small dam and would like to personally tree planted saplings and would like to.In Shenyang, there will always be at the moon at night, sitting in the chaos of construction sites in the rise of the full moon, surrounded by stacked full of various tools when building high-rise, is gratifying that many of the hustle and bustle, there is always crickets sing in the it seems to be a tribute to month, so that human eyes closed listening sounds of nature.After repeating a few of the many days, if a moonless night, suddenly burst into tears, it hurts the heart, grow it?  I was a rainy night in Jincheng lips to kiss again, walking in the rainy night of Liaoning work, walking in his heart the sea, nothing has changed, but it seems everything has changed, everything changed.Another year fall, the wind.Part five: autumn, the autumn and do not realize the sad tears, filled with endless sorrow at its vicissitudes abs, cool pierce the heart vessel.  - Inscription seasons, four seasons enchanting, does not seem to have gone through in the past season under each section of any meaning, the fragrant smell like flowers, a heavy rain falling, take away not only sad, sad farewell tears, still ran embrace dawn the next season.  Rainy, confusing, hazy suddenly more aesthetic front, sadness fading away, inexplicable hitting sound like tassels draw down unconstrained.Autumn, like a fairy half-face partly concealed, lonely row, Iraqis where to stay.  However, not a thing of the past, tears instantly eliminate vertical disappearing, mildly tour, recalling the vicissitudes of years, can not stand salvage passers-by, his mind far is the most beautiful blot.  Do not swing dance clothes, severe pain in my wound is not your feminine, a little torn ruthless words, except they can only lick heart pain, bogged down, unable to extricate themselves.  If Yi Xi to offering his thoughts on the Bay will be able to review US-hyun ornate fragment, not as wanton profligacy, autumn becoming cooler, cooling atrium dark out still, forget-me, this sleepless night.  Autumn leaves falling wind, each piece are entrusted with you my thoughts, then this is not your eyes fall foliage, but miserable bondage, even if the dark clouds, I am willing to wait for your presence, warm nourish atrium.  Parting tears in their eyes, hit the jump pulse, body cells in the expansion of the heart as if at that moment stopped short, rotating flip, do not wave smooth, quiet night this autumn.

