Month: February 2019

A taste of Shanghai

To isolate ourselves, hidden for three months, during the work necessary in addition to communication, in others it seems I was like a dull fool.I do not know how my colleagues and superiors think of me, all I could think of nothing to do with most of the day job thing, once again plan their simulation should be the way to go, the road seems to be far-reaching enough ambitious, a little off the actual situation.But they are fundamentally strong and full, so I suspect not do this job long, and even resign immediately think of to try to go that way.    I firmly believe that no matter where are all respect to strength, in order to later livelihood for hope, I have repeatedly hard to force yourself to learn something practical point accumulation, and an oath secretly erected a monument, always remind myself daily chores and can not be lost own.Two years of experience tells me that youth is precious, although Sentimental but full of energy, often because this can accomplish much.    Back to the most true to yourself, away from the first misty, chaotic human mind’s desire.A few days ago in the nearby river that has run into Uncle fishing snails, he said he was fishing with snails living in Shanghai, and adhere to ten years, by his simple words, but it is desolate Naiting.Live in multi-age, everyone has their own way of life, some forced, some are reluctant, like the uncle put their big bust inserted into the river, the river flows away ten years of his life time how many sad and helpless behind it, only he himself knows best.At the forefront of modern Shanghai to see such a big tradition tough this scene, who will be moved.I think growing up in the course of the ill-fated, often suffering us develop into unyielding, against the current practitioner.    That day, I suddenly arises the idea of a walk into the city, tightened his brow, then walked under the scorching sun Sheshan subway station by car to the city.Shanghai’s downtown area on behalf of the dignity and struggle, sharp images are full of magic, in the Pudong Lujiazui skyscrapers crown the cloud, under the command Hongkou and Yangpu Ying is the other side of the alley townhouse community, that patina mottled Shikumen, standing in the cramped tunnel, write to make residential community culture of old Shanghai.When I again went to the Bund, Nanjing Road from ten foreign market stroll, all the way to the capital to see all the atmosphere of luxury shops and business centers faction, which Huaihai Road and as representative of the modern and cosmopolitan Shanghai, so Allah (Shanghai people) proud pressure bargaining chip.Indeed, the appearance of the city, cleanliness Shanghai a few business services in various cities in mainland China is second to none, which is why I prefer the direct reason of Shanghai.I live with a truly privileged Shanghai is still out of tune, and very difficult to live, Hao Zhao.It is still quietly continue to erode my youth, I was just here a stragglers, I am still willing to micro-ant attitude to continue to stay here and stick to look.People living here are mostly accepted Shanghai is a very high degree of heterogeneity of urban genres, giving outsiders a sense of mystery, although I stayed in Shanghai before and after nearly a year of time, heart and hands and feet still touch the resulting limitations to its huge body, as to its soul vein, only colleagues from Shanghai mouths simple thing, this time pregnant with the curious questions I try to put some of the old Shanghai of attractions Zouliaoyizao.When abducted outside the White crossing the chain bridge across Suzhou Creek in Huangpu Park, Pudong Lujiazui found from this point of view more clearly lined with tall buildings, modern atmosphere, which is a feat after the reform and opening up.Right now is the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek confluence of the Huangpu River, also known as Shen Jiang, Huang thanks Chunshenjun break the Warring States period, it said Shanghai has Shanghai.The Suzhou River is also Jiaowu after Songjiang, Shanghai Opening prosperous stronghold, the two rivers have been tied traces the history of Shanghai.Over the Suzhou Creek can see two striking building, Shanghai Pujiang Hotel and Tower, also just people running the nostalgic character.Although ancient building body mass vicissitudes, application in modern business operations, its economic and those extravagant modern buildings is no less than.There are ancient mansion near Shanghai quality reinforced concrete building – Shanghai Postal Museum, words very conspicuous, handwriting style is also very familiar with, is the question of Jiang Zemin.It must be mentioned, I walked in the city, many have Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription in some of the iconic places, it went like to leave handwriting, its significance is not our ordinary people went fine, but I first suspected to be “immortal” the word.    After a left outside the White Bridge Road north extension line extension, Sichuan, Shanghai area the road is a lot of legislation named after a foreign concession, from north to south to all the provinces to name, to the provinces in the east-west cities named.The famous Sichuan Road in Shanghai on the large, this road is very long, I do not know how long to go to see the edge of the road or street number identifies the Sichuan Road, see the logo of the Toronto Road along the street.For Duolun Road Shanghai already heard, it is a cultural street, my heart just fork into it from Xing also in the intersection.In Toronto lengthy road small walk in a circle, in fact, this street is not long, deserted popularity, feeling somewhat unexpected.According to the wall text blurb says this street had lived in a number of domestic influential writers, Lu Xun, Ba Jin, Guo Rou Shi, Ding Ling left-wing writers, on the green grass under the shade of a few small shrubs stand a few literati statue, but also along the street cafes, painting the facade, in addition to those I do not see their sense of taste characteristics.Duolun Road is a corner of a downtown alley, after there had something to eat, look at the phone high moral map, know that is near the Lu Xun Park.Shikumen out Duolun Road, over a side street, there are a few tourist buses stop there in a roundabout roundabout, original dial side of that door is the door to Lu Xun Park and asked to come out of a little girl, said is a free of charge.I Mengran went in, babbling song filling our ears, arm in arm under the trees in groups of elderly pair stroll jump dance, in addition to my Caoxi Park, Jing’an Temple Park, rarely seen in Shanghai so intimate scenes, unlike Guangzhou each district has a large park and lake, seniors can spend all day long in song and dance, which is the construction of public places of entertainment elderly, many cities in the country, Guangzhou are doing better feeling.After Lu Xun Park Lu Xun Memorial and visited the tomb of Lu Xun out from Hongkou Football Stadium, and watching to see the viaduct is not street side, all the way to live in peace.Suddenly feeling great Shanghai can be all-inclusive, I was just overwhelmed during a small molecule, and a lot of people walking confused as to live obedience.    Walking in the streets of downtown Shanghai, there will always see those buildings to imagine the former Shanghai Concession picture.In my opinion Shanghai Far East in modern times is to act as a city, Shanghai is located in the Jianghai exchange, the special geographical position among North and South, Shanghai took the opportunity of competing in the colonial powers divided the country’s poor and weak people, thus creating one kind of Shanghai New culture – Shanghai culture.Shanghai Peace Hotel first floor of the Far East, the Far East prison Tilanqiao prison, the Far East Yue Paramount ballroom, Far East Sheshan Catholic Church and other churches Shanghai this created a mestizo city.With the development of the times, sundials gradually shift, when the concession has now become Shanghai’s most bustling commercial area.We constantly rewriting life, the same city are changing every day, in the past many have been transformed into today’s mainstream, the city trying to copy only the pursuit of speed overlooked features, when our lives are busy and full of the high-rise bridge when covered, these have long turned a blind eye, dull, then often expect to play some crossing.Those rustic nostalgic always make people slow down the pace of the times to feel the gap of baptism and stimulate.And what are the characteristics of the indigenous in Shanghai?I do not know, I know that it is still a few local elders heard of mouth.Old Shanghai specialties, in the diet, as the birthplace of Shanghai local cuisine Dexing Museum, Laozhengxing as well as in Shanghai Yuyuan old hotel, according to colleagues that there are only three authentic Shanghai in order to eat the local cuisine.Unfortunately, last year the leadership of the plant to stay in Jiuting Xianheng hotel Bai Yan, those thick red oil sauce dishes that are authentic local cuisine, ask the waiter to eat downstairs finish, she said softly, with a smile dish on the table Shanghainese are cottage version.While listening to unhappy, can not, not out of their own money, no right to speak.Until now I did not eat authentic local cuisine, I thought if someday you really want to leave Shanghai, and still did not eat the local cuisine be regrettable.    Shanghai, is so evocative of the city, Sun Yat-sen proposed Greater Shanghai Plan, it is estimated Shanghai now so large and old leaders also plan a little association.Remember, people around hours mention Shanghai, it is a city with a mysterious aura, when many people in Shanghai is a piece of my heart magnet too hot, take the time to personally Shanghai is a glorious thing in life.Now open, and all kinds of material civilization up, he walked into Shanghai is not a difficult task, but to their own lives is not easy to stay in Shanghai.I like Shanghai, but it’s real life and I did not have much relationship, so I always felt that Shanghai is just an inn, retirement is inevitable, but it makes me time Nanfennanshe.    July 28, 2013 in Shanghai Sheshan Industrial Park:

A taste of “Little Lake” cruise

[REVIEW] after sunset grabbing away the last hint of sunshine, coming from all directions twilight began beautifully.On the shore of a platform, a dozen Granny old man, in a tape recorder music, swaying up.  In the evening, about the friends I came off WUTONGQIAO looked in place by boat.In this case, the existing boat on the lake in swimming, colorful cruise that dot the lake, the “Little Lake” more to life.We chose a “Bee” tread lightly stepping on the reticle plan to go to the lake.    At the moment, the sunset shines on the lake, the rise of the breeze, waves rippling lake, with waves of flickering glow from afar, Wanru silver snake winds along a section, has been extended to the front of our boat.Dark green quietly walk through the water around us, a few slices of dead leaves wandering in with wave drift.A few small fish playfully chase alongside our boat, we reach out to be close to them, but slips into the water, not far from surfacing again.We are so close to the water, nose and mouth to breathe in the breath of his mouth is full of wind, I gently scooped flickering glow of the lake, tossed on their own forehead, wetting themselves in recent days by the sun almost evaporated to dryness of the skin.    Lakeshore surrounding trees and buildings clear reflection on the lake, but was confused when fold up after our cruise, we seem to be on the top of the tree, the forest floor between walking.    Lakeshore both sides of the thick banyan, some slim, as dignified woman; some twisted waist, like amorous beauty.No matter what kind of attitude, we have both a landscape.    Friends said: “Banyan is a feature of ‘Little Lake’, and it was traced back to the banyan tree planted hundreds of years ago.One that is solid embankment; second is to remove rinderpest, when the Wutongqiao Salt prosperity, needed a lot of cattle for labor, people have to be afraid of cattle plague, the plague is said to go to the banyan tree can be evil, so a lot of planting.Today, some of more than five hundred years old banyan tree, a few people can encirclement.”At the moment, the sun sets, Juanniao return, the tree sing the birds singing one after another.    Over there, on the lake Yung shade cover, a pair of young men and women whisper whisper on cruise ships.    Look, people on the fishing boat fishing nets thrown into the air, and that nets very white, very bright, like a spider web waiting for prey positive lapper, the fisherman threw his hopes, his shiny red sunset face was.    Shore several children, with your fingers painted our boat seems to be asking the parents took him (her) to play Cruise.    After sunset grabbing away the last hint of sunshine, coming from all directions twilight began beautifully.On the shore of a platform, a dozen Granny old man, in a tape recorder music, swaying up.    Shore lit up lights, neon lights also flashes up, bustling streets, light shines on the banyan glow green light.Bridge over the river as a rainbow, with reflection and formed a ring flashing IPL.At the moment, Bodhi, Dragon two mountains, such as Dai, bamboo root row upon row of lighted beach.    Way back then this poet Lee Si-hang, should be driving a boat, swim in the lake, so look at this beauty, feel an upsurge of surging, only lines through the ages: “Shop willow Gaan level, dotted with spring good drawing, people who smoke and fire down , should not let the scenery of West Lake “, from the ‘little Lake’ reputation as.    I have seen countless times on the shore “Little Lake” scenery, and today the water a taste of “Little Lake” scenery, really “cross as many different angles, near and far different level,” the mood.Friends with a little poetic language, said: “People look at the scenery on the shore, we look at the scenery on board, the evening is a beauty, the beauty of our mood.”

