Day: March 21, 2019

Bridge landscape

Under “in front of the bridge, swam across a group of ducks.Come Come count, twenty-four thousand six hundred seventy-eight.”I believe this is everyone’s minds childhood best memories.Water gurgling, Willow Green Celadon, the bridge should be some beautiful scenery.I like modern hazy representatives of the poet Bian Zhilin song “Fragment”: You look at the scenery on the bridge, watching the scenery to see you upstairs; the moon decorate your window, you have decorated the dreams of others.Natural scenery with its unique way of return of passionate people on the bridge, and the bridge should the people in what way to return a piece of good intentions do people upstairs?    Here is the westernmost city of Xihua County, this ditch under the bridge there is a reminiscent of, a little wild name – pairs of wolves.No one here ever seen a wolf, not even a shadow WILDCAT not have seen.Over the years, the West China town but really developed.Story, and Lu Kuan, the city has grown.Planners really generous, not to mention the South administrative district, a high-rise where they stand, and that style and that style no less a medium-sized cities in developed countries; not even that old rabbit shit rugged desolate land, several spring and summer, the villa courtyard into sky.    Lively, many people, quality of life up, and this bridge has become a garbage dump.At first, a one to own a garbage bag pack installed, the evening dusk or dawn early morning, taking advantage of morning exercise machine quietly left to buy food.Perhaps the sharp increase in households, perhaps accustomed to.Today, blue sky day, Lang Lang events, car car pull, completely ignored, had no previous hint of shyness.The higher the garbage heap, becomes longer, which affects the lives of close to residents, it was simply in the garbage next to the wire rod erect a sign that read “Who in the west of this garbage, dead his family.”.Blocking was also really cruel curse.Not the length of the development, the only higher ground heap.Whenever the spring and summer, the temperature rose, waste fermentation, mosquitoes everywhere, stink to high heaven.From here, no one does not say that a tube, but most of them are civilians, just talk.    Speaking tube, really is not a simple matter.Big town, originally a town, but now split into three, Kunshan City Wa Kei city three offices.It so happened that this bridge is located between Kei Wa.Across the way, northbound Kei is a city, it is a Wa Bridge City.Office work has always been the place to be these days, people have other people’s difficulties, no funds in this area you supposed to say.Said last year, the county engaged in a three-city joint creation, or at a higher level of intervention by Kei under the city’s Chaoyang district funding to clean up the garbage here.It is said that a full pull eight cars, and later reimbursement minors, had to dig into their own pockets, output fell only good thing no one did.Nephew lanterns – business as usual, on the walls that create a “civilized city, health city, garden city” slogan is also clearly visible in the sunshine, it is particularly glaring.    Listen to people say, the transformation of this pair of wolves ditch has also been incorporated into the planning of the county, eight hundred children being written into the government work report, can not remember which year it made a commitment to the people, the Jialu River, east canal, city water ditch double wolf governance as one of the “ten events”.To the sky bluer, the water clearer, higher also set aside a lot of money earmarked.Cutting a tree, dig a ditch, buried pipe also.Place called Sun dike from a corner mention Ying River drainage sluice, flowing several times.Water quality is really good, it was still too caught this small fish.Be overtaken by events, here is a ditch of despair already stagnant water, clear wind can not afford the slightest ripple.    It seems really do not have a little hope.An officer in busy event, grasping the economic, running projects, what in the world a few hundred strong, “KFC”, “Foxconn” have been settled.Soon a small town west China have high-speed, the construction of an airport.We Caomin these people do not expect too much, do not seek this ditch turned into the park, there are literally true wolf, the bridge only hope that someone’s trash tube.    I know this garbage must be Rendui can livelihood livelihood, people are living will create garbage, garbage is necessary to have a place to process; I also know that people need to raise awareness of civilization, is not anxious to improve things.I do not understand, as a government, just a few hundred meters away from the construction of the bridge is not enabled why waste transfer station.Attached to the people’s livelihood, this bridge is really not trivial garbage can.