Month: January 2019

A special love letter

Willow is a magazine editor, in charge of the love story column, she had read all kinds of love stories, and her love story has not yet begun.Is not nobody pursue, but she wanted to have a love story of the beginning of the special.  That day, willow see the manuscript tired, I put down the manuscript, began to fantasize about love.Unconsciously, she thought a few days ago on a business trip, the boy met on the train.  At that time, Willow found a boy on the opposite side sleeper hold a series of her magazine, asked what his favorite columns.The boys thought, said, love story, there’s a love story, each one is so wonderful, so touching.Willow heard this, my heart a happy, exposed bottom.She told the boys, she is the editor of this magazine, this column is the love story she is responsible for the.  Wow!I met an editor, so lucky.I’ve never been up close and edited it.Boys excited, both soon to talk in full swing.Later, the boys want to get off, feeling willow actually some very fond memories, she wanted the boys to leave the phone number, but not the nerve to finally open.  I kept thinking, willow increasingly found that the boy is indeed very pleasant, she can not help but regret.Oh Willow sighed, and began to look at the manuscript.The next one love story, let’s face lit willow.Content of the story is probably as follows: a boy on the train, found on the opposite bunk edit a girl much like a magazine.He cast the manuscript to this magazine, and seen the photo editor at the magazine’s website.The boys want to edit and share what face to face, but was worried about mistaken identity, he took out a magazine, this magazine, succeeded in attracting the attention of the opposite girl.Girl soon became apparent that his identity.The boys did not say that he is the author, only the identity of a reader, and as an editor of the girl talked happily.Later, the boys get off, he found he liked this girl, but do not know the girl’s attitude, so I do not know how to do.  The story I write to you, the author did not continue, but to write such a passage: Dear editor willow, the next part of the story, I do not know how to write.Can you help me finish it?  Watching this unfinished manuscript, willow heart like drinking sweet as honey.She secretly thought: This is the most special love letter I received, my love story, from the start here

A spanking chicken

My dad downstairs do not know when they moved to a less agile legs and feet of the old man, he rarely greeted with people every day to drag an old deck chairs under the shade, next to them a teapot, helped himself hungry buy twenty-two buns, out of a day or two, it is estimated camped used to, at first glance do not adapt to live in the building.Later, the uncle did not know what did you get to play a chicken, neutral looks special, especially due to mouth and saw a child just learning to walk chasing people peck, uncle limped behind stalk branches tossed shout, thrust on it will be wrestled to the ground, like a thief caught with.Many days go, go, that chicken has been blossoming into Tate’s husband, and a hair can see it across the body of sinew meat, with Sampras like there are a few hair also total closure on the neck with a much like.Wings significant degradation, to whom I stick with a half-like, short and thick, a walk on the shoulder end.This chicken burly like a sugar triangle, no tutor, as long as it wants to crow, pull the neck and called, never regardless of dawn does not shine.Grandfather talk every day with the chicken, sugar triangle standing next to him, seldom far away, unlike those poultry uneducated, come out the trash or molested Diao ants, which eat human food.What the old man to eat, something to throw to the ground it is enough to eat.Sometimes sugar triangle made temper, picky eaters, the old man can not cure it?Chicken necks to catch a surprise turn it wrestled to the ground.Uncle on this trick, enough for a lifetime.Bel sugar triangle under him, last as long as an owner of Nu Sheng scold, immediately lying on the ground, you do not have hands, people lying down to eat their own crooked neck, Grandpa is not the speaker, it can not stand up.Sugar triangle lying to eat into a scene, often with children begged uncle to let chickens lay down.Sugar triangle also blame bad luck, sometimes hot day to lie on the ground for half an hour, taking into account the performances had pretended to be dead, they can close their eyes half closed.Start all very fond of sugar triangle, because it looks really not very popular, and confident, you look at it, you look at it, it is estimated to strike up a conversation with people talking early on.It has never glanced errors eye dogs, in its eyes that are some small fry, anyone who dares to pee on its site so did not rule shit, sugar triangular wings shaking violently call within five short stature on the washed up, take myself as big Eagles, and the dogs were scared to walk around the building door.One day, I went to my dad there to get something, and one in the funeral, a large canvas support from the shed after seeing our floor, Pengwai stood two stone baidunzi, most strange thing is a big arrayed on each baidunzi cock, looks almost triangular related to sugar, it absolutely must not move in chickens, with sculpture-like, I wonder what this has done too well that the specimen.Our mouth floor, just to see uncle dragged loungers to go out, I helped him put a good chair branch, no words accosted Q: sugar triangle (the nickname I gave the chicken has spread in the community) which went crazy?Grandpa said: former House do not have a funeral, the lent to wake up.I heard, sugar triangle now OK, ah, have to go on the road signing.Taking advantage of novelty, I ran a wreath in front of people went to see the sugar triangle.That children do not look around, I Zhi Zhizhi shout it for a long time it is not reasonable, it is both paws two ropes fixed in stone.Really dedicated ah, it was estimated that sobbing cry it can kneel, movie actor Pizi.Probably because well-informed, sugar triangle began to self-expansion, the pendulum is not correct position, often when people take their own.It is the way to go, followed by bicycle, car horn shake bells useless, sugar white triangle back at you, then go and never step aside.Takes a group of people are confused in the back of a chicken, but it looks especially your eyes spanking.Estimate is the prototype class is also a bully, a fat trace dragon painting phoenix.These days more than a sugar triangle problems, do not pay attention to see the old lady dressed to chase after people suck back heel, which makes those old woman called Ya Ya side while jumping, sugar triangle just behind the wings proudly yell.Those old lady dresses body spray a little perfume, his face creases more than I miss it grandmother, aesthetic seriously flawed.There are insane in front of the children to sprinkle over the sugar triangle rat poison, sugar triangle is eating rice grown grains child can see on those colorful stick?These days do not even eat rat.Some people want to take it to a brick shot dead chicken, but the sugar triangle of intelligence in addition to not speak, have in mind what you can not catch it.Sugar Triangle are still spare time to show the neighbors pretended to be dead and lying down to eat unique skills, their eyes still so spanking.

