Day: April 14, 2019

Autumn Stroll

○ autumn stroll Cao dry autumn wind is cool, like the precipitation of life, no longer impetuous, indifferent to fame and taste after all the pros and cons.Autumn water is clear, as the wise after the storm, the convergence of the young and reckless impulse, back to nature.Autumn is a beautiful painting drunk, filled with splendid golden.Her well-off, her fragrance, her color, like a plume Qingsi, sprinkle in my dry heart. Early autumn morning, I wandered on rice flower artificial Lake Dam.Dragon pier hand, vistas, blue sky, distant; green mountains, green everywhere; and green water, such as mirror-like screen. Looking ahead, Dragon bridge next to the edge of this lake Guan Gong Square, pay to pay crowded crowded covered with lotus leaf, at the moment, I can not help but think of Yang Wanli poem: “then endless days of lotus Bi, Lotus flowers the sunshine.”That lotus lake filled every crevice, lotus has matured, there are sporadic dotted with several flower lotus, lotus swaying in the wind from the loud noise, like a whirling dance girl.Although autumn away beautiful flowers and fragrance, however, it is still graceful, graceful, Xu autumn, blue Yang Yang, the leaves accompanied by a good lake beautiful scenery.Xi Qiao Nahe handle and the green lever, draped over a thin dense yellowish thorns, slender figure slightly thin, do not underestimate this charge handle, she Qingqi this umbrella over Lake.Lotus leaf boundless, boundless stretches of new and green, showing my eyes are so beautiful. Dragon down from the bridge, watching the lake even move.Lake is not so much better to say nothing of several small ponds.Rice flower wise man, down the middle Bo closure in Linhe, a satisfied one thousand Creek, the Department of myriad, ground built in the brook lake.It overlooks the lake, glittering lake bird Yiyi, the sun fills the air.Hit sun revealed bundles of light Manwu on the lake, in waves flashing winding spine Longfengshan. Artificial lake lush lotus leaf and blue waves of the lake pavilions, lotus leaf, green water, lotus, bridges, boat and shore fishing tourists, seamless, like a light ink into rhyme picture.Jasper-like lake, such as the one flawless emerald.Weeping willows on both sides, Yang Yang green wave, this time if you bring friends to the lake Dangzhao boat, fishing boat, you can thoroughly enjoy the sun bath, experience the relaxed and comfortable.You can also see them, look at the scenery on both sides, reward lotus leaf; lotus mining, walking the lake kiosk, look at bridges, water, people, do not have some fun fun.This artificial lake, the lake is a puddle of joy, hope rainy lake, is one of Longquan town liquor warm lake life! I wandered Lake Dam, which is a winding tree-lined path leading to the town.Grass fragrance soak into the depths of heart and lung, several hundred meters long trail full of dense woods on both sides, in addition to the cool shade under the trail, but also extraordinarily quiet.There is no impetuous and bustle of the city, only quiet and serene lake.Autumn slowly earth affectionately licking, kissing his face, bringing coolness, sucking the early morning of fresh, fine, clear, enjoy the great beauty of rural life. Trail lined a stretch of small flower beds, altar in the green grass, trees opened his sleepy eyes Xing Zhong, Xu is freshly washed face, hanging dew children.A plume began weeping willow shore dressing, and they wind twisted waist veil dancing, laughing Yan Yan say hello to me.See such a harmonious picturesque scene, I really want to immediately lying on a verdant lawn, sharing the quiet time. I walked on, made a sudden waves of “babbling”, “babbling” sound pierced the silence of the small shade of sky, wind, Chu Seoul there anymore.I looked Xiqiao, turned out to be the other side of the water tankers, issued by the rotation of the squeaking sound of the impact of the lake.That sounds really nice, always regularly issue, I want to give her the spectrum is the song, it would mean that a rice flower beautiful hymn. Not far in front of antique gregarious, is the Longquan town, like coming from a distant time and space in Old Town.This is the first features ancient street in Yichang, Hubei rice flower Group cost than 10 million effort to build a wine cultural tourism beautiful card.In accordance with its “Third Street, nine square eighty-one shop,” the pattern of the 38 unique antique building cluster of traditional ancient architecture houses, bridges, streets, ancient shops group, nothing is there.She is also the country’s first experiential tourist destination, known as the “Three Gorges never sleeps”.Set of ecological natural landscape and attractions industry as a whole, eat, drink, shelter, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, harmony and unity, has become a new bright spot in today’s eco-tourism in Yichang. Today’s Longquan town, is the owner of the place had come Yichang.Not far from my home town, very convenient to go every day.I came to the Longquan town prestigious Du Kang bakery, to the two kang pie, a dish of the original ecological farm pea bean paste, I want to personally experience the ancient town of specialties cuisine.This is not fast enough, ass just seated, kang cake goes on coming!Look only coloring this kang cake, let your appetite, golden hard surface, but inside the cake melted sweet, soft in the inside stuffing is interesting, the more chewing the fragrant.I feel that as long as you eat once, in no way do not want to come back to eat quadratic.Pea bean paste is the authentic taste of the original ecology of old green products, not just I eat, and I taste a product from the time of the child, its taste can be really unusual ah, tomorrow I also decided to breakfast. Quartzite ground footsteps swing, are like a hundred years through time and space.Corn liquor small workshops, ink aroma of calligraphy and painting shop, folk nine guys eighteen Carpenter, witty shadow, teahouses, restaurants, wearing a pig mask selling clown, town kang cake.Ancient folk customs, unique accent folklore, delicious cuisine, forgotten farming culture, where perfect reproduction.This foot stone, mind there are too many feelings of nostalgia leap from the written word.In front of the lake, rolling hills Longfengshan, twilight whispering nod.Ying clear water bridges, tea off the porch, a piece of scenery, a trace of emotion, a painting, I am envious heart also drunk.