A table inspired dream

In mid-1982, he graduated from the School of Chinese oil pipeline, to do so was assigned to work at the time of the country’s oil ministry.At that time, he was very satisfied for the job, the work is also handy, by the appreciation of the leadership, has also been identified in units of objects focus on training.Once, a new sub-unit to a female college student, as a future colleague, he offered to take her with collar desk.Unexpectedly, this female college students to their assigned tables and chairs very picky, pick a long time are not satisfied.He advised her to say: Is not it a set of tables and chairs?It is necessary to bother you?He wants to make do with.Female students are very serious and said: You know what?This set of tables and chairs may have to accompany my life.Is this simple sentence, deeply touched his heart.Do I like this life guarding a desk commonplace it?he thinks.Suddenly, the idea of entrepreneurship in his mind is strongly excited out.So he resigned decisively, it carries only 80 dollars in his pocket to go to Guangdong battles, which embarked on the course of business.Entrepreneurial road is always very difficult.During that time, for three meals a day, he ran to others legs, had been a receptionist, what do you make money.After that, he by doing odd jobs she saved a little money, they and others set up a registration with the company Wantong.At that time, a lady would like to join the company to do business together, until one day, the woman came to their office visits a lot, and since then have never been.Years later, he met the lady again and asked why she had to leave, Ms. admitted: see your office is just a desk covered with ash, it’s downhill.They found that time of distress.One more thing, let him remember.At that time, he and his partner finally bagged the first business plans to contract a sleepy small state-owned enterprises.The two sides agreed that they pay a yearly fee to manage this small enterprise, this small company has been run by them.The successful signing of the contract, just when they are ready to do business, this small business person in charge rushing over to seal back, tore up the contract because of that they do not have the strength, they fear poor management.So, how many times he run into a wall in the way of entrepreneurship everywhere, almost to go elsewhere, his ears always sounded that sentence female college students: Do you know?This set of tables and chairs may have to accompany my life.So he wound, struggling to quite down.Now, he has become the vanguard of a new generation of private entrepreneurs billions of dollars of assets, and he respected SOHO model will be combined live and work, and also advanced to the concept in the construction industry, said.In 2008, he won the China Real Estate Top Ten Meritorious People Award.He is Vantone Industrial Co., Ltd., Pan Shiyi.When people constantly ask him, what makes him adhere to dream, to show so amazing business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, he said, was that female students, then inspired his entrepreneurial inspiration, activated his entrepreneurial dream, It inspired him to this day.Yes, the opportunity will always be reserved for those unwilling to silence, carries the dream of the people.

A symbol of joy who practice violence

A crush on each of the unspoken rules of metamorphosis who are peeping porn without light or weak light to meet with a harsh psychological hormones incomplete naked moaning in bliss abstract moment a young child’s eyes no longer innocent broke into the damp corner tease tall creature congestion time more and more confused the more features like exposed in full view of the more hysterical the more incomplete the more elite dissolute leads the way as lonely at the top so the body needs to keep warm and they never worry about supply will the following persons are flatter off his head shaved wooden club up in the number of drilling white flesh ripping organs say I love you and after them the upper lucky pregnant with fetal deformities so they will have inherited the glorious tradition of immortality two powerful chest is cast in the first two turtle nail head confused woman does not handle fame crotch grab breast cancer is a prime hand holding scissors to seduce men excel evil spirits Jianpu nap in the flesh lying in the fist only in abjection known when the treasure to hold a man’s hand bachelor said to have the money to buy the red line, but fate is Qiong Yao is unbearably lonely reality of silica gel pen used only Ecstasy and icy scream thirty-two-year-old girl you can find a good or a Northwest still staring at her Why do not complete their own so go back out and dust kissing or touching Weak current physical love and is people who love low self-esteem are balanced across the cycle distance from those who do not do self-deprecating frivolous admit they do not know are always filled with standing pity pessimistic pessimistic point of view can make a lot of hurt just aching severe flooding are not pessimistic not pessimistic people are hidden in a lecher heart [editor: leaf]

