Day: February 7, 2019

A stone of love

From home to school, home from school, more than twenty years of rugged mountain hard line, whether from school to school, always carrying a bag of Luoning back the stone, and difficult to walk with determination.  Luoning 11 years old, she is a pupil Yunnan mountains, dusky, weak physical condition, quiet, likes to be alone, in the eyes of the students is the most blame the students, usually out of the classroom, no one wants to make friends with him.Since the same, He is my support education in remote mountainous areas, we have seen the most unsocial student.But there is no one to admire, Luoning academic performance has been among the best in the class.  Starting a few months ago, CTP school, back to bear, in addition to a bag, a pocket of thin air more.Pocket, pretended not to know anything, bulging, looks quite Weight.Otherwise, Luoning carrying, his face how difficult will face?  Class, CTP pocket put gently on the desk below.Class time, Luoning put back pocket, circling in a small playground.In the end is something that will actually make it negative in Luoning day back?Students in the class want to break the casserole, unlock secrets.  Students to have touched, stiff, angular, like a stone is determined from the handle.However, the total Luoning not stupid enough to rock when the baby carrying it all day long.Whether a student or a teacher I, whenever asked about this matter to the CTP, he was always head down without saying a word.In fact, some students had tried in the past to open the bag, but usually very honest CTP, will be a little like an angry lion, so we had to give up.  After a period of time, a time when cold, Luoning pocket is also larger, which also pretend to be something more up.The stuff inside pocket, seems to follow certain laws of time and change into more.  Luoning pocket secret, after all, no Dide Guo students curiosity.That, Luoning not bend too few students are forced to work together, by being forced on the table.Bag is opened, rolled out a piece and a cold hard stone, the students were surprised no one has thought in place, Luoning day burdened with pockets filled with stones is actually really!  Originally, petite, frail and weak CTP, is wanted by the stone back to exercise their bodies.Several children recovered, began to laugh CTP.  Luoning furious, he rushed up like a lion, and they played together.  The office, I do not have the heart to scold CTP.As a result, because I know somethin ‘is that first provoked several children; and secondly, I do not know the cause of Luoning unprovoked carrying heavy stone school, but I had heard when I first came to tell other teachers before, behind this emaciated to distressed children in front, with any who would cry listening to the story: 6 years old, Luoning sick father passed away, it just poor families this is even worse.So, Loening mother with thin shoulders propped up the house: her mountain wood to market and sell it every day, but also for other people can not do manual labor to earn some money, but also to cut the pigs fed only grass a pig, but also cook and clean.Luoning very sensible, just home from school, he scrambled for the mother to take care of everything.  Even if the day could have been so poor yet happy but also to live, but fate would not be unkind cruel day, Halonen’s mother had an accident: life is picking back, who was paralyzed.  A few days later, I bought something, taking advantage of the morning when no class is empty, alone came to the home of Luoning.As a result, to see what Luoning mother; and secondly, I would like to know from his mother’s mouth, in the end what is the reason, actually Halonen will attend school all day carrying a stone?  Halonen’s mother in bed, even if the quilt, I can see from her thin face, how her body is weak.Listen to my introduction to their own identity, CTP’s mother hurried to get up, but only a few will give up the struggle, and under my help, only half sat up.  I told her Halonen excellent academic performance and the recent situation.But, I fight with others to conceal the CTP things.When I mention the stone back to school Luoning strange move to her, her tears fell down suddenly rustled: So, since she was paralyzed, except CTP in school, and the rest of the time at home to serve mother.Small partners call him to the river to see the old cattle, he did not have time; invited him to go fly a kite field, he not open itself.Because he has to take over the mother’s work firewood, water heating, cooking, washing clothes, feed the pigs a day because she thirsty anxious, reach out to far away from the bedside thermos, only to burn himself.Luoning home from school and saw the mother burns, heart like a knife mercilessly cut out countless general, Tongrugusui.He was afraid at a later date, if they are not at home, his mother did not know what else will happen.So, Luoning immediately decided: after each day, he would go to school carrying a mother.Although the mother repeatedly discouraged, CTP still firm in their thoughts.Since then, he began carrying a stone school.  My heart was suddenly wet the.But I also very strange, CTP want to go to school carrying a mother to take care of her, but he’s back, but how has been the bag of stones?  Luoning mother see doubt in my mind, the tears stopped, choking back tears to tell me a secret love can imagine: the CTP maternal weight 86 pounds, Luoning thin body weight and how?But he came up with a method, at first, carrying a small amount of stone, with adaptation to the weight and then keep adding stones.Until he can adapt far more than 86 pounds of weight.  86 pounds, is Luoning mother’s weight, the weight is also a loving!  On the back of the mountain, I let the tears wanton flowing.I think that pockets of stone, cold hard edges and corners, will certainly be many times touched Luoning back pain, tenderness in his right shoulder weak.I seem to see such a picture: in the biting cold, in the rugged mountain road, thin clothes CTP with weak shoulders, thin back, carrying a bag of solid rock in a difficult walk.Against the wind, not afraid of Luoning tingling; marching mountain, defying the difficult road Luoning.Just because, on his back after the bag of stones is not cold and hard, but because of a love, always spring!