Month: April 2019

Away from thinking about the article

Part One: away thinking has been warm my cold heart is a sun that you shallow smile, I will be waiting for life eternal and most beautiful memories.  - Inscription Looking back, the cold winds blow, the distance.I lightly as a butterfly send away the leaves in the span of Sincere love and miss you.  Unforgettable shallow smile, like a crescent faint, faint, but I was always hanging in the sky remember.  Unforgettable shallow smile, as if the morning breeze as gently, quietly, but always warm my melancholy eyes.  Unforgettable shallow smile, like a night fog-like misty, hazy, but I always decorated with beautiful dreams.  ······ your shallow smile, due to the throbbing soul; my deep love, from the shock of the truth.  Recall know you, or early autumn, that you shallow smile is the sun that autumn elegant and touching, gentle and sentimental; and my heart was now late autumn as the leaves of the same haggard and messy, without fatigue help.On that day, that you shallow smile and a touch of autumn, has been integrated into my eternal memory; on that day, you’ve dumped my world, lit my long-buried truth.  Red Dust, journeying affectionate, but unfortunately fate shallow, everything is gone, but the water Love lonely, deserted an Acacia, a Luo Ji really waiting, haggard fool’s heart.  Cold winds blow, leaves into mourning, missing span, Kan music I send away with your endless Acacia and pious blessing thousands of miles away are: peace, take care of yourself, be happy every minute and second!    Part II: Huiyin away thinking daytime access, accidentally saw an article about Lin Zheng because of.Among women of the last century, the most so I felt pity is Ailing, I was most admire Qiu Jin is endless, and I appreciate the most convenient push Huiyin.Tranquility amongst peaceful attitude, elegant and refined temperament, very calm and relaxed gestures reveals a gas volume of poetry, Wan Ruojing Valley Orchids, gentle breeze, quiet and elegant, fresh and elegant.In the face of love, she chose truth and dull, Liang is a scholarly temperament, but Xu was born with a romantic poet.Way back girl’s feelings, this has a beautiful and bold flowers like a dream, but she was calm and rational surprising.In between heavy and floating in the air, because Lin Zheng go dignified and calm, she did not live clean Fate, capricious vows side, but a natural, fresh prose, the word is stained in rich colors rational accumulation one, each row is clear and firm, without the slightest rash and impetuous.This is exactly the main reason I am impressed.Imagine a young woman, set in beautiful talent ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ wisdom came in one time, who can Atsumori an extremely dull ﹑ awake to the end of faith?At least I can not say that.Lin Huiyin seems a myth of growth in the world, is a worldly air of fairy.In the War of Resistance, in the face of the Japanese raids, she frankly told Liang: “Since ancient times, there is not a reading people often go the old road yet?Let’s turn away from the Yangtze River so close!”One strength of character queue scholar antique vividly before, this time they seem to be one of the boys she, reasonable manner ﹑ Rain or shine, calm magnanimous ﹑ extraordinary courage, it seems that only Qingzhao” Health as odds, death is also a male ghost “only can be compared.  Compared to the heroic Qiu Jin, Zhang Ailing’s quiet wan, Huiyin has some unique dignified and ladylike atmosphere.Architecture ﹑ ﹑ foreign language literature ﹑ ﹑ theatrical performances, people Yan flowery, her extraordinary talent like a six-sided flash exquisite diamond, from any side seem a thrilling beautiful, purely secular was no trace of dirt, No wonder Mr. Jin will be waiting for her life.This give a confidante, Barbara this life without regret.Sauna net Xiao Qian Shen Wen ﹑ ﹑ Mr. Jin was once her home riding off, poetic things to talk together freely, in dense cigar breath, guarding such an extraordinary manner ﹑ astute wisdom of women, listen to her words including machine front ﹑ sharp smooth exposition some insight into the listener sometimes nodding knowingly, sometimes pensive smile, the tone of the speaker sometimes solemn, sometimes in high spirits, that is how some very fascinated scene ah!Cheong is what a joy of life!Wu Yi Sining, Youran to Pina, remote Mu historical review that moment, however, to Xing Xing, regaling Come Xiangqi!Students do not hate at the same time, such a beautiful woman, he missed only regret I Ran!    Part Three: Remote think childhood memories of vine time flies, time smoke, Love quietly away, lamenting and bid farewell to life in the warm spring season, ushered in a quiet summer sunlight feelings.  Quiet afternoon stroll in a faint trail, feeling nature ear kiss, can not remember how long have not seen such a thin surrounding scenery, the daily run around the edge of the city, busy figure had neglected patch of wildflowers field potou smile, clusters of fragrant grass.  In this fast-paced life of the city, all kinds of people always stop no less than hurry, in order to share only survive, in order to mediocrity sinking heart, I went to an unknown in this journey…We lost too many good vision.Look back, to see that all the way through the trail, but found busy we had lost yesterday.  Hold short summer this is a rare pleasure, plunge into the embrace of nature, to see green grass was green and fragrant, listening to the trickling spring water flowing, not far from the front with small groups of children laughing slapstick, really cheerful , watching this scene, my thoughts seemed to be pulled back to that era of laughter.  Scene after scene of childhood thus emerge in front of a picture innocent face filled with happy smile, that little figure running in the open fields, shuttle between the bright patch of golden canola flower chased Gu butterflies flutter dragonfly.  We have a children’s childhood mischievous nature and innocence, will climb tall trees to nest end, picking berries, digging wild, and then start all over again, the entire film is filled with mountains in the curl of smoke, share a rare TV drama delicious, sunset, lying on the soft grass, looking up at the blue sky, watching the evening ended, saying their hearts and dreams.  He said, I will grow up to become a painter, this a charming local flavor eleven outline, she said, I’ll have to make a lot of money, then go to the city to live, waves of laughter, accompanied by a slight the evening breeze gently over the Buddha, night falls quietly, looking at the stars blinked, listening to Mama story of the seven Dwarfs, into sweet dreams.  Piece trickling creek ditch, a group of small figure laugh at the name of the play water fights naughty, feeling the fish, shrimp holding on, so full of laughter in the classroom, mischievous throw the book, on the blackboard random graffiti, so amiable teacher, uttered a sound helpless sigh…Too much joy of childhood, accompanied us to grow and become the best memories in life, the most memorable years.  It was wearing a beautiful red Huaqun, wearing two small whip catch spring little girl, I.  That head cool straw hat, holding a dead wood sticks, the shuttle in the field potou rustic charm girl, I.  That small crystal clear river, barefoot Ah clumsy girl playing in the water to catch fish to catch shrimp, I.  That Yaotouhuangnao during recess holding books, reading the text of bumbling good girl, I.  That way school with little friends, play slapstick starting a naughty girl, I.  Say, childhood is a sea of joy, is a years long melodious song, sing me a lot of pure and beautiful, dear small group of partners, you are my original notion, but also warm and I always come the last emotion.  But, who knows that the field potou, bearing the number of the joy of my childhood?It seems crystal clear creek ditch could see the group of small figures, that year’s laughter echoed as if still in the ear, but now it is not found in traces, not enough time to say goodbye with childhood, they are was brought relentless years on the tail of youth, innocence of childhood, childhood classroom, childhood friends, as well as childhood carefree childhood!  Too many good and warm memories with me through the life of another one-way journey.  Think of these memories, lamenting the years rush like water, passing around the transition from the old, but their faces do not re innocence and carefree childhood, digging wild group of partners, where you?It was said to be a painter of you, and whether now realize your dreams?It was said to come to your city life, and is now whether the city will feel noisy sound emitted by the whistle, that keep you away from the fun-filled green grass, and every smile on your face disappear, as well as share of hard to find innocence?  Wandering in this no sense of belonging to the city, as the wind in the leaves of a crumbling, offer all kinds of weakness, not of the heart ,, rely on growth and setbacks in the fight again and again, irrespective of how much we reluctance, or to strong to face the cruelty of life, survival of the fittest, so we can only keep pace forward, forward.Live in this colorful big vat of society, those in the simple pleasures of childhood suddenly seemed far too far away from us, as far as our memories are beginning to blur, as far as our eyes can only see, Survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, the eight characters.  Cost of growth, hard pursuit of true happiness, but in the end what is?Is that follow the crowd, so busy WWF report the source of the survival of clarity?But, but, our hearts and lost a little innocence, our faces addition of a few wipe the smile it?  In this era of so-called can not afford injuries, materialistic society, the more we share the desire to pursue the initial emotion, pure smile, with a rather indifferent parked heart, to do a long aftertaste that dream, it is our go back to childhood.  And once, crazy together, downtown together, make mistakes together, those immature childish, childhood years seem just left a touch of beautiful memories, and gradually learned, the most terrible is not the time to pull away, watered down memories, but those never found innocence, go back to childhood.  Innocent joyful time, I miss the patch of green grass, piece of crystal clear river, the group also runs the small figure in the field, hillside, count on that carefree childhood.  If childhood, you as a small group of partners in the field potou, running figure drifting away, but this time my heart was quiet as a pool of water, excites the slightest ripples, so quiet can hear the voice of the loving care of friends, go home, dark.

