Day: March 17, 2019

Bridegroom disappearance mystery

Qing Xianfeng seven years of spring and summer, the fields of wheat whistling call to up channeling, high outdoor temperatures every day, people who are thin clothes every day.April is the sixth day Chaijiazhuang Chai Yunfei wedding wedding day.Early in the morning Chai Yunfei home to decorate, drum gongs, crowded.Friends, neighbors, folks who have come to congratulate with gift.Chai Yunfei bridegroom is busy preparing, happy Bulong Zuidou.Auspicious time has come for a new dress and wearing a big red sedan chair arrived on time in front of the bay.Principal greet the bridegroom quickly launched, to marry the bride, but this time was known trace of the missing bridegroom.Beginning we did not care, the guests guess today’s more, the bridegroom might busy greeting guests, at the moment I do not know where to go to go.When you can wait inside and out, back and forth, looked in every corner of the house did not find the bridegroom, this temple land was kept long grass, feeling some bad things.Without bridegroom, this wedding will naturally do not go on before proceeding.In the following days, Chai Yunfei’s family and friends are looking for multi-party, Chai Yunfei but still alive but no one is dead but not dead.Ten days later, the woodshed Chai Yunfei backyard suddenly smelled bad smell, family clawed firewood pile and saw that the body has begun to rot in Chai Yunfei.Le Chai Yunfei corpse’s neck with a rope on three feet long, needless to say this is a clear case of murder.Who is so bold as to dare in broad daylight, in full view of the bridegroom alive strangled, and do not even pretend site?So daring criminals is rare!Speaking at the local Chai Yunfei home can be considered a wealthy family, Chai Yunfei’s father and first wife gave birth to two of his brother Chai Yunfei Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu and a sister Chai Yunfeng, while Chai Yunfei is born concubine.For this reason, Chai Yunfei two brothers from an early age often suffer from bullying, while Chai Yunfei’s father so the two brothers Chai Yunfei extremely dissatisfied.Sister Chai Yunfeng know that sooner or later have to leave firewood home, so never involved in family disputes, even more after later marrying foreign land away from the trouble of non-land.So, after Chai Yunfei killed, it was agreed that the murderer must be killed Chai Yunfei his half brothers Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu.Chai Yunfei’s father also believes that certain Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu fear Chai Yunfei and his family’s wealth and harm to the Chai Yunfei.So, we put Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu tied up, sent to county government.Wang Chenguang after the magistrate hearing the case considered, Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu both motive to kill, conspiracy to kill more time and is not easy to be found the characteristics of an outsider, it is found that they killed the murderer Chai Yunfei, Chai Yunlong, but also how Chaiyun Hu He refused to admit that he is the murderer of his brother.So off to hear the case for nearly a year, Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu sometimes confess sometimes retracted, unable to go eventually admitted to the crime of torture and the killing of brother.Case thus set down, Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu was into death row, just waiting for autumn slaughter ask.Just at this point, Wang Chenguang was transferred to another county office went to court, the magistrate new name surname Shen Jun, a master settle a lawsuit.After carefully reading the Chai Yunfei Shen magistrate murdered a case file that is unlikely Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu’s killing Chai Yunfei.The reason is brother to murder his brother at any time have the opportunity, why to choose the date Chai Yunfei wedding wedding day, when the family and friends gathered, and given the committed crimes in broad daylight it?In such a specific time and place in committing the crime, many people eye miscellaneous, can easily be found even inadvertently caught, risky, little-minded people committed crimes will not choose at this time.So he decided to re-hear the case.Shen magistrate to all those who participated in the day of the wedding were all called Chai Yunfei in county government, and to isolate them, separate inquiries, he asked in great detail, no detail is unwilling