Autumn War

Part one: Autumn War since he knew all the time by the poet Liu Yuxi, “he quoted poetry to the Bi Xiao” the kind of pride infected, the excitement, surging.Heart seems to shine, always up, up.  Practical work, in four seasons, the fall would have passed that winter, and how can it wins spring.How can an old woman to compete Hechun compared to what gorgeously dressed girl?Look, autumn thin, so it sky high, thin clouds, and the hilltops, clear water, and even that year twelve months the only heart and mind of the moon, is also suffused with solemn pure, light piercing the human eye.Previously that several strains of deciduous trees under its body Zhichuo firmament of heaven and earth, no blood no meat, appears to be so helpless.  This year’s autumn I do also fills the heads of the case: autumn leaves, autumn winds have ruined hut song, Sharen autumn autumn learned something Pik days, yellow leaves, the autumn even wave, wave on the Mist Over Dream Lake and the like.I was sad that the fall of the vibration of the camera, overwhelmed, chest writings seem to have many voiced spewing out.Autumn, the sky was clear, cool autumn, autumn rain, as if all this were insulated and I began to suspect that the poet had.  I do not know the whereabouts piece of leaf fall from the beginning of.Rustle but saw large tracts of leaves flying in the autumn, also we heard the sound of a charley horse in the autumn leaves Hello winded learned blanket, and there was a collision of cleaning broom.There are more leaves but never far away from its parents educating its students gone.Under heaven and earth and emerge from time to time bursts of smoke blanket of darkness.So in the days of autumn’s leaves gone forever.  People always say, autumn is bring us a lot of surprises and gifts, make fun of our real experience to harvest unlimited satisfaction and joy; and when after the harvest, celebrating apart, we again see the fields around after the harvest is left in ruins, under the vast heaven and earth, the land left exposed it demonstrated, on the ridge is full of cattle and sheep eroded over the rickety weeds.Looking ahead in the world Shino bleak, full of dying, becoming full perplexed, left full of silence.At this point, the thought of yesterday FENGGU warehouse full of joy, and then look in front of Shino desolation, when yesterday’s ecstatic faint disappear, leaving only a sad and lonely as one.  August 15 Mid-Autumn Festival, ten thousand to invite the moon, during a family reunion.Stands to reason that should be happy fishes, but he is not happy, the whole family together Dramas moon that day no one to accompany, but I feel so sad and boring.The wife brought the children to, not a romp, his wife went to a supermarket to work, and her daughter is still distant in 3000 in Guangzhou.Under solitary sights, I do not know that then, just quietly in a daze, despite random thoughts drift, but it is difficult to heart worries can be summarized in words.The lighted a reunion this time can only be silent blessing with watch.Look at the sky aimlessly wandering the wind leaves, listening to the howling of the autumn wind outside, Shino is so desolate and silent, the air is pervaded by a wounding of breath, a silent silently yearning, a kind of helpless, a sadness, a loss.During the day, we have their own busy career, rushing through the crowd in noisy, no awareness, until the night, when night falls, Juanniao homing, the crowd cleared, we suddenly feel the immediate What is loneliness and solitude in the middle of the night when people feel the silence of a man’s world turned out to be so small that a person’s life turned out to be as incomplete, no wonder so many people have been in this quest, find a comfortable and freedom, to find a love, looking for a happy, warm and looking for a home care.  Ages, hesitantly, that this autumn is the harvest season, happy harvest, harvest joy, but I was empty, clean hands, a bit lost, repeated melancholy.These days always lose my mind, trying to think, but also reason no language only half papers.Think of middle age, but it is commonplace, future loss, can not help but feel some frustrated and anxious, watching the hazy night sky, the cup of drink alone, solitary glimpse, albeit a toast to invite the moon, the film into three, but but some really sad, I accompanied the only bursts of breeze, withered leaves, a miss, a solitary cup of liquor, a shadowy figure, there are endless thoughts.The ancients said, “not pleased, not to have compassion,” in fact, it is a more open-minded mood a very high realm of life.In reality, few people are really able to do it?Living in this materialistic, numerous informal society, when each person face their own worries, the hearts will leave a difficult to let go of worry.Inadvertently it will not help because a small thing, a person, or a case of unexpected circumstances, or an obscure joke has touched thousands of hearts often Dangqi ripple, sometimes in vain raw grief, hook since a string of dusty memories.  Bumper harvest, Fenggu full warehouse, to fall this is a matter of course, of course, after all, reap as you sow Well.Shino be desolate, leaves scatter, but it is a kind of silent loss, but also a hint of frustration speechless.But thinking like a completely different version of the general interpretation of life.Everyone has their own seasons, and everyone in order to harvest the narrow sense of themselves in the usual selfless hard work and struggle, when everything fall into place, life is pick up the net of fish, fame, while proud of.And when all the glitz dispersed, things turn attributed to flat, all the applause and cheers, with the still of the night will slowly disappear in the bustle of the city that had the corner.Life ups and downs, ebb and flow, drifting uncertain, everything seemed so real and it is, it can not help but make people’s hearts produce more thinking and feeling, life is not a lot of time also are in this surprise, lost, contradictory, confused, upset and helpless traveling it step by step?  Autumn is cool, has always been right.Because the heat of the day and anxiety Xiatian Lie.Falling leaves this is a seasonal variation, not because of the cruel wind.Off the vast fields, although some mess, but let us enjoy the harvest of joy and satisfaction.Due to the fall of the real, a masterpiece of nature – barren of grass was even more helpless.Perhaps the only thing we can do is only to face reality, everything is only counting on faster next spring comes.And more lonely when autumn since ancient times, in fact, I think the fall itself has brought us is a delight, a symbol of the harvest, it is worth the wait and a season-owned; the reason why so many people feel lonely and sad, I want more more probably because they are aware of the bleak and desolate autumn, the thought of the upcoming autumn cold winter followed by a bar!    Part II: Autumn War Today (October 29, 2009) when it is late autumn season, at work when the sky was gray, the window overlooking the sky, and to know that there must be autumn rain, and sure enough the way home from work, Lueqi autumn wind blowing, roll up the leaves fly all over the floor, and to the autumn wind, the rhythm, wet my face, leaving a cold hastily drove back in time, on the way pedestrians hurry, as urgent Yan homing.Backstreet line to the residence, autumn winds beckon Indus leaves falling piece, that tired yellow leaves fall on the more desolate lonely dark road, which was wet with rain, was trampled pedestrians.Looking at the pieces of leaves, imagine that one day, like falling leaves, like, good sad!Without perception parking, leaned picking up a leaf, with the rain Ah Tong Ye type of sharp little bit of dripping, as if tears leaves, it is sad autumn squander it’s green, it took a prosperous , and yellow leaves of autumn wandering.sigh!It also leaves me rather sad and tragic Piaoling, look at your do not know what the result autumn, Qifeng cold rain, shine lean solitary figure; Jiangan cool by the window, shake off the windowsill bleak autumn autumn chrysanthemum petals piecemeal, scattered petals wanton wind in my eyes, like my heartfelt love, pulling me!!  Autumn, dancing her melancholy and yearning long silk tightly around me, around and around; autumn, reminds me how you came into my mind, how to open stubbornly refused to extend the memory, I resolve loneliness.  Autumn, the wind into the sky outside the window, wet my mind and my eyelids, and capsules of raindrops drifting memories, drifting secular, Park Su falling on my blurred eyes, conceal cherished are your tenderness Wanlv.Fall, I do not know what will happen, I do not know what can afford?Happiness is perhaps sad, perhaps nothing.Fall, carrying too much memory, so I look back in the autumn, looking from the lopsided walking into returning to the deep and moving, in the long aftertaste over and over again, alone smile or not to have independent shed tears.  Autumn done, Akiba also fell, leaving only the bare trunk, in the rain, “slim” lonely heart, like falling leaves in the wind, the wind was trampled to the ground was trampled under foot, the mood was autumn blew, leaving only bits and pieces of decadence and desolation.  Under the rhythm of autumn, autumn wind, blowing, I was immersed in this desolate world, alone, alone, sad recollections.I could not help think of Lin’s poem “Autumn window autumn evening”.  Autumn flowers bleak autumn grass yellow, light autumn long Geng Gengqiu.  Autumn window Autumn has felt endless, desolate nakan storm help.  HE autumn to help speed the rain, window Startled autumn green Autumn dream.  Autumn love can not bear to hold it sleep, ask autumn screen shift tears candle.  Tears shook burn candle short candlestick, worry retractor according hate moving from the situation.  Someone who windless autumn hospital, where autumn window without rain?  Luo quilt force impatience autumn, autumn urgent reminder residual sound leakage.  Even tenderness complex whiz night, with headlights like from the people weep.  Han Yan small courtyard turn Depression, when dribbling sparse bamboo virtual window.    Part III: Autumn War pour point pale ink, paper tile element, adding the prime words, focussed on the nib.Write off the ink, paper want to miss a vent.Helpless less ink light paper, plain words inadvertently left out thoughts.  Forget the scent of ink, speak, quiet light had a rich glide nose.Let the cool air fermentation thoughts stop the expansion, miss silence.Tired heart is emptying out Fanshai “knowledge” of the sun, feeling lost.At night, clear coffee cup, do taste bitter, sad story deliberately fantasy tree with leaves.Originally, it leaves falling trees, but with commitment, confidence receded green, just waiting for the autumn fall.After the tree the gift of youth, yellowing leave quietly.Panic to forget the tears, the play ended, sorrow will end all.Nightlife net yet so far away, a soft heart sting.Throbbing heart, so chaotic thoughts fall to the bottom of the footing.Light holding the beloved character, heart care.You Looking back, my War.    Part Four: Autumn War you say you are my sun, the solitude of the night I was not anxious.However, I do not know why, today, my heart a little nervous.Is not autumn long period of thin cloud cover your eyes?Let Acacia into tears, cream white dew cemented!Word a few songs, love streaks, central midnight, I would like to turn into the window corner to Lanzhou, let’s hang in Acacia Chang E month shoot, the sea and you overnight, in the years in its shallow thoughts dyed white, dust falling into mourning!  You say you are my sun, warm the coldest month of the palace flowers.However, I do not know why, today, my heart a little cold.Is not the howling autumn wind bring you a cool autumn rain a?Butterfly and into the soul, feeling string without ring!People not language, the situation entirely, night cool earth, I would like to turn into lonely moon rain, let Liu embankments Acacia, put on the cold night sky and you look into the distance, at the end of the years of waiting yellow everywhere, most injuries are late cool!  You say you are my sun, flowers blooming barren clear dream.However, I do not know why, today, my heart hurt a little.It is not scattered bright red to let you into a setting sun?Let miserly sitting alone in the autumn, the shallow Zen hidden!Italy still exist, thinking overflow situation, night frost, I would turn into a mosaic in the night sky of stars and let the mind tears of the moon, my wet overlooking, in the years of vicissitudes, the grip away all reverie!  You say you are my sun, without having to meet the sun with heart.However, today, my heart is quietly think.Autumn disabled, you might blazing hot transient, hiding in the weeds!Greenstick blossoming bud of life, always playing the round and immortal music!I would like to turn into a pillar burning incense, Buddha’s heart transparent candidly reveal the heart of the Garden of Eden great, full of flowers, in a dream, florid explanation, similar to the sun with heart!    Part Five: War of autumn beginning of autumn season is over, sooner or later, will feel cool plus half points, even sleep is always unconsciously twitched to quilt, talking about the autumn, suddenly thought of Yu Dafu “Autumn of Ancient Capital”, so much so all of autumn, I would not like to say good autumn of the North, which is indeed the North autumn to clear, to quiet, to the desolate, rainy hometown, neighboring counties and Naoqi floods, under the rain, too affects folks of heart, but fortunately, it is now clear, and just woke up in the morning, they heard screaming shouting sparrow, as well as backyard rooster did not back down, I looked through the window, under a blue sky north somehow shuddered, it turned to fall, and this autumn it is called, which is a startling storm put us into two different seasons.  Ancient and modern men of letters, all have their own unique feel of autumn, Liu Yuxi “on cloud skies Yihe row, will lead poetry to the Bi Xiao,” the poem, autumn can come, come to me, I felt just cool, listen withered leaves, but also think of the phrase a sentence Yela conceivable world in autumn, in front of the streams because of heavy rain the first few highlights gurgling brook, which would not be under the “boundless Xiao Xiao Lamu, endless rolling to the Yangtze River “it, said late autumn can kill most, but I also feel strong and early autumn, and perhaps just a bit less of a frost, the fall of close to fifty age, has not yet crossed the middle-aged to elderly, temples beard is too late to repair this is not a man vicissitudes of you, this summer is a sexy woman in the autumn harvest, but autumn was a sad tears that he too has to understand himself.The hill looked everywhere is a red, seems to be “always colorful Autumn” is, indeed, those green in summer sleep a wink became dark, I do not like something deep, so there was this red-green which rise up creek, high up in the skies, huge pumpkin, rice strong, although the autumn harvest, can not have a little joy to me, can not know which one to do autumn War.  Watching uncle, uncles children are happily in preparation for the new school year, the weekdays tomboy said to me: “his father to give him to buy a new bag, new pencil box, new clothes.This is for her new students, “she was only five and a half, I can be talked very sophisticated, back home, I prefer these kids, and they love to talk, and perhaps only just able to talk to them, in the language of children is true is innocent and cute silly childish, more or less have seen their childhood, when the family was poor, no bags, no pencil boxes, no new clothes, but there is a child’s desire for knowledge, I think tomorrow they will certainly become, watching the village children are so smart, my heart is still very happy, just hope they learn, every day, big brother here to give you refuel.  There is a sister, brother to go out to work, always at home, rain day, can not do anything, spending is so big, can this go, two at home are the rest of a person, grandfather, father, and then walnuts , corn but also wheat, I do not know if they can come over busy, the thought of leaving, the next to go home again when dancing in the snow, on the bad mood.  Here they just want the most important thing is attention to the body, and more tired Xie Hui, not thinking about us.    Part VI: Autumn mourning after a lapse of several days, finally saw that the heavy autumn rain, rain is tempting my favorite things.Wake up to a chill walking towards me, Yimiyangguang spilling out of the window in the window, this time the sun was shining, and there is no sign of a little rain.  ”And it did not rain?”I can not help but muttered.  When deep sleep until noon, I heard muffled thunder aroused my sleep, after all the rain it rhythm of the next two or three hours later, the thunder away, and still the sky is gray pressed down, the rain, did not stop, softly falling down when nothing else, love to look at the scenery, perhaps because in the South, it is not distinct seasons, the scenery in addition to green tree, still green tree.After the occasional wind, he shook off twenty-three leaves, green grass and back again.  Went to school, favorite season is fall.Community came out and found every season liked.Do not know because for too long not in touch with nature, so just fantasy scenery and pleasant throughout the year in the mind.Spring flowers, summer sun, autumn rainy season, the winter cold, I have become now the only touch of nature.  Bustle of the city, busy street, entertainment nightlife, excites me like a calm mind.I like to stay home, not because I really was house women, but not something I’m interested in the city.I like the songs, but I do not like to sing, so I do not like to go to KTV; I like the vibrant atmosphere, but I do not like my friends together and just talk about things gossip.I am quiet, do not like to talk, does not mean I’m cold, sub-groups, I just prefer to make a listener.  Fast forward two years later, coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, like pick up the backpack, travel alone, but since poor health, should not travel.Many years of doing it, always tormented my body and mind, several times to break up this life, but also dismay parents.  Travel is the biggest luxury in this life, because the courage to drop everything.  Hold up an umbrella, walking in the rain, watching the misty rain, listening to the rain gurgling sound, out of hand, either raindrops wet palms, let your thoughts messy, dreaming of a certain period someone.  People always like sentimental lingering rain it?In the friends around me, I do not like rainy weather, so I’m always a person journeying staring at this drizzle.  Lonely people who used to have no idea what it’s like a lonely, lonely people who used to blame myself no longer lonely, lonely and different lonely, lonely hope someone can accompany his talk, lonely time just a man quietly alone, it is best that nobody bother.  I like lonely than lonely, lonely time and I have more than lonely.Perhaps because of their own reasons, so I do not like the lively group, perhaps because of the escape, so I do not like to talk to others.  We said we’d change, but in the next second heart panic.  