Day: April 28, 2019

Awards rain

Part one: leaning out of windows and look reward rain, Rain did not stop the pace forward, not a little tired, still falling natural and free and easy.Leaves get a thorough baptism, become more beautiful; the grass was a complete bath, wash away the dust of the soul, the more green; seedlings received a gift of Rain, more passionate and energetic; earth Rain is sucking the milk of the night, he looked tired, with a sweet smile to sleep; air purification night after the Rain, also grew pure.Open the small window, invited fresh air come in, come in please Rain is love, the whole cabin became warm and full of fun.  Rain is falling, some touching, some poetic, giving a realm of beauty, a spiritual washing, a lightheartedness.Some people say that the rain is a romantic stroll.Indeed, walking in the rain, quietly enjoy the rain, enjoying the fresh, free and easy and natural qualities, is a kind of mold, is a drunk enjoyment of beauty, is a sight to behold.  I like Rain is falling day, because she can make me irritable mood becomes calm, I can wash away a touch of sadness, I feel I’m real and natural, and restore the color, back to nature.Rain is falling, we have become accustomed, that is the laws of nature, she is also very common, but her love for the natural world we can not deny, at the expense of her own body to nourish the heart of all things, there is no meaning request, but no blame no regrets.Reward rain, I think if people like rain, the garden of the motherland will be more beautiful, man and society, man and nature will be more harmonious.    Part II: Reading the wind reward rain early autumn, autumn rain drunk Acacia rainy autumn, autumn brings tears, when most Acacia.Like early autumn rainy season, like autumn lingering Qingsi.Today is early autumn rainy season, rain Qianyindichang night last night, early in the morning my umbrella, walk mention the shore of the river, the wind combing the swaying willow, flowers and kisses rain.Amidst the Rain, rain started falling, the slightest breeze, the water trickling, Yang Liu Yiyi, a good cozy beauty.Misty rain enveloped the distant, hazy, flickering, the number of towers in the misty rain, the silence of the curved road into the distance, as if the sky covered with a mysterious veil.  A person walking in the broad river tima road, enjoy the quiet beauty of autumn, autumn is always so touching, perhaps a soft spot for autumn, particularly fond of the autumn season, autumn is not crazy summer rain, no cold rain, nor early winter cold.Autumn charming and enchanting, fascinating and charming, sweetness, like a stroll in the autumn sky, like listening to the raindrops on the umbrella of love, then rain.Quietly watching the flowing river, rain thrown ripples across the calm surface of the water due to rain and thrown a little ripple, a quiet beauty that makes the mind to be quiet.  Cicadas in the autumn season already hid the soil, only the tireless crickets still singing the same love song lifetime, and only at this time disappeared bustle of the rainy season so we can enjoy the perfect voice crickets, the dough softly whisper, turned out to be such a beautiful and touching.Walking in the rain washing the flowers, smell the faint aroma of grass, listen to the whisper Huayu, feel the nature of this Kiyomi.Nightlife net like in the autumn season, quietly sitting in the window, taking a dip in a pot of tea, slowly sipped tea, look out the window raindrops beat window frames, listening to the ticking of the rain, thinking fleeting years past, wipe the dust in the past, the old stories wash in the rain, enjoy one of the world’s serene and sweet.Time ruthless, time has left a mark, childhood frolic in the rain, the rain chased by stepping on the bubble, put the Buddha just yesterday, getting a long journey back, actually makes me a little sad at the autumn season.Across the years every trace is so clear, always out in the rain season to savor some.  Autumn always brings people unlimited reverie, smell, rhythm.Between heaven and earth, it has a flow of tears Acacia endless, endless lingering v language, which is heaven and earth kiss it.Autumn is always connected next few days, with a cool early autumn, driving the flame summer, a summer boredom wash, wash the sky is clear and bright, autumn after autumn season is in respect of.When reading the wind reward rain early autumn, drunk Acacia autumn rainy season.Let us cherish this short autumn scenery, enjoy nature’s bounty given to the earth.    Part three: rain reward stand alone in the window, staring out the window Cantabile rain rhythmically beating window frames, to listen to the TV drama shook weeping as dance music in the breeze as the wonderful sound of music.Street, few pedestrians on the road, sometimes after people also come and gone.Sometimes lightning in the sky, sometimes thunder, the sky is no color, dark Ming.  Stand alone in the window, quiet look at you gently approached me, far and near, from sparse gradually close.You wait and see the pace of light like the wind, such as mottled shadows of the trees, crushing and flow ripple, like that woman Sha nudge the lotus feet dancing as yarn Luoqun walking in the evening breeze.  