A survey of primary school fence

Fence, we see every day in the streets of every city, if not the store room, there is always a wall (or fence) of varying lengths.Gray, white, red, in addition to different colors, who found nothing to do research?One primary school students use the summer to do a serious investigation.She is the Xicheng District, Beijing Wang Temple sixth grade four classes of Jiang Yuchen.In 2011, Jiang Yuchen family moved to Beijing from Changsha.She was very fond of Beijing, but also found that Beijing’s air is not as good as home, home is not as trees and more.One day, she walked on Taiping Bridge Street home near the stadium in eight road on the west side of the fence covered with flowers on the street, was both cool and beautiful, but the east side of the road is long wall of white walls in the sun is very harsh.She thought, if there is also a nice green it.From this point feelings start.She began to pay attention to the roadside fence fence, found that most did not properly greening.She further thought, if every fence walls are green, and on Beijing’s air quality and the environment will benefit.So she decided to do a survey.Jiang Yuchen lucky, was a Beijing Xicheng Science and Technology Museum two teachers guidance and parental support.She bought a tape measure, borrowed rangefinder, measuring only alley downstairs from the provision, a street, a measurement up an alley.Spent nearly a month’s time, she finally to the Xidan area 2.30 within one square kilometer street, alley wall green fence all been measured.The result: no green fence fenced area of 17,400 square meters, has 5520 square meters of green.Green was 24.1%.What are the benefits of green walls?Under the guidance of a teacher, she has to borrow or buy a noise meter, hygrometer, compared measurements.For science, the measured data is recorded every 3?5 data, averaged to compare.Noise measurement data once every 5 seconds, taking the average of 100.The results showed that: green fence fence has a surface temperature lower 0.3 ℃?0.5 ℃, humidity is about 5% higher, noise reduction 2.3 db?3.9 db.What can kind of do?She checked the online information and “Beijing Flora” and found creeper, wisteria, climbing rose, hyacinth vine, honeysuckle and so more drought, cold, suitable for planting in Beijing.She also did a survey to residents, distributed 200 questionnaires.99% of the results were in favor of the green fence fence.It gave her a lot of ideas.Jiang Yuchen the survey reported her findings to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Parks greening, has been fully affirmed.Next she also intends to put up a proposal by CPPCC members, Xicheng District.In this process, Jiang Yu exhibition to learn methods of scientific research, training a rigorous style, increase their knowledge, but also exercise their own will.Scorching sun, there have been several times tan she wanted to give up, but eventually persevered.These gains, in her lifetime will MAD.More importantly, she saw the problem, not the blame, not on the sidelines, instead of waiting, but promptly put their own efforts.Jiang Yuchen to Beijing only two years, the young master who says she is not yet in Beijing.

A super story

A super admitted to the Shenzhen Traffic Police!Soon, I was a work accident after the New Year but reasonable that the news.It dawned on me: No wonder there is a long time to come to our office no A super-DP is a mile.  Unit I is the Pearl River Delta, one township to the TV station, the main responsibility is taken broadcast news.One day, a black thin six months ago, of medium build, looks like a young twenties came to our office, very thoughtful and humble and greet us, saying that we sent several press releases for broadcast.Before the young man none of us have seen, after the conversation, we know he was recruited to the town just a unit of work, is responsible for aspects of the publicity work report.Young people not much hair on the forehead, so we can not help but think of such a thing: busy street not long grass, not long-haired wise head.This person is the A super.  Since then, A super Gesanchawu will come to our office, they sent us all kinds of press releases.A super of the ground, let those of us who work with news of their own can not help some shyly.Every time I come, as usual, will be A super attentive and very humble people of our office to say hello, and then took out the manuscript, invited us to look humble criticism.We also welcome, very honest express their opinions, whether praise is derogatory, A super always looked attentively at the comments of people, listen carefully, nodding his head as if to absorb do everything to ourselves useful things.  Perhaps because of similar experiences, perhaps because of similar thoughts, and I’m quite able to talk to A super.A super send the manuscript to, if time permits, we’ll chat together.A super told me that he is from Henan, twenty-five this year, graduated from Southwest University of Political Science, to work more than two years.I asked A super graduate to more than two years experience, A super told me that after graduation he found a lot of work, participated in several civil service exam, but are unhappy, can be described as being blocked, ups and downs, human well-being tasted the taste.A super I said, things in life, in all likelihood, if they work hard, and you have a clear conscience.  A few months later, that is the end of the year, we each have a lot of things to do, contact our A super was interrupted.Year after work, has no A super original feed, I feel a little strange: It’s not like A super style Yeah, did not he what had happened or they get a new job?A few days later, I came across A super colleague, asked: how not seen for so long over the Arab-Israeli?A super colleagues said: He was admitted to the Shenzhen Traffic Police, back home to the formalities.A super hear the good news, I’m glad I feel a little sorry: an enterprising young man has to leave the circle of my life.  I did not expect that, over a period of time, we went to Afghanistan over the office document feeder.It amazes me: You do not want to go to Shenzhen to work yet?A super said: notification, etc., and some mop-up work to do.After work, I asked A super informal dinner, they eat they talk, I know A super-graduation experience about more than two years: the beginning of school, getting a job A super do not have much to worry about, one of his young, two there is strength, where it can not find a bowl of food to eat!But let A super did not expect that, grim reality than he expected more, hit a lot of walls, but did not find work, once even survival difficult to maintain.In desperation, A super abandon the basic requirements of the job itself and decide to do a cosmetics salesman, running around during the day, shelter ten yuan shop at night, hard busy down, but only adequate food and clothing.Sleepless night, A super feel the same way as before the night confused.  A super adhere to the teeth, waiting for the opportunity of coming.Soon, Henan Province to recruit civil servants, went to sit A super confident, written test results came out, he ranked second.With such good results, when the civil service seems to be the iron nails, A super overjoyed, busy call good news to relatives and friends, we are also happy for A super.After the interview, however, drastic changes, because too much tension, poor A super performance in the interview, a total score fell to seventh from second straight, but the end result is: the admission of six people!So dramatic brutal facts, let A super tears, how much he was looking forward to this success, and that kind of opportunity is at hand!Time to go home, it was already rotten, in the heart of A super anxious, unsure of return, feeling mind than night also sink!  No matter how big blow, how much disappointment, life somehow continues under beggars, A super candidates went to a foreign company to invest in local work, very grand job: Assistant General Manager.But the work soon, A super find, in addition to this is a good thing do not do, what other things are doing business.A super conscience does not obliterate, fled in panic, but after a few days on.Subsequently, A super styled, when people who know the whereabouts of an internship for help, that person keen on the idea, after the no audio.A super cheek to her door, the man had become a passion with added frost sounded, the reluctance introduced a monthly salary of $ 200 to work A super.A super accepted, two hundred dollars two hundred yuan it can always be used for a few days of life.But only for a long time, A super and fled, faster than flying.He can not stand other people face cold.  In the northern hometown thwarted at every turn, looking south toward A super opportunity.The day is not better than the South, unsatisfactory work, the road ahead is unknown, smoldering trouble, no place to talk.One day, very boring A super annoying to go to the river Man fishing, contemplative occasion, several policemen walked in front, will not do temporary residence permits A super into the police car, just put something after the person questioned.A super cry wanted to laugh scold would like to ask: who fell from the mold to, really turbid water are Seya ah!  He faced a series of setbacks, after the initial A super depressed, more sink in the heart, before work harder line.Years ago, Shenzhen A super recruit police learned of the news, and then threw himself into the pro forma.Remarks that time, A Chaogang find a new job, he dedicated the day, busy preparing, reviewing and preparing tense night, reading to two in the morning, three are common, but still work on time the next day.After that hard work, a few months, finally got his wish A super.  A super understand the story, I have mixed feelings.Each of us in the journey of life, will encounter these and other people and things, during which an evil pregnant, there is pain there is music, there is insulting disregard, have successfully thwarted, and so forth.Carefully think about it, these are the norm.A super I said, in more than two years, you have so much experience and perception, in fact, it is a fortunate thing.People at a young age, experienced the lowest of life, the future could climb on the highest point, such as bow, bow to pull the more open, the more arrows may go away.Ah he said, the experience of the past few years just start to feel bitter, in retrospect is clear sky, and a chastened, he is now at ease a lot, matured a lot.  Wide sea diving, sky high the birds to fly.Today’s society has created the environment for the Maxima ride, as long as the hard work, not only forward, stepped on thorns, roses will reap smile.A super soon will go to Shenzhen to work, start a new life, I believe that his way will be wider and wider!