More often a buried books piled up, the wind and waves in the sea of books, and now I play on the computer has become the most waste of time when the computer this thing is like an addiction, people fear and love, often play on the computer, I dream I always forget about.  Mind always emerge from time to time into the distance beautiful stunning scenery that unique, untouchable scenery.Like about photography, because it is a beautiful picture frame in the passage of time and space.If not travel, but also hope to all the good things, all the charming scenery deeply engraved in the hearts of.Watching someone else left a few words, looking at other people’s feeling, watching someone else’s story vicissitudes of time elapsed in such quicksand-like fingers, happiness is the growth of the price paid.Some may say, have not been happy, too happy also, then why not happy over it?Yes, I’m not saying not too happy, just really happy over there who can do that?  Behind every smile, it is not there sad tears?  War triumphantly autumn, leaves numerous, standing on earth, who co-intestinal injury?    Part Seven: Autumn War is no wind and the sun in the morning, the wind is always Danyun clear sense of some cool autumn and winter gradually distributed Tragic.No yellow leaves every now and then, there is no standing proudly dead branches, not Xiao Senan flying geese, because this is the south.All season here, has gradually become blurred, people do not always understand their own in which.Miss North sharp bleak autumn leaves blowing, geese away, ushered in the winter snow, miss the autumn it becomes a bristle mountains.Those frank four seasons, as the North has a unique love and hate, absolutely no gentle warmth of the South, not the mildly gentle south, but early carved an indelible mark in the hearts of.  The sudden rain overnight glide quietly, just scattered all over the floor wet and green leaves drop and the temperature suddenly made me aware of the original fall almost come to an end.But he looked up, and all the trees are still the same green, the pedestrian street or short-sleeved sandals, never noticed originally have been the end of the fall.Overnight in a dream unawakened, remains obsessed with disputes rolling, trance young and frivolous have gone in just two dozen carrier, never tasted the ups and downs, but now feels that he has gone away from the north and homes, but it is so own restless wandering helpless in the sky.  Unawakened lazy morning, still feeling weak, just know that the lack of exercise can they do this, there are many things in this world is also easier said than done, lazy habits, habits slumped, as indulge in darkness Notwithstanding the absence of anxiety not easily wake up.Actually ran around one or two exercise figure, but more vehicles and people are like me this shuttle concrete jungle for their own meager salaries and shallow desire to struggle ups and downs, intentionally or unintentionally forget their valuable and beautiful around.Then lose yourself in every morning, I wake up just do not care.    Part VIII: Autumn War Autumn Leaves, looking forward to the numerous reluctantly, gazing pouring miss heart.But finally sad to leave the branches, go to a covenant of life and death.Autumn rhythm, the heart full of affection into compassion for all things, little trying to disperse the haze of earthly.  In this faint evening, the heart through the time of the flood, to find time to be cleaned off memory, where my old dream with lilies.I seem to fall into the nightmare of seeing a man huddled in the corner of sorrow, his face full of stubborn look.  Dream raving, into a ray of grief, in this precarious, black as ink night linger.Missing micro-Yang, dense pain, via crossing the Red, the exiled a tired heart traveled alone lonely edge.Gentle wind wound in the side, and reached out to hold it open only to find empty hands are full.  Why Life is like a play shallow, dream as a self-floating error.Fleeting memories of those who died, already in the ancient desert gradually withered.Heart slowly calmed down, I see once in my life the subtle fragrance floating, but a beautiful landscape on the journey of life.  All the love-hate Melancholy, after quietly settling time, finally completed the phoenix of legend.Since then, the Rain or shine, it’s tough heart trauma also into a beautiful poppy.  In this late autumn season, all colors are so heavy.Without leaves, branches, accompanied with a bit bleak, rich fruit, has found his home.Or I should leave, but I really will not make you so lonely.  Accompanied by sad music stopped for me in your dreams, frequently look back, just to see you again, just a uh!Mouguang that mark in the memory, with a Qiannian eternal life, from lingering, stumbling all the way to dye dust.  A breeze picked up quietly bookmark the years, those who have silently record fairy tale.Hand you want to hold those promises in the wind of promise, only to find empty hands and then a cold.  Lightly touch fingertips overflow sad, between throughput into numerous melancholy flowers open.I try to want to get rid of its wound, but it is firmly stationed in the depths of my heart, anyway lingering.  Tonight the wind and rain do not know any different, but I knew I was lost, lost a share of their mind, having left the fetters.Since dismay, then let me stick to this beautiful distressed, let it alone this fall sway in the wind and rain.  Encounter on like a fatal dose of poison between the soul, it has unwittingly make people ill.I know this is the love of fate, with complex flavors Chen taste wander, in blissful silence with silence instead of waiting to look back.  I took my own pride, dive time cycle path along the cliff, put aside the sad thoughts, faded lovestruck shallow waiting for you.  Gently reading the scriptures, that land of sorrow, with the rotation of Falun, all of mourning death Nirvana line by line breaks in the text.Chapter Nine: Autumn War lotus water still ran standing proudly in the center of pure, slim, with a warmth among stare.That is vaguely escape the rain of frogs in the lotus, start monotonous, repetitive song, song, songs from the ancient; stepped Netherlands pointed red dragonfly, fleeting, leaving a residue of the wings flutter charm.Too late to save the picture abrupt fragmentation, is still a tall pond, now I only, quiet water, water deathly silence.Stepped brittle branches issued lock ethereal, fall to the.  Another year fall, the cold wind blows, flying heron came and went in a hurry, leaves no time to bloom their beauty, it was the cold black and white film, accelerate.  A large, a large, raging waves like a hit, even the last trace of warmth hidden in the River, is also the title of the birds go, I can only recall the efforts of all picturesque and its associated memory.  The pool in front of dead branches, lonely shadow sitting in the autumn of shoulders, crushing sadness blowing wind came from the wilderness, listening to whispers autumn, whisper its glorious history.  Tell, from the bright Yan Mei to flourish sticks and dry leaves fall red mess of years; tell from Lotus sharp angle to the sub-cooked pedicle drop of happiness; tell forward from spring to autumn, fleeting and gone.  And the moon hanging ink-stained sky, the aloof, beautiful, lonely, and sad.Millennium whether the money was, according to the Blue House, Dai Mei Qing Cu, in this autumn night, so bleak night together looking at this moon, totally the moon, high Juzhaojiubei, or Fuqin crooning, or will laugh silent sobs.  Autumn months, always carries two of three strands of sadness, is a touch of thoughts, through thousands of years of reincarnation, dip in the hearts of everyone who’s lonely, deeply, dyed into the picture.  A sum of the outline, cicadas proud catkins floating lotus scene, but also how to sketch not the feeling, and finally printed on rice paper, actually, defeated Liu is the wind blowing high “War “.  Vaguely between 16 years Shaohua was sealed into the painting, possession.He thought of in previous years, summer look, the thick smell of sweat mixed with the fresh earthy, fragrant hint of soap.The grass is always casual naughty boy hid the hair, then “Oh,” the smirk, the fun of being, then, blush, slapstick burst, burst, burst of grief.Then, to blur that summer look.Then, the index finger of his mouth lip, warm feel of a Unit.  Then, when curled up in the autumn, just remember, the original summer so inadvertently passed.Autumn War, spread far and autumn, to, right?    Chapter Ten: – War in the autumn sky floc flying petals I saw a girl beautiful hazy, Wei Zhou brow under the thin, watery eyes that dark clip crumple a bit sad, you sigh loudly, flips billowing the scent of ink, a chapter China Smirnov “mourner word” sad thread Chinese mining in flying. – Inscription.  Autumn, people feel unhappy, not Haner cool, but that sky flying petals, but the end of its life season.Perhaps that is the gorgeous flowers sent Lin soul sister, as with a forgotten sorrow, tears hidden dash, dash of helplessness, a few Xu Chunjie affair, heavy dash of hate.  Autumn, good grief, good cold.You’re unhappy, that day you embark Do Township, into a decision you miserable fate Grand View Garden, even if you are careful step by step.But, you still hurt and self-righteous, narcissistic you suffer in silence.  When you find God Ying waiter familiar face in a big crowd, when people believed in “The Dream” is that you hold a handkerchief in trembling, trembling in your heart.You premonition of their own will be the same with that of the United States snow Baochai compete happiness, and so that people only know how to chase fame and fortune feudal social struggle in the end.  But you’re just a delicate woman, even if you have more than talent more than a face, you have just under a feudal forces were left out of the pieces, but not related to the interests of the family of four strangers, a powerless ordinary people.So hello worry, your piece was burned along with your hopes handkerchief wiped out together, so hello worry, sadness cheerful wrote, “I Haohen -” In the darkness of society and the farewell when it does not hold you hate gem that commitment, wood and stone before the Union that hard heart, you hate the Grand View garden filthy face, tears do eventually died, with a desperate soul soulful essence of flower in the autumn wind was quietly buried.  ”Heart than dry and more than a clever, crazy If West wins three points,” but at the time few people can really understand you only with love, love and hate?”Pure You Came and Pure Shall Go”, you chose to leave.  Autumn flowers decorated decorated miserable autumn, children still were numerous petals float in the air, interpretation of the miserable scenes of the past, it was a love-hate parting segment.In the long swirling petals, I saw a delicate woman show, knitted brows furrowed, gently waving a hoe, a prosthetic falling quietly to bury.  .”Shabana flower Feifei sky, red incense off who pity?Lennon today mourner crying crazy, know who he was buried in Shannon?”;; Part XI: Autumn War stands in the Red ferry, lying still in the years of meditation, the mind of the screen, sometimes retreat, sometimes emerge, at the moment, climbing on the branches of memory, other parts, just to that heart, a faint waiting, just to share Mouzhong, talk about the affection that piece of it!Once upon a time, waiting became my whole life, geometric, waiting has become a wonderful look forward to it?Is not it better to wait after?Tonight, I certainly is a sleepless night, perhaps, there is also a beautiful bar attachment!The world is still reluctant, on their own for us too confident, too self lofty it?Finally, how can like, you can put a word you find a good word can put you down, is that right?If that had really not worth mentioning, then who broke?Please open a little mind it.Perhaps this is my life, confusing, hard to break away.Because they do not let go of you planted.  Autumn sunlight scattered by my side, I can reach out and touch, I sat in front of the computer, against the side of the sun shining, a little sucking, there may be faster sun goes down, a little blush rays, such sunset is not charming, but it’s gentle enough.Light fired into the woods, this is not hot nor cold season, but how little sad.In this city alone, is not himself willing to wait in the lonely city, so they lonely.Standing on the balcony, looking, alone, thinking.The window of autumn, but also to talk about blowing, computer, stood still sad song melody, as if everything is rendered, mind, those in the past vividly, like it was yesterday, and those who do not want the picture remember, it bubbles appear in the water like a non-stop, not stop, life is not like this, when life has become a burden, but to make all look forward to the left, sometimes prefer to leave, I do not want to live in the heartbreaking memories, but leave can do it?  This society is too realistic, I thought I had also have a little hope, hope dark everything will change, but, contrary to expectations, the home is always harbor the soul, but home has become my greatest pain, and sadness source sometimes more than to go tell my heart helpless, but I really did not find the courage to share, find themselves only a man wandering alone!Each time you want to tell, yet those words Yanhui heart, because know some things, destined to be forever buried, gathering dust in the deepest memory!Like a long time but found the mind of thoughts, memories and finally was years of erosion, the heart can no longer find Harbor!Finally, close your eyes, listen to sad music TV drama, to heal the hearts of those pain.  I do not know that I was not strong enough in my mind there are too many unknown stories, let me again I burst into tears, sad and helpless, only those bitter taste alone, if I am vulnerable, who can be strong for me?Perhaps in others it seems I am an optimistic person.  Really want to get rid of it intentionally?Night, enjoy a bleak again this autumn, autumn is no longer a past autumn, the wind is no longer wind past.Between the bow and looked up, bearing in mind choose to go and forgetting the dividing line, and blew the wind out of the window.    Chapter 12: Autumn War Autumn is my sad season, perhaps; I have Autumn colors of autumn word plus the word heart is unhappy.  We experienced many memorable journey, and now have moved to the over territory!Those people, those things, early to ashes, as Kate.  Bonds of floating lifeless, after all, was a short-lived dream of night-blooming cereus, doomed life can not escape the robbery!I poured out my heart feel forgotten world, walking in the crowd, only to find themselves more alone.  Has long been accustomed to a person, feel the vicissitudes of notes.Lack of love in this city, the heart gets cold, extinguished the initial excitement.  In the text does not sound in, put pen to paper to injury.I’d rather cry in this country, you do not want to see my melancholy eyes.  Watching in the ice palace in the puzzle, cut a lonely heart ChenDian, facing the darkness, no longer need to camouflage strong.  Once the green shade, was relentless autumn wind wrinkled clothes.Golden leaves blowing in the wind, with a trace of love, of the style of a ray of sadness.  Standing in the autumn wind, the wind across the face, blowing my long hair and leaves dance.  I’ve tried my last strength, his dyed bright red like fire.Happily singing songs follow demagogic Wind, eat only a little, lightly falling, I just had a maple leaf.Wiping a tear heart, ask a heart-breaking, try to recall whether we meet thousands of years ago?I am Emotion Shigeyoshi Cowboy, who is down to earth Weaver?  Faint sigh, can not help the hearts of a pain, deep breathing will not suffocate.Want to hear your voice, I think you also want to.  Yan Yin a “Magnolia” Yan-hong after the Orioles go back, Bliss ten million thread count the ways.How much longer than illusion, scattered like autumn clouds no hunting.Wen Pei fairy companion harp, pull off Luo Yi failed to keep.Mo advise you tried to say as a people, should be among the number of drunk flowers.  Cold autumn rain have Sasa, like the Galaxy floating down from the sky.Like a big net, I live in the shadow of the city, wet trees, dripping heart.  Rain hit the sea in mind, sparking brilliant red flowers blossoming, after exhaustion, have indulged.  The thoughts wings, and fly with dandelion, fly you in that city, brave look in your eyes.  How are you?  My greetings to you received it?    Part Thirteen: Autumn War nearly October, the calculation is late autumn, the prose sites, many of Autumn Autumn a lot of articles.Himself Responding to this, the hearts of each person different language autumn, is due to the understanding of the autumn is different, Daqian heart trouble with the Public billion.  I do not have much to autumn feelings, just think with a little bleak autumn began to have, in the past sometimes I write a few small mood, occasionally to write out a brief mood of autumn, but not too much that US autumn, autumn full, but that bleak in autumn.When was autumn and the winter, wrote “October autumn season once, the air is crisp geometric break wind, leaves bleak after dusk, not far snow tread marks chase.”TV drama to stare alternately season, autumn night, a lonely man looking up at the night sky feelings, only the” desolate Gu Ying invited coldest, coldest cover half Yan, Yan half with night, desolate night earnest, “the autumn when after the autumn sun to reproduce, although a trace of warmth between coolness, a fresh, but I feel it is a different kind of drifted away from the taste indescribable.Mid-Autumn Festival reunion, think of the moon in Chang E, face Hekan?I will be sad to myself “already is the Mid-Autumn, Suddenly wasted day, repeat itself this year too, sigh face death!”Autumn too much for me to convey is that another year passes, the kind of brown grass green Shuqing after another year, the kind of fading autumn leaves, looking at the floor dead leaves, what would you think of it?”I ordinary, such as the autumn leaves, gently passing in front of you, when the wind stopped, I was one of those millions of people fall into the mundane world.”However, among the dark leaves on his own insignificance.”A low dust, all things are natural, fleeting worldly things, how to insist,” people can not ask too much, go with the flow of the fall also reflected the true meaning of life, of all things alternative space then why do not you sentimental flies with Love.”Ang Wang sky, cloud envy freely, Ruzi how to, where to go, repeated prosecution, dance with my heart, floating of the beginning of the death smoke”.  ”Everything in the beginning-changing course, look at the sky are broad,” more than fleeting feeling, put some element of hope to yourself, but also perhaps a kind of happiness, not hinder all things autumn War alternately can not keep a little hurt situation.So to take a seed in the winter, wait for it to start in the pure white snow; colorful yarn to grow in warm spring, Chun Chun aroma wafting in the warm summer months, the fall harvest, goes the face of the blessings in life some of the sun, the mood will lift the spirits fly.Swirling thoughts season is due to fly.Fingertips the moment, we should cherish the mundane world of Wonderland.Jing Wei mood, the stare of a better life.