Away beads sound

Child, intellectuals know everything I know abacus.Abacus, that time is a common computing tool.    When I did not learn to use the abacus, a great admirer of those who expertly struck on the abacus beads, integrated digital.    Thinking, What a great invention.Four borders, a beam, a dozen stick, dozens of wooden beads tablets will be able to rule one hundred million digits.Human finger up and down toggle counting beads, digital was ready to integrate in the meantime, feel free to remove, leaving no trace.British scholar Joseph Needham called “Abacus is China’s fifth largest invention”.It is said that it painted an abacus on zhangzeduan Song Dynasty painting “painting” on the pharmacy counter Zhao Taicheng.Abacus culture has a long history, profound, I’m just little knowledge of twelve.    Sangu is the essence of a businessman won the abacus.She is the village peanut oil factory director, in charge of the factory ship purchase, payment collection, of course, can not do without thinking.I like to stand in front of Sangu, to see her in one hand and a pen in one hand and struck counting beads.Her eyes focused, correct posture, calm demeanor look deeply engraved into my mind, become for me a woman’s aesthetic.Lot numbers, smart Sangu by fingering counting beads, counting beads ups and downs, Pilipala become a Deshu, standing on the corresponding bit in the books are referred Sangu.I was obsessed with counting beads Sangu toggle sound, like a father obsessed with the sound of blowing water pipe, they each have their own rhythm, each with its own taste.    Farmers also need abacus.A few acres of sugar cane production team, we need to calculate the yield abacus.Captain farmers of intellectuals, he always proudly stood by the river, the green cloth bag out of the abacus, on the top beam large scale, villagers cane on the scales, the captain take notes under the weight, finally, each household will be calculated from a total number of sugar cane, the achievements of this season’s collection is finalized abacus.Call it a day, the captain of the abacus to the body rubbed back into the green cloth bag.    A child into the village’s small department store, the salesman always see abacus calculation.I was standing in front of the counter and stare at them, while their inventory of goods purchased by the customer, while contemplating on quickly dial a few beads, and soon reported total price.Those are my eyes terrific salesman intellectuals.Cabinets neatly arrayed new abacus colored, black, brown, brown, sizes.My head sideways, looking through the glass, staring at a favorite abacus, dreams of becoming its owner, who practice it day in, excel Abacus magic, command of one million large numbers.    Forgot started to learn that in elementary school grades abacus, just remember, when thinking on teacher pointing math book, and told the students to call parents to buy an abacus, I jump for joy.My father bought me the abacus is brown, sort of a small, sleek wooden beads.To protect the abacus, the father taped to the four corners of snapping.Holding abacus, I treasure.Since then, I have forged a deep love and abacus.    The first church on the abacus class, I learned that the abacus is not a trifling matter, it is of formulas, it is necessary practices.At first, only slowly toggle beads, one last look, the former want to be thinking.Computing a bunch of numbers, be patient, be focused, every game is calculated, hand and mind are used, it is a dance of the soul, not a kung fu cat with three legs manageable.    Gradually, I memorize the formulas abacus, fingers more sensitive.In the classroom, I always figure out the answer soon, but accurate.Abacus, inspired my desire calculation.When recess activities, I do not jump rope, do not hide and seek, like the abacus in practice.After school, I sat in the room, shut out the bustling and noisy, with your fingers struck wood beads, mobilize ten million numbers, walking in a small abacus, this very pleasant walk, as a small fish in sea cruising, the vast state of mind, nerve active; there are like dancing in the mountains, to provoke numerous vegetation and clouds, jumping and leaping, all worries were buried in the mountains, jumping and leaping, dusk pink clouds on the floor speckled.    Later, I do not know what the students taught me to play chess count in a long time, thinking of my free time playing with tools.Sitting under a tree in front of the Phoenix, with a good friend play chess counting beads, is a very happy thing.Childhood sun is warm, the time is ample, the mood is simple, we have endless leisure.I like to play with kids and fun games, mostly mindless games, puzzles and be counted game, pick up the abacus, he felt he was a literate person.I remember one evening, I took a small abacus to Hongjie home challenge.I had two years older than the small Hongjie are considered chess master, I defeated, could not eat that night was lost.So, I determined to devote themselves to study chess considered surgery, my mind naturally relatively spirit of it, after a period of practice, I beat a little Hongjie, but also against all the children around the next game count.Abacus, my sword, to accompany me through the period of high morale years.Later, I went to high school in town, gradually neglected abacus.I do not know when to begin, my thinking is gone.    Life never to rise several times gone through many times forgotten, abacus, and finally with my lopsided.Think about it, for more than two years without playing the abacus.On my desk, stood a long-term electronic calculator, which takes the place of thinking in my life.In my career as an accountant decade, electronic calculators is my good assistant.This is a technologically advanced age, this is an era of emphasis on speed, which is more important than the interests of a fun era.Reality tells me: I can not always hold abacus, like snail walking on top of the times.    Ten years ago, the son of kindergarten, to learn abacus.I bought a stationery shop in the little black abacus.Now, in my old things in the box, it has been preserved in this small abacus.    Today, I was finishing the old thing, it’s like a long-lost friend in front of me, face the vicissitudes of life, and I have nothing to fall back flow of time and brilliant youth.I rightly sits at his desk, chin in one hand, a hand stroking a long absence, counting beads, toggle slowly counting beads, heart a little confused, stiff fingers, remember formulas, like a man walking on the trail on, tune while reading the years thousands of miles, while feeling years of relentless.    Abacus as stationery, lost its practical value.    People using electronic calculators every day, almost forgotten relationship with the results of the process.Has anyone thought about the process of calculation is spiritual life, it can go beyond the result, the appeal.A man calmly, patiently calculated on the abacus, is a survival attitude, is a self-pay amount.Need to understand mathematical calculations, the result is important, more important is the cultural connotations.    Taking advantage of next month Delicate, like the ancients, like a cup of tea, sit by the window, struck counting beads, ears, heart and sometimes self-assured, sometimes dancing.Here, there is a culture in support of life, interpretation of the charm of life.    Autumn speckled study, I miss sitting in the window and thinking Goes.