Stand alone in the window, do you see when Fang Yan hurried to come and go, but also in the slightly damp smell in your aromatic fragrance, I also heard that you like the latent poet Wing Yin silent, frustrated interwoven yin and yang, such as flow.Use onomatopoeia to describe the presence of your wonderful voice, it is not enough, so you deny your beautiful voice.Notes with great accuracy is so compact phase, a chain, attached the slightest, is so wanton float in the air, like a fleeting spark of inspiration for the composer, but also like the distant ancient battlefield uploaded to the faint drum-ming, sound masi.You XiXi whereabouts of singing, to the accompaniment of thunder and lightning is so beautiful, and instantly fall from the sky, a flash and slowly ascend to the seventh sky.  Stand alone in the window, instant, from the bottom of my heart Yang Qi numerous branch beautiful song, and played string sounds with your ears in my car one after another.Might sound, he is my favorite music “Love rain” music tune, plaintive cries, indicating that you and I both Acacia Inner Voices; pretty soon, that gentle melody and converted into blind Bing in Wuxi Lake that as sad as weeping “Traditional”, tells of his life too much frustration and desolation.  I stand alone in the window, I looked over at the occasion of the end of the field of vision of the emergence of Deng Shichang command “Zhiyuan” was awe-inspiring warships, warships handsome flag on wind wave, the bow stood holding a sword, head Dai Hongguan heroic warrior, is struggling to move forward.The roar of thunder and lightning, as if Deng Shichang encouragement to the officers and men of the year: “for us the army for the country, early home life and death and givers, not wait, just from the dead.”At the moment, Deng Shichang that magnificent voice surround me, let Zhuangxinbuyi.  Stand alone in the window, listening to the old eye view all the time, CD coming out of the piano brought me back to reality.Old beautiful voice, piano and Deng Shichang wonderful words of encouragement to the officers and men of the reality of the music seemed so pale and weak.  Stand alone in the window, piles of books on the desk that makes me reluctantly and digital temporary farewell to you, he plunged headlong into the endless ocean of digital.However, the rain kept looking out the window, my heart how it can not be drilled to the ever-changing numbers.Helpless, waiting for the bell from work a little earlier sounded.  Stand alone to the you know?That witch as you like music and passionate encouragement oath, had put my heart and soul pull far, far away, and I can no longer bound by the shackles of his own ideas, thoughts of the tide as flash floods, blew.Your gentle voice that is qing pen hung in the balance of synesthesia, your voice is soft veil of dreams Longzhe at Lotus Pond; your euphemism song is described by Qian Zhongshu that strange marriage metaphor, is the siege want to rush out of the siege and can not crowd out of embarrassment; your song is described by Xu, “gently you go, as you gently to” the real life experience turned into a plume of emotions Saying Good River.  In the distant imagination, Yuhuangge ancient bell sounded at eleven, penetrate your voice over the midnight silence.Awards rain in the daytime, when the night listening to the rain, for our busy human beings, and because Italy is a how pleasant thing ya ah!    Part Four: step tour of rain rainy day, I like to look out the window leaning against the window, dark blue and gray sky show is so quiet.Pedestrians hurried walking with running for cover, perhaps they do not like rainy days, but I know He Shixi love it, love it deep and broad-minded in rhyme.Rain flutter in the air, playing with their wanton dripping movement, looking ahead, flowers and trees, fresh eaves of buildings being washed and fuzzy, like a bath, everything becomes so calm.  Beautiful clear skies minded people happy, rainy sky but do not have a view.Chengzhaoyusan step in a small way of reward rain, sucking the rain exudes atmosphere, hazy river bank scene like it is covered tulle, in rain and fog filled the room exudes its unique implication, let their feelings Sasa rain, the rain, sometimes it whipped around, sometimes swaying air, Cecil strands are so random, like the rain like a finger tap the river, playing a rain of a circle note.Then out of hand was floating down the rain, chilly stirred up the hearts of the bud, feel more relaxed pace, feel that he was not a man to walk, but with little rain lingering in the side, to accompany me to tell their emotional mind.Weekdays between various troubles encountered, but also with the rain fall, at the foot of the road I walk free either, against the bursts of rain float in the air, I walked all the way to the calm and pleasant.When I was in such a state of mind to feel it, even rain appears to be so beautiful.It is not lack of beauty, but the lack of discovery of mood it’s beautiful eyes.