Autumn verse

Slowly crescendos in quiet, walked the pace of light autumn of riding the wind comes.The rough layers of heat release, the language of flowers packed into summer fruit in abundance of.Nature will fall the most beautiful poem written in the sky was clear, Yunjuanyunshu scenery, wrote in the South swallows wings.The maple leaf is the most beautiful autumn letterhead, warm sunshine, swaying with “Red Leaves flowers in February,” the graceful awaiting your discovery.    That southern red beans, is now set covered with bright red fruit branches LP, tell it rain Acacia Italy.Under kindred virgin, who is playing a “red song”, “Song Jun Trinidad reluctant to do, sail far end and the king tactic.Hongyan Nan fly back several times, Kam book difficult to send wandering alone.Stimulated red beans covered with branches, where provoke Acacia Jun.Pipa a concubine thoughts, dreams harped night long.”Beside the acacia, I pick the one that sent the most distant red.Under acacia, who beats, sleeves lightly, Acacia will be a dance of chaos?    Autumn is the season of precipitation, it is a tree of summer flowers at the moment is precipitated as a fruit tree heavy.Crops to more precipitation in the year farmers harvest and joy.Even the weeds have grown wanton early seeds will settle down, just waiting for the autumn winds, then spread out to four, with one look forward to writing the next year.As gentle autumn rain comes, layer by layer shift the summer heat faded, and the cool little freshness to the collection that.    Autumn is the season of singing, look, mouth that pomegranate cracked open a rough voice.Small bird on grass seed, next to fruit trees, enjoy the joy of singing on crops.Agricultural people in the field, on the road, singing on their own roofs “in the fall to really busy, picking fruit again finished food to collection; harvesting will be filled with joy along with warehouse filled with happy wine brewing labor, ah, one year more stronger than a year.Thank socialism, thank the party, fairly well-off farmers living.”Farmers rough hands ah says that the most simple verse, that farmers cheek sweat ah, yes trekking in flowing verse.Grasshopper Qianyindichang between fields “beautiful country, ah, I have a free-spirited dream, lovely cricket girl is jumping verse.”Exceptionally bright autumn sunshine, with warm Cuihong which way sorghum, that piece of ripening corn; turn it hidden in the ground peanuts blown bulging rose up, the sun is the autumn of mature poems Row.    Autumn night, accompanied by the night dew flowing, then collections of crystal clear water drops, is nature’s most precious collections.Do not be afraid of your trousers wet with dew, the fall in the serenity of the night to write down Cowherd Masterpiece “Although the vast Milky Way, My heart just Yongjian.Magpie Bridge to meet, the truth long years.”Tanabata Festival at night you may have heard on the Magpie Bridge Vega singing?    Listen, playing the lute in the autumn, see, autumn in depicting the ink Dan; see, autumn leaves in the world to write the truth; that is the nature of us fondly call.Dressed in autumn light, let us walk in the autumn’s colorful sun, hard to appreciate nature beautiful poem written.Walking in the mountain road, looking for a orchids, among Juyi Peng springs, sweet heart, the wind sang the song “Autumn Whispers”, “Autumn heart hidden many secrets, hidden how much sweet, I fall in secret write chrysanthemum flower; I write in secret autumn red hawthorn fruit in; I write in secret autumn pond; I write in secret autumn beside mountains; I have written in the autumn of secret springs ; I fall secrets written on the bridge of magpies; I fall secret written on it hung the moon, waiting for the autumn wind verse opening page of this page

