Day: April 9, 2019

Brief Discussion on Hong Kong

Brief Discussion between Hong Kong in January this year I have been back in Hong Kong [2], because the foot falls has not been all good, not free to go into the street, a speech, and then hurried return, the impression is very weak, too Hong Kong has long been a forgotten.Today saw the “Tattler” one hundred thirty-seven Chen Jiang communication [3], Hu You remember them, to say a few words along for the ride.I went to the lecture [4] when presided being to the people about popular with many difficulties, but I do not quite understand.Know first single was quite interference, but also the way opponents sent admission tickets, covered up, so others can not hear; then they will not allow speech newspaper, the result of negotiations, it is channeling a lot of slashing and change.  However, my speech, is “commonplace”, but also 2078 before “often talk about”.  When Guangzhou to Hong Kong from on board also personally met a joke.There is a crew, somehow, to know my name, he gave me very worried.He thought I was in Hong Kong, might be subject to murder; I went to Guangdong to teach distant, and unprovoked violent death, he – one of Cantonese – feel sorry.He is busy all the way, for me to plan, how to get out when the ban on land, how to avoid port captors.To the port, neither prohibits nor captors, and he is not assured, parting repeatedly told that if there is danger, you can avoid where to go.  Although I find it ridiculous, but I am very grateful for his kindness from the heart, really, I remember his face serious phase.  Three days later, safely out of Hong Kong, but because the attack quintessence, offended a number of people.In retrospect, like us like people, it is probably not a big danger.But Hong Kong is always a dangerous road.This will be proved by the little things.That is, as of today’s Hong Kong “circulation daily” on [5], there are two such trivia: K Chen was charged with burglary to seize unexpectedly Wuhu Street *?Whew promise ulterior Krupp Kabuki Eris bars, sentenced yesterday by the Secretary twelve cane bamboo cane cloud history.  ?Last night, late at night, there are two suits men Tong mouth,.In case of a British old dad shovel onions Hing Yan hate 8 dream beard Australia fierce Woo Mi ⒂ the ornament *.The British police to ignore, and the police to BBB.So the two sides wrap Police Station..> Pianhuangqiaoyi and Huangkesihu Le vent?* There is still being drawn cane.”Division” when it is “Fan Si” “Nie Division” [6] The “Secretary”, is Guan Ming; history, name also, British.Hong Kong reported on so-called “government”, “SP” and the like, often refer to the United Kingdom in terms of not seeing very easily misunderstood, as Shanghai called “house arrest” in clear.  The second is the “search” of disputes, not uncommon in Hong Kong.But what they do not know around three square.How To evasive?Probably not a good thing.This seems to be because BB English suit and obtained; British police dislike these two: This is the master of speech and clothing.Tui thought Xianbei language learning, playing the pipa will be able to survive the era of [7], has already passed.  I met a Moujun when Hong Kong was affected by the higher education of the people.He readme but had oppressed, plead to the British government, British officials have nothing to say, but he still lost.That last was severely reprimanded, he said: “All in all, you are wrong: Because I say you are wrong!”With books who also difficult because accidentally, will be accused of ‘dangerous files’ of.This “dangerous” definition, I do not know its details.One always suspected, then trouble.People get locked up, go to the book translated into English and then translated well, this trial.This “translated into English,” the terrible advance.I remember when the Mongols “White in the summer”, the referee Translation.A monk to complain debt collection, and debtors in consultation with the Interpreter, his plaint into a voluntary flames.Official says good, so that the monk will be pushed into the fire.[8] I went to the lecture, they also occasionally mention the Yuan Dynasty, I heard quite “X Division,” the unhappy, they are indeed in the study of Chinese classics, history of.  