Day: March 26, 2019

Bridge meeting

“Day order night cool water, watching the cows lying Vega” every seventh day in July, the Cowherd and to meet the millennium will miss that the slightest talk of Life.  UFA Haobai first seen, but see feelingly period.  Meet as occasional, where the love of Weaver knows not what happens to a foot bath that will be able to fulfill this little fool does the Cowboy?God’s own somewhere, lovers and eventually see dependents.  Although the world of wishful love with jealousy, but how can that experience from the world of law make it prohibitively it?Millennium barrier is not old face, the heart is no wire gap interdependence of comfort.Queer Ling-hui continuation of thoughts and love between them, in life and death, no regrets!  If the two love long long time, how can we not day and night?  If you are dependent and white first, why he Hongshuitaotian tube, earth shattering.  Rather I hope beetle Ephemera strigata love love every second, do not want to repeat Vega complex rut!Riyousuosi night had a dream, I do not know whether the encounter scene into the heart of Weaver?  I do not know that they are in love with a see, or soon fell in love it?    Oh this little fool Cowboy definitely love at first sight it.As the confused beauty Weaver, may have been touched by this little fool Cowboy sincere, soon fell in love it, anyway, or married lovers, although they are separated by a distance of 16 light years, but they used to have, love in every inch of the heart.Anyway, I wish the two places separated by married lovers!  Even from far away again, heart, forever, I would not even harder than love Vega love it?