Day: April 5, 2019

Bridge, trees and the elderly

Hometown there is a river, the shore of a popular nursery rhyme: high mountains, the Bay River, the heavens have quit the river, on both sides of the Cowherd station.    Every day, ah think, ah hope every night, when flying Queer offer, meet July 7 Bridge.    Poly is too short, the road is long, and discrete Magpie Bridge day, people queue river accompanied by heart.    Nong love, I love, from the Queer how to do?  The bridge was built this life nurturing.  People often pass by the river, when the bridge, but was greeted by an old man standing alone in the middle of the bridge, on the edge of a tree, a mountain, a bridge, a river, a road, a bay it?No one has paid attention to mundane.In the eyes may painter is not that a picture it!In the eyes of the poet is not that a picture it!  In fact, the earth had no roads, more people walk and also became a way.In fact, there is no river bridge, but the first person to come to a small river, a tree fell across the river to see the other side, went over, and there was the bridge.  In fact, this is no bridge on the river, we will miss each other a long served as a bridge.Old bridge is pain in the hearts, the bridge is the old man shed tears, the bridge is always long for the elderly, the bridge is a permanent memory of the elderly.  Childhood or old, a group of peers, carefree, innocent and pure manner is jumping and dancing again, but also say ah sing again, for a while to catch catch loach, while scratching tadpoles, for a while to see the water fish, while they look for Rana, go to class, writing homework together, while your house to play, while mountain climbing, there is a sudden it began to rain, the road is wet and slippery deck, in the home, a careless Yadar the bridge slid into the river, forever leaving a partner, and everyone is shouting it is called, is crying and trouble is, you can never returned Yadar.  Partners vowed to build a big bridge acne, so that people unimpeded across the river, so the river planted a tree in memory of her unfortunate.This is always a pain in the elderly.  When grow up, partners are to work, and when the road bridge was built, unfortunately, happen again, the old man’s lover and beloved car Lassa soil construction workers accidentally fell under the bridge, at the expense of several workers the old man’s lover was also thrown under the bridge and broke three ribs, but fortunately no life-threatening, the bridge finally opened to traffic, the partners are the music Yeah, this bridge carries the old man with partners to extend too heavy memories and life.  Since then, the old man and his wife, and this bridge, and the tree waiting for this all his life, as long as the snow days will be able to see the happy old man, kindly remove the snow on the deck, in order to allow people to smoothly bridge, working is Thirty years, never stopped.  Thus, there is an old man, a tree, a mountain, a bridge, a river, a road, a landscape Bay.  But, the moment these happy children who remember this story.