Day: April 6, 2019

Bridge-building fairy tales

Indeed, the purpose of Jinzhou Beacon Hill to see the island is to bridge.Called flyover always feel unreasonable; since called bridge should stand in the air!But to say the least, to take the natural meaning, the idea is plausible, though a bit far-fetched.Whether Zhashui, so long in the land between the islands and some cobblestones, can people after low tide, ** dealings are always fulfilled its responsibilities bridge.This bridge is probably the world’s most birthright not the least investment, the most magical, the most popular of the bridge.  Five back bends, looming bridge on the water, with the ebb and flow show the worth of magic.Beacon Hill Lane just as a stroke of genius Fu described the flyover, and wrote its sensual charm.Here’s what I know the story, you have the opportunity to look at research.If not, control your meal wine.  Mythology, two nine days fairy, driving clouds flew Beacon Hill to play, see the lack of boats, and from the land between the islands of inconvenience, Dunqi bridges for the benefit of the concept, so hands overnight, the use of magic, local materials, this paved the dragon-like bridge!  However, people do not know when the bridges, but also by pointing it Pangu Great!  At first, Pangu in this place after the opening day, left eye became the sun, his right eye the moon; hair and beard became the stars in the night sky; the body into East, West, South, North and majestic quadrupole Sanshanwuyue; blood rivers; teeth, bones and bone marrow become underground mines; skin and fine hair vegetation on the earth; the sweat turned into rain; the soul after death into a human spirit.However, Pangu reserved the right to own soul lingers in the world, when needed, can be modified at any time according to their intentions own world.Then just do not have the ax, but the use of the image of the soul, turned during his lifetime, to guide their children and grandchildren behind.So, two fairy bridges of the concept of a move he knew.But he awakened to examine fairy, but secretly looked on, quietly.  Less than an hour, repaired bridge on the fairy.Wiping the sweat, dancing a few waist, take a look at the bridge repair, very satisfied.It was on high tide.I saw the bridge, look just below the surface like a crescent moon bright, sparkling blue light emitted!They had seen the moon beautiful sky, the moon just want to move into the water, so that people from walking on the moon, to realize the dream of people entered the Temple!  When cheeky fairy just a bit proud, ears suddenly heard the words: children!Think about it, you think of the beauty of light; the way the world should be like it?Both friendly and melodious voice, although modest, as if thrown shook the sea waves of joy.  Fairy leng!Think Yes!It should be straight and flat road should not be about a foot ah!If the repair is bent, it will go a long way useless, a waste of time do not say, such as the return of the delayed things much worse ah!  Thus, both fairy emergency consultations, held a short meeting, decided to repair the road straight, to let people go up both effort and save effort!Well, without further ado, I went ahead.In the end more than the original save.  This time they repair the road became straight Kuan Yu-wide strip.She felt both mystical and with a jade belt to connect the earth, both brilliant, practical and wide, people walking on it, a trend of feeling of happiness will remember with affection, it will arouse their longing for a happy life.Well, well, this is just great!However, just clapping her son to celebrate success, ears and sounded hearty laughter, they are skeptical, I heard someone say to them: You’re wrong, ‘re wrong!You are fairy children, should not be an extraordinary road repair!It should be a fairy road repair!It is to let people walked by, inspire them to think of the way; walk your way, make them a lifetime so that they get a huge sum of spiritual wealth that hear these words, let the fairies no small surprise!Because time is running out, first heard on their recommendation, I do not think much; this time it is different!Not for anything else, he said the voice of the road, they never know where to play since repair; heaven back time is coming!Thus, the sister island of Beacon Hill fluttering Shi a ceremony, a clear, ringing voice asked: where in this Seno?In this small woman temerity bridges to the rush, the heart of this map without bridges; please express respect for Italy, so I’ll wait for the rapid achievement of this bridge Oh, I had Pangu Great Here, you wait Come shrine!  Two fairy looked up and saw an old man appeared clearly on the distant mountains.The old man holding an ax in each hand, it is stout, silver fluttering, stern demeanor; such as the sound waves Xiantian, rhyme like thunderbolt hit the ground; but into the eardrum, they feel kindly grandfather to grandson.  Fairies stared.I thought, this is the epoch of Pangu Great ah?So distant shrine, then pray EXPRESS!  Pangu Great told them, either uphill or downhill Island Island, should have some flat straight section of.The reason is that people do anything at the beginning of all have good hope, continue along this road, it will not be straight and flat!Middle to go through twists and turns, failure, pain, disappointment, and even wanted to give up life!But stick with it, to a bright and successful.World road ahead is tortuous, the future is bright!  Next, gently sigh Pangu!Two fairy see, this tone color colored fog, like groups along the sea along slowly, start straight, suddenly in the middle of nowhere five consecutive turn turn, then another straight down, and after contact with the coast to disappear!They quickly while running fast, while the rest of her two bridges, shore up.  Reach the sea shore when suddenly want to ask the dawn of the Great: Why bend in the middle to turn it on five?But they look back only to find that the Great had already gone a cloud!  The next day at low tide, when it was discovered that the bridge; but no one can know the fairy tale experience of building bridges.But can not explain the middle of the five sections of the twists and turns in the end what it means.It became an eternal mystery.