Awards rain

Part one: leaning out of windows and look reward rain, Rain did not stop the pace forward, not a little tired, still falling natural and free and easy.Leaves get a thorough baptism, become more beautiful; the grass was a complete bath, wash away the dust of the soul, the more green; seedlings received a gift of Rain, more passionate and energetic; earth Rain is sucking the milk of the night, he looked tired, with a sweet smile to sleep; air purification night after the Rain, also grew pure.Open the small window, invited fresh air come in, come in please Rain is love, the whole cabin became warm and full of fun.  Rain is falling, some touching, some poetic, giving a realm of beauty, a spiritual washing, a lightheartedness.Some people say that the rain is a romantic stroll.Indeed, walking in the rain, quietly enjoy the rain, enjoying the fresh, free and easy and natural qualities, is a kind of mold, is a drunk enjoyment of beauty, is a sight to behold.  I like Rain is falling day, because she can make me irritable mood becomes calm, I can wash away a touch of sadness, I feel I’m real and natural, and restore the color, back to nature.Rain is falling, we have become accustomed, that is the laws of nature, she is also very common, but her love for the natural world we can not deny, at the expense of her own body to nourish the heart of all things, there is no meaning request, but no blame no regrets.Reward rain, I think if people like rain, the garden of the motherland will be more beautiful, man and society, man and nature will be more harmonious.    Part II: Reading the wind reward rain early autumn, autumn rain drunk Acacia rainy autumn, autumn brings tears, when most Acacia.Like early autumn rainy season, like autumn lingering Qingsi.Today is early autumn rainy season, rain Qianyindichang night last night, early in the morning my umbrella, walk mention the shore of the river, the wind combing the swaying willow, flowers and kisses rain.Amidst the Rain, rain started falling, the slightest breeze, the water trickling, Yang Liu Yiyi, a good cozy beauty.Misty rain enveloped the distant, hazy, flickering, the number of towers in the misty rain, the silence of the curved road into the distance, as if the sky covered with a mysterious veil.  A person walking in the broad river tima road, enjoy the quiet beauty of autumn, autumn is always so touching, perhaps a soft spot for autumn, particularly fond of the autumn season, autumn is not crazy summer rain, no cold rain, nor early winter cold.Autumn charming and enchanting, fascinating and charming, sweetness, like a stroll in the autumn sky, like listening to the raindrops on the umbrella of love, then rain.Quietly watching the flowing river, rain thrown ripples across the calm surface of the water due to rain and thrown a little ripple, a quiet beauty that makes the mind to be quiet.  Cicadas in the autumn season already hid the soil, only the tireless crickets still singing the same love song lifetime, and only at this time disappeared bustle of the rainy season so we can enjoy the perfect voice crickets, the dough softly whisper, turned out to be such a beautiful and touching.Walking in the rain washing the flowers, smell the faint aroma of grass, listen to the whisper Huayu, feel the nature of this Kiyomi.Nightlife net like in the autumn season, quietly sitting in the window, taking a dip in a pot of tea, slowly sipped tea, look out the window raindrops beat window frames, listening to the ticking of the rain, thinking fleeting years past, wipe the dust in the past, the old stories wash in the rain, enjoy one of the world’s serene and sweet.Time ruthless, time has left a mark, childhood frolic in the rain, the rain chased by stepping on the bubble, put the Buddha just yesterday, getting a long journey back, actually makes me a little sad at the autumn season.Across the years every trace is so clear, always out in the rain season to savor some.  Autumn always brings people unlimited reverie, smell, rhythm.Between heaven and earth, it has a flow of tears Acacia endless, endless lingering v language, which is heaven and earth kiss it.Autumn is always connected next few days, with a cool early autumn, driving the flame summer, a summer boredom wash, wash the sky is clear and bright, autumn after autumn season is in respect of.When reading the wind reward rain early autumn, drunk Acacia autumn rainy season.Let us cherish this short autumn scenery, enjoy nature’s bounty given to the earth.    Part three: rain reward stand alone in the window, staring out the window Cantabile rain rhythmically beating window frames, to listen to the TV drama shook weeping as dance music in the breeze as the wonderful sound of music.Street, few pedestrians on the road, sometimes after people also come and gone.Sometimes lightning in the sky, sometimes thunder, the sky is no color, dark Ming.  Stand alone in the window, quiet look at you gently approached me, far and near, from sparse gradually close.You wait and see the pace of light like the wind, such as mottled shadows of the trees, crushing and flow ripple, like that woman Sha nudge the lotus feet dancing as yarn Luoqun walking in the evening breeze.  Stand alone in the window, do you see when Fang Yan hurried to come and go, but also in the slightly damp smell in your aromatic fragrance, I also heard that you like the latent poet Wing Yin silent, frustrated interwoven yin and yang, such as flow.Use onomatopoeia to describe the presence of your wonderful voice, it is not enough, so you deny your beautiful voice.Notes with great accuracy is so compact phase, a chain, attached the slightest, is so wanton float in the air, like a fleeting spark of inspiration for the composer, but also like the distant ancient battlefield uploaded to the faint drum-ming, sound masi.You XiXi whereabouts of singing, to the accompaniment of thunder and lightning is so beautiful, and instantly fall from the sky, a flash and slowly ascend to the seventh sky.  Stand alone in the window, instant, from the bottom of my heart Yang Qi numerous branch beautiful song, and played string sounds with your ears in my car one after another.Might sound, he is my favorite music “Love rain” music tune, plaintive cries, indicating that you and I both Acacia Inner Voices; pretty soon, that gentle melody and converted into blind Bing in Wuxi Lake that as sad as weeping “Traditional”, tells of his life too much frustration and desolation.  I stand alone in the window, I looked over at the occasion of the end of the field of vision of the emergence of Deng Shichang command “Zhiyuan” was awe-inspiring warships, warships handsome flag on wind wave, the bow stood holding a sword, head Dai Hongguan heroic warrior, is struggling to move forward.The roar of thunder and lightning, as if Deng Shichang encouragement to the officers and men of the year: “for us the army for the country, early home life and death and givers, not wait, just from the dead.”At the moment, Deng Shichang that magnificent voice surround me, let Zhuangxinbuyi.  Stand alone in the window, listening to the old eye view all the time, CD coming out of the piano brought me back to reality.Old beautiful voice, piano and Deng Shichang wonderful words of encouragement to the officers and men of the reality of the music seemed so pale and weak.  Stand alone in the window, piles of books on the desk that makes me reluctantly and digital temporary farewell to you, he plunged headlong into the endless ocean of digital.However, the rain kept looking out the window, my heart how it can not be drilled to the ever-changing numbers.Helpless, waiting for the bell from work a little earlier sounded.  Stand alone to the you know?That witch as you like music and passionate encouragement oath, had put my heart and soul pull far, far away, and I can no longer bound by the shackles of his own ideas, thoughts of the tide as flash floods, blew.Your gentle voice that is qing pen hung in the balance of synesthesia, your voice is soft veil of dreams Longzhe at Lotus Pond; your euphemism song is described by Qian Zhongshu that strange marriage metaphor, is the siege want to rush out of the siege and can not crowd out of embarrassment; your song is described by Xu, “gently you go, as you gently to” the real life experience turned into a plume of emotions Saying Good River.  In the distant imagination, Yuhuangge ancient bell sounded at eleven, penetrate your voice over the midnight silence.Awards rain in the daytime, when the night listening to the rain, for our busy human beings, and because Italy is a how pleasant thing ya ah!    Part Four: step tour of rain rainy day, I like to look out the window leaning against the window, dark blue and gray sky show is so quiet.Pedestrians hurried walking with running for cover, perhaps they do not like rainy days, but I know He Shixi love it, love it deep and broad-minded in rhyme.Rain flutter in the air, playing with their wanton dripping movement, looking ahead, flowers and trees, fresh eaves of buildings being washed and fuzzy, like a bath, everything becomes so calm.  Beautiful clear skies minded people happy, rainy sky but do not have a view.Chengzhaoyusan step in a small way of reward rain, sucking the rain exudes atmosphere, hazy river bank scene like it is covered tulle, in rain and fog filled the room exudes its unique implication, let their feelings Sasa rain, the rain, sometimes it whipped around, sometimes swaying air, Cecil strands are so random, like the rain like a finger tap the river, playing a rain of a circle note.Then out of hand was floating down the rain, chilly stirred up the hearts of the bud, feel more relaxed pace, feel that he was not a man to walk, but with little rain lingering in the side, to accompany me to tell their emotional mind.Weekdays between various troubles encountered, but also with the rain fall, at the foot of the road I walk free either, against the bursts of rain float in the air, I walked all the way to the calm and pleasant.When I was in such a state of mind to feel it, even rain appears to be so beautiful.It is not lack of beauty, but the lack of discovery of mood it’s beautiful eyes.

Awake daydream

Every dream deserves respect, no matter how far away, whether it can be achieved.As long as you have a dream, I hope it will not go out.Each truth is worth touched, regardless of whether the lovers get married, whether or not the so-called perfect match.As long as love, the world would not be so cold.Every persistent, are worthy of their applause, do not care about, is not stubborn, do not ignore it there is no result, because the process is the essence of life experience. do you know?Why the tears so warm, because the world around us is too cold too cold. I cry because I am sad, I cry because I’m sad.Although I am a man, but I do not hide the tears, feeling no need to hide, tears does not mean weak.Cried release, release both physical, but also spiritual.And tears can wash off the sand soul. If you still love her, do not give up immediately.Maybe you’ll regret it because of the insistence of a few years, but on the contrary, you will regret it forever.The same is true for ideal. Our life is very short very short, so we have to try to do what you want to do.Do not be afraid to regret it, because life can not be without regret.Not lost, it is not valuable.No parting, no joy together.Life pleasures to be timely, not to let the passage of air for Love. Flowers in front of you, is your spring.Friends around you, family, lovers, is your world.We continue forward, do not blindly toward the goal, sometimes have to stop and enjoy the scenery.We should expect in the future, cherish the present, past collection.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) If there is a person worthy of your love, you should live well.If there is a person, willing to share your joy and sorrow, to give you care, that you are happy.Do not complain about life, because that life will complain to you.Do not require anything in return, because the process is sometimes paid, that is, return. Drunk know the alcohol concentration, loved party knowingly weight.What love is, different people have different answers.But I firmly believe that it is worth every individual to pursue. I hope that one day, to be with her, walking in the beautiful grassland.See flowers Yunjuanyunshu.Never mind the world of strife, not to hear the noisy din.Accompany her to see steady until the end of time.

