Day: February 8, 2019

A stone’s dignity

1.Natural disasters this year, everyone is trying to get rich, but there are such a kind person, struggling to protect poor.Tea Au Village of Liu Sheng, is such a person.    Liu liter is subject to the influence of his uncle Liu Youkang.Liu Youkang was lame, married a wife is a fool, so the family life is very difficult.The village listed him as destitute families, guaranteeing not only take a year can also receive relief clothing, most notably, the county has a boss Lee, runs a real estate company, he was good-hearted, and went to the annual television reporter condolences to the village poor households, each gave Liu Youkang donate ten thousand yuan.    Ten thousand yuan ah, Liu liter working outside year will earn so much, Uncle Paul just had a poor households hat, sitting at home someone sent a million, Liu Semtech envy.    The year before, Liu rose dead parents, and he fell off when not climbing the mountain, broke his back, doing not live in the village this year will also be his bachelor when destitute families to take care of, Mr. Li condolences to the village, they he also gave donate a million.    In fact, people are inert, Liu Sheng Bai got $ 10,000 tasted the sweetness, the second year he was simply too lazy to go out to work, at home with back pain in the name of the nest, so, for three consecutive years, Li boss to give him donations the.    But this year, winter has been, and have not seen Li’s silhouette.Some Liu liter starting to labor, he had the past few years are the days of the planned economy, pointing to the donation of life, not to the donation, the day he does not go, and had to go to the village head.    He told the village chief, Mr. Li has in fact been here, but he was not at home that day, his uncle Liu Youkang help him do the Lord, he refused donations.    what?Liu liter jump three feet high, he refused to help me?He himself took it refused to help me, there is such a right?    No, your uncle did not want that donations.The chief says, I think your uncle did right, you are a big guy, no disease no disaster, how can I live, pointing donations?Humiliating!Or it is really right to work outside the home!    Ye called no disease no disaster?I did good back pain.Having said that, after all unjustifiable gas is not strong.Unlike contributions to debt collection, I do not owe you, people do not give, you have no place to go.Liu l had to come back this way, the gas ah!    His uncle is now really can not contribute, Liu Youkang kinds of tea in recent years in the mountains, light tea seed sold this year have several thousand, to deal with the day no problem.Liu l can not do it, he had no income, his uncle is not broken do to stay alive?He wanted to go to Liu Youkang theory about it, but soon went to the front of Liu Youkang, or Renxia.For the past few years things uncle contributions no less teach him a lesson, that he went to the door, no doubt to please call.    The evening, when it began to rain, and harder and harder, like pouring like.Cold, wet, more so LiuSheng feel tough day, heart, anger is more and more prosperous, his uncle bad thing, he can not just quietly forget.    Liu liter pondering pondering to go, to the aggregation of rain quickly diffuse to the threshold of his house, he got an idea.His uncle is an old houses, and that was when his grandfather was alive built adobe house, so many years, already bear decadent, crumbling, especially that block the back wall had tilted excluded spoke son.If this rain swept over the foundation uncle’s house, dipped in the adobe, adobe that had not yet become blisters muffin Needless to night work, that the non-collapsed wall can not.    The thought of this, Liu rose to carry a hoe, rain Chenzheyese Moxiang uncle’s house, he will dig soil drainage ditch behind the house to his uncle blocked, build a small dam higher than the foot of a wall, watching the roof trickles of water fell on the gutter, nowhere to go, gutter water level to rise slowly, soon swept over the foot of a wall built by piling up stones, soaked the foot of a wall on top of adobe, then he was back with satisfaction home.Imagine, when soaked in water overnight adobe that once soft, what would result.    As long as uncle’s house a house collapse, it does not become chief says natural disasters yet?It was natural to donation.As long as people make donations to, and have the opportunity to own.    2.Man-made Liu was promoted to his idea very proud, he almost the whole night, ears nest in bed, on the other listen to loud rumbling sound of house collapse.When waited until dawn, then I heard the rumble finally come slowly, even his mattress shook.Then he heard his uncle Pinlelaoming shout: Come, ah, help my wife, my wife smashed with a.    Liu liter mind hum a bit, people transfixed.He dared to make this idea that he expected that this idea could not hurt people.Uncle of the back wall is outwardly inclined to collapse, that wall is poured out, and the back wall is not load-bearing walls, down will not affect the structure of the whole house, aunt and uncle stay inside, out of the wall fell, smashing vain, ah, now how hurt aunt of it?    Liu liter scared jumped up, stumbled ran out.Uncle ran to the back wall of a look at, yes, the wall is really pouring it out, the other three walls are also a good standing, the house bed blankets, pots and pans scoop spoon, one should belongings are good, only that disappeared uncle and aunt.