Autumn thoughts

Part One: Red autumn thoughts want this life, as if autumn rain, always a cool autumn, dusty memories that smile full of expectation, hope by wind blowing dust floating hearts, Review, is already one hundred thousand turn back, has dropped out of flowers fall, fall into the corner of the dust, only scratches the floor of the leak clues spread.Rain has far Qieqie autumn, autumn rain can?Su made pieces, embedded between the horizon, with sorrow and hate feelings wander, are varied and can hardly cause a vertical.I stood in the sinking of the Millennium camphor tree to see if it is a longitudinal aging also proud of the growth and decline of trees with branches stakes pillar, which has been gnawing away, like the bark of the trunk support, but let grow full of green embellishment it belongs to the sky, I think this millennium witness camphor should I BES reincarnation, always ask, what my past life I was, whether born of cowardice and sentimental now.I hope my next life can witness the growth up to you, such as primary school, the school under the bark you, through your side always afraid of you, afraid of your own ghost legends.Believe me, the next life I will not cowardly, no longer timid, I will climb the outer space bar you here branches, picking green leaves, I am happy to witness your growth also witnessed vigorous life.  A drop of water, cold my hand, I do not know the prime words become in the embrace of the cloud of raindrops, still wrapped in the words of raindrops belong camphor back, walk back to my mind.Drop, two drops, many, many, which is part of the taste of autumn rain, which is part of my thoughts of autumn.A hint of coolness, cold raindrops heart, give vent to fall a touch of melancholy.A few drops of autumn rain a few passionate ah, Jisi autumn misery.    Part II: late autumn thoughts always wanted to write a log, hesitated for a long time only to find that intangible clue, I do not know what to write, do not know where to write from.I always expect to write a poem of the same article, write whenever they found the pen of watery plain text.Once it seems to work in some boring boring social mood will dilute the hearts of all poetic, full of mind is how to better adapt to society, good life, whenever say society is very real, life is very cruel when my heart can not help shocked, as if awakened from a dream it, we frowned, but can not stop the pace of progress.  Four months time is always walking hurriedly, went through many things, whether it is work, love or life, words become more and more like an aunt hesitant, I sometimes can not help but to talk, because I’m afraid of a joke, do not care how others look at me, because this is me, a real me, no need to put on a mask, his tightly wrapped, others have the right to judge me, but do not affect how do I do it.I do not like to argue with others, unless it is a matter of principle, otherwise there is no meaning to the debate to debate, seemingly prevailed person is not necessarily right, I used to listen to, learn to respect other people’s point of view.Work found that many people are working hard, we can not help but compare, the comparison to compare, find yourself more than the kind of lower than they are, sometimes they suddenly find that we are often envious of others or by others envious, in fact, only serious experience before know, every job has others do not see the side, only the parties can experience the bitterness of Kula, none of the work is tailored to their own, instead of complaining, it is better put into action, allow yourself to become mature enough to have the ability to face life’s challenges.Sauna social network is a great network, this network consists of complex human relations, in life there are a lot of places we can not match, in addition to our helpless sigh few times powerless, sometimes when you put life filled with pride in time, life is always open to us a joke, which makes you exhausted, but you have no reason to give up, because this is our way of life, we have no choice.When we were “tortured” black and blue, they might not be far away from our mature, we will one day look back as deep and shallow footprints behind gratified.Perhaps this is life, this consists of a stage, each going through a phase, we will have more or less of the harvest, then hit a knot slowly, slowly accumulating, slowly mature.  There will always be asked about the emotional state, which is the most embarrassing moment, I do not know how to answer.Do not need to know the feelings of “house”, “car” point of view when it began to catch on, in this environment some of our views will seem insignificant, it would most likely be mocked.I think the feelings of sincere and tolerance is the most important thing, we will see other people envy a good family, a life we form a circle has always obvious, those born wealthy knowing students often spoiled, that character seems out of tune with the general family of origin, they always have the same circle of people, I’m not jealous, but because of the kind of people dislike good family self-righteous, in fact, those who do not what the wealthy parents neither.Small when we are not naive, comparisons might even be thinking, why he could not born in such a family, delicious good to wear, not so hard.Big and we have to understand that we have no right to complain, the parents worked hard for twenty years we have been too much for us to do, the rest is that we should take up the responsibility, we may look a little humble in the eyes of others but we will always be the backbone of the skull and high and firm.I remember I once told a friend said so: I just came out of a small ravine poor boy, now can not afford a house can not afford a car, but my future will be the ability, now that there is nothing more than a car and house by the parents, I wanted to get it all on my own future, even though they do not mention such a request, I will do my best to meet her, but not to find a “house” and “car” as a prerequisite for the establishment of emotions man, this is my principle, the principle will not change even if the single life.  A man returned home from work when the day is the most relaxed, like this, sitting on the bed, listening to old songs, pounding the keyboard, complicated thoughts slowly into one word, to make a life for me small sum, can be considered a part of my way slowly growing.I know he is still very immature, and interaction with others is still very immature, but I was not very worried, because we are still young, not to mention such a process everyone goes through a process of gradually become mature, after all, and I not a person in combat, there are a few close friends I contented life of the road is also not alone.The days ahead will encounter all sorts of people, I will try to give my heart, mature but do not want to lose good faith, regardless of the outcome, I believe there will always be a good return.