Await your return

Part One: Maple Leaf situation, I come back to you in grief medium-autumn chill, maple desolately, thoughts of the heart has never changed.Return visit, deep gratitude, love for you has not changed, just the wind blowing through the leaves, remember your black hair, eyes honest, that fiery heart, ah, burning your love for autumn.Rain whirling, dream a few years, at the horizon, can be placed soul?!Sound sigh, tear drops, painful dreams in.  And you first met, autumn maple forest, then you young and lively, sparkling eyes, a hint of laughter in The red smear, in my direction, silvery laughter floated full of innocence, came thick thick innocent.Streets full of light, crispy sound of maple at your feet, snapping, you follow the light footsteps, like fire burning youth!Your cool, you face the sun, you Qingcui stepping sound, there is a spring also incomparable charm, deeply attracted me.I head towards you, politely asked: “Miss, take the liberty to ask a question, you also do to reward Maple?”” Yes, you are ah?Then we enjoy it together?!” ‘I’m not afraid of you bad guys” you’re wearing our school uniforms, he would hold a camera, how would the bad guy?”I looked at my school uniform, silly feeling prickly hair, huh laugh.  Minded, congenial personality, we have a fire like passion, treat the cause of serious, something bold decisions quickly, resolutely.Due to the Maple Leaf, we met, met, fell in love.The river of time will Sentimental youth away, the result is a mature you and me.A maple leaf-like woman, Qi ears, short hair, justice and gentle eyes, capable physique.Lead by example, strict law enforcement, and the principle is the pursuit of your life.As the Commission for Discipline Inspection, you never miss any crimes clues, but also from any injustice will not be a good person, you are serious about yourself, tolerant of others, their family, you too conscious guilt.  Another year of red maple, we take time, back to the place of acquaintance.Hills are covered with maple, as brilliant and spectacular.However, a piece of gold, but with a sad and dazzling colors.You wearing a maple leaf red coat, his hands in his pocket, heavy and slow heels tapping on the ground, producing a low and heavy sound.We walked on, you stopped and looked up, pick a red maple leaf, facing the sun, its lines look.Your eyes misty with tears, I know that you see is a blur of gold, in sad tears, has been rippling, that is what you want to search for the color, it is ten years you put up with hardships for children pay, it is your child full of hope.You are remembering, with regret, deep guilt and remorse.I know, because I also tasted the taste of lost loved ones, I also facing the Maple Leafs this cover up their grief.  Your tears finally welled up in the eyes, hot, from the corner, quietly slipped.You’ve been head high, not easily low, I know, I see you are afraid, afraid to arouse my sorrow.Tears, shed more than drops on your hands Maple Leaf, “da, da, da,” Yes, I heard the sound of it, is so heavy, there are hundreds and hundreds of kilograms of weight on your chest, that Maybe more than a tear, you should still heavy pressure in the chest like a large stone.  I know, hello regret, guilt is good, good grief, good pain, defeat the college entrance examination, the child give up on themselves, ending his own life, you will be the responsibility of all blame on himself, my wife ah, how much you want to carry a person the burden of a person to withstand much pressure ah!I just like this pain, I regret it not so, as a father, as a man, as head of the family, but can not afford to save her daughter’s life, there is no ability for you to share shred!  ”You do not cry, you are a dead man is not the child’s fault, my fault too many, you see the Maple Leaf, it should be your brilliant style, sunny straightforward, earnest dedication, you can feel this piece of yellow maple leaf color is your heart it?The way, you also need to gorgeous dark unhealthy practices, which is the color of our children left, she looks at you in the sky!”You cover in this piece maple long heart, head on my shoulder, eyes closed, leaving a long, long time tears.  I think, perhaps overtaken by events, time will make you forget the grief slowly.But the way you go to disaster relief, but never came back, never!Because tired of the long, irregular work and rest, busy, you had lung cancer, but why do not you tell me so?Why are you so good and strong, insist on it for the villagers put up a tent in the rain?Why to quell the discontent, struggling in the rain you would rather tell the truth do all sorts of?For the party, this loyalty, in order to.You leave me, I leave this fall, I went to fill our memories of Maple Grove.Patches of golden, begins to heart, your heart is made of gold, bright shining as the sun shining; red red red, loyalty can watch, your heart is red flame group for the country abandoned his family, party and the people of the world can be a loyal table!  But ah, my wife, can you stop and look back at me and the children, even if only one visit, I know, not what you do not read the heart, not what you do not care, but you have a kind of born with autumn to the mission, you are obsessed autumn, obsessed with good things, when you’re young; you love autumn, love your career, when you are middle-aged; you die for the autumn, in order to safeguard the interests of the people die, you lose daughter of that year.  My wife, where to place your soul?I think the best place for you is this piece is full of meaning of life, the value of life, right Maple Grove!    Part Two: After you come back every day of hot weather up, when the body of water have been drained all the fiery sun, this season, this really is not suitable for wet emotional thoughts.But some ignorant thoughts, or it will disturb people uneasy, restless.Some feelings always thought that there is continued opportunity, so he casually stranded there, missed the chance to sail the tide until weathered decay, can only really ran aground on the coast of the memory side, listening to the ebb and flow a little heart a little break anymore voice.When did I lose you, it is a period of time beyond the memory of it?In between is a time inadvertently after waving it?Or confusion in his eyes when the flowers?  Over and over again to refresh the space, who will read you, who care about you and want to go?Line by line looking at the message, who’s happy like summer sun without shelter stopped; who miss the rain like a rose shy; who’s sad crying like a baby unbridled; who put a smile, who in making a fuss?We had the brilliant youth, but in such a loss slowly lost the original pure color.We are always busy nightlife net doing we think a very important thing; we are making a living from morning to evening with; we grow old with time is not only a face, and sinking once passionate heart.After hit by a brick wall, we learn to give up the so-called.We started to find all sorts of reasons for their cowardly; we began to suspect that the shelf life of love; we began to feel that heaven is the greatest absurdity.  Those who loved hurt all over again will again tell you not to believe there is true love, and when they repeat over and over again with these lies, these lies than the truth so people also willingly.They hurt in the name of love of love, and then only tell you to let go, only calm, only free and easy, it can be in an invincible position in the mortal world.  They are no longer willing to Oneself, it should also topple the Emperor’s courage and boldness of vision; they no longer have the grinding 000-1000 Kennedy also strong, Seoul, the East and West Wind stubborn and persistent; they only see the mountain heavy water complex without grief and despair of the road, how could experience vista of surprises and wonderful.They come in a difficult time, not like a warrior, like to fight, but chose without a fight, but also the United States, saying it is not the success of Heroes.  So lost his will that fearless youth to stay in wasted time, so that the innocent face of a girl and a crossroads, and then stop someone said: the left, to the Right, the forward, the.However, they forget that each person’s happiness can not be copied, just as each person’s pain is not the same paste.Do you always take the damage to obliterate our happiness, if you really like it loneliness and loneliness as partners Well, if you really like calm and unmoved went well.We could be on your eyes just foolhardy Mangfu, we could be on your mind so it just ignorant fearless.But it is the youth ah!Pounding heart, warm heart, stubborn heart!Never give up, refusing to bow.In fact, if they really suffered a crushing defeat and how, big deal all over again!In fact, if they really destroyed and how, at least we loved, the letter before, we did not live up to entrust love.  Sometimes, really do not need a lot of sweet talk, just short of two words: you get back, we have covered all the feelings.  I lost faith, lost their own, no matter how far away lost, we must remember to get it back.

Avalokitesvara Mei

I love roses, only thorns roses love it.    This cluster rose tree has been for many years, and I can not remember when planted.Just remember daunting branches covered with spines, children do not want to touch, I do not want to hear his name.    They quietly hiding in the lawn after school in the road with holly, abandoned in a corner, far perspective the center of the garden “Enchantress” were the scenery goes by, silent.No one ever raised, who also dismiss.    Recently, I do not know where that Rosa had enough strength sudden release, straight from Holly to come forward with a throw to succeed, grow special wang solid, bright red flowers open outside enchanting score, refreshing.Flowers, bees and butterflies in groups, bustling, bustling!    I suddenly realized, too, that they will eventually eclipsed the Kwan Fong, eventually will make you startled eyes, and you will eventually convincing.    I finally could not resist the temptation of that enchanting, this move towards them, they favor.This cluster flower laughed, though silent, but laughed nines, lovely.Soon, the campus boiling up, full of people, stop obeisance, all wreathed in smiles.With so many unfamiliar look, warmly met for the first time, although it took a frightened pet if flushed, but still so generous nature.They stretch lightly so many arms, dancing with a beautiful face, is simply a manifestation of the Goddess of Mercy cast down to earth!Obviously, at the moment it took his body had completely forgotten the sting, which seems so happy, serene.    Saw their manners, I always felt that it is simply a lead dancer Tai Lihua’s “Avalokitesvara” shape.This dance is beautiful, Rosa’s world, too; it touched the dance world, so beautiful can also Rosa.Because it is the world’s favorite lover, is the world’s lover, I always think so.If they do not listen to the announcer introduced the Spring Festival party host, you incredible own eyes, this dance was actually a group of deaf people stepping beautiful melody created, and there is a group of life long pain prickly beauty, suffering in silent world loneliness and pain in suffering out.Rosa is it not so amazed it!So it is with things!Because of its beauty and flowers covered with ugly barbed always been inseparable.So, you do not just enjoy their beauty, forget the flowers quills, beware of “stab” You.Visible, hole out things, should have such a pessimistic attitude.    I love these bright red roses, they also love the sting.