A sunny window

Taiwan mountaineering circles spread a story, a beautiful and sad story.    Legend has it that a young mountaineer, climbing once when accidentally dropped in the ice; decades later, his wife climb to that area, have been frozen the chance to find a husband for decades in glacier.The young man buried in the snow, also holds the appearance of his young age, and his wife in the earth because there is already a grow old temples Feishuang.    When I first heard this story, he shook up the entire chest, it is so short, so powerfully revealed who is in space and time, determined to be small, and there are just as many opportunities in dozens of coincidence years after the couple met in glacier.    Many years ago, a movie called “Lost Horizon”, there is no time and space, people lived a carefree happy life.One day, a young man lost in mountaineering, and broke into Lost Horizon, and fell in love with a beautiful girl in there; the girl longing for human love, young girls eager to take back to their own home, they despite everyone’s objections, across the Taniguchi horizon, through the snow and ice of the frozen earth, arduous journey before returning to earth; are not intended to turn back the moment the young, the girl is already a silver-haired, wrinkled, foot in the grave.The story then opened a sad ending in the elegant music and pure white snow.    Originally, the loss of life in the horizon of this love couple, their love is sincere, but also have the courage to create the future, why they can not have a happy ending it?Problems in time and space, a space-time flow at a constant in time and space, pulled away at the moment they met, and space, can not help but fall into a sad fog.    Recently, the Taipei premiere in the Novels “Peony Pavilion” adaptation of the stage play, read a few of my youth, “Peony Pavilion”, only that it is an ordinary love story, age longer, reread the novel, actually product a deep sense of helplessness.After decades of change, it is not just a woman for Love gone hua thousands of memories of girlhood, but after the sadness of the human circulation space and time can not be the.Time and space where the flow of irresistible, to actually make the final once the spring to make the old roots, flowers killed two people do not know.    ”Time” and “space” for the two road shuttle tapestry of life, their shuttle to come and go could be so heartless.    In Greek mythology, there is a hill immortal ageless immortals live, Yamaguchi has a large checkpoint, guarded this hurdle is the “god of time”, which the rheological time blocked in the mountains outside, so that those gods can eternal youth, may the sun and moon and mountains and the same immortal.    As we mortals, the gods did not like luck, looked up every day, stand and walk around to see the wall clock ticking hurried footsteps, even sitting on the balcony meditation, can also see the sunrise, moonset, the wind had star Shen, from far outward through the day.One day, we even encountered juvenile playmate, he found a few stems slightly gray hair, and our mood micro approaching middle age, the.One day, we suddenly found in the yard of lilac flowers, but a trip back, but the petals off the floor.One day, we see the old house before the house demolished, but before long, they built a new day.We finally noticed, transfer the passage of time and space which is ruthless and overbearing, there is no room for negotiation.    Chinese folk fairy tales also often describe such a scenario, there is a man in by chance to the sky, or swim underwater, ten days after his return to earth, found Renshiquanfei, know what to do; because “day in heaven, earth a year “, he play a dozen large, the world has passed more than a decade, a decade of change in how great it?It can be as large as you return home, but can not find their own door, not recognize their loved ones.Zhizhang of “Returning Home” where it can express this feeling: “I left home boss back, no change mane bad accent; children meet strangers, asked the passengers where to laugh?”Decades away from home, you can even make it easy to potential host and guest!    Buddha said, “Hue is the magic, the world of impermanence” is really fathom the true time and space, let us see a bud will soon bloom, and soon have to tone it down a.    Author of “Water Margin,” the Shinai is a short passage in the book’s preface: “Every word Frankenstein, person A several-year-old earlier this.Several of her husband, while the plot of that.Today the plot in its year-old sort of?Preferably the sum of the NO?I have learned the past visible change off.If so restless, I books so far sentence, the sentence has been previously changed destroy disease, pain is also available.”(I often say to people ‘person A is now several years old’ surprised some, is piled up and you can save the meaning of, and now he’s at the age where it accumulates?You can count out?I have seen in the past disappeared completely changed not only the way I wrote this sentence, the sentence before the time has change soon disappear, this is the most painful.) It tells a great novelist sorrow of time and space.Ancient China’s great novel, as long as we pay attention, it is talking about almost all of time and space have a profound question, “Dream of Red Mansions,” the gentle bustling syphilis wealth, eventually went dead time and space to Water Margin “heroes Shigeyoshi commit suicide, Finally, the fate of desolation; “Three Kingdoms,” the big theme is “the world trend long period of division, together for a long time to divide”; “Golden Lotus” is a fantastic color and phase of the scattered off; “flowers in the mirror” is the water of the month, the mirror of the flower; “Strange” is the power of God ghosts, all is vanity; “the West Chamber” is emotional separated displaced; “Travels” is more obvious tells: “I’ve watched him rising up, he saw the building collapsed.”Our literature almost without exception, to say the people in time and space in the tiny, but no one depth discussion from this point of view, otherwise it will find Chinese folk thought, grading of time and space have a very sensitive sense of touch.Western proverb: “You have to always be happy, only to find pain inside.”Right way out of the space and time and the contradictions of life, when we feel happy, not always biased, nostalgia does not go, and ever is that boring stuff – this is on the edge of life from time to time make fun of our time and space.    