to let go carefully and find the clues to solve the case.Who knows all the people all over the asking, but did not get any valuable clues.Could it be that their own analysis and judgment is wrong?Shen magistrate felt my heart at a loss!On this day, he again read the inquiry records and found that the last day to Chai Yunfei home to Hershey who is a mason Chaijiazhuang, he just walked into the house Chai Yunfei, we began looking for Chai Yunfei.Why did he go so late it?Shen magistrate called again to ask the mason, mason explained: Chai Yunfei wedding day early in the morning, he gave a family Murakami repair a leaky houses.To finish the job he went after the Chai Yunfei home, so go get some late.Shen magistrate said: You want to overhaul how this one house away from home Chai Yunfei?Masons, said: far, immediately west of Chai Yunfei home, in the middle separated by only a.So you’re standing on the roof of the house to see Chai Yunfei home woodshed?Shen magistrate asked with interest.Masons quickly said: Yes, can see.Shen magistrate happy Yipaidatui, said: Well, you think about it, the day you see what people have been to Chai Yunfei home woodshed?Masons then said: I saw my sister’s Chaiyun Feng Chai Yunfei and her cousin, health workers Guren Yi holding hands and looking very affectionate went into the woodshed.Later Chai Yunfei also went to the woodshed, and then later, I’m back down from the roof of a neighbor’s for a new clothes came home Chai Yunfei.Is Chaiyun Feng and Gu Renyi killed his brother Chai Yunfei?Can two men and Chai Yunfei no injustice Wu Chou, it is no reason to harm Chai Yunfei!In order to find a breakthrough to solve the case, the magistrate decided to apply to a speculative.This morning, her family sent word to Chai Yunfeng, saying that her father was ill, so she quickly trip back home.Chai Yunfeng hurried rush around rushed to the father’s side.His father was a strange disease common in rural areas: let the ghost to Hold!And hold his father’s ghost is none other than Chaiyun Feng had died more than a year younger brother Chai Yunfei.So Chai Yunfeng father’s side came a voice to speak his father’s brother became Chai Yunfei voice: my sister, I die wreck it!Chai Yunfeng heard a scared ass collapsed to the ground, trembling as Shaikang, quite a while off and said: Brother, sister not harden, which is all that Gu Renyi idea ah.At this time, hiding in the house heard the application at the magistrate gave the order, Chai Yunfeng woman was tied up runners.At the same time, another road runners will be taken to the county government Guren Yi.It turned out that Gu Renyi though better educated, a mouthful of virtue and morality, but underneath it was a womanizer.Because he and Chai Yunfeng are cousins, grew up playing.So when Chai Yunfeng was a girl, Guren Yi and Chai Yunfeng hooked into adultery.Because they are cousins, plus things done extremely secretive, so in addition to the two of them, no third party knows.Later, after Chai Yunfeng marrying foreign land, their relationship also will be interrupted.Chai Yunfei wedding day, they were for many years and then re-encounter with the Guren Yi and Chai Yunfeng like firewood encountered fire, quickly rising up the hearts of evil.We are busy taking advantage of the marriage of the machine, the two of them hand in hand, hurried into the woodshed, firewood and even have no time to shut the door began struggling behavior.Also if the Chai Yunfei bad, just take things at this point Chai Yunfei came to the woodshed.Gu Renyi see their misdeeds was found, we will want to think Chai Yunfei fell forward on the ground and picked up a length of rope to strangle alive Chai Yunfei.Then he turned and threw herself Chai Yunfeng who continue to pleasure.When done, they continue like nothing, like a wedding.After missing the bridegroom, they pretended to look for and everyone together.After listening to Shen magistrate masons narrative that Guren Yi and Chai Yunfeng is likely due to the rape and murder of people.However, speculation can not serve as the basis for decision.He selected a breakthrough in the case of Chai Yunfeng body, mainly because she was the elder sister of the deceased Chai Yunfei.Shen magistrate coupled with the use of rural people is common, and very superstitious possessed by the ghost of the way, so had no trouble Chai Yunfeng to tell the truth.After Chai Yunfei murder case cracked, local people in unison praised Shen magistrate, affectionately referred to him as gods.