Part One: Man wanted in the autumn of autumn breeze threw herself into his arms, to bring a little coolness, willow on the side of the road, not long ago a lush, carried by the wind stood slightly yellow leaf branches on the ground, a strip thin yellow leaves, from afar, in the case of gold generally do.  Inadvertently, the fall has been nearly half, while on the bed, white mosquito net has not taken off.Suddenly realized between, I have not before going to bed to catch up mosquito nets in a long time did not wake up in the morning, found his body there are a lot of red spots, I got up and saw the corner of the nets, only to stop down with a belly drum mosquitoes drum, could not bear to kill, open the mosquito net, put it released the.  Frankly, I’m not used this fall in the South, Yu Dafu speaking, a layer of a layer of cold autumn rain, however, there was no autumn, there are only constant throughout the year Jiang Feng and sea breeze.Here, feel the taste of autumn, because the seasons are not so clear, unless one day, suddenly saw all the leaves fall off the window, you will be aware of the autumn has come.In addition, there is no special feeling, unfortunately, often you just feel the presence of autumn, not enough time to taste some Autumn, winter has come.  Autumn home and this is not the same call to the family, saying that these two days is raining, rhythm, under the intermittent, two days before the time at home, have been required to wear a thick morning coat, and it’s the hottest time of noon, still need to wear a thin jacket, to prevent illness, “Su asked the Golden real speech” records to: the autumn air, the sick in the shoulder.So, cold insulation is essential health needs.  Four Seasons home is very clear, especially in the fall, first with one of the elephant is a symbol of the harvest in autumn.Secondly, on the side of the road, piled thick dead leaves is a testament to step up, like a layer of carpet General.Finally, stronger evidence is that the open hill and dale Little Huangshan chrysanthemum, and like countless opened his eyes, looked like a small speaker countless singing, really, “until the autumn to September 8, after the flowers I flowers kill “.  The time spent, compared to only two categories can compete, one Qiugui, the other is that the mountain daisy, there are similarities in the two spent colors that are yellow, on the scent, Qiugui the flavor is full-bodied sweet gas, and arnica aroma is fresh and pale gas.A commonality between them is plain, aromatic calm, no one pay attention to the time spent quietly opened, the fragrance exudes slowly, in quiet no sound, flower gradually fade, do not leave a trace.  I remember little of the time, the school will organize once we fall camp, in fact, go where we usually also go, that is not really some of our sights and attractions around town, at least in terms of the time is not really the.However, no matter what, we still expect very, kind of desire and hope is now can not understand how, when a child’s mind, always so lovely and elusive.  Eleven time at home, also had a fall camp, about a dozen people, are their own, we are carrying pot, with food, with a tool, in the Buddhist College brook side to start the meal, pick up the dry burning firewood, cook the water ditches taken with chopsticks branches do, drinking wine, eating meat, everyone talking and laughing, playing the whole day.However, I do not know why, hearts always feel something missing, under presumptuous smile, but hidden deep inside trace of bitterness.  Such a picnic in my high school had a time, and several partners are on the village we go, five or six similar age junior partner, carrying a pot and cooking materials, came to the valley across the top of the Patriarch out, we cook vegetables in the ditches, the girls in charge of cooking, and we boys do, is responsible for catching crabs, because to that time, we found that there are too many crabs, it happens to be sunny, a lot of crabs out of the water in the sun, and when everyone was thrilled, I was the first time that the crab is so good catch, pick up shells on the beach like a general, direct control, we caught a lot with us with a little oil to the bombing case, although there is no restaurant now do so color, flavor and taste, but we felt it was really delicious supreme.At that time, also for the first time to eat a fried instant noodles, sister whim, only to find the original instant noodles can eat this, but this is so delicious to eat.Three in the afternoon time, we have a pedestrian, carrying pot, singing all the way back home, all my heart is flattered.  Children dream of the past had gone to waste, buried in a corner of the years.Cost of growth that we have to face what we have never thought, illness and death of pain began to slowly allows us to appreciate their loved ones away from us one by one, like autumn leaves, although there are not very homes, but still, with nostalgia toward the embrace of Mother Earth.The remaining lonely themselves, such as the bare branches, getting in the cold wind, shivering.    Part II: the cool autumn with the cool waves of the wind, hot weather finally came to an end, the cool weather happily boarded her long-awaited stage, in people’s eyes began to look forward to the interpretation of autumn cool.Nightlife Network Sunday afternoon, his wife took his son to the streets to buy clothes.Playing word a day at the computer, I went to a man missing for several days Yanhe.River, or the river, although there is no summer torrential momentum, but still quietly flowing; road, or that way, although there is no spring Yingge Swallows, but also that there are a few magpies in Montreal golden foraging; vegetation, vegetation or those who, although has not seen the summer of lush, leafy camphor visible but his voice still stand in the autumn.Autumn wind, blowing Yanhe vegetation, as they put on a autumn; autumn, cool, and the woman as if a muscle that is nestled next to me, a loving kiss my face; autumn, elated Pentium over the field by the river, all the fields have turned into golden.Baiyun also obsessed with so attractive autumn, away, like – ice Juesu white fairy in the blue sky leisurely wander.Autumn-off, it seems came the waves of grain fragrance.The river which patches of crops, looking ahead, like rippling golden waves.If look at the past, presumably to see that delightful scenery: Rice happy to have stooped, sunflower beaming; corn laugh, pumpkin Manmianhongguang.Once upon a time, I fell in love with the river road, Yanhe love autumn – is not it?Autumn is not only cool, but also mature.If not in the fields with the farmers harvest rich fruits friends, but often can be seen on the river road, and that for many years the vicissitudes of dark carved his face shine with the joy of harvest; even if you do not see the harvest scene, but often you can see Land in the spring and summer in the shadow of hard work, and now even appeared in dazzling elderly drum team; even hear the threshing machine cheerful songs, but it will in the river road, inadvertently, think simple and honest and simple country girl written on his face when harvesting crops comfortable.Autumn, is a considerate girl, depicting born with a cool shot of beautiful finger.And autumn heartily embraced, despite her caress me, kiss me, silently between, mind blowing: the hard to the autumn wind, slow down the pace of a hurry about, so tense mood to relax properly; put yesterday’s troubles to the autumn wind, to the busy vacation mood, so today’s move turned into a smile; everything unpleasant to the autumn wind, forget all the pain, cherish now have, so that ordinary life is always relaxed and happy in.Unconsciously, a stroll from the river road to home.His wife and son had bought clothes with a satisfied smile back, but also bought a lot of things, rewarding experience.  Cool autumn, harvest.Part III: Falling leaves in the autumn when autumn comes, the cold wind entrainment coolness, save a little bit of the plot thoughts, perhaps just for that after this moment.To miss a drop like autumn leaves, the wind drift, drift to the far distance.  Long time no written text, and pick up a pen full of words.Letterhead filled up my mind, I wiped away the traces of the years.I was left to struggle footprints that years.I know that everything is so casual, I have to know my future fate.Because fate is in my hands.  Perhaps the leaves in the autumn wind is blowing share is sad.No, I wrote Yes indifferent and relieved.I’m happy for myself, floating leaves only to find direction.I feel pleased that I was in the autumn, to find the most loyal of my spiritual sustenance.I think no matter whom, or for myself.I will this of my life goals.  I live a fulfilling day, as well as my share of sustenance from afar.I’m tired and happy life, I think I should insist, insist.When forming a habit, and then form my destiny.  My fate will be in my hands, I work hard for myself!    Part Four: swaying in the autumn wind blowing autumn memories, sent slightest cool earth, like having blown autumn beauty, autumn.Blue sky, a touch of the sun, let your mind wander and long.  Always like this quiet beauty of autumn, my four seasons in the fall, there is a special kind of deep feelings.Walking in fine, clear autumn day, my heart will always be no reason to give birth to a faint hint of melancholy and sadness, a touch of beauty and tucked dash.Every fall season, this feeling will be unexpected, perhaps, this seems to have become a habit.  Thoughts swirling, floating a different kind of feeling, swaying in the autumn wind, freeze into a beautiful picture depicting.  Hometown small farm house, afternoon autumn sun shining softly.I quietly sat on a small stool in front of childhood reveries bow…Autumn is a busy home season, farmers busy with the joy of harvest in the fields, orchards.I can not help for young farm field strength of what busy, he was staying at home every day, take care to dry in the yard of whole grains to chase away birds peck them to chaos.For their families assigned to this gravy train, I reluctantly.Huge yard quiet, nothing to do with who I stay home.Facing the full House of harvest: golden corn, red sorghum, soybeans full, heavy ears of corn..I do not do anything, always I like to sit quietly wooden bench in the courtyard, and looked down at the ground what the sparrow pecking a little bit, looked up to heaven, gazing at the clear sky and floating white clouds, misty heart numerous poetic fantasy.Occasional wild geese flying over head, issued the call out tragically.The face of the silence of the courtyard, I actually feel young trace a hazy sense of sadness.One kind of fall brings me beauty, a lonely beauty sentimental, and to that end deeply touched.  In the bumper harvest, fruitful autumn, I also bring the joy of the harvest of their labor.Spring planting harvest, sunflowers spring when I point at the fence four weeks planted vegetable gardens, after I took good care of a summer, he has now gained maturity.In his father’s help, he will be around in the garden around the sunflower Yi Keke cut down from the base.I began to busy Kang Hui Yi Keke nearby homes, sunflower plants of up to two to three meters thick and tall and straight, with a large faceplate top knot, I can only anti-a young.To and fro, I enjoy this tireless bustle between the home and garden, tired but happy.Anti-back home sunflowers, the top of the faceplate head cut off one by one, knock upside down when reserved for winter leisure After air drying at eaves eat.Looking at a head and a big sunflower full of sunflower seeds inside, my heart indescribably happy.At that time, I have learned to bring full and happy labor.  Memory ups and downs, beautiful and memorable.One afternoon in the fall of that year, we first two days (three) class Youth League organized a mountaineering activities, to two kilometers from the school of scenic Phoenix Mountain climbing.To the foot of a mountain, where the scenery was fascinated, coincided with the fall of the Phoenix Mountains, autumn, leaves mountain.We wander in brilliant red leaves trails trail, across the red maple leaves, everyone chasing each other, pick a variety of shapes beautiful Maple Leaf.Autumn wind blowing gently, softly sun shining, the sky was clear, the share of pleasure, since I clearly feel.In a large rock at the beauty of the hillside, or we sit, or rely on, together pictures of the occasion.I treasure fond memories of this picture, has come up time point of view, we can see the photo neotenous I stood in the front row of the collective, leaning against a large rock, natural and comfortable posture.Not only lament the passage of time, many years have passed flash, feel that he will enter the autumn of life.  In the cycle of the seasons, the fall is a.I was in the care of his family, left home, set foot on the train south, all the way to the field study, childhood spoiled me from leaving the familiar village, to a strange environment to adapt to another new life, learn to face the outside world, since the first step towards an independent life.  Stay after graduation to work in different places, in a fall, I returned home again.Standing hometown of autumn, I tried to find the memory of the fall, although the beauty of autumn in front of the home are still excited me, but even if I how hard to find, there is no way to find the kind of feeling before.I suddenly understand that the passage of time, something in quietly changing, such as mood, age, world and so, so, after the murmur of a relieved sigh and.  The memory of the fall, there is always a indelible memories.How many profound childhood memories, backgrounds freeze in the fall, has become my life, scenes of warm picture, a nagging memory of the past.Today, the farther away from my home, and getting out of my sight.I now stay at Fantasy autumn, the entire fall collection.The fall of the fairy tale in a miss picking up in the years of aging, the past bit by bit into a piece of filter memories, treasured in my heart.    Part five: Autumn’s father in such a scenario long gone, but often calm down, that autumn will figure on my mind.  Late summer, the northern cold wave suddenly struck, temperatures plunged a lot, also followed his mother’s phone, and has asked me to take more clothes, I said go home and get the weekend.No two days, the end is not assured mother, called to say his father to come down to the way the clothes were brought over blankets.  So my father came.  Father to the fountain just give me the phone, I looked down from the window, wearing yellow uniforms on the father, is a lower body black trousers, and a pair of old shoes, looking down from above, not difficult to find his father’s head there are many on hair loss, although not become the Mediterranean, but to see such a scene can not help but also the hearts of whom Yi Chan.Along the right side of the elevator, walked down the stairs, turned around, get into the hall, through the Office of the column, to see his father standing on the edge of the crescent-shaped fountain, wearing more bloated, autumn breeze, the body flick, hit a shiver, a snakeskin bag lying on the ground, eyes going to the side of the hall looked, his father and his face yellow wax, taper face, eyes to the still somewhat shiny, but when standing face to face, my eyes began to blur, Since the taper face, obviously I can feel the hidden share in the bloated body slim.  Father from the age of sixteen to start a business, to feed their families, has not yet started a family in charge of the whole family.My father and I talk and mother say when married reason: “At the time that needs a man a woman to take care of home” in the 1970s as a difficult years, raised a family that is kind of tough, from his father’s “need” two words can be seen.The married mother brought home a lot of help, a few years the family had enough money to do a new house, so he began to choose the foundation, to buy material, please help, everything is not smooth sailing, at that time, later recalled the mood at the time of his father said: “sometimes nothing or a bad mood, went to a new home base at night to sit, take a piece of land, may at the time of the heart, but are rows of houses”, where the desire hardships known only to themselves.  The fate always seems to make life difficult for his father, in the building when the mother due to overwork on the case, the treatment process is very complicated, and that in this case, building a brick and down, all the circumstances in a test of a thirty-year-old man, his father did not give up, wore with great pressure, then braved the huge debt was successfully moved into a new house.Until years later, the face of it this should be a red brick wall, when telling this story since, his face still difficult to hide his share of grief and excitement.  In the years after the building, as a father, a farmer of part-time business to maintain a household, the day seems so dull, Costa Rica 14 years ago dropped out of school, join the army, his father thus began a wandering mind, often see him listen to “wandering song” when the dark from tears, only to find all the suffering undergone tempered nor bow to the strong man will be so weak side, but did not touch nothing easy.  Our brothers and sisters grow up in writing on paper today just simply to a few words, but for a while the father is the vicissitudes of history, in recent years, as we grow three siblings, the family situation have a good day day, a wedding is one attached, and in this time, the father unwittingly into the autumn of life.Determined to let the three of us went to enjoy a happy life, rogue powerless, his father still bear the main beam at home, plays a pivotal role.Especially the elderly grandfather three years ago, the father of a person depends on the care, get up two or three times every night, even from my two little nephews, his father a good sleep in the last few years have not slept, every thought of this, my heart is not always good feeling.  My father did not stay, asked the two got into the car and hurried home, watching the car pull away, in my mind if they see the back of his father’s hard work, pick up a pen point I thought of a few days ago at home when I read the essay to his father, “Mid-autumn essay” father choking scene, tears glistening at the moment, I seem to have seen that in the howling autumn wind, wearing yellow uniforms, black trousers, trembled with cold father.