A space of exchange students

Today, I give three (22) in the class of “puppy package brother” a lesson in class process went smoothly, students learn every step of progress by the teacher preset.When I give the students some time to allow them to discuss and exchange, “Ba Jin old man’s remorse and repentance give us what kind of enlightenment,” this issue.Discussion after the end of the exchange, when I let the students speak their minds, Chi Cheung Yun students this way: “I think each of our individual behavior is the moment to be responsible, to take place before their evil with strangling his evil conscience, do not let it happen, so we have fewer lives will be some regrets, less tragedy.When a person’s behavior has caused to others on this social harm, then repentance, hate, admit and correct, I think that human behavior should be affirmed, but after all, some mistakes can make and save, but some are irreparable and save the So I think that a person’s behavior must be responsible for the moment. “.    His answer students discuss and exchange ideas more slid a layer.I share the process with the students, the students say is more: To learn the old Ba Jin courage to admit mistakes, the courage to dare to expose wrong; Ba Jin old man’s behavior evokes conscience, goodness and conscience; let’s old Ba Jin remember history, not to repeat mistakes.Just a lot of students to express their views down the idea of the text, so his perspective to it for lack of novelty.However, Yun Chi Cheung was reverse thinking, put our minds to think the introduction of another point of view, I applaud him!    I always feel that the new curriculum requirements of the classroom to the students, so that students learn how to learn, can be a lot of time to think too naive students, especially for students with learning difficulties, it is not a thorough look at the issue, not thinking to achieve the desired height.So, I often eager to show the text of the thoughts of the characters, spiritual quality, prematurely taught to students so that students are forced to accept,.Therefore, text text and students did not have much resonance.So, I often think, generate effective classroom language really wants us and really get down to research students, research texts, we must allow students to text their own interpretation, perception charm of the text, rather than what the teacher said yes, parrot!    This lesson I actually see the students’ ideological spark flashes we saw them not to explore the potential.I often anxious, inadequate guidance to the students, for whom the expectations are not high, so I really would not be able to change their way of teaching, I have to change the!