Plato wrote a short poem two lines: You look at what star, my star?    I am willing to sky, to seeing many of you people can use how beautiful sentences, how to write beautiful novel of life, but we can not be the sky, the stars can not be eternal, only looking at the stars fade away sentimental part.    There are many happy memories of the past, with the old man wished he could meet again, wished he could stop queue for Love, in fact, it is distant horizon, it is Time is fleeting, even if really one day meet with old friends, and I feel like frozen in polar ice , can not help being shot in time and space and endless sad it!Modern Japanese poet Izumi Shikibu there is a well-known short poem: heart miss the people, saw fireflies on Ze, also suspected soul out of his body sleepwalking.    I like the mood of this poem, in particular, “Firefly,” a metaphor, we remember who it not a summer fireflies convulsively suddenly off, or in a dark sky to turn away, and even their own soul also sleepwalking can not keep up, time and space to really ruthless deep sentimental.

A sunny top spot

Shibusawa got into the top spot of chief manager.This is a great power, very many benefits of jobs, is known as a sunny top spot.However, he was in this position is very casual.The original manager Corey had called the clerk Hirakawa Paul died suddenly suffering from acute disease, discovered in doubt when he took over the books, in little time, actually has more than 280 million in false expenses.Shibusawa chief on as manager, of course, continue to pursue shoulder the responsibility Hirakawa Paul embezzlement of public funds, which in contact with Paul’s widow Hirakawa Hirakawa Sumiko had more, Sumiko every piteously to Shibusawa Hanyuanjiaoqu.The face of a beautiful young woman’s tears and flattery, Shibusawa actually move the heart again, this wild mandarin ducks to a remote tourist resort.After washing strike Thalasso, Sumiko interest big time, requirements and Shibusawa a photo taken together, as souvenirs.Shibusawa has always been careful, but he fail to beat Sumiko feelings, and taking into account that tourism is not an acquaintance, it agreed to the request of Sumiko.Who knows their group photo, the photo studio as a sample in tourism to display for a while.And just to be a classmate named Araki and severe when the school saw Shibusawa.Araki managed to reprint a photo, and then to her door.For the first time just a friendly talk kindly.The second on the vaguely talked about the photograph thing.The third is proposed to Shibusawa small favor: I borrowed a sum of money to the bank, that bank guarantee required, I think your company.Shibusawa flatly refused: The Company from the guarantor is not.That I knew.Araki said, I just want to ask you to open a company promissory notes lend me, I just want a bright light these promissory notes, the banks know that I have business dealings with your company, credit is not a problem.Shibusawa or Dodge: I do not have so much power.Araki confidently said: It is a matter within the issuing postdated checks chief manager of the terms of reference.Shibusawa because photo handle pinch in the hands of Araki, but also think of a promissory note to borrow little relationship, they agreed, but honestly care: Do not sell promissory notes.Things just decided, Shibusawa always feel uneasy, on cue, the next day Araki panic again, that goes promissory note has been taken to the bank as collateral, the bank actually received You can go after any transfer.If so, Shibusawa company will be losing a large sum, tracing up Shibusawa will be subject to severe punishment.Shibusawa angrily asked: how you can entrap me?I had no alternative, I assure you, I have overdrawn several million in the bank it, my days are also sad than you na!What should I do!Shibusawa discouraged.You come up with two million yuan to redeem the promissory note!Where am I going to raise this sum it?The chief manager of redundancy payments more than two million yuan it?This means Shibusawa will lose this chief manager of the sunny top spot.He would also like to struggle, but Araki said coldly: losses may bring a picture bigger than this it?Shibusawa nothing to say.Araki left, he drank stuffy wine meal, then stumbled up to Sumiko home.Sumiko is makeup, he met with warm hospitality, drunken Shibusawa lost its former grace, he looked at Sumiko nines think: If we had not shot goes damn picture, how would stir up so much calamity?He Yibalaguo Sumiko, his hands tightly grabbed her neck, spluttered: noxious, 2,000,000, noxious, 2 million!Sumiko have been tapped breathlessly, however, repeatedly shouting: fast to let go, I come up with two million yuan.How you have money?Sumiko break free from the hands of Shibusawa out, opened the safe and took out 200 million to the Shibusawa: My husband is Hirakawa Paul took more than 280 million, 2 million yuan will now give you the rest of the money, as my cost of living, but you these keys back to my house.Lost Sumiko, Shibusawa course was not without regret, but finally saved this chief manager of the sunny top spot.Unexpectedly, did not last long, general manager of the company passed to the Shibusawa, the Shibusawa of all secret things shake out.Originally, the general manager was a crafty person, although he put in the position of manager, chief Shibusawa on, but learned a lesson Paul Hirakawa corruption of Shibusawa every move is monitored, Shibusawa and Sumiko and cohabitation private issuing postdated checks things, he rests in the hands.But he still cited without hair, the aim should be investigated for corruption Hirakawa ensure that sum was now Shibusawa took 2 million yuan out of thin air to redeem promissory note taking, after tracing, Shibusawa can no longer deny.Chief manager of course, also substitutions.