Autumn, cats and other

Last night the radio was complaining this fall no rain, woke up early in the morning, lying in bed, clearly hear the rhythm of the rain.What a coincidence ah come this autumn!    I do not know how kind of cat, as well as its raw dog pups?Got up and came to the balcony, through the curtain like the rain, in the garden carefully search their shadow.Mi Zaza pomegranate tree in the garden among green leaves, a few ripe pomegranate twilight with a few mottled red light in the dark; the already shriveled withered gourd vines, twenty-three Younger, have not yet yellowed leaf drip filled with soybean-sized raindrops; beside the fence, cat foot trampled Qiniubawai pumpkin leaves in the rain seems to stretch back up.Trace missing cat.Maybe they are not equal larger rain, hid in the balcony below, or drill into the yard where cars are parked, then, is it comfortable to sleep.    This is a very clean born Wildcats.Bright white hair, back of the head to the haunch of a yellow leopard, showing two points sturdy, although only cat, walking, spandrel arched, covered in a no fat, just simply a cartoon tiger.It is noted that more than two years ago, spring night, the Wildcats estrus sounds heard all night.At that time, wasteland just behind the house surrounded, set aside for the small garden, the wife of the Wildcats especially beware, lest they quietly slipped in, trampled the garden of flowers and vegetables.When the first crop grow loofah, from time to time to see that the cat dragged his belly in the yard deterred, there is often only a black cat lying next to the trash can, dig something like fish bones to eat to it.What a loving young couple ah!The yard of the children sometimes take the initiative to feed them, he went to alert black cat trees, cat and then sheepishly picked up without food, squat in the middle of the road, eat alone.It seems that it is spoiled, even the people are too lazy to care about.    Before last year’s fall, the rain rolling, hospital o the road to the construction of fast-track, the roar of the machine after another.Production period coincided with the cat, the cat with a cat mom dad I do not know where to go hide, the entire fall and winter have not seen their shadow.This spring, the garden fence next to his wife planted a pumpkin, shipped to the site near the brick to two vehicles, surrounded a small piece of a small vegetable garden, were planted tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.In May, pumpkin vine out a full 45 meters along the ground, covered with emerald leaves on a thick oily branches, ground and other dishes are also not too long to the ankle.Suddenly one day, watering wife back, slightly alarmed to tell me: “our family ground into animals, vegetables have been stepped up.”I went to the garden to look, and sure enough, the top of the fence was broken two, opened a small hole in the south Guayang wander the earth eggplant.Initially, we suspected the yard where households keep dogs restless, ancestry disaster.Until noon of the day, he came home from work, suddenly saw in the warm sun, being the cat curled up on the hood of a car, while lazily basking in the sun while out pink tongue licked body.I subconsciously looked at four weeks, but not black, nor kitten.Is it only Chanmao nostalgia cuisine at leaving spouses and abandoned children he slipped back?    Crape myrtle flowers when pomegranate red.My son and holding a pole to reach the maximum of a few to eat that Shujian.When is the best of spirits, at the foot of a sudden “meow” sound coming.Looking down, yeah, a robust yellow and white kitten with two little claws, hard hug from a fall to the ground pomegranate.Mother cat in San Sibu far away, sitting on a red pepper, with kind eyes watching his children, did not realize that they broke into the garden of my house, being a little damage.Son holding a bamboo pole to get rid of the cat, I stopped a.After the summer, heavy rains, weeds overgrown garden, and we busy with work and family, too busy weeding, irrigation, garden had become Fei Yuan, being so, then why not offer it to a shelter for the mother cat for this.    Autumn still lingering down, and the raindrops turned into rain line.The big cat with a kitten curled up on the garden terrace next piece rain the place, looking out daze.They are prepared to spend the winter here yet?

Autumn, becoming cooler

Blossoming cloud rendering the flavor of the season, I feel some days like short Xu.Gentle wind less summer heat, become more docile, getting yellow leaves of autumn decorated with poignant.Qingning the autumn gradually permeate our lives, not the slightest simple gorgeous.    Compact asphalt road, the cold wind, dawn gray sky, in front of the King, like the old black and white photo of the eighties.Numerous gallop car shuttle in photos.    Years always so silent rush, season pay consultations, manana, sun and moon exchange, the flowers bloom quietly at midnight, leaves quietly falling, everything is so natural.Wheels which run over pieces of leaves, whipped frivolous in the air like a lost sense of direction gray butterfly.    Really fast, and half see also the Mid-Autumn Festival.    Window overlooking the mountains, layer upon layer, undulating stretches, like pieces of a generation of ink landscape painting.That horizon like clouds blossoming group of hungry wolves devour the remaining unfunded future under Nama Hongxia.This scene was very child standing on the platform home soil in the yard, the distant ridge lookout scene.Mind daydreams dancing, dreaming of the world outside the mountains there will be how many wonderful, fantasy, holding the hand of love, stepping on the beach, sea breeze will be how pleasant.Today, out of the mountains, living in a corner of this city, like most of the country is the father; thin body, gray hair, as well as memory, parting did not dare look back look in his eyes, looked far the solitary old back gradually blurred, sour obstruct the heart, tears like a broken string of beads, flowing quietly.Years ah, like cruel hand that adorned the hands of the blades.    Life is like the binding of 360 anti-virus software installation package with the same binding work, constantly repeated yesterday yesterday.Want a free month is legalistic few days holiday.As for romance, to see that the regulation of fuel, rice, oil, salt, and Sinopec gasoline prices.Living in the besieged city, it is only trifles point only described the siege inside and outside.Like smoking, a point in time to alleviate the confusion about the mental fatigue Bale.    A variety of emotions, and sometimes we really do not know how to let go, used to laugh and cry too much frustration, they gradually learn to play, because a lot of effort and can not change the helpless frustration that perhaps this feeling is often described life of old people the burden of it, would not learn also learn to stir up resting on his shoulder, not!Correct point of view should be put in mind, slowly taste, crying and smiling, laughing or crying secretly kind of sweet and sour, salty and spicy.    The fate of this thing, like a fine thread wind, shadowless invisible erratic, is an ideological stance or a feeling, maybe just a magic wand in the hands of God, is for his children to play Bale, so some people are born then gold spoon in your mouth, it was bitter silence I doomed and out, the myth is not to say what, heaven and earth the day was better years it.Should fate door is just fine, it can through the door, a little peep about the future of the world, in the end is the one else seems relatively close, or take the road is relatively smooth.From that distant dream to go a few ditch, turning several seat beam, or over the front of that line one hundred meters before the traffic lights turn right on to it.    Fate itself is a mystery.    Watching his son trotted, stepping quartzite, living room shade, wearing pants is back.Share scenes are full of happiness, all hope.He looked happy smile, looked at him happy running in the center of the cell, he looked at the sky with a little finger tells me: Days – guttural pull the old long, that Meng Meng cute, my wife and I could not help smile.Watching him cry, he looked uncomfortable against the cooling paste on the forehead of a small face, and my heart is also the focus of panic twist.Children grow up a little bit of time left to us is the brow of which round after round flower pattern.    Autumn, becoming cooler, the wind disturbed the hair forehead, cracks in the woods which is also the strains of red maple beside the crimson Montreal.