A “sound” of love

That evening after work, Xiao Hong tired lying in bed, it may soon be a burst of strange noise startled to sleep totally disappeared.The voice seems to be a mighty force in the Pentium, roaring, mingled with the sound of fighting equipment, she painfully ear plug.  This day has lasted more than a month, ever since he moved to this house, Xiao Hong’s ears often hear all kinds of strange sounds, and sometimes a tsunami, sometimes sharp, sometimes affectionate man call first, she doubted she had tinnitus, but as long as she stuffed his ears, the sound disappears, it is certainly not tinnitus.  Xiao Hong tears, a week before she was to find new jobs.Before she had put all the money to pay the rent for six months, and also borrowed two hundred dollars to maintain the life of a friend, eating instant noodles to survive on a daily basis.Can absolutely did not expect, the election just rented the house for a long time, turned out to be a haunted house.She wanted to surrender, the landlord can not agree, and rebuked her nonsense, where there will be a ghost world?To fall back, the money will not be returned to her, after all, had signed a rental contract, there is no justification for the suspension of the party to the contract to compensate liquidated damages, any reason to count ah ghost house?Xiao Hong had to endure living in this broken house, broken bike ride bicycles to go to work every day.  Xiao Hong have their ears with cotton group, the result was afflicted ear pain well.Those may sound elusive, often do not know when suddenly sounded.The results will not be long, she will pull out of the cotton group threw.  Hong Xiao Shou Wu was a bit of a limp, felt faint voice that seems to have gone, so she let go of his hand, and sure enough, that the sound of a mighty force of the Pentium and slowly stopped down, pale to the point of not going.But she did not expect that, if one cries in the wilderness of empty leisurely, followed by passing her ear: Xiao Hong, I love you.!  Sound very affectionate, chilling, with her an indefinable Road, unknown taste, great accuracy reached the ears of Xiao Hong, shocked her in an instant.Ever, the first time such a shock to hear the cries of the soul, she accumulated over the years in the bitterness of my soul, the sound is too badly to cry!  Since then, Xiao Hong, began to no longer disgusted that strange and mysterious sound.Sometimes, the mysterious voice will shout her name, her own age of 16 remember that part of sad love.At that time, she was the remote northwest of the small town a deputy magistrate daughter, and her boyfriend love the depth of field is strong, but it is a poor young man broke.He loves music, likes to engage in some strange musical instrument or voice, but she’s parents looked down, they forced them to split up, forcing her son’s engagement party secretary.Apart sad, strong depth of field tell her: I’m going to work hard for you a whole world, let your parents no longer look down on me, I will be fair and square to marry you he has gone away, that is six years, and never been heard.And she does not want the party secretary and son get married, fleeing forced marriages out in Beijing made such a common North drifters.North Dayton drift from the magistrate’s daughter to eat a last meal and worry down, Xiao Hong has no regrets.  This sounds like more than a strong depth of field sound ah!Xiao Hong, listens, or tears, or intoxicated ecstasy she wants, even if it is a haunted house, ghost and she willingly Sleeping.  But After about two weeks, and that weird voice never sounded before, Jingsi disappear like the.  The room was quiet, Xiao Hong heart is unable to calm down, she remembered the past that weird sound.  That day, Xiao Hong way back to the rental, there is a faint trail seen something on, out of curiosity, she could not help but looked down to see, do not look it does not matter, look at this, she was shocked.The ground is black and white photo of an inch, the picture is a pure girl, slightly tilted mouth laughing.This is none other than her own Yeah, this is her strength and depth of field contacts, she gave him.He was like a treasure chest in a baby-like cover, said it would take a lifetime to treasure this picture, photo in others, he died lost photos.And now, here she was found this picture Deep-Xiao Hong, sitting sad and wept aisle.  New Year’s bell soon sounded, a part of the fiery New Year film release.Xiao Hong, a famous director rented a DVD from the store captured the year’s Lunar New Year film “strong wind strong rain”, a man curled up in her dwelling playing on.Flashing switching the screen, did not let Xiao Hong generate a lot of powerful attraction for this mammoth blockbuster, but added that a start armored cavalry sounds, so she transfixed.Too familiar, so many voices, like how she had contact with sound?  When she looked at the cast list printed out, said Xiao played the role of an actress, and my heart could not help a move, the original masters of this movie, and she turned out to be a different word homonym namesake.  Next, the film’s many voices, she deja vu.Hard thought a moment, Xiao Hong, suddenly remembered, just when she moved to this house, the old heard strange sounds inexplicable, and this film is a lot of sound exactly the same context!  Xiao Hong froze, chill rises from the soles of the feet.Is this really a haunted house?Why is she a few months ago, I heard the music of this movie?Six months ago, this “strong wind strong rain” I’m afraid it has not yet completed shooting?  