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About to correct the shortcomings of the famous

Saying about correct shortcomings regarding the correct shortcomings of the famous 1, for fear of maggots, you do not milk yet?Korean 2, the only thing we do not correct the shortcomings of weakness.French writer 拉罗什夫科 3, each one of the disadvantages are there to destroy you with its corresponding strengths, the two complement each other, a common destiny.Anatole France 4, can not put out a short three long, three ground hard to make up a lazy.5 Mei Qing dynasty cow tree, we laugh at other people’s flaws, but do not know these defects are inside us laugh at ourselves.British writer Thomas Brown 6, is not perfect, no one is indispensable, everyone has this or that weakness.When he failed, this weakness will ease his bitter feelings.La Bulv Germaine 7, more lice on the clothing, can not put burning stove.Uighur 8, eight people defects, there are four things suffering, must be very cautious. Zi 9, virtues and disadvantages have an incredible nature, have the more you will think you have the less.Europe 10, forget their shortcomings, it creates complacency.Democritus 11, the only flawless writers are those who never writing.Hazlitt 12, in everyday life, we often due to their own advantage rather than a disadvantage just liked.La Rochefoucauld 13, the disadvantage is not entirely a disadvantage, as long as it does not hate virtues.Chamfort 14, how many virtues and drawbacks are negligible.Wowei Nag 15, fundamental, Yu does not cover flaws.Western Han Dynasty scholar Dai St. 16, a cover up shortcomings, the results will expose another drawback.Aesop 17, who quit to clear the clever cover without breaking, Cham static Anshu who quit after, the vast vast heart who quit to forget.Mirror 18, if not our own shortcomings, the faults of others when we find will not be so pleasant.() 19, a man of La Rochefoucauld perfect place, is to find their own shortcomings.Italy 20 from our ideal, we inadvertently exposed his flaws.French writer Jean Rostand 21, does not seek fame legislation, as you go flaws.Tang Dynasty poet Wang dreamer drawback is the fear of fate. Ferry Phillips 22, pride is the best place to hide shortcomings.British author Sebastian Teller 23, I have no way, so no eyes; when I can see, I will stumble His servant, we often have to count on but lost in the effect, not as good anti-able on our shortcomings helpful.Shakespeare 24, each beauty can pick out flaws to.Turkey on the 25th, when we give up the shortcomings, we also abandon our self-righteous shortcomings.La Rochefoucauld 26, no shortcomings were obviously does not exist, because he could not find a friend in the world, he seems to belong to an entirely different species.Hazlitt 27, can often fill in the gaps moral wisdom, and wisdom is not always fill the moral flaws.Italian poet Dante 28, do not fall because of an ox hair, put a pot of cream drained; not because I made a little mistake, put throw away a lifetime career.Mongolian correct shortcomings of the famous saying about the starting point to correct the error of saying correct the error of saying 1, do good deeds never too late.Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” 3, must abstain from wine and women.Happiness is so short, so vague, and the remorse was so great.”Tolstoy Biography” 4, habits are hard to break, who can not go throw it through the window, it can only be coaxed to go step by step down the stairs.Mark Twain “fool Wilson” 5, the biggest shame and anguish, is when you can not defend very well and whom you love and survival all the time.Gorky “boss” 6, although can be used to make a shame to lose the devil, but it can also do an angel.Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” 7, the bane of tolerance because the source of chaos without adding correct, the risk is already inevitable.Shakespeare’s “Richard II” 8, the best good person, all made mistakes over people; because there is often a little disadvantage will get better in the future.Shakespeare “Tit for Tat” 9, all the water in the ocean can not become a white swan’s black legs, although it all the time in the waves wash in.Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus” 10, as few mistakes, it is human norms; do not make mistakes, that’s the dream of an angel.Everything on earth is inevitable wrong.Error is like one kind of gravity.Hugo, “Les Miserables” 11 One must put all his strength into efforts to improve themselves, and not be able to waste his strength on anything else.”Tolstoy Biography” 12, and people want to do for them for granted, only time will slowly change people, but in line with any rational argument can not make changes to what he obviously harmful habit.Gorky “isolated” 13, habits are day by day to put our life into some kind of shape fossils, our hearts are losing freedom, calm and not become a slave to passion and his ilk time.