Day: April 30, 2019

Away from thinking about the article

Part One: away thinking has been warm my cold heart is a sun that you shallow smile, I will be waiting for life eternal and most beautiful memories.  - Inscription Looking back, the cold winds blow, the distance.I lightly as a butterfly send away the leaves in the span of Sincere love and miss you.  Unforgettable shallow smile, like a crescent faint, faint, but I was always hanging in the sky remember.  Unforgettable shallow smile, as if the morning breeze as gently, quietly, but always warm my melancholy eyes.  Unforgettable shallow smile, like a night fog-like misty, hazy, but I always decorated with beautiful dreams.  ······ your shallow smile, due to the throbbing soul; my deep love, from the shock of the truth.  Recall know you, or early autumn, that you shallow smile is the sun that autumn elegant and touching, gentle and sentimental; and my heart was now late autumn as the leaves of the same haggard and messy, without fatigue help.On that day, that you shallow smile and a touch of autumn, has been integrated into my eternal memory; on that day, you’ve dumped my world, lit my long-buried truth.  Red Dust, journeying affectionate, but unfortunately fate shallow, everything is gone, but the water Love lonely, deserted an Acacia, a Luo Ji really waiting, haggard fool’s heart.  Cold winds blow, leaves into mourning, missing span, Kan music I send away with your endless Acacia and pious blessing thousands of miles away are: peace, take care of yourself, be happy every minute and second!    Part II: Huiyin away thinking daytime access, accidentally saw an article about Lin Zheng because of.Among women of the last century, the most so I felt pity is Ailing, I was most admire Qiu Jin is endless, and I appreciate the most convenient push Huiyin.Tranquility amongst peaceful attitude, elegant and refined temperament, very calm and relaxed gestures reveals a gas volume of poetry, Wan Ruojing Valley Orchids, gentle breeze, quiet and elegant, fresh and elegant.In the face of love, she chose truth and dull, Liang is a scholarly temperament, but Xu was born with a romantic poet.Way back girl’s feelings, this has a beautiful and bold flowers like a dream, but she was calm and rational surprising.In between heavy and floating in the air, because Lin Zheng go dignified and calm, she did not live clean Fate, capricious vows side, but a natural, fresh prose, the word is stained in rich colors rational accumulation one, each row is clear and firm, without the slightest rash and impetuous.This is exactly the main reason I am impressed.Imagine a young woman, set in beautiful talent ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ wisdom came in one time, who can Atsumori an extremely dull ﹑ awake to the end of faith?At least I can not say that.Lin Huiyin seems a myth of growth in the world, is a worldly air of fairy.In the War of Resistance, in the face of the Japanese raids, she frankly told Liang: “Since ancient times, there is not a reading people often go the old road yet?Let’s turn away from the Yangtze River so close!”One strength of character queue scholar antique vividly before, this time they seem to be one of the boys she, reasonable manner ﹑ Rain or shine, calm magnanimous ﹑ extraordinary courage, it seems that only Qingzhao” Health as odds, death is also a male ghost “only can be compared.  Compared to the heroic Qiu Jin, Zhang Ailing’s quiet wan, Huiyin has some unique dignified and ladylike atmosphere.Architecture ﹑ ﹑ foreign language literature ﹑ ﹑ theatrical performances, people Yan flowery, her extraordinary talent like a six-sided flash exquisite diamond, from any side seem a thrilling beautiful, purely secular was no trace of dirt, No wonder Mr. Jin will be waiting for her life.This give a confidante, Barbara this life without regret.Sauna net Xiao Qian Shen Wen ﹑ ﹑ Mr. Jin was once her home riding off, poetic things to talk together freely, in dense cigar breath, guarding such an extraordinary manner ﹑ astute wisdom of women, listen to her words including machine front ﹑ sharp smooth exposition some insight into the listener sometimes nodding knowingly, sometimes pensive smile, the tone of the speaker sometimes solemn, sometimes in high spirits, that is how some very fascinated scene ah!Cheong is what a joy of life!Wu Yi Sining, Youran to Pina, remote Mu historical review that moment, however, to Xing Xing, regaling Come Xiangqi!Students do not hate at the same time, such a beautiful woman, he missed only regret I Ran!    Part Three: Remote think childhood memories of vine time flies, time smoke, Love quietly away, lamenting and bid farewell to life in the warm spring season, ushered in a quiet summer sunlight feelings.  Quiet afternoon stroll in a faint trail, feeling nature ear kiss, can not remember how long have not seen such a thin surrounding scenery, the daily run around the edge of the city, busy figure had neglected patch of wildflowers field potou smile, clusters of fragrant grass.  In this fast-paced life of the city, all kinds of people always stop no less than hurry, in order to share only survive, in order to mediocrity sinking heart, I went to an unknown in this journey…We lost too many good vision.Look back, to see that all the way through the trail, but found busy we had lost yesterday.  