She myriad of thoughts, a reason no clue.At this time, the film has played to the screen on a prairie, two sprint over Jijun, launched a fight.That sounds mighty force, so that Xiao Hong palpitations, she really did not remember correctly, she was really hear over the sound.If you guessed it, another moment, the actor affectionately call should be the name of the heroine.Sure enough, after a Canshi everywhere, a man sent a loud cries of grief choking: Xiao I love you!  This is more like a strong depth of field sound ah, Xiao Hong thrilling at the same time, but somehow created a sense of attachment, do not know is the film or the sounds or the room.  But she thought that an indefinable apprehension, depth of field and strong if anything happened?Why she could hear his voice?She wanted to find him, be sure to find him!To Beijing, for him, for so many years, she never forgot him.  Unexpectedly, Xiao Hong’s mother removed this day do not know where to find out her phone number in Beijing, called to the: Hong Hong, come on home!  Mom how do you know my phone?  Your friend’s find out, and she said you life was miserable in Beijing.Hong Hong, go home, Mom and Dad I’m sorry you should not stop your depth of field and strong together, I can tell you that he is dead, long ago had come back to your depth of field strength, we say you go to Beijing, I heard he went back to Beijing, the result of a car accident died on the way home, Hong Hong, a person you stay in Beijing, what use is it?  Xiao Hong’s phone almost fell to the ground, turned out that he really is not in the world?Suddenly, Xiao Hong crashing collapsed down, supporting her belief is not, and she did not understand what the meaning of life!Xiao Hong feel tired, she suddenly want to go home, the parents then how is his biological parents, family will always be my home.  Booked in advance the ticket, the back room, things are not what she wanted to clean up.She lived out of this year’s hut, she kind of hard to explain the anguish intersection.  Passing the aisle, she saw a figure slowly approached the man walking head down what seems to find it, Xiao Hong, walk straight past, but in an instant the man raised his head, Xiao Hong, a suddenly scared jump, staring at the man to see, suddenly exclaimed: deep-man looked at Xiao Hong, also shocked, long time before he burst out words to: Xiao Hong, a familiar voice, Xiao Hong, suddenly started to cry, today, she not only once again heard the cries of a strong depth of field, and saw him appear.She has been kept auditory hallucinations, but today, she actually had hallucinations, illusions how can such truth is ah!  She mournfully hand, want to feel strong depth of field, I thought it would feel empty.I did not expect a sudden strong depth of field to hold her tightly in his arms, burst into tears.Xiao Hong deeply felt his body temperature was so warming up, she was surprised to ask them: you’re not dead?  At the same time, with a word popped out of his mouth a strong depth of field.  Suddenly two men laughing and crying, Hong Xiao Qiang told depth of field, he went back home, they go home to find her, however, Xiao Hong’s parents fury will cast him out, and said that their daughter because he has too sad, not long ago the world, and sad, he had to return to Beijing.However, only six months ago when he moved out of photographs rental, Xiao Hong inadvertently left him lost, he had looked everywhere to be found.After coming back from home, he suddenly remembered once a rental, I thought, the photos will not be out of it here?So he ran back Xiao Hong, too, that parents lied to her.Can at the moment, she has refused to think too much, and asked the depth of field is strong: you have to live here too?  Strong depth of field, nodded his head, he said, since to Beijing, they rented a house here, but then he found a job in a cast, most of the time lived together with the crew, a rare back.  Xiao Hong, told him that he had heard the sound of his breathing, and other strange noises.Depth of field strong laughed: Honey, you tinnitus does not appear, it is indeed my voice.  Depth of field Qiang told Xiao Hong, after he came to Beijing, job hunting, and later saw a crew hiring Foley division.I wonder Paoqu Wen, the director told him that Foley is a division of the sound generated by the film simulation, because there are many voices while shooting, while recording is not very convenient, so finding Foley division with the film sound.He was curious to see another division foley work crew, I saw the man with a variety of props to simulate the sound of the film came out, could not help laughing child he was particularly sensitive to sound, with a special kind of ventriloquist, do not have any props, you can make all kinds of sounds.  He tried to use ventriloquism to Foley, let it phase of director.So, he successfully became a division Foley, spare time, he did not forget to practice ventriloquism!  Gosh, you had been living next door to me, in practice ventriloquist, I hear voices all come from your mouth issued?Xiao Hong cried out.  Depth of field to smile at her: Yes, ah, we actually lived together for so long, actually do not know each other.Fortunately, we are together again now, perhaps, we are all God’s love moved Talking, strong depth of field and closed my eyes to Xiao Hong.According to Xiao Hong said he closed his eyes, slowly, she felt the tide of ear ringing sound, like being in the sea.She opened her eyes and realized that the tide is sound and strong depth of field from his mouth issued to.  Strong depth of field Yongjin her: I am now, though not before the poor boy, but did not have much money.But I can give you the sound of the whole world, so you have the feeling there is a whole world of Xiao Hong, head buried in his arms, crying of happiness!