Autumn Think of the phrase article

Part One: Think of the phrase golden autumn heat of summer season out of the stage, swaying beautiful sad autumn will come, leisurely desolate bearer walked hurried footsteps, with a west wind rush, falling like Pennisetum yellow meteorite, opened a poignant autumn face.  Between feel, has stepped on many many years, I do not know along the way and get lost anything; life encounter with missed something.Perhaps those are not important, they missed missed, so it is not too much to pursue obsession.  Those Forget the past, it has been my love, gradually gathering dust in the years long history, as ethereal as the wind, clouds is so faint, if superficial gradually released into the atmosphere in a westerly in.  In the years of the journey, often traveled alone, either do not know where to stay; where is the end, although life never lack friends, but that is only met but not knowing each other.  I do not know since when, was hit by something called “pure music” things attracted, whether Zheng Qing Cui elegant, light and fluttering flute, erhu or mildly bleak, let me fascinated, it is difficult to extricate themselves.After extinguishing the likes bedroom lodge dim lights, put on headphones, along with the sadness and dismay of wonderful rhyme, tears and very beautiful melody peers, and went into the temple of pure music, to listen to it the story it tells every story is pure beauty, as crystal clear autumn rain, light fell on his face, biting cold, slowly bite into the bone marrow.Faint hint of sadness, faint ray of desolation, hovering circulation in the ears, endless stretches of melancholy swept me tightly wrapped.Only the dead of night, the people had to sleep in the same room, only to sadly discover, but also a day and night quietly passing between the fingers.  This silence of the clear autumn, the flowers fall, solitary in the sky, the world is a bleak, misty, never see the road ahead.    Part II: Think of the phrase blowing autumn covered with flies stain stand fan, I fed the pigeons in the yard, the sun through the leaves cast a shady spot, like a transparent glass cullet, a sparkling, shining.White chiffon shirt thrown a layer of soft white in the sun, blooming with Menghuitangzhao dream-like ancient heritage.I readily turned the magazine into the period, read an article about autumn, including Zhang parasol trees illustrations let me put it down, in front of a scene increasingly blurred, distant memory was exceptionally clear.  Fantasized about a lot like the beginning of autumn, it quietly began to spread in the desolate wilderness Ye Hao, spent four seasons in the balcony began to lush good, but no matter how it will always be in my first start in the early expectations.For autumn I want to say: “you can not participate in the beginning, but it will take on your end.”In early August, the beginning of autumn, and autumn came so unexpected, so let me go to have complained of or summer, and have actually a little reluctant to leave.Typhoon and warm air attack, which came a few days early was removed in the next several rain, so I have quite a few scratch deadly winds.Yesterday I was still grumbling as muggy weather, but today I woke up hanging nose weep put on his coat.On the bed mat was I replaced bed, turned off the whole summer opened a window at night while sleeping.  ”Since ancient times, sad solitude every fall” Autumn leaves rustled natural and ultimately, each piece of falling leaves everyone looked sickly, to you to be somewhat I had to trouble.Autumn story maybe just buried under leaves in which, accidentally stepped on, will be drowned out Gun Gun memories flood came, so I walk in the steps of the avenue is very uncertain, for fear of their shoes to kiss the leaves on the ground.Nightlife net courtyards I rubbed the side to play with his plants and flowers Lanmao sun, the wind gently ask my bang bang play, leaving it blurred my eyes.Slowly stretch the tentacles of memory, scratch wake those sleeping for many years past, this time the atmosphere is quiet, such as stagnant water, sometimes only a few times car horns, dragging me back from the dream.  As the saying goes: “Spring lack of autumn storm!”Faced with this season, the people will inevitably become lazy.Even someone like me rarely sleep Zhu Er, can only sleep is often basking in the sun on the morning of the big ass of intoxication.  I live in a city with a half-century-old courtyard, patio planted with a variety of plants and flowers, do not underestimate these little-known plants and flowers in the courtyard, they may have been my idea that youth background, look after those old black and white photos taken during childhood, from among the total of these plants and flowers found a happy childhood.  Idle time, I go to walk the streets near our home business, listen to those who shout sensual diverse, loud and clear voice, “What tofu children shout”, “jelly children shout” “fritters children shout” like a little better than professional singer difference.These small to eat something big, do not feel tired.Then there is the strange look of the arch, an array of goods.I do not bargain, we often see Yerong graceful maiden aunt bargaining ability or will Yitaiwanfang, you greatly admire, so in order to avoid premature cash-strapped, will take to the streets with a bargain buddies or girlfriends is necessary.Over the years, the town’s economic development to bring a sea change, one that eating this regard, what flavor of Taiwan, Japanese and Korean cuisine, Western Europe and America, where you can enjoy the delicious food.Either way, the town can always smell the familiar smell, old shop operates ancestors passed down the craft, has been respected in the town, occupy Ngau Tau on food market.  World is big, I dream of doing Tamkang University in its own small yard.Fancies himself a devout backpackers, mountain view read water, taken at different places of the fall SLR, the ends of the earth will fall not the same, but my love for the autumn but the only Warriors.  ”People say that life simply is a blessing, but for everything no waves.”Life is very simple, but actually living life very difficult, many people live in their own world refused to extricate themselves, the default abandon the world, disgusted with his own tune, in accordance with the unwarranted grief Xu bridle line.”Happy woman’s home is different, as most unfortunate woman’s home.”You can not control the world, but you can control your mind.In short, life’s good and bad and you have the kind of attitude has a lot to.  Vacation home, basically did not do anything particularly meaningful, it is nothing more than watching “My affordable men”, “women fashion editor,” “Love Apartments Ⅲ” and so on a number of TV series and movies rotten vulgar bad customs, and then there is also a look at the book, stay up late watching the Olympics, I am proud to be the only point worth my weight loss success this matter, and the reason to slim down and reduce food-related, but I think the first half was undoubtedly the most relevant dyed not stay up late to quit bad habits.  After the seventh, the magazine of overtime busy, carry out his review a variety of daily round-trip between the editorial department and a printing shop.Repeat workflow is very boring.Come to work, bring a small basin cactus from home, idle time to give it a shot using a mobile phone camera, speak against it.Promotion and pay rise on the unit has been the cause of both envy and hate thing for my colleagues relations inexperienced still shallow, or covered corners for people who deal with inevitable jerky, I met someone else gossip also even encountered malicious libel and slander, but I never argue, I believe in a long time who enjoys a short flow length will certainly fend for themselves.  It obviously is not small, fast Pentium III, and always seem slower than their peers, so a beat when I was in a hurry to find a job, others have a stable work, and when I started to work, people began to talk about marriage on married, I guess when people get married, I’d be a woman left.  We hope that work will be half-hearted, and have time to go back home, spend time with my parents; I hope limit housing units distributed as soon as possible, without hard fought between bus and subway.Listen to songs, write the text, and evil friends are online Luankan, lived not for how wonderful, but to be very fulfilling.    Part Three: Think of the phrase autumn autumn wind howling swept ears; autumn, rustling skirts dripping; Qiu, to cool drop shadow hearts.Autumn, cold wind, frost, fall leaves, in bloom, intricate ups and downs in the autumn season.  Autumn, more clear Liao, less noisy; to the west wind, which went wild geese; gather the sadness, scattered troubles.  ”Pik days, yellow leaves, the West Wind, North Various Artists.Who knows to dye cream Lin drunk?Always tears from the people.”Late at night, the courtyard month cold, cold dew invasion clothing, flowing in the quiet time, the bursts of autumn passing, empty stage Yela sound fell to the ground, the ears, gently hitting the quiet heart, it is the footsteps of life, in autumn comes to the end.Go is to go vertical, either give up the mood offer all kinds of stay, not more for a while perching in life.Qing Ji, feeling absolutely quiet autumn night, suddenly hit the body and mind.Both emotion bleak “boundless Fall rustling below”, and perception, “Tori wine, Fragrance surplus sleeve” of Yat, more sigh “willow shore Xiaofeng moon” miserable.  Indus out the window pretty legislation, however, her greenish yellow leaves soaked years.Wind talk to her softly, rustling, her desire to tease dancing.So, her mind and body gently swaying, like a leaf leisure boats, rippling in the hustle and bustle of flashy sea.She smiled, Spring faded out of the palm of your hand, hold the birds singing.I do not know if she would like to take the wings of the birds, with the dream of faraway paradise?Everything is so quiet harmony, as if reincarnation innate appearance.Several flower clouds in the sky stopped, and her face looked distant sea.Autumn Qing Ji then faded, faint, misty Qing Han retreat in smoke in the distance.  Think of the phrase hint of autumn, transparent earthly chaos can not fall impurity floc.Autumn taste of thick, curl precipitate under Qinru Heart of fragrance.Cool autumn cold, rain integration into the billowing flow of blood.  Opened his eyes, still return to the cold reality.A clear autumn night in their sleep, is Yao Yao away.Falling and gently raised memories, these memories are no longer the original look, they are crossing a layer of pale mottled imprint.Faint shadow Indus tall stalwart.  Autumn, contains all the joys and sorrows marshes, thoughts flying along the placid creek import Pinghu.Rain Qiaochuang is not warm, ear to listen, howling autumn, autumn whiz, where synthesis worry, the people from the autumn.  Eiichi a dry, affects the mood of the seasons, summer and Chang Chun-rong, filled a vigorous life of joy, autumn winter provisions convergence, more or less always feel the air Xiaosha.Since ancient times, sad solitude every fall, my word autumn wins spring tide, “Montreal yellow accumulation, haggard loss”.Sky was clear, ahead in the autumn, Chang Chang mood in the autumn wind eat only a little lonely.

Autumn Stroll

○ autumn stroll Cao dry autumn wind is cool, like the precipitation of life, no longer impetuous, indifferent to fame and taste after all the pros and cons.Autumn water is clear, as the wise after the storm, the convergence of the young and reckless impulse, back to nature.Autumn is a beautiful painting drunk, filled with splendid golden.Her well-off, her fragrance, her color, like a plume Qingsi, sprinkle in my dry heart. Early autumn morning, I wandered on rice flower artificial Lake Dam.Dragon pier hand, vistas, blue sky, distant; green mountains, green everywhere; and green water, such as mirror-like screen. Looking ahead, Dragon bridge next to the edge of this lake Guan Gong Square, pay to pay crowded crowded covered with lotus leaf, at the moment, I can not help but think of Yang Wanli poem: “then endless days of lotus Bi, Lotus flowers the sunshine.”That lotus lake filled every crevice, lotus has matured, there are sporadic dotted with several flower lotus, lotus swaying in the wind from the loud noise, like a whirling dance girl.Although autumn away beautiful flowers and fragrance, however, it is still graceful, graceful, Xu autumn, blue Yang Yang, the leaves accompanied by a good lake beautiful scenery.Xi Qiao Nahe handle and the green lever, draped over a thin dense yellowish thorns, slender figure slightly thin, do not underestimate this charge handle, she Qingqi this umbrella over Lake.Lotus leaf boundless, boundless stretches of new and green, showing my eyes are so beautiful. Dragon down from the bridge, watching the lake even move.Lake is not so much better to say nothing of several small ponds.Rice flower wise man, down the middle Bo closure in Linhe, a satisfied one thousand Creek, the Department of myriad, ground built in the brook lake.It overlooks the lake, glittering lake bird Yiyi, the sun fills the air.Hit sun revealed bundles of light Manwu on the lake, in waves flashing winding spine Longfengshan. Artificial lake lush lotus leaf and blue waves of the lake pavilions, lotus leaf, green water, lotus, bridges, boat and shore fishing tourists, seamless, like a light ink into rhyme picture.Jasper-like lake, such as the one flawless emerald.Weeping willows on both sides, Yang Yang green wave, this time if you bring friends to the lake Dangzhao boat, fishing boat, you can thoroughly enjoy the sun bath, experience the relaxed and comfortable.You can also see them, look at the scenery on both sides, reward lotus leaf; lotus mining, walking the lake kiosk, look at bridges, water, people, do not have some fun fun.This artificial lake, the lake is a puddle of joy, hope rainy lake, is one of Longquan town liquor warm lake life! I wandered Lake Dam, which is a winding tree-lined path leading to the town.Grass fragrance soak into the depths of heart and lung, several hundred meters long trail full of dense woods on both sides, in addition to the cool shade under the trail, but also extraordinarily quiet.There is no impetuous and bustle of the city, only quiet and serene lake.Autumn slowly earth affectionately licking, kissing his face, bringing coolness, sucking the early morning of fresh, fine, clear, enjoy the great beauty of rural life. Trail lined a stretch of small flower beds, altar in the green grass, trees opened his sleepy eyes Xing Zhong, Xu is freshly washed face, hanging dew children.A plume began weeping willow shore dressing, and they wind twisted waist veil dancing, laughing Yan Yan say hello to me.See such a harmonious picturesque scene, I really want to immediately lying on a verdant lawn, sharing the quiet time. I walked on, made a sudden waves of “babbling”, “babbling” sound pierced the silence of the small shade of sky, wind, Chu Seoul there anymore.I looked Xiqiao, turned out to be the other side of the water tankers, issued by the rotation of the squeaking sound of the impact of the lake.That sounds really nice, always regularly issue, I want to give her the spectrum is the song, it would mean that a rice flower beautiful hymn. Not far in front of antique gregarious, is the Longquan town, like coming from a distant time and space in Old Town.This is the first features ancient street in Yichang, Hubei rice flower Group cost than 10 million effort to build a wine cultural tourism beautiful card.In accordance with its “Third Street, nine square eighty-one shop,” the pattern of the 38 unique antique building cluster of traditional ancient architecture houses, bridges, streets, ancient shops group, nothing is there.She is also the country’s first experiential tourist destination, known as the “Three Gorges never sleeps”.Set of ecological natural landscape and attractions industry as a whole, eat, drink, shelter, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, harmony and unity, has become a new bright spot in today’s eco-tourism in Yichang. Today’s Longquan town, is the owner of the place had come Yichang.Not far from my home town, very convenient to go every day.I came to the Longquan town prestigious Du Kang bakery, to the two kang pie, a dish of the original ecological farm pea bean paste, I want to personally experience the ancient town of specialties cuisine.This is not fast enough, ass just seated, kang cake goes on coming!Look only coloring this kang cake, let your appetite, golden hard surface, but inside the cake melted sweet, soft in the inside stuffing is interesting, the more chewing the fragrant.I feel that as long as you eat once, in no way do not want to come back to eat quadratic.Pea bean paste is the authentic taste of the original ecology of old green products, not just I eat, and I taste a product from the time of the child, its taste can be really unusual ah, tomorrow I also decided to breakfast. Quartzite ground footsteps swing, are like a hundred years through time and space.Corn liquor small workshops, ink aroma of calligraphy and painting shop, folk nine guys eighteen Carpenter, witty shadow, teahouses, restaurants, wearing a pig mask selling clown, town kang cake.Ancient folk customs, unique accent folklore, delicious cuisine, forgotten farming culture, where perfect reproduction.This foot stone, mind there are too many feelings of nostalgia leap from the written word.In front of the lake, rolling hills Longfengshan, twilight whispering nod.Ying clear water bridges, tea off the porch, a piece of scenery, a trace of emotion, a painting, I am envious heart also drunk.

