Day: February 11, 2019

A story of fortune coins

There was once a pauper, named Tuesday, his pants wearing several holes, and no money to do a new article.  One day, a distant Jiuye rode over to see him, bring a large pot of wine and a big bag of peanuts.  Tuesday at home half a liter of rice, he cooked white rice served Jiuye.But the whole wooden stool legs off, they had to sit on the floor cross-legged, you cup of my cup, drink it that pot of wine, one is not left to eat the peanuts.  Ba Jiufen Tuesday that drunk, suddenly stood up, the hands of the glass and fell to pieces: Well, I is not capital Tuesday, whenever there is a money, so it will not experience poverty more dead than alive!  That Jiuye also drunk, immediately took out a coins from his pocket, when the bang bang fell to the ground, rolled coins twice, Gu Lulu rolled under the bed.  On Tuesday, you bastard thing, even if you give money, is not still experience poverty?Shengjiu two Youxiaoyouma, satiated, down on the kang, a perfect night sleep.  The next morning, that Jiuye rode the horse is gone, because he lived in another market towns far.  That Tuesday unexamined Another six months, his days idle, when no food, people will go and do a few day leading a poor day laborers earn points.  To the New Year approached, he learned to look like someone’s home, clean the house early in the morning got up and watering, I did not expect, extending into the broom under the bed, a sound bite, a sweep out coins.  He suddenly remembered Jiuye to that day, he remembered what I said: Well, I is not capital Tuesday, whenever there is a money, so it will not experience poverty more dead than alive!He thought of the words of UNCLE: You bastard thing, even if you give money, is not still experience poverty?  Thought of here, on Tuesday dropped the broom, ran down the street to get those coins, the streets bustling, due to the New Year, the street was selling water wash, a hot pot of coins, stood beside the fragrance of hot water Southern grapefruit.  Tuesday had an idea, take the coins to buy a pot of hot water, wash himself clean up.  Refreshing wash, he said Tuesday that his boss: the boss, you are not afraid of a joke, I did not make money this year, everyone in the family for several days did not wash your face, you let me end this pot of hot water to go home, but also give them a clean wash.Boss to see him put it quite poor, so I agreed.  Tuesday hurried to the home run put that basin.In fact, where he should wash basin water it?What he wanted was the wash basin.Had never been seen, wash basin is made of copper, pawn shop to get, it can be worth some money.  Tuesday turned into an alley, the hot water drained, wash basin to get it to a pawn shop: the boss, my family money urgently, this basin temporarily bet you here.You lend me half Diaoqian, I come back at night to retrieve basin, according to principal and interest calculation.  Boss to take a small hammer to knock basin, basin issue that nice bong, he had the look just fine copper basin, and only half Diaoqian by day, this business is certainly not losing money, so he willingly remove half Diaoqian, pay to Tuesday.  Tuesday, pulling the half Diaoqian, Hui went up, bought five liters full of soya bean, ran back to the home flooding, dipping well finish it, leaving his father with a large stone grinding up soon do tofu into two plates.  He picked up on the streets, selling out loud: sell tofu, bean curd freshly ground fresh water Luo as saying that market towns had no tofu shop, and that hour, it was every household should prepare to burn supper.  Heard on Tuesday called selling bean curd, a lot of people ran out from the kitchen, surrounded by Tuesday, rushing to buy his tofu, In a moment, the two plates tofu all sold out, one did not rest.  Dark days Tuesday evening sitting in the photos, and that the number of money selling tofu, soy remove buy a large semi-hanging capital, net earned two Diaoqian, more than dozens of coins.  Take sleeves Tuesday wipe sweat happily take half Diaoqian to pawn shops, redeemed the basin; vanities and happily take to the street, back to the boss, to thank him, he was paid more than a boss coins.  Had never been seen, sell soybeans shop has not closed on Tuesday and to that store, use earned money to buy fifteen liters of soybean, the next morning, he got up early in the flooding, ground into six panels tofu, pick go downtown, less than one cup of work, but also sold out, this time earned eight Diaoqian, more than several dozens of coins.  On the third day, Tuesday and made a more tofu Since then, dedicated to start Tuesday tofu business, he slowly accumulated a small sum of money.  Three months later, he bought two small piglets, feeding big with rubbish, and soon, sow gave birth to a litter of piglets children on Tuesday to get Shangwang sold, they get a lot of revenue.  In this way, less than three years, really better off on Tuesday.  In the fourth winter, about the New Year, he made ten breath new clothes and 10 of the new pants, also married a beautiful and wonderful lady back.  Wedding wedding day, Tuesday distant Jiuye who specially invited, let him sit on the seat of their elders, to him some tea, toast, then thank him a gift coins.