() How amazing Tolstoy 14, used to create the miracle of “family happiness” Yeah!Habits and how much fast and how easy it!No matter irrelevant to those habits and those of us from the fundamental change of habits, are the same.Mark Twain “Three million legacy” 15, a person know their weaknesses, can be rehabilitated, it is blessed.Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” 16, a traditional habit often is no more reason to exist, but the more difficult to get rid of it.Mark Twain “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” 17, is a neighbor of truth error, it deceives us.Tagore “fireflies set” on change to correct the error of their famous quotes to share the joy of saying Marquez saying, time is not in Old rapids 1, but bottomless underground reservoir, memory row away from there.”Love in the Time of Cholera” 2, if God reward me a life, I would dress simply, and fell in the sun, revealing not only the body, and my soul.”Farewell letter” 3, with the standard interpretation of others our reality, will only make us more and more strange, more restraint, more and more lonely.”I’m not speech,” 4, he does not know at the time but it is fine at home caused damage heartbreaking, after such a long day out, with a clear memory of any one person, this damage will think it is a disaster.So what?Time passed, words to say this, but not so fast.Wherever you go, you should remember the past are false, memory is a never-ending road, all the previous spring are no longer a go, but even the toughest frenzy that ultimately love is nothing but a kind of fleeting reality!”Hundred Years of Solitude” 5, never say you feel, do you think it!If I know that today is the last time I see you fall asleep, I would warmly embrace you, and pray to God guard your soul.If I know this is the last time to see you leave the house, I’ll give you a hug and a kiss, and then again stopped you, hug and kiss again.If I know this is the last time I heard your voice, I would record each of your words, over and over again so that you can listen to no end.If I see you know this is the last few minutes, I would say I love you, not silly to think that you already know.”Love in the Time of Cholera” 6, to buy a permanent ticket, boarded a train never end.”Hundred Years of Solitude” 7, if you can not ascertain the fate assigned to us what role and mission, we can not continue to live.”Advertised in advance of a homicide,” 8, if a person has to tell lies, then it is up to the end of its tether.Before telling lies, I did not think there was not really to the end of its tether of it?”No one gave him a letter of Colonel” 9, I do not wear a hat, so as not to come off in front of others.”No one gave him a letter of Colonel” 10, wherever you go, you should remember the past are false, memory is a never-ending road, all the previous spring are gone, even the toughest that but wild love in the final analysis is nothing but a fleeting reality.”Hundred Years of Solitude” 11, even though that their feelings have dried up was not given, there will always be a moment something struck a chord deep in the soul; after all, we are not born to enjoy the solitude of.”Hundred Years of Solitude” 12, love the soul above the waist, the waist down in the flesh of love.”Love in the Time of Cholera” 13, each party to the marriage inevitably will encounter such problems derailed, deal with this problem is always the other side is the test of wisdom and courage.”Love in the Time of Cholera,” 14, the real thing is not on paper, it’s all around us, every day around countless life and death, but also nourish inexhaustible, full of sweet and unfortunate source of creativity, my wandering, homesick Colombians but the goddess of fortune favored Mongolia.The reality is so incredible, in which we live, whether poet or beggars, criminals or soldiers, all without much imagination, the biggest challenge is to not believe our real life people with conventional law.My friends, this is the crux of our solitude.”I’m not speech,” 15, if you do not wear new shoes, never fit.”No one gave him a letter of Colonel” 16, she reminded him that the weak can never enter the kingdom of love, because it is a harsh, mean country, a woman of strong-willed men will vanquish.