Day: February 1, 2019

A special trial

And before dark, Hao Ping, director of the tender to do Linjiang received a giant real estate executives Yue new phone, saying in a hurry, asked him to immediately come Shanglinyuan.  When Hao Ping drove Shanglinyuan Development Headquarters, New Yue already waiting there.  New Yue told him that afternoon piling engineering team approach, in the northwest corner near Flanagan small pile of pine woods simply can not play, that is not broken pile pile driver burnout.The last one is about to break into the pile head suddenly broken off, injured two people.Some say it must be something strange underground, to find tools to dig.The results in the ground one meter dug up three bones.  Haoping Qi strange, to say: here in the past have not heard of the grave ah!  They came next to a small patch of pine forest, Hao Ping Yue took the torch to a photo of a novice, I saw half the depth of the pit, and she has three corpses lying in disorder in which the pit but could not see a coffin.  New Yue said: As far as I can judge, after the death of the deceased should be hastily buried here!  Hao Ping watch the corpses had rust corrosion, apparently for some years.Somehow, Hao Ping sudden fear in the heart, get out of the new schematic Yue.  Yue Hao Ping came to the site with a new office, Hao Ping said: blackout, do not spread out.Those corpses quickly disposed of, always unlucky!  Yue new nodded, then chief of staff also arranged for the company to implement it Hengshui.  On the way back, Hao Ping suddenly heard the sound earth-shattering explosion came from the direction Shanglinyuan, quickly put the car parked in the street.Soon, an ambulance from the city to see the direction of roaring.  Hao Ping, I thought it must be an accident, hit Yue new phone, but has been unable to connect.I think that three dead bodies, Hao Ping Yue gave up back to find a new idea, driving back home.  Shortly after midnight, Hao Ping Mongolia received a phone call from a new Yue.That Hao Ping sleeping, Yue new anxious to say: you can sleep deficit, a major event!Hao Ping was taken aback.  New Yue said: night you left, I sent get blasted pit, wanted to get rid of bad luck.People not to pit, it somehow rang explosives, killing one and injured several!  Hao straight sinking fair to ask him: how are you?  New Yue said: I’m fine.!Anyway, I could not sleep, over a couple of drinks it, and then discuss to discuss below, and I still do Shanglinyuan!  Hao Ping at this time is no sleep, I think out of such a major event, not to be implicated themselves.Said: Okay, I’ll past.  Hao Ping Ping Tian’s wife had woke up to go out to see Hao Ping, asked him where to go.  Hao Ping while dressing aside and said: I have a friend in a hurry to go to the.  When approaching Shanglinyuan, Yue Hao Ping hit a new phone.New Yue said: I do at the site office, you just come right!  Office door ajar, Hao Ping went into, I do not know what is stumbled, half a day to get up.A closer look, in front of the wall where stood a long table, sat behind the desk three people, two men and a woman.Due to a dimly lit room, see their clothes appearance, only vaguely feel a little weird.In front of three people each placed a piece of brand names, are: Zhao Yongkang, left Tong, XUE Yan, issued faint blue light font.Woman who called XUE Yan arrayed in front of a stack of paper, a pen in his hand, like a recording instruments.Middle of the room, alone stood a small square stool.  Hao Ping surprised, I thought Laoyue What the hell, change the court office, which is to examine Who?Hao Ping not want to understand, it was forcibly pressed to sit down in that small square stool.  At this time, I saw sitting in the middle of the left who called Tong’s elderly opening: now on trial Hao Ping, director of the Office of dereliction of duty and tender Linjiang major leak case!  Hao Ping froze there, looked confused and said: kidding?Who are you, what I trial?There is evidence it?  Course of the trial, the court found that Hao Ping before Shanglinyuan commercial and residential land at public auction, the base price for auction and people leaked information to the real estate giant Yue new boss, a new mountain to come forward by the bribe bid-rigging, and finally looks cheap land Shanglinyuan.In order to repay Hao Ping, Xu Yue new shares thirty percent of the dry, let Hao Ping profit participation bonus of residential development Shanglinyuan.  