Day: February 4, 2019

A star dad, mom a star

1 well-off to speak, only one word, not the father, not the mother, but the chicken.She looked thin lips well-off because the pronunciation delicately, yet close.She intends to again voice: oh she looked at the well-off, well-off looking elsewhere.Wall clock sound every second living room are like increased respiration.Her lips looked well-off, well-off as if nothing were collected, after three minutes, he again clearly uttered one word: chicken.Her third study rooster crows.This time, she waited for a long time, well-off sitting on the couch playing with Rubik’s cube, either she kept crows, refused to say that again.Half an hour later, the mother came back carrying food, a little do not believe that the well-off will speak.Mother also learn the cock crow, well-off stunned for a moment, enunciate and said: chicken!Mother tears streaming down uproar, weeping, scolded Wang is not a thing.Wang is a well-off father.Mother also scolded scold her, but she stopped mother.She smiled and said: Beware of well-off friends learn to curse!This afternoon she was thrilled, forget yesterday’s displeasure with the well-off to find Kindergarten.She walked in the room, which is more than a year, her daily talk like a robot repeat, repeat, repeat expression, just like a pregnant woman, which is not good news waiting for delivery?Well-off did not cry when born, the nurses wash away the bloody body of a child to hold her, so delicate features.Few well-off crying and saw people Doukua: the child does Zhenguai!At that time she did not feel too good but also abnormal.Many children 1 year of age will be babbling, and she was a little anxious, but the old man said the boy Zuiben, opening later time is also quite normal.When well-off year and a half still can not speak, she could not wait any longer, holding him to the hospital, do a lot of examination, the doctor was careful to say: It may be less certain of the diagnosis of autism sentence for her severe nausea.So they took a well-off to Beijing, Shanghai, diagnosis, is autistic, also known as autism, also called the children of the stars.This is a worldwide problem, no cure.2 peremptorily she resigned, did not care career blossoming, well-off and was admitted to the Shanghai training institutions together, a stay is five months.That five months of training for effect, or that nothing she did not find the effect of a well-off, can be very important for her, after this home, she only way, for example, a little bit caught off the eyes, free in his eyes when followed his gaze move yourself. that lesson staring eyes caress.She was like repeater-like repeat onomatopoeia, wailing woo school tigers, cats meow meow school, frogs quack science, learning chicken oh, be a dog barking, train school bang rip.She read Tagore’s poems to the well-off: I put candy in your hands, you greedy Yan Zhao saliva, my children.Why beautiful petals surrounding nectar?Why such a sweet fruit trees?I found the answer, that moment when you swallow the candy.I gently kissed your cheek, you laugh three well-off will speak, and the news she only cover the three hours, or told Wang that she wanted him happy.Six months ago, she went to the marriage and his head, no betrayal, but he went to the brink of collapse.She said: away from it, remaining things to me.Atmosphere too good cry.They went to the Civil Administration for a permit, this one became a couple ex-husband, ex-wife became a.He only brought a few changes of clothing, adhere to cleanse the family, a week later, he called and said he was on the train to go south, I want to make the effort to change the environment.