Day: February 6, 2019

A stay in the hearts pursuits

I like literature, from junior high school began to like prose, and while studying random graffiti, write down a lot of childish article.After high school, more understanding of the prose, but also very fond of!In school, my article was published not only the school literary society, part poetry and prose also other teen magazines have published.Since then, I forged a bond with the literature.  After graduating from high school in 2004, I abandoned the book, into this new life journey of social work.But in my mind, there is one thing not to be given up.That is because writing is not just a part of my life, but also the ownership of another soul.Because I seek, I love, I love, I insist!Perseverance finally paid off pay, I published an article in the national publication “prose”, which for my love of literature, is a great encouragement!  Like prose, he learned through a variety of books: literary prose is classified in a big style.Their different concepts have different meanings in different historical.In ancient China, the who do not rhyme, not heavy Parallelism of loose articles, and verses, parallel prose distinguished, all called “prose”.  In modern times, in accordance with the classification of quartering, it is poetry, fiction, drama, literature and said a class of literary genres.In various literary styles, it reflects the wide range of topics, freedom and flexibility, and clever, energetic, eclectic unique characteristics.Direct narrative can be lyrical, you can describe, can talk.In its expensive “casual” and to avoid “casual” is described as “shaped scattered God lingers.”.  Prose development to the present, there has been a more detailed classification.For example, Essay, with its unique lyrical, inspirational function, access to lots of people.The so-called “Essay” not only can be understood as “beautiful or good literature”, it also reflects the coverage is “love”, writing that “smooth” narrative is “Ya”, the word is “fine”.A lot in a very short space, to inspire people, educate people, inspire people, to promote human effect.These are not uncommon in a good mood on the site, people feast for the eyes!Whenever I see those beautiful article, real text, touched the hearts of love leisurely life.  Like prose, not only because of its unique style, as well as aesthetic expression of its kind between the lines.Read true feelings, fresh and romantic, or poetic!  In the busy work aside, I often stop and give yourself a space to think, leave a copy pursuits in mind.