Day: March 20, 2019

Bridge County one hundred fierce mystery

This morning a hundred bridges county magistrate Ann received a report, said the blacksmith Shang Dabiao hundred Town last night was killed in his shop in!An magistrate surprised, took office two years, the county bridge across one hundred of his dominion in peace, how this percentage Town blink of an eye suddenly a murder case?He quickly put a few personal nunnery Detective and rushed to the site of the incident.  Live miserable.The dead lying on the ground, beneath a blood.Shangtai Biao’s wife has been very tough battle cry, helped by two neighborhood.  An magistrate careful observation site.Seven or eight knives cut the dead face, it is already beyond recognition.Fatal injuries in the neck, the artery is cut off, causing blood to make the deceased died.Clothes are stained with blood on the deceased.  An magistrate Quanzhu Shangtai Biao’s wife, asked about the situation before and after the accident she Shang Taibiao.Learned from her mouth last night after dinner, said the end of the Shang Dabiao, go to the shop checkout knot count money, look at this month earn how much, if considered late into the night, they sleep in the shop, do not wait him.At dawn until the next day to call him to breakfast, only to find that he had brutally unexpected calamity.She pointed to the dead sandals sad to say: this pair of shoes I just gave him a few days ago, who knows it became the last pair!Having then cries up.  An effort magistrate for questioning, small nunnery also look closely at the dead.Although he was only thirteen or fourteen, but unlike most of the children saw blood scared to death, but the wounds of the dead face, wounds and blood on the clothes looked and looked on his neck, also break apart hands of the deceased closer look.  An magistrate looked at the nunnery was busy, did not stop him.This small nunnery is safe magistrate on the road bridge to one hundred two years ago, the county office of picking up.At that time the little boy passed out in the street, Anfu people gave him a bowl of water to drink to his rescue came from his mouth that his parents are doing business, because it was the bandits, the whole family is dead, only he people escaped.An Fu to see the little boy who kindly face, get up to Anfu people kneel, requesting Anfu people take him, so that he can do, as servants, he will pour some tea; when the nunnery, you can copy the copy instruments helped calculate the accounts, because he learned to write with her father count.In this way, he became a magistrate Ann nunnery.The Little Book Tongcong Ming clever and diligent, very fond of De magistrate, he was always close at hand.  An magistrate reminded Shangtai Biao’s wife, let her take a look at the shop there are no other available clues to solve the case.She made an effort, first to find books, but when she found the money box, can not help but uttered a cry.It turned out that the money box was forced open, there are no penny.An magistrate ordered a blockade of the scene, with people returned to the county government.  Two people sent to investigate after another back, Ann magistrate situation before and after the incident have a general understanding.According to the blacksmith’s neighbors say, like midnight yesterday heard a scream, and then it is no longer a movement, the next day to know Shangtai Biao was killed.This Shang Taibiao treat gas, have not spoken to smile, very good reputation, and have not heard anything enemies, how can it suddenly was killed?An initial magistrate judge this is the case with Tucaihaiming.Although the proceeds will not be a large common forge under a month, but the prize money is enough to prove that the murderer was empty box for the money from, but could not bear the financial Shang Dabiao only lead to fatal disaster.  Murderer left no valuable evidence at the scene, a huge percentage bridge counties, where to find the murderer?An magistrate sometimes feel unable to start.When anxious magistrate is safe, Detective found a new clue: On Mill Mou good memory from last night went out to play cards so far failed to return home, the family asked all the friends and family has not seen him all traces.  An magistrate burst of excitement.It was at this time missing, and in all likelihood this relationship slayings!He immediately sent for a detailed investigation.  Soon, people surveyed came back to Ann magistrate reported that Mou keep good mill on the west side of the blacksmith’s shop, blacksmith shop not too far away.The sale of small, but steady, this good Mou exist at Best Town is also regarded as carefree people eat and drink.Mou keep good everything is good, there is a gambling problems.The incident that night, but also good to keep Mou Strand to gamble on three cattle.Several gamblers confirmed that night good save Mou lose a lot of money, did not leave the middle of the night three cattle.  An magistrate heart suddenly see the light up.Three from cattle to go through the mill shop Shangtai Biao, it must be kept good MU lost anxious eyes, passing the forge, saw the number of Shang Dabiao money afterwards they played a arise to harm, Figure fiscal kill the Shang Dabiao!  An magistrate ordered several plainclothes Detective surveillance around the mill, also sent a few Detective, holding good painting hatched graphic Mou kept good, keep in mind the physical characteristics Mou keep good, good memory Mou visits within the county.  Thirty-one days later, we found no traces of Mu kept good; two days later, still no news five days later, still no little progress, security magistrate begun unrest.At this point, the prefect of adults send someone to tell Ann magistrate, the awful bloodshed has alarmed the Board of Punishments, prefect of adults to solve the case within safe limits magistrate month, otherwise the security magistrate to confess his Board of Punishments.  