But talk about the Yuan Dynasty, not only for the “government” of “X Division,” the unhappy, Qieyi that would not be happy as some “compatriots”.I knew unsafe, always subject to some retribution.Sure enough, because I would like to avoid the “scholars” [9], then move out of Sun Yat-sen, over there, “Trade and Industry News” came out on [10], he said it was because “purge” [11], has fled.Later, on the “Daily circulation” to speak in the name of literature, I mention my thing, I said originally, “” Morning Supplement “special Compilation member” [12], and now “to the Hankou” [13].I know this kind of publicity a little dangerous, I meant to say that friends first research department, now the Communist Party of fellow, although not “gun end Road sleep.” [14], the total benefits probably will not be there, bad luck and therefore can point locked up.He wrote a letter to correction: “In the June 10 on the 11th day” cycle world “, Mr. Xu Danfu see the article entitled” Beijing literary circles divided household doors do not “.Every man have his vision, thoughts, means.He played him, I do not want to speak out of turn.But I have about three points, I compare myself more clearly, we can ask is correct, namely: “One, I’ve never done,” Morning Supplement “of ‘pose special member’.  ”Second, Chen Dabei [15] after the attack, I did not stop posting.  ”Third, I now still in Guangzhou, and no ‘to the Hankou’.”From the date of the letter today, just a month to count, but not published at.”In short you is this: I say that because you are such a” strike.Fortunately, there are Mainland “Tattler”; otherwise, “Twelve vine”, “BBB”, where to complain?* The ants also remembered that when a ship’s Guangdong friends, although nervous, but the fear of not making a fuss.His experience and more.  If the husband “Hong Kong” (case: Cover Blair said Hong Kong) is to the national essence, it is indeed a special revitalization and revitalization.As at June 25, “Daily circulation”, “Government House yesterday afternoon tea party” article, said: “(minor) Lai Jixi Taishi impromptu speech, a little big school Chinese language specialist that is extremely important, Chinese old morality and peace quintessence of the customs, all without delay, as the, if not implement conduct, deep pity (in abbreviated) Sir Shouson Chow also speaking Chinese language it should see is more important than when the world, and an important Chinese language of science, the relationship between the state and individuals of Honor and other words, after the Governor Constitution in Mandarin speech, if not a little that the Chinese through Chinese language as the first Unfortunately, if the Chinese and English are accessible, then the Sino-British feelings will be more harmonious, it is a Chinese language university department, is very important, it can not be taken lightly and so on.(& C.) “I still remember the newspaper have seen speech on national essence of a ‘golden army [16]’, the use of Cantonese, looks consuming power; they thought it was ‘Golden Army’ is Qing survivors, survivors of the discussion is stereotyped, ignore it.Now Chen Jiang looked communications, before we know it, “Golden Army” but it was “Governor” Clementi, a large British people.Alarmed, jumped up quickly look through old newspapers.Luck, on June 28, this “cycle Daily” when ye have found. Because this is not not the quintessence of Chinese revitalization of irrefutable evidence, but also in the future, “Chinese Studies Advancement history” of precious historical materials, so it is no deletions, and invited friends Guangdong correction word error (but at the end of the four collection “Anthology” sentence, because you can not guess hanging “Golden Army” exactly how to say, I am not jump change), clip in the next, to be a little note, the Greek “Tattler” correspondent to the future of Chinese culture as the most important, to be typographical, to sewing Quakers [17]: grams June Mr. rhetoric military exercises on the 24th Government House tea party gold faithfully, improve Chinese academic, Shen Zhou Jue, Lai Taishi, today has played every minute of it, needless to repeat that I am slightly in detail, do something for me, I feel there are three can not do generous reasons, and family I want to talk with faithfully, (first) Department of the Chinese people to show consideration for their motherland learning ah, Hong Kong where the Chinese population, most in the majority, the University of Hong Kong students, Chinese children, the Department also up, if between what universities, focusing on foreign scientific text in vain, for the Chinese ancient legend through the generous Avenue macro, inverted as lightly