Day: March 16, 2019

Bride With White Hair

Just because you bear this life I hate my generation three thousand white hair just because you bear my life just because I was white as snow, your life Owes Me and I hate all men life under the sun just because you bear me how much my sword beheaded Ungrateful man they call me the magic that is because they have not seen the gentle enough for a woman twenty years ago and today, twenty years later you came to me Blossoms Valley today you came to me this emotion-laden cliff you kneel in front of me my sword pointed at your throat and ask you to do your knees in front of my tears fall on my sword on the red damask you listen to me twenty years ago I married because their parents tobacco Law past two decades, but not a day I do not want you waking me read you I sleep I dream you have not forgotten one fifteen I know you, I say you will not believe your heart can not eliminate the resentment of my life has held you how I bear to live up to another woman, but now the tobacco Law has passed away with her unworthy of my life and now my cloud Kou has been stable happiness I have no worries I come to you today is to admit I’m begging you forgive me even if I want to Do as long as you are willing to forgive me if you can eliminate hate in your heart as long as you do not kill you will kill me red damask hand sword suddenly you pull your hand to your throat reddened by the blood of my sword drops fall on the grass and I Qi Jian / turned without a word you suddenly sad laugh my red damask how willing to kill me so I’ll say the last word in this life I love you, okay this one woman I love most in this life you had a woman today let me die beside you can die by your side and I could die I fell to the ground I heard you when you turned bloody red navy blue brocade robe I innocently He stood silent tears falling red damask to let me sleep in your arms…  I went back to twenty years ago that gentle woman so bloody red white I uphold my tears speak to uphold how silly ah…  I first met you when you were a young spark Lang now has a Mei Rangong the.  You see here how beautiful ah.  .I’ll hold you to hold up a cold evening has been holding the warmth of your body it seems to have embraced this over a lifetime.I’ll hold you hold you.Show the cloud you die how I live to go, we go to a good place and I picked you jump off a cliff indifferent.Fool jumped into space swan song of red dye ink tears fragrant.