A son Rui

There was once a man named Wang Rui, to make their fortune two years Kanto, earned fifty pieces of silver, ready to go home New Year.Rui go half way home, I heard people crying and groaning one, according to the house and neighbors said this is Xu Kun, go to Northeast for two years did not go home, the family destitute.As a result, Xu Kun of two old dying of hunger, hungry children cry and kick, Xu Kun’s wife was about to commit suicide by hanging, was rescued neighbors.Rui Xu Kun heard about the situation at home, I feel very poor, it was decided to make his own fifty pieces of silver donated the house and.So he came home to panic, he said Xu Kun Xu Kun asked him to take back to the family silver to fifty-two.As a result, Rui no money to go home.He had no choice but to return to Kanto.  After another year, Rui earned twenty pieces of silver back home.He was in the yard, heard the mother say his wife gave birth to a son.His mother shamefaced, feel sorry for her son, he did not go home for three years, but have a baby daughter.Rui and quietly asked his mother left his wife’s performance, his mother told him to go out in three years, and his own daughter live and eat together, without any deviance.That’s when he saw his wife embrace a son who just turned one year old, also went to the yard to meet him.Although his heart is very angry, but he did not move sensual, took hold over son.He saw his son had a little hand clasped fists.It is said, that boy so gifted, who also breaking not open his fist.Rui said to his son: Son, let me break apart your hands and see what is holding your hand?He gently breaking, the child opened his little fist.It turned out that the hands of children clutching a note that says you sleepy for the solution of the above Alex, handle gods sent home.This lifted the doubts Rui.

