Day: April 20, 2019

Autumn Wu

(A) dwelling vines vines forward, some wound on branches of trees, some of the previously inserted around good bamboo, some curled wire fence or wall straw braided, twisted paths are flowers spirally, brake very tight, it thought out heartless, selfishness, excessive reliance on its side feelings, a decision was no resistance is the nature of its material harm, but, gradually found that innate vine is upright, it is seen straight to account for a large area, spent a lot of land, it should be left to those who can only land upright and no ability to climb the “brothers” to enjoy, choose a the development of the air, the use of existing free space up the narrow road, it can be considered inventive.    Vine tender top, left shaking his right nodding, thinking for a long time, or to pass with a left open, whether twigs or bamboo, straw, their diameter is the radius of action of vines, to no, stretch turn left, turn right stepping not, would not overstepped the moment to close the sub-skin, the most space-saving way to go around the center, before the “left-right” labyrinth line.See vines helically, now think of the district where the stairwell into a piece of high-rise buildings, in a small fixed space, was not along the “left-right” spiral winding paths, it is easy to come to tens storey roof it?Shortage of land, reminiscent of the “day is not an area accounted for”, try to narrow the space.Plant vines that seemed to meet the current thinking, learn to be good at crawling in the crevices.In fact, much earlier than the vines wake of humans, it is more than modern people dwelling Debu Know year earlier, it has been valuable natural treasure respectable space of cute creatures.    (B) and complementary leafless roadside flowers and clumps of holly plant, its leaves green was mellow and bright, clear emerald dripping, like jasper as fascinating.Reading tired to walk outside, from afar, dark green is seductive.This time, a look that cluster around, holly are full of flowers, the flowers have ten several flower petals open, highlight the fragrant core core.Holly how will blossom?Its existence is that people appreciate the value of it was green leaves, no one has ever expect it to bloom, that green was perfect again, nor prescribe a lifetime of flowers.But today, it actually falls on the flowers of the head.It is safe in its head artificial flowers?No.Flower texture that told me it was true.Closer inspection, that is not spent out of holly, morning glory is next to climb out of the head of holly flowers.There leaf morning glory, heart-shaped leaves meager and sparse, the head of the holly, it is light green rich green holly completely submerged.Holly coupled with leafless flower morning glory, glorified.Morning glory just as naive girl, holly like a mature guy to stay together for a moment leave.Carmine set off on a holly green, red and more bright, carmine on holly green lining, more playful green.    Had always thought that needle-like leaves on its own with the best, I did not expect, leafless plant with another flower of a plant off each other, there is such an effect Jiaomei.Who have their own specialty, who have their own shortcomings, with the extension of their strengths approach, not natural to make up for the shortage, inadequate reclamation of virgin land on their own, are not able to see the effect of the moment.Like holly and leafless like morning glory flowers side by side, with the expertise of others, happens to be his own shortcomings, mix and match with each other, to achieve complementarity, it is the effort and realistic recipe.