An magistrate know to explain what means the Board of Punishments.Seeing that case there is no progress, shorten the duration of a day, Ann magistrate frown all day, moan and groan.  That day, a small nunnery Ann magistrate Chuibei.Beat for a while, gently said: adults, there is a saying I do not know when to speak villain improper to speak.  An magistrate sighed and said: You have something to say.  Small nunnery said: adults, do not find a good save Mou.Please check out this people quickly and Shang Dabiao Town and from the forge and more people from the forge closer among the people there and Mou keep a good woman missing.  An magistrate surprised: You mean a small nunnery music: adults, if they can be found in this woman, it means I was right, I would tell all my adult suspect.  An magistrate know that a small nunnery has always been clever clever, because it is unable to do anything now, it might listen to his back, right to the dead horse a living horse medicine.He immediately sent in small nunnery said range checking account in the name of the missing woman visits.No small nunnery expected, blacksmith east of forests to open tea house had a daughter, named Lin liang, Laotaibuxiao, underachievement, had never married.The Cha Hukou, always find her.I asked forests, forests always said her daughter went to visit relatives, to see his face flustered, very suspicious.Because liang Lin a daughter at home, usually do not show their faces, her disappearance did not attract attention at the beginning of the incident.An magistrate ordered subpoena forests.  Forests were brought.An magistrate saw scared kneeling on the ground, requiring about security magistrate Pingtui.An magistrate signals to other people to step down, leaving only a small nunnery.Forests tears: adults ah, I was the daughter disappeared!Daughter out of sight, I Buganshengzhang, one is afraid of everyone spittle drown I!Second, because the dead Anzhe say throw the old head that I had privately promised her body Shang Taibiao, but Shang Dabiao already married, my wife does not agree with life and death, Shangtai Biao’s wife to be hanged and Mobo Zi Shang Taibiao large trouble a matter before anything.Now Shangtai Biao died suddenly, I fear missing and dead Shang Taibiao daughter was implicated linked to our household, so it did not conceal fourthorder back into the room, the magistrate asked the little nunnery: Missing woman found out, do you think liang Lin Shang Dabiao because she did not marry and revenge killings, and now fled yet?  Small nunnery shook her head: she took a needle in hand, is tall and stout Shangtai Biao tried to kill, it may not killing the.Adults, adults give you the prefect deadline running out, in my opinion, it is imperative to do two things at once: first, the investigation Shang Taibiao liang and Lin’s family, the two lists of names of relatives and friends.Second, multi-liang and Lin Shang Taibiao draw some paintings shadow graphics, multi-copying explain their physical characteristics of the two of you to write an adult an investigation to track down the application, and then personally, requesting an investigation to track down the prefect of adults in the larger context this duo.Those who have Shangtai Biao and Lin Yu Niang relatives and friends do not have a place to investigate, from one hundred town close to the places where they do not have to check.  An magistrate puzzled: Do you mean to arrest Shang Taibiao?He is not dead yet?  Small nunnery smiled: adults, time waits for no one, press I said to do, I’ll call you explain.  An magistrate skepticism by small nunnery say sent handed down.And so these people back cross, the magistrate Ann hatched pattern to list the child, physical characteristics, and an investigation to track down the application packed to go and meet with the prefect.Pro sedan chair, Ann magistrate sure, he saw a small nunnery.Small nunnery immediately take the hint, leans security magistrate ear whispered: adults go to Relax!  Friday from prefect there to come back, can not wait to Ann magistrate got a small nunnery, and asked him: Do you mind that reliable it?If this move is not working I can not explain to the prefect of adults ah!Small nunnery: We wait, a few days in relation to the news.An magistrate or hold carefully Q: Shang Taibiao obviously dead, and his wife are look for, and how you let him catch?Small nunnery waved his hand, told the magistrate security, etc. When taken into custody, the Shang Taibiao since he will explain.  A few days later, the county sent the horse flying outside Barry newspaper, saying where they found a man and a woman very much like an investigation to track down people on the make, Ann magistrate immediately sent people flying with a cop to arrest.When it was getting dark, good cop and his party will have to rent a house Shangtai Biao and Lin Yu Niang both brought to justice.  Already dead Shangtai Biao was tied up alive from the field to catch back!The news hit hundred County Bridge.People are confused: the dead and came back alive, which in the end is how is it?Who is the dead man in the end?  An equally puzzled magistrate.He ordered the two men remanded to prison, then got a small nunnery, asked him: Tell me right now?  Small nunnery said the dead face cut seven or eight knives, already beyond recognition, from the face has been unable to identify it is not Shang Taibiao.People thought that the deceased was Shangtai Biao, but according to his death in Shang Taibiao of the shop, wearing Shang Dabiao clothes and shoes do Shang Dabiao new wife, physical characteristics and almost the same Shang Dabiao.  