A son aged: Wang Gang and his son grow together

In the summer of 2008, the famous artist Wang Gang, a late age son, suddenly became a topic of concern, but Wang Gang has been keeping a low profile, until recently, the son of a year old, the king has just revealed the true nature of a father in front of the public.In the CCTV “psychological interview” program, Wang Gang took out the pictures of his son, spoke about his son and all the interesting to the audience, old and outspoken playful, people laughing sixties father, tasting the world has experienced two beloved marriage breakdown, Wang Gang for his third marriage cherish, the media gossip track, his vigilance has been high on the outrageous rumors, he denied the first time, all purpose, all for hard-won peace love.Happy quietly gone through a run-in period, the summer of 2008, Wang Gang is about a father again.The face of the little life to come, Wang Gang heart is feeling: they have nearly sixties, even the daughter reached the age to be a mother, and while he, again, is facing a new happiness that tortured.Think of these, Wang Gang can not help but laugh.Fortunately, now is a new era, a son old age, although rare, but has also been understanding, even the daughter far away in a foreign country, whether you called to ask several times, and when his brother (sister) was born, the first time she fortunately back to celebrate.Family understanding, let Wang Gang very pleased, although it is in the Olympic Games period, a variety of inviting him to host a show constant stream of units, but Wang Gang was all declined, single-minded accompanied his wife at home, preparing for the birth of new life.On August 25, a day of rejuvenation let Wang Gang.On this day, after a long time of suffering, a little life came to earth, but also into Wang Gang life.Xi Ji Gang for the first time for Zhang Guoli and lin brings a friend sent a text message: I have added a small, I have a son friends!From then on, every day to see his son before the crib Wang Gang became a thing of the most pleasing.Son that same broad forehead and his own, and even his old mother cheerfully said: This is your grandson on exactly the same time so much.Gang less believe mother, because from the point of view of genetics, boys generally inherited his mother’s genes to be a little more, then take a closer look son, that shiny black eyes, and nose and mouth, and his wife is like a mold It was carved out of.Wang Gang jokingly said to his wife: Our son focused on the advantages of both of us, others see that this is the crystallization of the two of us.Son in the crib is so restless, just open your eyes, you want to think out of all the shackles of his stuff, climbed out of that little cage, to the house of the big world.Unfortunately, the bones have not developed, there is no effort to support him achieve this dream, so he used to cry for help.This time, Wang Gang is the happiest time, his son’s cries, for him, is a beautiful music, so he was overjoyed.He picked up his son, wandering in the house, or jumping, or son and speak, whisper, very gentle.Finally, his son is not crying, and laughed, though silent, but pink toot smile, like a flower in the open in Wang Ganghuai.When breast-feeding wife to his son, Wang Gang, also looked on, his son’s mouth sucking hard, kicking leg also exert oneself, is the so-called real resorted to feeding effort.Wang Gang issued with emotion: Twenty years ago, his condition is much better now, then, in order to allow her daughter to eat well, their own busy all day, and now, in his sixtieth year, finally had to make up for the regret conditional the.The thought that he felt his son is really an angel, let yourself go back to the mentality of the year.As a willing ox, a father in the family’s music arouses envy his sixties, is a happy event, it is a tired thing, after all, can not keep up the energy and stamina.Therefore, some people feel a little weird Gang of choice: so much older still have another baby, really bored to tears of?But in a good mood Gang yet tired as a pleasure, because he felt the contact and son, he seemed much younger, and this world, who would not be willing to do his young?So, Wang Gang ignore others puzzled, but said preached everywhere: at this age, there are nice son!Infancy son urine and more, changing diapers is a very tiring thing, well-off family regarded such a thing to a nanny to do in an attempt to worry, but Wang Gang insisted on personally do.Not because not afford some money, but he believes holds soft son’s body and watch them in their own playing, ups and downs, and the son of a pair of big eyes staring at her with that rhythm, when everything is ready replacement, the son of a dry little ass dry diapers are protected equally good, feel comfortable and laughed when Wang Gang as an artist completed his favorite works, feel happy.In recent years, Wang Gang became interested in antiques, no less at home to add some antiques, especially furniture.Placed in the middle of the hall table, looks less buzz, but it is made of pear, Wang Gang often people guess that the table value of geometry?But no one guessed the total.Some people say: you do not hedge, and say how much money it?Wang Gang said: now there are a few do have really yellow rosewood table?This is something that is priceless!Such a baby, Wang Gang has always been your care, every time someone our guest, not just sit down in the hall, staring without blinking an eye on Wang Gang, a table for fear the baby was knocked paint what.But is such a treasure table, in front of his son, it seems worthless.Son