Hold short summer this is a rare pleasure, plunge into the embrace of nature, to see green grass was green and fragrant, listening to the trickling spring water flowing, not far from the front with small groups of children laughing slapstick, really cheerful , watching this scene, my thoughts seemed to be pulled back to that era of laughter.  Scene after scene of childhood thus emerge in front of a picture innocent face filled with happy smile, that little figure running in the open fields, shuttle between the bright patch of golden canola flower chased Gu butterflies flutter dragonfly.  We have a children’s childhood mischievous nature and innocence, will climb tall trees to nest end, picking berries, digging wild, and then start all over again, the entire film is filled with mountains in the curl of smoke, share a rare TV drama delicious, sunset, lying on the soft grass, looking up at the blue sky, watching the evening ended, saying their hearts and dreams.  He said, I will grow up to become a painter, this a charming local flavor eleven outline, she said, I’ll have to make a lot of money, then go to the city to live, waves of laughter, accompanied by a slight the evening breeze gently over the Buddha, night falls quietly, looking at the stars blinked, listening to Mama story of the seven Dwarfs, into sweet dreams.  Piece trickling creek ditch, a group of small figure laugh at the name of the play water fights naughty, feeling the fish, shrimp holding on, so full of laughter in the classroom, mischievous throw the book, on the blackboard random graffiti, so amiable teacher, uttered a sound helpless sigh…Too much joy of childhood, accompanied us to grow and become the best memories in life, the most memorable years.  It was wearing a beautiful red Huaqun, wearing two small whip catch spring little girl, I.  That head cool straw hat, holding a dead wood sticks, the shuttle in the field potou rustic charm girl, I.  That small crystal clear river, barefoot Ah clumsy girl playing in the water to catch fish to catch shrimp, I.  That Yaotouhuangnao during recess holding books, reading the text of bumbling good girl, I.  That way school with little friends, play slapstick starting a naughty girl, I.  Say, childhood is a sea of joy, is a years long melodious song, sing me a lot of pure and beautiful, dear small group of partners, you are my original notion, but also warm and I always come the last emotion.  But, who knows that the field potou, bearing the number of the joy of my childhood?It seems crystal clear creek ditch could see the group of small figures, that year’s laughter echoed as if still in the ear, but now it is not found in traces, not enough time to say goodbye with childhood, they are was brought relentless years on the tail of youth, innocence of childhood, childhood classroom, childhood friends, as well as childhood carefree childhood!  Too many good and warm memories with me through the life of another one-way journey.  Think of these memories, lamenting the years rush like water, passing around the transition from the old, but their faces do not re innocence and carefree childhood, digging wild group of partners, where you?It was said to be a painter of you, and whether now realize your dreams?It was said to come to your city life, and is now whether the city will feel noisy sound emitted by the whistle, that keep you away from the fun-filled green grass, and every smile on your face disappear, as well as share of hard to find innocence?  Wandering in this no sense of belonging to the city, as the wind in the leaves of a crumbling, offer all kinds of weakness, not of the heart ,, rely on growth and setbacks in the fight again and again, irrespective of how much we reluctance, or to strong to face the cruelty of life, survival of the fittest, so we can only keep pace forward, forward.Live in this colorful big vat of society, those in the simple pleasures of childhood suddenly seemed far too far away from us, as far as our memories are beginning to blur, as far as our eyes can only see, Survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, the eight characters.  Cost of growth, hard pursuit of true happiness, but in the end what is?Is that follow the crowd, so busy WWF report the source of the survival of clarity?But, but, our hearts and lost a little innocence, our faces addition of a few wipe the smile it?  In this era of so-called can not afford injuries, materialistic society, the more we share the desire to pursue the initial emotion, pure smile, with a rather indifferent parked heart, to do a long aftertaste that dream, it is our go back to childhood.  And once, crazy together, downtown together, make mistakes together, those immature childish, childhood years seem just left a touch of beautiful memories, and gradually learned, the most terrible is not the time to pull away, watered down memories, but those never found innocence, go back to childhood.  Innocent joyful time, I miss the patch of green grass, piece of crystal clear river, the group also runs the small figure in the field, hillside, count on that carefree childhood.  If childhood, you as a small group of partners in the field potou, running figure drifting away, but this time my heart was quiet as a pool of water, excites the slightest ripples, so quiet can hear the voice of the loving care of friends, go home, dark.