regarded as insignificant generous school, did not you agree a big pity you, so living in Hong Kong Intend, Chinese students going to university, it really can not do a Branch, (second) should the National Heritage Department of the Chinese people ah, things Chinese article, originally had a very generous precious value, but because the text is too abstruse, so in addition to Xiao scholarly family children, all child extremely generous person other than talent, which can tap esoteric generous, really small, it is one underlying reason why, in recent years, Chinese scholars, for (the National Heritage) sing more generous tone has been high, the local Hong Kong, with China away from the mainland just across the narrow strip of water, if today advocated generous Chinese discipline, can completely set up, the future collection of the University asked a group of generous people, will always all the difficulties, organize them one by one, as epigenetic researchers, generous open bar light the road, not at a very generous thing to comfort you agree baa, so for the Chinese nation to carry forward the light meter, it can not do more one subject, (third) on the line to make Chinese moral knowledge, universal World, since China trade, Chinese language learning, Chengtong material generous, although the item back across, but the Department of foreigners proficient in Sinology, Chinese people all child proficient in foreign science, able to translate the text introduced by China national profound words Academic generous, still fasten less, it’s a blessing was due to foreigners, overseas students with Chinese, Zhang Huaguo Wen Well willing to learn, but because Chinese written language, never finishing complete with scientific methods, to make it to two classes of people, hold a class (unattainable) sigh?If HKU (Chinese Literature) get set up sound on the front all the difficulties, it can be the solution free of it at gradually, foreign study of when a scholar, a certain multi-column door wall to fight for self-wash mill, foreign feelings, naturally more concentrated jia, Well Kuai have Nieye diaphragm slightly, so I plan to China and the world of knowledge, it is also a branch can not do, faithfully, sir, I remember ten years ago a group of overseas Chinese students, because I wanted to study fine China knowledge, but also has been out of a (Chinese style magazines), parts of a magazine, written inscription, there are four sets anthology sentence, moving very generous, I would like to take Li had contributed faithfully, and hope to faithfully implement a four generous inscription meaning for the (liberal arts, Chinese University of Hong Kong) Chan Xiang tried, in service to the end, a four Inscription words, (nostalgia build concept, nostalgia, light mysterious spirit of the ancestors, the sound of Han’s hair days,) slightly Note: the brackets here, drawn up on behalf of the inter-song hooks purposes.MG MG gentry covered with a gentleman, I do not know its details.This does =.And now home =.The generous =.= Department is.Well = no, no.Xiao = a.And all child =.It baa =.?Oh =.Well Kuai there will not be any Nieye =.Li = to.= Had to.Words to say =.  Note Bi can not help feeling the hair again.”Hanfeng magazine” [18] I do not have read; but I remember a little old things.Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu, I was in Tokyo to study in Japan, to personally see.At that time students, the very idea of holding a part of the revolution, the so-called revolutionaries, in fact, racial revolution, to acquire land from the hands of the alien, the return of old masters.In addition to practice, some people are newspaper, some people note books.The banknote is probably China that are not banned, spoken about the case of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, you can make the youth of Mengxing.A long time printed in a book, because it is “Hubei student community,” special issue [19], so called “Echo”, a title that would cover the four old saying: build concept vent nostalgia, nostalgia, Yuen Ling ancestral light, the acoustic transducer of the day Han!  This is plainly, that we think to compare the Han era of prosperity, and the status quo, to see how – must “to recover lost territories”.Put some explicit, is “filled”; by extension, is the “exclusive”.Unexpectedly, two years later, he turned into cultural legacy preservation at the University of Hong Kong, the “Sino-foreign feelings, naturally more concentrated jia,” the slogan of the.I really can not think of this four “collection” Anthology “sentence” will actually be referenced by foreigners.  