likes naughty, naughty also like in high places, so this table and became the best stepping stone.Just stand on top of the sons are excited, waving his hands, two feet stomp hard enough, though small people small effort, but centuries of things, really want to take good care of them, even the pat are not allowed.All this, in the eyes of Wang Gang, but it is turning a blind eye.Sometimes, he cheerfully with palm on behalf of the foot, and the foot of the son rhythm, banged on the table, as if the two men go marching in.Son happy, too happy Gang.Son grew up, always makes Wang Gang recalled his first to the scene of a father.When his son lying in bed, looking at his slightly raised his hands, Wang Gang always said to his wife: Look, son thought!Wait until his son get tired, put a small bed and covered his face, then when Wang Gang pulled down the little bed, his son will be exposed unhappy look, desperately shaking his head in protest, Wang Gang, said to his wife: Look, the world’s most good rattle show began.Each son of a little trick, in the eyes of Wang Gang, is so unusual, made him feel that his son seems to be so different.When he talked to other people and talk about them when friends laugh at him when the usually rare, do not know tired, Wang Gang always smiled and said: oxen!We do not know when the ox is tired!Ox, Wang Gang, this is the role of positioning themselves in this period, and he is still very happy to play this role because this role without the back lines, do not listen to the director instruction, and play well or not, one look at his son’s face on Got it.Big hands holding little hands, you and I grew up with a father’s hardships, Wang Gang is not the first to experience, but this time the feeling is not the same.Twenty years ago, the first time a father remembers feeling that their future is uncertain that time, only the ecstasy from the heart, can not wait to let people know the whole Beijing when his father Gang.Today, his life has gone through more than half, and then again when his father, does not delight in half points, but more of a meet and responsibility.Old people always like to recall the past, this seems to be a sign of a person into old age, Wang Gang also like to remember before I walked down the road of glory.But since her son was born, Wang Gang thing of the past find themselves somewhat forgotten, but prefer to accept new things, turns out to be living longer and younger.In diet son, twenty years ago when his own father, where can I have so many choices in the diet it baby?Boil a large pot of rice soup, stew an old hen is the best nutrition.For one thing, wages are not high, and secondly, it is not clear what the science of nutrition knowledge.And now, so many supermarket brands of milk powder, listed nutrients, always make him feel further expansion of the periodic table is not it several times in order to accommodate so many elements.Although not so recognized the so-called Gang of nutritional milk powder, but the new thing is still inexorably broke into his life, especially his son’s diet.Wang Gang and his wife discuss the most is the son what kind of milk to eat.When his son just completed weaned, the problem was that he put on the agenda.After several rounds of re-search and online, as well as someone who has recommended, and finally to have a goal Gang.When he bought the baby milk powder, it looked, even happier than he had Awards.Perhaps the role of genetic factors, Wang Gang found his son’s body language is rich, especially in terms of the choice of diet.So, Wang Gang, which became the basis for judging the son of diet preferences.For example, when Wang Gang son’s favorite food was served, he found his son would happily dancing, leaning forward and big mouth, is so eager; Conversely, if hungry or face food not so fond of his son food will be closed on the mouth, his head turned away or simply close your eyes.With this discovery, Wang Gang to feed his son to eat a lot easier.Sometimes, family members fear that such feeding would affect the work of Wang Gang, always urged him to hurry up, do not waste time.Wang Gang always smiled and said: do not worry, you can work backward drag a drag, if desperate son, give him cause bad eating habits.Celebrity family life is always cause for concern, especially Wang Gang this there are so many people in the emotional ups and downs of life, and today is when the father in his sixtieth year, more people feel curious.Not long ago, a television station broadcast a video screen notice said Wang Gang’s son.The whole video is no text and commentary, Wang Gang and his family did not appear lens, to see that this is walking a fine line, Bo viewers eye.For such behavior, Wang Gang feel very angry: This year, the cottage has everything, even my son now has a cottage version.Wang Gang thought rather than let you guessing, makes up, I might as well take the initiative to show much better.So he began to look for opportunities to disclose their lives.Early September 2009, Wang Gang attended the Beijing TV program.In the show, Wang Gang initiative to come up photos show the age sons for everyone to see: if I do not say that they have a son, do not know what the others are compiled.Besides raising his son from this time a year of hard work, Wang Gang said with emotion that they have old.Show host jokingly said: Wang, you just have a son, can not say old!Wang Gang to think hard about the host, then nodded to say: Yes!He is not old, yet his son grow up, how can I do the old?Wang Gang satisfied with the old, because he felt his own son to grow together and makes sense!

