Day: April 27, 2019

Awake daydream

Every dream deserves respect, no matter how far away, whether it can be achieved.As long as you have a dream, I hope it will not go out.Each truth is worth touched, regardless of whether the lovers get married, whether or not the so-called perfect match.As long as love, the world would not be so cold.Every persistent, are worthy of their applause, do not care about, is not stubborn, do not ignore it there is no result, because the process is the essence of life experience. do you know?Why the tears so warm, because the world around us is too cold too cold. I cry because I am sad, I cry because I’m sad.Although I am a man, but I do not hide the tears, feeling no need to hide, tears does not mean weak.Cried release, release both physical, but also spiritual.And tears can wash off the sand soul. If you still love her, do not give up immediately.Maybe you’ll regret it because of the insistence of a few years, but on the contrary, you will regret it forever.The same is true for ideal. Our life is very short very short, so we have to try to do what you want to do.Do not be afraid to regret it, because life can not be without regret.Not lost, it is not valuable.No parting, no joy together.Life pleasures to be timely, not to let the passage of air for Love. Flowers in front of you, is your spring.Friends around you, family, lovers, is your world.We continue forward, do not blindly toward the goal, sometimes have to stop and enjoy the scenery.We should expect in the future, cherish the present, past collection.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) If there is a person worthy of your love, you should live well.If there is a person, willing to share your joy and sorrow, to give you care, that you are happy.Do not complain about life, because that life will complain to you.Do not require anything in return, because the process is sometimes paid, that is, return. Drunk know the alcohol concentration, loved party knowingly weight.What love is, different people have different answers.But I firmly believe that it is worth every individual to pursue. I hope that one day, to be with her, walking in the beautiful grassland.See flowers Yunjuanyunshu.Never mind the world of strife, not to hear the noisy din.Accompany her to see steady until the end of time.