A sum fire

In the past, Leshan spring door wharf, there is an old couple opened a teahouse.Kind-hearted old married couple, forming popularity.Just teahouse is located on the waterfront, with doors and windows and bad, winter, north wind blowing in, blowing people trembling.Because very few people drink tea, cold business, the old couple had ridiculed a full meal to pass the day.This year’s winter, came a monk, he did not drink tea, but according to the late arrival of the tea house to discuss a fireside seat, saying it was very cold.Good-hearted old married couple, dedicated to the monk burning fire pot roast.By the time of closing, the monks got up, do not leave, go straight to the river.A monk was about to leave, Father wait any longer, pulled the monk asked: Master, so late, this is where you go back ah?Monk does not speak, hand Gun Hill pointed across the river.A grandmother surprised.Said: this dark night, they received a crossing, past master how ah?Monk said: monk own way.Drifted away.The second night, the monk again.He took a piece of paper, paper drew a word.He said to an old married couple: a donor, I am now going to go out, thank you for your help.Pinseng write for you a web nave you hung it in this court room, the package you are no longer cold.After the monks left, the old couple skepticism that the word hang in the house.Oddly enough, not cold night.It turned out the light on the wall that became a pen word poker, shine.Breaking past the cold hut, even in the spring cozy.So, spring teahouse door fame, even the Sichuan opera singing team also moved to sit here playing friends to play a.For a time, patrons of friends to play sold-out, the old couple’s business boomed.People say: This rare ‘a’ word ah!To the beginning of winter frost, especially cold tender.Several days of heavy snow, icy Minjiang River, pedestrians can walk to the river from the ice.JiaZhou magistrate dare litigation forum cold during the day, night quilt cover three large teeth and beat shake.His wife said to him: an old married couple opened riverside teahouse, had a treasure, hanging on the wall shine, warm, such as raising.You as a parent county palace, why not ask them brought honor honor, so that his aging mother also sell light stick?The most henpecked magistrate, after listening to that dare not comply.The next morning with a group of runners came to the door spring tea.He looked a long time that the word of the wall of an old married couple say: open teahouse, the county recently lady cold, especially to lend you this’ a word used with.Next year you also dog days.Father begged the magistrate said: adults, the ‘a’ word is the sum of the fire, ah, this twelfth day, thanks to it to attract guests, adults if taken away, we intended to take off, with no way out way out ah!Magistrate laughed and said: Well it easier to handle.Wang year to sell the old lady fan inscriptions, business is booming, today the county personally write a hall for you, pack your patrons to his door.Said called followers brought pen and ink paper, brush brush to write four words at home.Father without hesitation, magistrate eyelid becomes angry and said: Bushitaiju villain, the county Liu single-handedly authentic body, are not as poor monk-like dog paw ‘a’ word it?Whether he would be willing to an old married couple, called runners took the word go.Poor old married couple on the night of broken tea incense.The magistrate had the word nave, treasure, when he handed his wife, also sold a while good.Nipped lady magistrate tickled to death, immediately ordered the maid hanging in the room.That night, in bed magistrate Liangkou Er, and really warm and cloud love rain means I do not know how happy.But did not sleep long, the couple felt heat up.Three quilt cover shall not cover two, two stand on a cover, a change also hot and blankets.Later, the blankets will not cover the simply do not cover.But still warm, had to move out of the summer sleeping mat, lying naked naked.While, on the mat and soaked with sweat.The magistrate said to his wife: Forget it, or go to the teahouse it, it seems a blessing we did not endure this fire.Magistrate wife look at that word, red flashing cute enough, how willing to take away, and quickly said: devil, you have to Shoubu I’ve had, a little hot is better than cold not good shake.Quickly get the fan to fan to hit his aging mother, cool off.Magistrate can not, only to find two large fan, everyone one, you are one, my one, kept fanning.Violently violently, magistrate wife goes as far as a fan of the bright red word fan burning the.Coax to cry, son washed from the flames ten feet tall.Blink of an eye, the room full of smoke and fire, kindled the fire.Shocked when they heard the magistrate channeling couple stumbled out of bed, wearing their pants too late, closed the door on Vulcan.Kochi is a corrupt, unpopular.Yamen fire, and all the people stand.They saw a dragon out of the flames, to fly to Gun Hill.The next day, people find a pair of men and women in the field of rubble have been burned.On the third day afternoon, the monk came to the door spring teahouse, and give a word nave.Since then, no longer dares ask this sum fire to an old married couple.So, people talking, saying that the monk must have been a big Buddha Gun Hill.I believe that everyone has a way to make the world a small step closer to a better.I believe one thing: you, is power.Watch horse weathervane side, the spread of horse style side views!