Such a feeling, in today’s China, hair is made up of endless.It might as well talk about something interesting to do close shoot, be regarded as “Cabaret”.Mr. criticism from me to (say the directory is the only Yi) in the “General” magazine on the novel: “The author’s style of writing.And a lot of humor mean, there are so many novels, people watched, I just feel ridiculous hair loose.In other words, that it is because of this, the reader has at least a lot of knowledge of the life of cut.”[20] Beifu, this ‘just feel’ is also!But I do have this kind of problems, what can not be to seriously.Is the feeling that they would not have been made in the end.But I also have my own difficulties.Because the whole feeling of the hair, if it is false, so why not bored?If true, I had a sense of anger and death, where there is talk.I think, to live and want to say “martyrs”, what is not easy.  I thought it interesting, but also want to introduce an ad.Hong Kong reported on a lot of special advertising, and this one of the most surprising.The first day I see “Daily circulation”, it saw in the first edition, then they will see every day, [21] I need to think about every see, but until finally figure out how it is today: Hong Kong City Yu Hui sell literati and the hotel more than LOH screen linked list pieces for sale in Hong Kong couplet Hong Kong Qilu Hong Kong Seven Castle Qilu dihai couplet dihai Seven spend the Seven spend the Qilu Japan Seven Bible five unique King Seven British Prince Poetry actors Seven Guangchang couplet three gold sixty Hardware fifty seven gold forty screen bar and the hotel owner redouble Yours shop ring waterfront house in Hong Kong, one hundred and ten on the 18th July 11, in Guangzhou Tung.  [1] Benpian was originally published in the August 13, 1927 “Tattler” magazine first forty-four.  [2] author on February 18, 1927 speech to Hong Kong, on the 20th back to Guangzhou.The text says, “in January” should be February.  [3] Chen Jiang communications carrier “Tattler” 137 of period (June 26, 1927), entitled “On the Queen’s College.”.He heard the author sent an open lecture in Hong Kong, in the last paragraph of the letter, said: “Mr. Lu Xun from the previous month to Xiamen Zhongshan University, there is a group to invite him to address the YMCA..Two-day speech are some old literature for an innovative talk, was originally very common (Please forgive me, Mr. Lu Xun’s original statement).But the Hong Kong Government heard of his arrival speech, he hastened to ask a group of people to question, please ask why Mr. Lu Xun to speech, what purpose.”[4] of the total of speech in Hong Kong YMCA twice, once in the evening of February 18, talk on” silent Chinese “; once in the February 19, talk on” old tune over and over already. “.Later, two speech are received in the “three free set” and “outer current collector Supplements” in.  [5] “circulation Daily” published in Chinese newspapers in Hong Kong in January 1874, founded by Wang Tao, about ceased publication in 1947.It Piyou “circulating in the world” and Supplements.  [6] “treasurers” “provincial judge Division,” said the Ming and Qing dynasties in charge of finances for the civil governor of a province treasurers, commonly known as Fantai.In charge of the province, said a provincial judge to the lawsuit provincial judge Division, commonly known as Taiwan provincial judge.  [7] tui (531-?) Word mediator, Langya Linyi (now Shandong Linyi) people, the Northern Qi Dynasty writer.He learned about the Xianbei language, playing the pipa, then, see the book “Family Instructions godson”: “Qi towards a scholar, Chang Wei Wu said:” I have a child, has seventeen years, Xiao book quite sparse, teach their Clan language and playing the pipa, a little desire general solution, this matter volts or poor, are all favorite, also have something important.”When I look down and not answer.Different zai, who is also the godson!Thus, if industry self-induced Qing Xiang, whom also do not want to Rucao.”Tui is described by the Northern Qi Dynasty ‘a scholar-officials’ words, and the opposition, not his own opinion.Later in Lu Xun “<扑空>Right and wrong “(income” quasi-brothels and talk “) made in an article Description.  [8] monk burned story, see Li Xin Chuan Song “Department since Jianyan to record” Volume eight: Jianyan December 2002, “Jin from the Central Plains, where the official Han who are set Interpreter , compete with the severity of dance culture bribery, the people very bitter.A monk of First Instance of rich people, tens of thousands flee their money cord, and Interpreter bribery, sly words eventually becoming rain day, this monk want to burn us moving day.Yanjing left behind Nigeria Chu Ha Promised.Monk callsign, not self-evident to resort to burning death.”Hong Hao Song and” Desert Song Ji Wen “gold country ‘silver beads brother king’ one, Yanjing remember a rich monk debt collection business, similar to this content.Interpreter, was called for interpreters.  [9] “scholar” means the like of Gu.According to “Lu Xun’s Diary”: March 29, 1927, the author emigrated from Zhongshan University Baiyun Baiyun Building on the 26th floor.  [10] “Trade and Industry reported” that is, “Trade and Industry Daily”, the Hong Kong newspaper, founded in July 1925.  [11] “purge” in January 1924, Sun Yat-sen with the help of the Communist Party of China, held the first National Congress of the Kuomintang in Canton, OK “United Russia,, giving assistance to the peasants and workers,” the three policies, reorganize the Kuomintang, the Communists recognize individuals eligible to participate in the party to form the anti-imperialist revolutionary united front of the Kuomintang-Communist cooperation.But by the spring of 1927 progress to the Yangtze River Expedition, Chiang Kai-shek reactionaries publicly betrayed the revolution, launched the “four one two” ****** coup in Shanghai, and published the so-called “purge” of the resolution, the Communist killing spree many members of the KMT and the real support Sun Yat-sen’s three policy leftists.Kuomintang reactionaries called “party purge”.  [12] “Morning Supplement” See page 202 of this volume [Note 5].Lu Xun often “Morning Supplement” writing, but not “special Compilation member”.  [13] “to the Hankou” Before July 15, 1927, led by Wang Ching-wei’s Wuhan Kuomintang ****** faction, has not officially decided to “sub-total” open **** with Chiang Kai-shek in Nanjing ** confluence of the revolutionary government faction, was the seat of Wuhan or KMT-CPC cooperation.  [14] “gun passage end sleep” shot i.e. on the way the meaning of the phrase “end” change from.  [15] Chen Dabei Hangzhou, Zhejiang county (now Yuhang) who, at the time of the drama Workers.August 1923, “Morning Supplement” ran a British Galsworthy’s plays his translation of “Friends of allegiance”; September 17, Chen Xi Ying in the “Morning Supplement” published “Gaussian Japanese Sui’s luck and bad luck – reading Mr. Chen Dabei translated by<忠友>“Article, accusing him of translation errors.Xudan Fu Lu Xun therefore something to stop the “Morning Supplement” contribution, meaning that Lu Xun against “Morning Supplement” Chen Xi Ying published text in the “Beijing literary circles divided doors do household” in.  [16] Controlling the Army of the Qing Dynasty revered place for the highest office of the Governor.  (17) sewing to Quaker last letter in a conventional language polite.Meaning that very admiration (other) kindness of enthusiastic official.Sewing, admiration.  [18] Shen edited “Chinese style magazine,” Yijiu ○ seven years (the Qing dynasty, thirty-three years) in February was founded in Tokyo, Japan.The first set of numbers printed on the cover of the Southern Liang Xiao “FU” sentence: “vent nostalgia build concept, nostalgia.Yuen Ling ancestral light, the acoustic transducer of the day Han.”The book Volume Bangu see two former” West Ode “, after two see Kango sixteen Ban” Feng Yan Ran Ming Shan “.  [19] “Hubei student community” an issue of late Qing study in Japan Hubei student-run, Yijiu ○ three years (Qing dynasty, twenty nine) was founded in Tokyo in January, the fourth since renamed the “Echo”.Another run in May the same year made “leap month Supplement” one called “old school”, also printed on the back of the title page of the above-mentioned “Selected Works” sentence.  [20] ie from Fanzhong Yun Yu, Zhejiang Shengzhou County, was the editor of the Commercial Press, Sino-Japanese War degenerated into traitors.Here he cited the text found in the published in the “normal” number three magazine (November 1926) Review “Wandering” essay.”General” is a monthly magazine of Rieter Shanghai sponsored by the Institute, founded in September 1926, ceased publication in December 1929, issued an open book.