Autumn sleepless

Part one: Autumn sleepless tonight doomed no sleep, all the memories fall instantly from the fingertips to the heart, and they knew autumn to injury, like having no trace, and this is the fall of the night’s deepest loneliness of it, autumn leaves flutter from tree last fall, the tree with the interpretation of the love of the most beautiful dance, I see you on the outside of the Red, with a faint smile, a touch of sadness, either of these Gongchoujiaocuo, joy of spring downtown, also could not conceal his lonely your eyes, and meet, Jing Ru winter chrysanthemums, stagger the most amazing season, miss, but it is an open and not yet on the books, every word is sadness Sylvia.  do you know?Every time I hear this song willingly, I will be inundated Cheng pulls back, magnet-like sound, chaos a pool of still water, cut candle west window, his hands clasped together, silently promise once promised, and I have not turned away from you in the past.  The original is a fate not escape fate, the lights dim, I look back I’m your homeland.    Part II: Mid-autumn autumn long sleepless night thoughts, sleepless.Bed faint moonlight, the son of a dream laughter, his wife is also in full swing.In addition to the window neon shining stars, all will be quiet Enron.  A man in a daze, his thoughts a person dancing.Moonlight, no troubles tranquil night, who like me daydream: a cup of weak tea, Ju a handful of moonlight, the scent of ink stick for some, a fleeting classic product.Who at this time to unload the hands are heavy, he turned the Red long, open party paradise, vintage wine collection period.If awake, also a dream.And rest in that year-end party fun: or laugh, laugh is also true; or cry, cry also unnecessary.  Also known that customs cock sing, let him in the River Island, I question someone’s My Fair Lady, crossing painted on the boat belonged Ge.Also sought to bring, brush, graffiti share of good, but also fear that transparent humble pen awakened dreams.Nightlife network will also ask which side the Yellow River water from the sky, bypassing the front of someone, rushing to embrace a piece of the sea.He wanted to call the flow of some slow, and I made a floating raft Zhao, but also fear of not swim and big waves of the Yellow River.And intends to drink a jar of spirits of wine, and hate that little streaky horse, daughter Jo.  Look a sight-known cage oblique months, after the world pay their last respects million names, for fear that someone is streaming song for months.Think that mid-courtyard, rabbit refreshing sleep, given than this earth also quiet.Waxing moon, everything is life, that is ancient difficult wholly, also provoked this difficult desire, I do not know who told the wine into the feeling of sadness, who else is in the heart of tears Useful War.Dan Yiqu “Thinking of You”, also sad!Also sad!It also pays the Moon sleepless!  Night, quiet so well; month, citing people thoughts span.Child was removed, called to my dreams back to the house – simple, familiar, warm Rao is one of the paintings.And I still sleep.  I opened the window, a trace of shallow cold.Looking far away, the sound of thin Dragons ear, just that melodious flute midnight.At that moment, the heart loses control, but also involves a long period of water, mountains.  Also if the dream, if awake.Both longing, not far from the road.  Autumn thin, hang Linshao month, listen to siren long, it seems to tell the mountains lonely.Hut own sweep breeze, Huang loud passage to stand in front of.If the stream with soft curved, tempting Whose mood Lian Lian; fluttering under the shadow of the moon wild sieve, whose preparations to establish a warm heart; Gao birds vacated, waking dream thrush, more Dangqi Whose heart wave accommodating.  Willow catch the wind, smell; get on Heart Lake, the clear light.Who in poetry reciting month, who soaked the clothes in any stream.Who stroked the strings, Dan Yiqu mountain stream diarrhea fleeting.  That’s who smile, came up to me, still dream, too real.Part Three: autumn sleepless, a wisp of melancholy parting around the heart autumn, cool earth, was awakened by a nightmare, no sleep, the night of the stars of the most charming, crescent sun, Orion staged the most beautiful legend.Autumn has really come, wrapped in leaves in the wind circling around me, dancing sad parting!The harvest season, I gain a ray of scars and a string of parting!  Away train, carrying all my nostalgia, memories of wandering has yellowed, not look back, parting the platform, my heart is surprisingly calm!I did not dare look back, afraid to look at you, I’m afraid not control their emotions!Every year at this season I will be watched away heart, and today, the same fall, have someone watching me go!  Beautiful piece of land, the habitat of all I ever.There are too many good memories dream, the picture is still a little repetitive staged.Freeze three feet of the podium in my life!This is a traveler wandering in a foreign land, just stay too long!Parting sentiment is replaced by numbness!I know, let me give up most of those still pure innocence!There is one of you, God determined that we get together and parting!  Last year at this season, your heart out in the rain crying, behind that I was struggling wandering difficult to accept, you fight the fate of the final outcome you are still in place, our fate in brief parting in Beauty is every you have a day!All the good memories will always be left, this time happened to you last year, the story has me repeat once!Yesterday that the phone has changed our ending, you trembling voice at the other end of the phone crying, “Why are you taking the people”, a word touched my heart the most sensitive and delicate, is ah, why me?I keep coming to the soul confusion!  No sleep last night, I know that you also deplored the parting!You are my most beautiful love, a brief conversation, I left a free and easy and calm you!No feast of the feast, I know that we have together that day!When a helpless heart is still crying in the rain, I look forward to see you, I can still give up free and easy to face your eyes!  A “train away” sing broken my parting melancholy, yes ah, the train is about to start carrying my leave, tomorrow I no longer belong once!In a strange place, repeating that they have become a foregone conclusion!I wish I could gracefully waving to you, I know you will remain in place more sad!Road traveled together to measure the distance we have in hand counterparts!Now I have away from you, I never dared to look back, afraid to think in the same sinking melancholy parting in heart!  In this autumn a lonely night dancing the most beautiful parting fortune!Starry sky, the stars no sleep, they suddenly have a spiritual, could not bear to sleep, but the night sky accompanied by an equally sleepless heart!I accept all outcomes, accept all variables!Numb too much puzzled and confused, what happened in the Internet and in reality staged again, this world is ridiculous!”Why are my people go” all the pay in exchange for parting, this is fate!  Do not want to ask why, life on the road there are a lot of things happen there is no reason we can not get to the bottom!Calm in the face, around the corner, might vista!My future is in the distance, the way everyone always has few uneven, and I are in the corner, when thorns all over, I believe went over in front of all Huaxiangniaoyu!Failing comfortable with, will make your life more meaningful!  Farewell, my dear children, I did not expect you free to use mobile phones to take pictures in the self-study courses became final silhouette!I promised to accompany you until you leave alma mater, I promise to accompany you to continue to write our fate, I’m sorry, boys, that you are familiar with the podium tomorrow there will be no me.  Farewell, my best friend, my colleagues, we will not be together for a walk after lunch chat, a familiar piece of road there will not be a small figure of the landscape of our Dramas!Farewell, my school work life for a decade, still had the mind to reproduce scenes.Farewell, my most familiar piece of land, the train has started.Farewell, our wind and rain and common friends, not sad, do not cry, waved smartly, if destined, we will meet.Part Four: Autumn sleepless deep autumn chill was very hot, his thoughts drifting over the body, whisk Yang boundless.Perishable independence of the stars, like being in the dark soul of prayer.A lamp lit.A door open heart.  No word over the screen, so many “blank”, but I do not know for whom?  Autumn night, I dream or wake up?  This seems to melt in the autumn, and as if traveling in this autumn night, I do not know whether anyone can imagine at this moment I?  A solitary, a book that is all I have.  I seem to suppress something, I do not know, no need to make it clear that fortunately many things of this world, are not clear, but also Needless to say clearly.  I was solitary moon.Long it shining on me, a few pages of books and arbitrary, the ability to turn a few pages of books and arbitrary, depends on interest, depends on consonance, do not read as rice grain, do not read to fame.  Solitary is my partner.It accompanied me a few fingers Qiaoxia bare the soul of the text, not standardized, illogical, thanks to induction, thanks to the pouring.  It might be a life of suffering, but suffering is an experience and seek.In this experience and seek, you can filter a lot, wake up to reality a lot and a lot of precipitation, too noisy during the day, we are in hurried, which reflect the zero point of the night, you can carefully digest the day has gone, whether it is acid, sweet, bitter, spicy.Moreover, also the perception of Japan to confront from the window of the Morning Star.Only this time, we can loose, loose limbs, body relaxed, more relaxed own thoughts, their own debugging strings and gently rub it rub it, strum the miyasho horn emblem.But then he folded himself Needless Wei Shi himself, then he need not tied suppressed their own, when the heart is beating naturally, when the truth is dripping tears.  At this time, quietly listening, then, can quietly combed.  Those day inaudible too light and thin sound, disarray that day too messy too complex thoughts, really we need to go on this autumn night listening to comb.  In this autumn, the dough came the voice of the heart: Menger, how many days you see text?Oh yes.I do not know why I always have several days in a year can not face.The heart is always trouble trouble, disorderly, no clue.Each to this time, still smiling but their hearts are heavy.Hurried walk, act Huang Huang, the fear of a leisure think of themselves – and then do everything possible to put heart filled to the brim, pat search of letters, phone dialing friends and family, I do not want to say and say painted on paper.Do not look back and never think twice, just to prove that I exist I have.  Each to this time, but still entertaining the heart empty, busy insecure, want to retain the years just hold time for all sorts of love but no longer belongs to my day – so would like frozen in time, like the eternal moment, even to the end of life lest a minute slip from the hands of the endless.  Each to this time, always inexplicable irritability uncertain confused, uncharacteristically sat at the table repeatedly look at ourselves, for fear of losing too much experience I can not find the previous – so great grief and grief Dawu about it, just to still go tomorrow his life boundless road.  Each to this time, always wanted to sing drunk want to break free want to travel, and I want to cry want quiet solitude lonely want – so when Delicate thin clouds late at night, always alone in contemplation of life is to think long and bitter years.  To not have what results.I want to know the passage of time, time to change, to the continuation of life, the sun and moon to heave.I need not unfounded cocoon, do not be afraid of old age and death.I want to do is let yourself feel the presence of the unforgettable years of life to give me what I am rich all my.  I just want for the years carved a trace.I just want to let the years beyond life eternal.  Heavy night as a deep river, flowing slowly and persistently, people can not be aware of its dangers, there is no loss of time to realize that, so indulge themselves, despite revealing that from ajar the door to light dream worried about, where the unsuspecting serene, missed a real life and details.  In fact, not a relentless years, but our own.There are too many tedious life too noisy vulgar boring, so we breed a lot of laziness or procrastination, it is eroding our lives.Years of whip us, let us pain and clear: Since alive, they should be properly alive, living out values, to live out the true nature.”Mo lightly white boy head, empty sadness”.  The night is quieter deeper thicker, can not sleep in this autumn searching, it would also add to the charm of a way of life.

