Day: March 24, 2019

Bridge meeting

Today, Tanabata, even for small text, slightly Shu chest Italian bridge meeting a I’m going to start singing now but do not know sad song or a happy tune me for the love of parting the song I sing this joyous time of the meet throughout the expansive sky can not see under the grape arbor listening to a magpie in a lush leisure secretly whispers “Jon, I miss the loved ones we should live a happy life with loving I, a good upbringing smart, lovely children,” “good wife, I brought children, let them meet you and you do not make them happy and then sad,.    It is that damned old woman before put you in the boudoir into the world brocade, embroidery freedom to speak without the slightest.    Occasional line pure emotion but she repeated orders to go back and catch up, escorted them to re-imprison the guards even tighter.”” Ah, do not blame her, she was a kind woman and she helped us to talk about the situation in front of the Jade Emperor today we meet.”” A year three hundred sixty-five night I often want to be with you sons and daughters keep arguing / shouting coming back to you gentle embrace.”The child stretched out his arms, sprang to her mother; wet with tears Weaver Shayi cry tore loving heart.    ”My poor little child, let your mom is not Holy Mother you will be sure to love him even more to the honor from his father teach you / your pain.”” Dear Mom, why did you abandon us and go it alone?  Father is not good for you?  But he was very kind / honest ah.    Father told us every day have a pure / beautiful mom but did not tell us where you are and what to do there?    Today my father took us to you many fold Guizhi from our garden with our childish innocence / compiled a fragrant garland of different people.    We take it personally worn on your head forever no longer be removed as a souvenir Hopefully our hearts around in your side will not leave you a moment.”Two,” I now feel I have lovely children you smart and brave under the guidance of his father I’ve been very happy.”” Mom ah dear mother I know you are very loved us just can not get to where we really come here you are afraid that the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother vicious.    My father was a weak man did not dare to go to heaven, please return you can only stand on the other side of the river, staring miss you, never shouting.    Mother Dear Mom, I want to save you from the misery out of our family reunion joy no longer bitter parting.    I went to the Jade Emperor, Lao Er afterwards he was a brutal fatuous monarch special love honest marriage break up the world far from enjoying the scene of farewell.”Weaver had blanched hurried the children come with their own rope wide skirts blocking the nonsense of small mouth.    ”Poor children are still young you do not know this world do not understand the Jade Emperor is more desolate how kindness and his brothers also Tathagata commensurate.”” Mom, ah, my dear mother in your mind, how tall is the Jade Emperor, however, why would he want to break up that you Tathagata What the hell is?”” Listen, kid, I’m ignorant child that your father did not tell you I had a heavenly maid, not a human and mortal should not be married in.    I slipped in private world and meet your father love each other and gave birth to you, I have satisfied the Jade Emperor what he has done nothing wrong.    As for the Tathagata, he’s compassionate Buddha, he helped people survive.”No other Weaver finished, annoying children have heard” I do not want to hear your feeble excuse.”Floating in the air multiplied by a large male magpie flew straight to heaven he was looking to the Jade Emperor to reclaim his reasoning mother’s freedom, in front of the Queen Mother.    Three magnificent heaven, mighty Zhuang Yan Tianbing days will allow me to declare Taibaijinxing guarding the Octagon to Jin Jian witnessed the ugly Longyan.    Zhu yellow embroidered robe plus body, mopping the floor about three feet three thousand concubines, rickety Chodo Gaowo loss of etiquette state just before the offer is still very bright fruit.    ”Long life, kind of Jade, please let us open sleepy eyes Xing Zhong listen to my words, please pray for my mom’s freedom released.”Ministers came up, circle ‘hymns’ leisurely silent: pale rough worshipers kneel on the Jade Emperor, he is who?    ”I Fu Huang, the Jade Emperor, you kind of system can answer the bell ringing also please feel free to let my mother in life our family reunion.    Father was a poor cattle Lang pursuit of happiness and love he went to the river to get to know a mother to love each other very happy life.    Hui Xian mother was a gentle woman of our cooking, laundry and weaving her voice like a floral scent as warm as.    Like a butterfly fluttering around flowers and warm floral suck my soul always fly around her rosy lips.    Mother feel every day, every moment how much she hurt me, she loves me ah comfortable smile, white teeth exposed intimate love her with all the power we can not stop this love is like a dash to the waterfall it is really overwhelming.    Even a thousand times to break through the skull splattered it washed down from a cliff seat roaring loud splash it still go ahead.    I am deeply in love with my mother devoted to her maternal love to permanently shower I had to come to your statement: If I possess the whole earth I would like to dedicate the whole mother dedicated to her mountains, rivers and dedicated to her to give her all the flowers.    I love her with all the power of desires can not be controlled —– Could this be the fire of hell Hades to fine me to hell?    I Fu Huang, the Jade Emperor, you kind of started the trouble-maker can also ask my mother to let me free family reunion.”Emperor parted eyes, straightened himself he sighed and said,” You Huangmaoxiaozai, rude fanatics how dare fantasize here?    Weaver heaven she committed the most serious one she now is under the most severe punishment I will never help you.    You are a mere mortal dared to children trespassing heaven now I want you to hell accept the penalty of eternal suffering.”Four pairs of black and white impermanence capture the soul of the child, buttressed their lives struggling to walk in the path he was so weak, full of foot injuries but he never called last part bitter.    Ominous tone gate of hell people out of their wits daring cold Zeze threat, still can not change the rescued mother’s wish.    Purple rose up from the hot pan will also be ordered by shining a bright red pierce my heart waves of flame down the Bay I suffer hard to bite torture.    Under the eighth level of hell, suddenly came the —— Amitabha hearty voice, then I was put on a robe of Buddha out of the jaws of death.    Emperor around more out of a peaceful Buddha’s wife said she heard the Queen Mother Does she is evil Queen Mother imprisoned mothers, day brocade empress.    Buddha voice loud and clear, revealing a kind, “the Queen Mother, this is the year you met Weaver lower bound of a child born of his mother to discuss now is to back the freedom.    Its own truth in the world why you barely retain it?  She is also better to let them free a family reunion it.”” I love the Queen Mother is the heart and soul of love ah mother has suffered the pain of parting, please let our family reunion it.”Queen Mother nodded schematically Emperor of freedom also Weaver.  Ming song permanently when their families sing ear.    2010-8-17 China and North Korea