But the scene there is sufficient evidence that the victims were not Shang Taibiao.First, as Shang Dabiao blacksmith in the right hand holding the hammer day long left hand holding the clamp, a long years, the palm of his left hand and the second finger joints should have a length to clamp callous child, which It is one of the biggest difference between blacksmiths and other industry people.Can deceased left no such calluses, indicating that the deceased is not a blacksmith Shang Taibiao.Second, cut the artery on the neck of the deceased, a lot of blood, can cut the dead on the side of the collar, very little blood on the shoulder, there is no place in the knife a lot of blood, and the blood has part of darting on, there are some obvious man-made cast, indicating that the clothes are not worn when the deceased was killed, but to put on after the death of.And so on, lying dead after being replaced shoes even more convenient.Third, the wound of the dead face is cut to death because they do not wound eversion, and the white flesh wound, is described in the following human blood no longer flows knife.People dead, why in his face and then cut seventy-eight knife?In addition there is hatred would only be to destroy the dead people can not identify who looks dead in the end is so willed Bale.After killing the murderer dead, disfigured and change clothes and shoes, trying to get people to believe that the deceased was Shang Dabiao!  Why do this murderer?Shang Dabiao appeared that a false impression it away immediately, what is the point?Only one case never it away, that is: the murderer is Shang Dabiao!Shang Taibiao Why are we doing?Not vested interest can not map name, most likely for love, he played a quick change for a woman, and that person wants emigrated been easy life.Only by allowing people to believe he was dead, and no one was held accountable, he’s a nice easy life to long-term, stable.They used a heavy price mutilation of human lives to achieve this purpose, the note is determined to cut off all contact with this community, in this life and never come back.And they can not contact any relatives, on the contrary, they fear that relatives and friends recognize them, so they will not have to go to friends and relatives living place.  As for the dead, it is the hapless good save Mou.Shang Dabiao he was chosen only because he Shangtai Biao and physical characteristics are very similar, there are evening out of the habit of playing cards, easy to start.Two years of doing business with the street, not far from the store, should be mutually recognized.  Shang Taibiao premeditated, stare Well good save Mou, Mou wait until the store brand good kick pass their own shop to shop lured him to suddenly start, we created this murder case.In order to produce the illusion of murder for money, he deliberately forced open the money box, put all the money away.After a good save Mou killed Huanhaoyifu shoes, and he had an appointment liang Lin left two hundred Chenzheyese Ann Town magistrate to hear the eyes are straight.Remarks impeccable, can say this was actually a thirteen-year-old child!An magistrate decided immediately arraigned Shangtai Biao, to prove he was right to infer that the child.  Six interrogation finished Shangtai Biao, Ann magistrate back into the room.The trial transcripts small nunnery just to Ann magistrate, is preparing to make way.An magistrate looked at the back of a small nunnery, could not help secretly admire: Shang Taibiao confession actually infer a small nunnery and no less!An magistrate to small nunnery called back, Lianyi Chen: your parents are not doing business!The son of ordinary business people how have such insight?That you are not a surname Liang?  Small nunnery plopped to safety magistrate knelt down: Now that adults have life experience to see through the villain, villain on the whole tell an adult!  It turned out that a small nunnery was once reputed country’s youngest son Punishments Detective beam adults, named Liang Enliang.Liang Enliang childhood never forget, savvy high, whenever I hear his father tell the story of detection are deeply to heart, pondering.Over time, he knew a lot of methods of detection of cases.  Later beam to the adults involved in tracing one case when the Korean prime minister horse adults, the adults in front of the horse incompetence tell tales of the emperor, framed adults beam, a beam adults are Manmenchaozhan.Fortunately, the old housekeeper laid down his life to the rescue, small bright grace was lucky enough to escape a survival.In fleeing on the road, hungry and hurt the band collapsed on the roadside, but fortunately met Ann magistrate.Because the adult horse sent around to track down escaped Liangen Liang, Liang Enliang had to conceal the true identity.  After experiencing the awful murder, did not want much, so as not to expose the true identity, but to see Ann magistrate solve the case go astray, and was prefect of the adult limit of despair and worry if they are not helping hand extended, seeing apocalyptic savior to this only at the risk of exposure to the risk of identity for security magistrate advice.  Here, a small nunnery is in tears.He said that human rights inone Martha, Ann request the magistrate to keep secret his life.  Ann Liang Enliang magistrate to help them, his back laughing: Now do not conserved no secret that there is a good news to tell you!The emperor has made a decree, you Liangjia Ping anti rehabilitate the!Now we are looking for you everywhere, so you inherit your father returned to Beijing’s official position yet!Small nunnery, no, no, it should be changed to call beams adults, after that you have to rely on more than carrying it!I’ll let you pick up a servant to the never ending, you have a good rest tomorrow morning with people I personally escort you to Beijing!  Early next morning, Ann magistrate sent a servant to wake Liang Enliang.Sent people running three steps and two steps back: adults, adults Liang gone!  An magistrate Liangen Liang hurriedly came to the room, but not really Liang Enliang sight, I saw a letter on the table.An magistrate the letter in my hand, see the letter reads: An adults, please forgive me leave without saying goodbye!This time the emperor issued a decree that will be named Ma traitor to find me ruse, he wants to dig up the roots!Xiexie An adult two years to take care of me!An adult’s saving grace, I Liang Enliang this life must be reported!