Autumn Yi

Part one: Autumn Love Xiao Yi past the bitter cold wind, crescent pray round, revealing sad, send full Acacia, who blew the sounds of autumn?Who ran aground dream boat?And who inadvertently left a ray of love?Heart wind drift, silent look Huashan, meditation moon, again quietly picked up the share of loneliness, it seems kind of gone commitment of induction.  To recall the past, the years also smoke.Love can not go, it has been rooted in the depths of memory; not go with love, it has been turned into soul go hand in hand.We do not seek to have you, just Lianzhao you; do not ask you the favor, only hope and then look back and understand this world there is a person deeply in love with you.Even if at the moment unsealing memory of the heart, there is a faint ghost, I would be content just to try to love written into the last chapter of my life, turned into a never-ending thoughts.  Red Road, wind and rain situation, get rid of some dream, always quiet Love Wife.This is not to forget?This is not a hands-off?Once upon a time, through the number of Red Road, experienced how much rain Love.Do the right front screen, Acacia pain, I do not know how to write on, also do not know how to end, under the pen again stranded memories, so stare meditation, a little soul will melt in the memories.  Read Akiba, looking for bits and pieces of love yesterday, lifted a glimpse of the memory that you gaze.Late autumn is indifferent parting, friends, inadvertently touched a pair of fiery eyes, face feel some heat, perhaps for the first time penetration of burning eyes accommodate a bar!I can not help avoid the gaze is so, calmly looked away, my heart was adding a little messy.  Feel destined to encounter each other, if missed will not see a pair of gazing, if you missed the meet will not leave cyberspace, never to see the loved one again, if you would not have missed this affection, it will not stay under a deep scar.Perhaps the wrong red string tied drunken joking, so I got in so deep in the Red Swamp Road.  After several exchanges, no one has a real step across, perhaps continue to play in the pre-existence period of the residual margin, perhaps this life that there robbery.Ever since leaving the city, gradually dilute the minds of communication, a sense of melancholy thinking locked.I understand that this is a devoted all the feelings of fate, we must travel with friends disappear horizon apart feeling difficult to continue?Is it really nothing exciting, quietly ending it?  Not read the slightest affectionate message, you see the footprints deep network, without words, I understand this walk, love each other will also end, and I know this is the end of time, barely to no avail.A strong sense of loss I feel quick collapse, repressed tears rapid flock fundus.  Under clear Moon, Piaomiao a thousand mountains, trees and veil, somewhat hazy, adding to the quiet moonlit night.I still staring blankly at the sky, slowly read a word memory bit love, the heart has long been unstoppable cramps, felt a drop of cold over the face, the wind hit the falling dust, whether this love will be with the dead?I do not know?  This autumn, I’ve been thinking about you, distant you may have seen, these petty ancient text, and how deep?  Against the wind, thinking of you shouting Yoshina, facing the month, tell my heart unrequited love, the idea of Arcadia floating leaves filled with my love, imagining south Yan Qiao build your roof, full of Acacia leaves, only you to read, Yan Department of love, only you can sentiment.  Against rain, memorable story under the umbrella; against the clouds, looking for the charm of autumn, prayer never get out of Dai Wangshu Rainy, hope will not be repeated Lu broken love War, I think of you, eye socket is always wet; soul only you get out of sight.  I want to use poetry to express my love; want the truth, prove my infatuation.Where appropriate, to come up with every word of the poem to let you read, let the years Feng knife ruling I love you.This does not regret heart, bones something only you know; this love is immortal, not moving a lightning shake leave quietly.  Yi Zizi affectionate fixed in this cyberspace, the slightest Acacia melt in this nib memories, meditation, deep thoughts placed life, life care, love life.    Part II: Yi autumn and autumn, a tree, a tree with yellow leaves in autumn, I do not know how are distant grandfather in heaven?  Grandfather looks on now, is a standard-looking man, tall and nearly meter eighty, did not humpback, are in a dignified appearance impression of the way, the sun is slightly flushed cheeks, did not block color the white, perennial short flat head Chende face increasingly spiritual, never small pair of small eyes never seem tired, my grandfather had in place, always hear his hearty laughter, the white teeth I envy him a long stare, his body feels something endless efforts.Now think about it, he must also have a number of children to be tired.  Grandfather during summer wear white denim coat, not the kind of sleeves, a chest plate buttons small platoon leader, often unbuttoned; winter wear a black sheepskin cloak, I do not know the source lining, hand-sewn clothes on a surface mother.I remember when it was this coat, my mother extravagant seats on the ground, than it, draw it, my grandfather also tried to take off, off to try again, I then worked tirelessly to sit and watch, listen, if it is an extremely valuable items.After my grandfather’s death, this coat has been on my house, I think one is a souvenir, the second is inseparable from the mother’s intentions.As long as my grandfather put it, like a new person, a lion is simply a.  Mom nine brothers and sisters, the eldest, away from her family is so close, coupled with my father to work out, my grandfather a little big or small, we go out into the home run, and our family has become almost to his home, when farm work is busy, grandfather always make two uncles to help, which dare not come, my grandfather would get angry, they came, and I tried to entertain them, cook always be my living, I was the boss ah!Nightlife Network is probably every child has a childhood love plot grandmother, and I am no exception.Almost a kid growing up in his grandmother after school, every Sunday is a must.Then each production team all around sweet potato seedlings, a pit is dug in the ground, dig a big Tukang, then pick a good sweet potato endure tight code is good, covered with grass thatch, under the kang in life, well done or fire small will not work, just right.Until the sweet potato is to shoot a fast high chopsticks, they put out the fire, door to door points, move off to the fields, autumn will be able to see the big sweet potato.Grandfather was a master around the seedling, every time I go, and my grandfather would shout to us, smiling work out baked sweet potato from the kang, while waiting for the process is so mysterious, beautiful.  My grandfather was a hard working man.Now someone has two or three children not better, not to mention the past nine sort of a small child, one can imagine the hardships.Listen to her that my grandfather would weave ocean socks, an affair string over the streets.My grandfather was a diligent smart people, some of dowry sisters, one a high a person’s wardrobe, painted in festive red, practical and easily.He often met at home repair stools, tables.The total grandfather aunt shouted: “Nizi, put the child to Mazar I moved.”.Aunt did not move, I ran quickly took, and saw my grandfather praise smile, is the biggest reward I was a.  Our grandfather was spoiled.Then perm just emerging, aunt want to do, and fear grandfather, they pull me back when it was dark, hooded aunt into the house in the morning with what they do not cry out, my grandfather said outside the window: “If you dare to point a perm.”I laugh at him out the door, my grandfather looked at me and said;” Look how nice “.Turned away.This means that all right.The older generation of people will inevitably have the old thinking, tie a pony tail, he would gently Jiu Jiu my long black hair, said: “There is change of position look good.”?I then spoiled Shuaishuaitou: “is”.He smiled and passed.My aunt and uncle say, or do you do ah.So a few times, then what’s the unconventional things, they do not say a grandfather.  That year, sixty-year-old grandfather in spite of persuasion children, planted two acres of watermelon, watermelon fruiting season, the edge of a farm shed Temple became his home, appeared to be harvested, I remember the day my grandfather stood Ria says : “I feel the swallow things ye do wrong.”?On the next day that my dad went to Luoyang, later said that esophageal cancer.Not married Uncle, uncle, but also the age of seventeen, a get it!Dad and mom are absolutely obedient, after a few months in the hospital, my grandfather was discharged to go home, take the time to get gas ram ram, weakness of the words are hard to come back when.Anyway, my grandfather’s body better day by day, and Uncle married, my grandfather have a grandson, and heard the laughter of a grandfather.A few years later, the very cold winter of that year, the theater when my grandfather had a cold, cold, cough, infusion medication is not effective.Listen to their private discussions, the doctor said the disease seemed to turn, is his recurrence of the disease, no cure for the.They tried their best mother, grandfather or could not keep away the footsteps of the summer, we’re playing in the wheat field, Jin Zi came and stood in front of her mother, said the three words; let you go.We all understand.Dear grandfather, kind grandfather, the grandfather lifetime of hard work went so!Listen aunt said when I left my grandfather said: “You almost points to close wheat ah, what matter afraid to give you a break.”.It is said that, in his heart to what the Pro is the clearest!  Autumn, the leaves yellow, fragrant wine spilled dogwood.Dressed in green yellow thin, full moon descendants injury.Repeated dream-like sea, woke up still hear laughter Lang.Xu Meng back, startling injury, a pot of sake away for months, long chrysanthemum more send thoughts!    