Day: April 22, 2019

Autumn, becoming cooler

Blossoming cloud rendering the flavor of the season, I feel some days like short Xu.Gentle wind less summer heat, become more docile, getting yellow leaves of autumn decorated with poignant.Qingning the autumn gradually permeate our lives, not the slightest simple gorgeous.    Compact asphalt road, the cold wind, dawn gray sky, in front of the King, like the old black and white photo of the eighties.Numerous gallop car shuttle in photos.    Years always so silent rush, season pay consultations, manana, sun and moon exchange, the flowers bloom quietly at midnight, leaves quietly falling, everything is so natural.Wheels which run over pieces of leaves, whipped frivolous in the air like a lost sense of direction gray butterfly.    Really fast, and half see also the Mid-Autumn Festival.    Window overlooking the mountains, layer upon layer, undulating stretches, like pieces of a generation of ink landscape painting.That horizon like clouds blossoming group of hungry wolves devour the remaining unfunded future under Nama Hongxia.This scene was very child standing on the platform home soil in the yard, the distant ridge lookout scene.Mind daydreams dancing, dreaming of the world outside the mountains there will be how many wonderful, fantasy, holding the hand of love, stepping on the beach, sea breeze will be how pleasant.Today, out of the mountains, living in a corner of this city, like most of the country is the father; thin body, gray hair, as well as memory, parting did not dare look back look in his eyes, looked far the solitary old back gradually blurred, sour obstruct the heart, tears like a broken string of beads, flowing quietly.Years ah, like cruel hand that adorned the hands of the blades.    Life is like the binding of 360 anti-virus software installation package with the same binding work, constantly repeated yesterday yesterday.Want a free month is legalistic few days holiday.As for romance, to see that the regulation of fuel, rice, oil, salt, and Sinopec gasoline prices.Living in the besieged city, it is only trifles point only described the siege inside and outside.Like smoking, a point in time to alleviate the confusion about the mental fatigue Bale.    A variety of emotions, and sometimes we really do not know how to let go, used to laugh and cry too much frustration, they gradually learn to play, because a lot of effort and can not change the helpless frustration that perhaps this feeling is often described life of old people the burden of it, would not learn also learn to stir up resting on his shoulder, not!Correct point of view should be put in mind, slowly taste, crying and smiling, laughing or crying secretly kind of sweet and sour, salty and spicy.    The fate of this thing, like a fine thread wind, shadowless invisible erratic, is an ideological stance or a feeling, maybe just a magic wand in the hands of God, is for his children to play Bale, so some people are born then gold spoon in your mouth, it was bitter silence I doomed and out, the myth is not to say what, heaven and earth the day was better years it.Should fate door is just fine, it can through the door, a little peep about the future of the world, in the end is the one else seems relatively close, or take the road is relatively smooth.From that distant dream to go a few ditch, turning several seat beam, or over the front of that line one hundred meters before the traffic lights turn right on to it.    Fate itself is a mystery.    Watching his son trotted, stepping quartzite, living room shade, wearing pants is back.Share scenes are full of happiness, all hope.He looked happy smile, looked at him happy running in the center of the cell, he looked at the sky with a little finger tells me: Days – guttural pull the old long, that Meng Meng cute, my wife and I could not help smile.Watching him cry, he looked uncomfortable against the cooling paste on the forehead of a small face, and my heart is also the focus of panic twist.Children grow up a little bit of time left to us is the brow of which round after round flower pattern.    Autumn, becoming cooler, the wind disturbed the hair forehead, cracks in the woods which is also the strains of red maple beside the crimson Montreal.