Althea on cuffs

That year, the university campus is very bright purple hibiscus flower bloom.Her face was in the midst of afterglow, the two bright red.He asked her to spend the tree: “You know the language of flowers it Althea?”She shook her head.He said: “Although Althea in the opening evening off, but it haircut, not love downtown.It represents the faithful, eternal and beautiful.Just like you.”She smiled.He went on to say: “Althea bloom so grand, more like a love and give everything, without reservation.”Early autumn, he fell in love with her.School in the outskirts of town, they often take time off to run out.She sat in the back seat of his bike, cross your legs, the pink skirt fly up like a fluttering butterfly.  On one occasion, I do not know from where he got a motorcycle, deer wildly leapt to her seat, clutching his waist, flying in the streets of the town.That time, the sky was clear, the wind has a sweet fragrance.  That day, he put out the money from the cost of living will fall in coming out, bought her a white shirt.Silk-smooth, soft white shirt, worn on the body, winds, carried away.She could not bear to wear, tightly in her arms.He laugh at her silly.His clothes caught in the back seat of a motorcycle.He wanted her arm around his waist, tightly.  To the school, her blouse shake out, but discovered there was a small hole on the cuff.He pulled over to look, to the chagrin of his head – is a motorcycle exhaust pipe hot heat.She wanted to cry wronged.  The next day, he put the white shirt stuffed into her hand, cuffs even more a purple hibiscus!It turned out that he traveled the streets of the small town, finally found a clothes repair shop.Instead of a patch with a flower, a shop sign.However, they never embroidered hibiscus in to his plea, a purple hibiscus falls on the white cuffs.She put my clothes on satisfaction, between raising his hand, like there’s a purple hibiscus in Feifei yo.  She wanted a boy, to have such a fine mind, must be gentle and considerate.Upon graduation, she was duty-bound to follow him to a remote town where he taught.In the heart of the city and the home time to say goodbye, she did not head back.  Three years time, is Huakaihuaxie.She put more time into work.One day, she was buried in preparing lessons, he stared at her in the light.He said: “I no longer love you, we divorce it!”She smiled, thought he was joking.”Stop that nonsense, but also to class tomorrow.”He hung his head:” Is it true.”She did not know what to do, in front of him, strange as if she never knew, she stared at him, he did not look up, saying that because of the involvement of another girl.He repeated many times, “I’m sorry”.  It is not much of it?He is like a high-handed rebel, a captive to her, threw a look deserted and cold place, then a person unsympathetic to leave.This small town, only he loved her.  His house, savings, together with all the memories, all left her, out of a person bidet.She felt empty heart.She embroidered purple hibiscus white shirt out, worn, long daze.She felt like a portrait of the show dancers, fight a passion to just jump old, last, and the rest, just a pair of faded red shoes, how bleak.In this way, he sent a life?  She did not want to return to parents’ home.She has put youth gambling in the here and now lost the bet, but also how turn back?Love closed the door, windows live, still open.She rallied and began struggling to work hard in life.Small town, as well as her students, friends and colleagues, she was not alone, she wants to stay.  Ten years later, she became a small town well-known figures.Her excellent results on their own, made the principal focus of the town’s high school, and later the position of Deputy Secretary for Education to do.Her students everywhere, living a full and satisfying.Her in his small town, take root, earning himself a Road aura, he has become increasingly dim.She occasionally pulls out that piece white shirt against the bottom of the Althea on the cuff, has been fleeting wash faded color.She picked up, there are faint of heart pain; down, and my heart is faint empty.She did not know my heart is not there to hate.  She thought he was the train of her life, she wanted to take her into the arrival of a place.She got off, he went to the.She reached the destination of their own, since no association with him.That station, she is to go through.(Text / Maya Wei)

After seeing the female ant waist love beans, A4 waist is really nothing

After seeing the female ant waist love beans, A4 waist is really nothing recently, OH MY GIRL members Binney waist caused topics in various online forums.   Binney ant waist many women love to have a good body beans are also very conspicuous.There is the so-called ant waist waist curve, waist finest places to your head circumference is too small, then the ants waist up.   Binney 162 centimeters tall, giving a small and exquisite feeling, almost the size of children’s clothes in Binney body, but also with a pin Binney clothes to shrink a little.According to friends speculated, Binney waist at 19?21 feet.   Next we look at a few pictures together, feel Binney ant waist again!   △ If you liked this article are welcome to Xiao Bian thumbs below?Here is South Korea’s me2day number of public attention please long press Fanger Wei code or add images to identify micro signal hanguome2day, they can subscribe to the most timely and most authoritative · · most professional information Korean exciting content 1 review.Truth!”TV Festival” apology, also Sicong and T-ara members of innocence!   2.2018 overseas fans will be separate, these two popular actor unstoppable trend 3.If it was then that they have appeared in the works.   4.Coffee shop really belongs GD own opening soon, newly renovated site exposure is simply too cool friends!   Fives.Gold record live stage concert Jonghyun Lee Hi’s work was choked: hug you, really hard!   6.Rapper could not act is not a good judge, YG who have been out of his legendary life good 7.Dogs were finally disclosed the identity of his wife Ge Jiali!Turned out to be an office romance ah ah ah ah!   8.Women want to have love beans like a stunning figure?17 minutes Pilates exercise make you thin legs and breast 9.2018 hairstyle trends, you must not miss the beauty of the 10.”Phantom” were super cute scene imitation version, the heart is sprouting up!