Hao Ping initially refused to acknowledge until later bloody face of Hengshui testify, only reluctantly confess.Hengshui involved in peace Yue Hao all new insider trading, that evening a bang on the site, so that he became one of the victims.Hao Ping deny, however, had to confess.  The end of the trial, XUE Yan used to record, so he signed his mark on it.Hao Ping struggling life and death do not sign.Zhao Yongkang immediately take the baton firmly on the forehead Hao Ping, a pestle, Hao Ping spot fell to the ground having seizures.Zhao Yongkang pulled his fingers pressed the fingerprints on record.  Hao Ping woke up to find himself lying in the hospital, next to the police guarding, are not confused.After the police officer surnamed Zheng introduced herself, she asked Hao Ping last night to go somewhere, and why the family unit has been not contact him.Hao Ping baffling.  Hao Ping from last night out of the house, has been worried about Tian Ping.Until dawn, but he did not come back to her husband, the phone still can not get through, Tian Ping, this was kept, hastened to tender to do, to find Zhang Li, deputy director, asked Hao Ping’s whereabouts.  Zhang Li said that they were waiting for the opening service will be Hao Zhuren.Ping Tian asked: Hao Zhuren gone?  Tian Ping already aware, see chapter legislation in question, to fork over the topic said: He has a bad heart, probably go to the hospital, the phone forgot to bring.Then he went away.  Look Tian Ping hurried to leave the back, Zhang Li hearts made from a whisper, it will not be detained for interrogation?Linjiang recent storm was blowing a honest, many cadres disappeared overnight, and then return to public view, has become suspect.Zhang Li thought, to call a friend at the City Commission for Discipline Inspection.Friends said Hao Ping is the city management cadres, the province is generally not leapfrog review.  After careful consideration, Zhang Li immediately to the police.  Police quickly found unconscious in a small pine Shanglinyuan site office Hao Ping, immediately rushed to hospital.  See Hao Ping has been sober, Yue Zheng police officers asked him and a new relationship, Hao Ping is still the fool.Zheng police officers took him to a court record, Hao Ping, I watched his face was downcast.  The court record is found at the crime scene, which relates to the level of corruption is the problem Hao.Hao Ping Zheng police officers could not withstand pressing harder and harder, and finally confessed their own problems, said the Night Audit thing.Zheng police officers shocked.  In fact, this court record is found, Zheng police officers discovered the problem: a stenographic paper is early days Linjiang Court office paper, signed by Chief Judge in the court record left Tong, Vice-President Zhao Yongkang clerk XUE Yan three people, they are the early days of the court staff Linjiang.That year, they had to form a special tribunal to try corruption cases Linjiang City Deputy Mayor Haotian Qing, so very famous, known as the Pro Jiangsan Jie.Later, in a redeployment, the three missing at the same time, never heard from again, he is suspected of being the bad guys plot.  Zheng police officers also learned that year was temporary Haotian Qing Jiang Sanjie trial is Hao Ping’s grandfather.  When the police have new evidence XingJu Yue Yue denied last night gave new Hao Ping made a phone call.The police confronted him and Hao Ping.Yue Hao Ping found a new number on his cell phone, but did not record the call time on mountain new phone.The bureau explained that the caller may be the thefts software installed on the phone, posing machine flagship phone.  Police will sign the court record paper, above and Shanglinyuan site that sent the remains of three departments detection.The record in writing and signed papers are forged.Three were identified as the remains of two men and a woman, the time of death should be more than fifty years.For DNA comparison with the Pro Jiangsan Jie relatives to determine the identity of the remains of three.  Naturally, was cited as one of the people involved in the case of the Office of the giant company Hengshui, did not expect the next day disappeared.So the police launched an online pursuit of him.Zheng police because they suspected Hengshui is the initiator of this particular trial, his insight into the insider trading between peace Hao Yue new, vivid and imitate sounds.  A few days later, Hengshui arrested.