Bright Eyes

Ricky Luteruier 17 years old, was recruited in Illinois United States Army Air Corps, becoming a helicopter combat brigade of soldiers, poor family background Ricky once received so many new clothes, very happy.After his military training, cherish patriotism, at just 18 years old, he was sent to Vietnam.He began a brutal killing of young people for young people.This is a true story, is a feature film American channel NBC 4 Los Angeles boundaries episodes aired.Ricky in a positive engagement with the enemy, the first to open fire, killing an enemy.In the enemy, he found the enemy and the enemy’s daughter.Enemy wearing a green military uniform, looks very handsome, eyes very God.This photo enemies, the size a bit like the so-called Mimi according to mainland China on the 1960s and 1970s Shanghai people always say.Ricky saw this picture, I was attracted to his fate, and destined to this picture together, half-pain, half-sleepy worry.This photo, like a puzzling fate, like not get rid of the obsession, driven and Ricky’s life.This small picture, originally black and white, but the color photo studio, a color photo.The little girl look like five or six years, the vision is very condensed, looked scenery.Father and daughter, brother and sister perhaps, Ricky guess, because the military is too young, the young girl’s father could not be like this.However, father and daughter of two pairs of eyes, very clear, very bright.In Ricky opinion, this two pairs of eyes, for he embodied the question of light.In Ricky’s eyes, their vision, but also full of hidden bitterness, hatred.This gives Ricky days and nights, and bring remorse after suffering endless murder.Although later, Ricky also carrying automatic rifles with American legs, killing many enemies.But never like this photo of father and daughter out, grabbing him tightly and hold.Like the gods, like a ghost, and gazed at him.Although Ricky as a wounded war hero, back to the United States, awards for meritorious service, veterans Department is also the state government, there had been a good job, and he is married high school sweetheart, had two daughters, and lived good day middle class worthy of the name.But that two pairs of eyes is very delicate, has been let Ricky and nervous, made him feel they have been talking to him: Why did you kill me?Why did you kill my father?That two pairs of very handsome eyes, has been talking to him, his eyes were destroyed on the battlefield, I do not destroy him, he will destroy me, Ricky self-comforting.Another pair of eyes still some alive, Ricky wanted.So Ricky in the unrest, anxiety in the days and nights among.This anxiety, heavy day by day, when his own feelings of happiness in life and condition flavor of life more and more upset the more aggravated, the more intolerable, remorse, like lead, his heart filled with pain of torture, like his shadow, where they go with.In order to free ourselves from the anxiety, the pain, he decided to say goodbye to two pairs of eyes handsome, he was determined to end this enemy and this enemy’s daughter.He wrote a letter, very touching letter from deeply sorry, killing a pair of bright eyes, he killed his dream and daughter reunited.He put the letter and photo, placed in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, he felt a little easier.Before he put his thirty years of mental burden on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, he let go of them, and he hopes they can let go of him forever.However, this is the eye of the storm did not let go of his illness.Soon, Ricky health worsened, his mother began to get sick.Ricky was very strange, really I feel very apprehensive fate, once a ship carrying the bodies of soldiers killed in Vietnam black veterans memorial at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, and found a letter left by Ricky this photo.Suddenly, he is stunned that two pairs of eyes to live, attracted.He did not know Ricky live.He put this picture of Ricky and the letter, published in the memoirs of Vietnam veterans.A former state assemblyman Ricky knew the story, see this memoir, immediately told Ricky.Resentment cheerful handsome that two pairs of eyes is back, back to front of Ricky.This time, the girl’s eyes looked at Ricky, as if to reproach him with desertion.Black veterans and Ricky, two veterans, also met.When you meet, cry.Finally, Ricky Luteruier painstakingly, with the help of the Vietnamese Embassy in the US.She found the girl blue.He flew over the Pacific Ocean, trek, with flowers, to meet with orchid.He hugged Lan.Lan embrace this thirty years ago to kill his father’s enemies, he could not stop crying.Ricky is crying the same way.Gloomy desolation of the music combined with the program on the screen, white-haired enemy Ricky hugged the little girl already middle-aged, two people crying.See here, my eyes filled with tears.

Autumn silence

Part One: murmured, chewing autumn lonely lonely late autumn evening a touch of Nama is falling clouds.  Invigorating the blue sky, the cool autumn air drifting trace; faint Hongxia, flour dough blanket the side yarn.It was a man’s mind disturbing dreams.Everything seems to fall on campus as usual, did not changed, as always popular march.I fled the busy road, hiding nobody cares tree-lined trails, abandoned piece of trail in the forest Oh, like it in my feet enjoy coiled extension, through the recesses of.Only here can make people from the hubbub of complicated, and only to move here Parti perfect combination of tranquility and shadow, creating a refined spirit clearing withdrawn, it is the lonely people’s feelings, it was lonely people and lonely road of exchange between.  Yellow forest life nurtured disengagement milk, have turned into a film Splendor, elegant life seems withered, more like memories of little Piaoxu.Huang stepped off the cover built into piles of fluffy, rain, the dough soften the stone-like rigid lifeline, it is to feel peaceful life with their feet, which is the way wounds and autumn.  The depths of the forest, is not a week of weeks Creek Creek.With the wind, you can faintly smell bursts of faint stench, gurgling water to comply with the duties continued to drop, quietly did not have a trace of complaint, piling up heavy layers of silt muddy, red, pink sunset and natural sunset also could not leave the slightest color.Local people avoided if the scorpion, I can finally royal under a cumbersome, heavy lying there soft seats in autumn, sad indulgence tour channeling the body, a male, a river, a man, that’s my autumn, I hurt myself hurt, the pain my own pain.Tired, tired.It has been lying until autumn deeply stigmatized.  .Or do not write, wondering article, oh wonder the mood.Not knock it herself, depression.Part Two: Autumn silence you go.  Once open as branches on summer flower, resplendent beauty.Bang comes Perak, carrying storm, put your posture destroyed, the wind falling.  I explain how to?From nightlife network, such as green leafy like festooning your side, I walked alone.  You know separation, Mid-Autumn Festival is not only the blossoming lotus — Whose fault?Acacia is also the autumn leaves blown off – the inevitable fate let nature can not make a commitment.  Your love is Qingchi Ting Li lotus, pure dedication, my yellow leaf, fresh Wu.  Thank you from the depths of the innermost.  However, such love.Who can imagine the result after the fireworks bursting in the air, brilliant and bright?!  You and I, are sprouting grass on poor land, can not find the piece of bread, gave birth to the soil.  You say, do messengers.I am not pro has always been stubborn, but do not want to leave after that fragile self-esteem rough it hold up, and put down the live.  You hide his face away tears.  If at the moment, if a car is not at the moment as a pop-up bore a lever came speeding, no burst of noise that made me like the opening of percussion ringing in the ears, dizziness, to me, this is you whisper words of love Dishou Review.  However, that the blood, lying devastated flower skeleton, let all my hoping and hope, in an instant into foam.  That night, only rain, pattering deserted, with my sleepless night, broken hearts, frozen into ice shavings.  Today and night rain, swept away like dust clouds as complicated emotions, thoughts only.  In addition to thoughts of you, I am the poor is a.  Rain, at night —