A successful man “coax wife” prescription

I played from the sea that day, his wife quit her job to do single-mindedly wife and mother, my business grew and grew higher and higher heart qi children, slowly found her not quite what I said she did not know what to think she did not understand, but her temper more and more irritable, while suspicion increasingly heavy, and once I was in a meeting, she kept a cell phone, I shut down, she hit the real plane this trouble and loneliness in yet it is unspeakable.I doubted their marriage, but there are concerns.After all, my wife and I have feelings for so many years through thick and thin.    Wife thought this is mainly because they are now all these years her world and my only son, and now the son of a boarding school, an affluent life, and the days are idle, lonely emptiness she inevitably cranky, long time psychology will naturally go wrong.    Next, I started a plan.His wife was a medical student, I was in a friend to open medical device company to get her the job of a salesman, first she refused to go, so that we can be afraid, I told her: you are already a successful wife and mother , but you can also do a successful woman.    The clerk has been working for almost a decade spent at home wife is indeed a challenge, not that hard, but also to deal with various kinds of people, it is inevitable that by the time people watch others face contempt.In those days she comes home every day, he said: quit, not people doing this job.However, the next morning I was still forced her to get up, watching her go out three times a day to call her encouragement: Do not be discouraged, try again the next one, chances are it negotiate!    I’ll never forget the scene to talk to his wife to go home at first pen list.She a door into my arms, straining patted my back loud cheers: negotiate, I negotiate!Haha her eyes sparkled, my body filled with an active vitality so happy my wife for a long time no see!Originally the home of lifeless atmosphere suddenly was activated I think she has gradually come to understand the thrill of working to bring people let them go, and I also infected her passion, work up the spirit of times, so that employees have asked me: Shen total recently What a happy event is not met?    Late last year, his wife got a considerable amount of commission, she invited me and my son use the money to play with a trip to Sanya.By the sea, his wife happily humming the song: Grandma’s Penghu Bay beach by the waves coconut sunset, she looked so beautiful and moving, that moment, I was really happy for her.    But this is not enough.University school of those things the wife has forgotten, out of date, so I gave her a reported English courses Foreign Language Institute, said that more and more foreigners in Beijing for her to master English in order to do business with them.    In order to arouse his wife’s interest in learning, I set a rule at home: every day after dinner is a time to say English, who say Chinese inattentive to fine doing sit-ups 20.To this end trouble a lot of jokes.One night his wife was on the toilet, suddenly heard the rain and wanted me to go to the balcony the clothes back, but the moment they can not think of what to say in English balcony, only called me in the past, he kept a finger balcony I froze for a long time before blurting: you want me to jump?Anxious wife of Chinese blurted out: stupid!The result, not only to her own clothes to go back, have obediently cook 20 sit-ups.Such several times, my wife and I not only improved the English also exercise the body, they do not do both.But his wife learn English is the biggest gain can communicate with many people, learning English are young, teach also all foreign teachers, she often interact with these people, a lot of eyes open minded nature, large the international situation small affair can discuss about it, and then like before day is full of short Li Zhang parents, bored people feel restless.    Later, I gave his wife bought a computer, taught her on the net, Oh, great, she do business with people on the Internet, learn how to cook the Internet, read the news online, make friends online, become a veritable geek.Have a friends wife also launched a campaign to pursue, but also poetry is flowers, really made me nervous for a while, his wife is very proud: Look, I’m still quite attractive bar!    To do business, learn English, the Internet, and friends, now his wife could be described as colorful, just before I have to go back a little later, she would be a person full of resentment at home, but now they called me and said she often: tonight I want to come back late, you eat out of it.As a result, I had more free time, and you can drink and chat with a few buddies children.    Now, my friends and I have what party or what activities the company will join with his wife, introduced her to everyone, his wife now becoming more and more beautiful, cheerful, clever, generous, and she really became my half of the sky, whether in life, career or spiritually.    Wife, 36-year-old birthday evening, we eat Western food, flowers and candlelight, music, wine in Rogers, in infection romantic atmosphere, I hold his wife’s hand and sincerely say: Thank you for all these years for me and the family to pay, although I rarely expressed, but I hope you understand: I love you.Wife suddenly froze, long before choking back tears to say one sentence: I should thank you for the care and thought.Has the world’s best husband, what does not satisfy?    When you enjoy travel to the cause of the sky, do not forget to also bring his wife to let her fly with you, to withstand wind and rain baptism, share magnificent world together.Marriage awe, with happiness Juanqimei, you’ll get double pleasure.