Part III: Autumn Nanjing Jinling Yi autumn scene in recent days, the rain was continuous, living in this cool autumn is getting stronger Chang’an City, look at this wanton kept autumn, mortal remembered Nanjing, remembering the long-lost Jinling fall.Professional disgust because they are learning, because reluctant to talk with a student’s academic connected, I unknowingly put them together along with Nanjing to seal against the corner of memory, covered with dust, covered with cobwebs, already not in my awareness among the.Although I love the simple thick Xi’an, Nanjing, but charming autumn conceive affection never had the slightest light cut, but nearly two decades not to look back, never Way back, but the moment the floodgates of memory, the Jinling Autumn Huamei Jing eleven wind floated in the brain do not want to say Sun Yat-sen, majestic and magnificent, it is to express our highest respect; do not want to say Qinhuai River, although her neon Oar sound and light non-comparable, but thousands of years men of letters have been chewing too much; but do not want to say Xuanwu Lake, though she gave Jinling other cities do not have Yanbohaomiao.Just Qingliangshan, Purple, Qixiashan, Daisy Lake, yanziji, Pearl Spring, the locals enjoy pleasant land of autumn, just listen to their names already feel full of autumn.  Nanjing Autumn is a long, like Zhongshan door that long avenue, flourished a century of towering plane trees to cool autumn wind added to the luxuriantly.Because lush foliage, towering canopy, this avenue becomes increasingly profound quiet, unlike other wide main road straight through as thorough, glance, but winds forward, charm send away the stone paths along the road from time to time in the bamboo forest water gannet homes more idyllic.In Sassou autumn breeze, the whole body seems to have been baptized, bathing caress of nature, people could not help but look forward to the next moment of joy.Nanjing is also reflected in the fall in a long time, until the end of September, because there is no cold sooner or later, the girls still in summer clothes, to show their graceful beauty, after the National Day, and put only a thin shirt autumn autumn skirt to meet cool as through late autumn.  Nanjing Autumn is slender, like a generous laborers in intensive campus throughout the Metasequoia.Metasequoia that of the tall straight trunk, branches of her that is not complicated, not sloppy, just as the backbone of fiber branches stretch toward the sky Egeria, the leaves are arranged neatly on the branches, breeze blowing, full of Xixisuosuo It sounds, like a whispering between the couple, the rain started falling, there are sporadic falling, falling into the giving spirit world feeling.Not only are the eyes of the Iraqis long slender stand of dawn redwood, Metasequoia tree and from there through the light and elegant woman wearing a dress, breeze or rain they add to the beauty of the cool charm.  Nanjing Autumn is perfectly clear clarity, just as sighted a dozen kilometers away Purple Mountain, Mountain View campus legible, in some places containing micro Dai Qing, in some places gold in the Pan-Purple actual occurrence is become “Purple Mountain”, the actual occurrence of Nanjing, also known as “Jinling” mausoleum that is also the hills.Possible at this point, south of the city are the same, unlike the northern city of drying so there is haze, dust to the wind.Because the air is moist and clean, it will clean and fresh, no need to see the day shining shoes, too, can happen to.And then at the other of the mountains and rivers scattered around to hang around a lot, but you can feel the clear, cool, bright, clear as autumn scenery.  Recently, similar to the students gathered in Huanan after graduation twentieth anniversary of October after two years, I am going to visit Nanjing, the Jinling read of Stone City will go to the cool, autumn Viewed chapter ······ chapter four: autumn Yi accompanied every now and then leaves, autumn, has quietly goes away.  Standing on the edge of longing season.Suddenly, you have a strange feeling: autumn is at hand.Like in a picture slideshow playback.  When the rising red sun, dawn on this earth into the sea of gold.Into the field, a hand, it touched off a glow on ears of corn.  Midday sun, shining softly.Large tracts of corn, the northern deep yellow dye season.  Fields of wind, a wonderful music, long flowing in the hearts of those who work, quietly singing – black soil, the breeding of the long-lasting emotions, rising in this colorful verse – flowing movement on the trail, so laughter hung up eye brow.Singing all the way, all the way long triumphantly.  Poplar, from time to time twisted Yangko.Singing in the wind blew in Suona Sheng.  Falling a piece of yellow leaves, the sun cast a golden for you, you wash away the dust to rain, autumn you a happy journey.You no regrets: green feelings open, the earth dressed up Ambilight.You relieved: not burning in the hearts devoid of endless spark of hope – dolphin raindrops, is a sweat capsules.Setting out plump autumn, autumn joyous!  Apple reveals red purple, fall bent the branches.Festive eyeful!Man Po chapter!  At this point, like a blossoming wild chrysanthemum festival of fireworks, such as the beautiful coral, like white hada – slim in the breeze, graceful, colorful.Aoshuang in full bloom.  Horizon, that endless The red, positive interpretation of “Red Leaves flowers in February,” the swan song.  Autumn, not spring, as flowers are blooming, sweet fragrance.  Autumn, unlike the summer as Cuise flow shade rows.  Autumn, with its attractive color and great achievements, pleasing!Desirable!  Autumn branches, swaying wandering in the sunset twilight.Cut, and chaotic feeling of anxiety, opened the curtains at night.Lonely and cold heart, raging devouring helpless heart.Tie him in anguish, in the spread – sad heart.  The slightest breeze brought the light exude tranquility.Sleepless nights, long-suffering heart fermentation, to whom cried?Simply let it burn thoughts, wanton flowing – autumn, the harvest was so ripe with hope.  Autumn, it is so beautiful engraved and dreams.  Yanming few times, interrupted thought.    Part five: Autumn Yiqiu remember the wind.  I gently pressed the hand of wind lifted the skirt, soles of the feet cold I shuddered, the original is already autumn.Wuhan, the weather seems to be only a summer and a winter seasons in this exchange, I have spent three years.  I still remember the first year I brought from home a long-sleeved, one did not pass through, because the summer is over, I put on a sweater, and now think, smile, shaking his head under inadvertently.  Tree-lined trail, withered leaves of autumn depression tell, step on it, audible rustling, but undying inner sadness.Looking at the next one leaves a fall, as the days have gone so irreparable.  Silence is the expression, but it is surging heart.Invisible sun burning hair, invisible old man lying in a rocking chair rocked Pushan the share of leisure, unseen crowd clamoring to eat ice bullying hubbub.Everything is quiet around down occasionally hear the birds light on a few branches hoof.  Yes ah, windy, cold days, the silence surrounding all together.  I in what mood to commemorate the late fall?  Eyes closed, breathing the cool autumn air, but fresh and free of impurities, it seems that with a touch of fragrance, there is confusion intoxicating liquor.Feeling a long time did not dare open my eyes, afraid of this obsession disappeared.I finally understood why drug addicts on drugs is a love-hate relationship, but never forget not want to forget.Because obsessed with the taste of it, fell in love from the bones.  Read a lot of articles about autumn, autumn many writers have their own opinions, or meditation, or praise or abhorred.It also portrays the fall of diversification from the side.It is not an object, people just feel its presence, the lack of any emotion.Autumn as a wise man, with wisdom and majesty presented to the world.So different people and communicate with it, there will be different harvest and insights.  I like Liu Yuxi of the phrase “since ancient times, sad solitude every fall, autumn wins spring my words,” open-minded-minded to accept the arrival of autumn.In his eyes, the flourishing of the fall than in the spring; in his eyes, his heart belongs to autumn is the season.Blue skies, a group of crane into the sky, this is how spectacular views ah.In these circumstances, in terms of Liu Yuxi, it is the real autumn!  I like autumn, but not the pride of Liu Yuxi.I like it, just because it’s quiet, not impulsive, not noise.A touch of the weather, a touch of floral, light rain, everything is kind of reverie.I like the subtle hint of autumn in meditation.  Autumn, I describe the story of the season.    Part VI: spring and autumn Yi to go, so hurry to go.Spring breeze gently passing, stroking willow Shaotou, with the sun, hanging in the sky, shining rain run off the earth, but also the summer season.Breeze howling, with a touch of cool.Autumn has come, come so hurry hurry.Autumn wind quietly blowing, cut down a few fallen leaves, branches blowing, floating sky, covered with bluestone trail.  Free to wander the campus, there will always be a few fallen leaves drift by my side, to accompany me to finish the rest of the way, always like to tease autumn leaves, so the leaves in between the ups and downs unconsciously drifting away from his hometown.Think about yourself, I can not help but self-deprecating smile that he not also do so, ebb and flow, ups and downs, has long been blurred between the earth, I was young I already had a heart autumn.Once upon a time, I like it hot, With infinite hope, to pursue their own spring.Once upon a time, I was so deserting despair pushed me towards the endless ear, nose Hell.I tremble in the dark echoed with the sound of a resigned sigh, groan unwilling.  Quietly recalled, fork in the road of choice is always so difficult, the future uncertain blurred confusion let me, I made a difficult decision, so decisive, kept telling myself to hold the greatest hope for the worst.  Leaves, wandering, cut through the dark curtain, through a ray of sunshine, majestic mind was quiet.I tried to reach out and grab a leaf, but autumn get people, so I came back with nothing.He raised his head, looked around the campus draped in red, I’m a little melancholy, once Nama attractive green, become a memory.Once upon a time, a touch of green across the white world, greeted.But, but how I can not go back.Autumn always easy to sentimental, always have leaves could not pull my thoughts.People often say that spring is the season of hope, spring, good plan to do it again, carries the hopes of Mimi.In contrast, the fall season is to remember, swirling leaves are my thoughts, fluttering yo, ups and downs, thinking jumping memories, messy leaves, the more reason more chaotic, tired, upset, and depressed, and that it is better to stop thinking.In fact, chasing their own spring is very simple, since you’ve made an appointment in the spring in the spring, she will always come, spring is not necessary to look forward to the season will come.  Thinkers do not have all day long, do not worry for this convention, cogito ergo sum, the agreement will eventually be honored.