() Because the only way a man can give them a sense of security, a sense of security that they desire, to face life’s challenges.”Love in the Time of Cholera” 17 secret of a happy old age is nothing but a decent agreement signed with loneliness.”Hundred Years of Solitude” 18 In fact, everything is already in order, those destined to happen thing led to another, and finally lead us to this day this Wednesday.Macondo Wednesday, it was a good day to bury the devil.”Sticks and dry leaves,” 19, life is wonderful that people invented then, but things.”No one gave him a letter of Colonel” 20, gone with the wind Share on the letter were not from the womb to come out hard and fast, on the contrary, life would force him reborn again and again.”Love in the Time of Cholera” 21, any woman ages she has presented at that age can not be engraved in the United States.She impairment due to age and, because of character to come back and make up, but also because of hard work to win more.”Love in the Time of Cholera,” 22, I went to travel, because I decided to go, not because of interest in the landscape.”Love in the Time of Cholera” 23, worldly benefits: a sense of security, harmony and happiness, once these things have been combined, perhaps seemingly love, almost equal to the love.But they are after all not love.No tears with a sponge will completely erase memories about him, so that he occupied in her memory a piece of space to grow poppies.”Love in the Time of Cholera” 24, live as if the law was rusty in general, people only contempt, and scary, but it is also a protection, so that he unaware of the passage of time.”Love in the Time of Cholera,” 25, he was too young, unknown erase the bad memories will always exaggerate good, it is precisely because of this mystery, we were able to bear the burden of the past.”Love in the Time of Cholera,” 26, when a woman decides to sleep with a man, she would not jump not past the wall, she did not push the fortress does not fall, nor did she throw no less than moral concerns, in fact, was not able to keep things under control her God.Prudent to make such decisions.”I’m not speech,” 27, love, first an instinct, or will be born, or never.”Love in the Time of Cholera” 28, there is always a tomorrow and life gives us another chance to get it right, but if I am wrong, and today is all we have left, I will say to you how much I love you and I never forget you.”Farewell letter” 29, you and death seem to look across at what, no feelings, your parents get in among you, wait until your parents died, you will face these things, or you see death very abstract, you do not know.Relatives, friends, neighbors, grandparents, they died pressure on you is not so direct, the parents are separated between you and death of a curtain, you block a bit, those closest to you will affect your view of life and death.”Hundred Years of Solitude” 30, in the past are false, memory is a no way back road, past all spring can not be recovered, even the most frantic and tough love, in the final analysis is nothing but a fleeting reality, only lonely eternal.”Hundred Years of Solitude” 31, God, if I had a heart, I would hate to write on the ice, then expect the rising of the sun; I will draw a first Beinei De Van Gogh in the stars with dreams of poetry while Sai Laite song would be my serenade offer to the moon.I will pour rose with the tears, the pain in order to appreciate the thorns and petals kiss “farewell letter” Marquez classic quotations Daquan reading famous quotes about life

99% of women, the two most likely to commit mistake in marriage

99% of the woman most likely to commit in marriage both wrong ▲ Click above to subscribe in blue text / night intelligence Source / pour our best to live (wanqingdepingtai) ▼ past few days, very good spring, early spring flowers open at one another, and the warm spring breeze, titillate popular in itch, this season, if you stay at home do not move, it seems a pity, then, a friend suggested that Wuyuan canola flower was very nice , as traveling by car on weekends we play day or two!This convention is that we have a very early, when the slogan is: forget that baby, forget the husband, this is the party between a woman and a woman.If you took my husband and baby, noisy, private savings will not be able to say the words, but not the freedom to play.Soon, my friends immediately responded, have said they can go, and I also intend to write emerald and temporarily put off, go out and let in the wind, naturally, I am going to abide by the agreement, non-family.Turn to a friend?F position, she hesitated to ask: Can I bring my husband and children to go with ah?Our hearts are irresistible, NONO outspoken to say: it was not ready yet say?Without my husband and children, this is a gathering of women, but a few years time, it is two days only, it is also not very much??F: I know ah, but if I go, the two of them how to do it?▼ NONO went on to say: how what to do ah?Let your husband take the kids on weekends too, ah, you have children in school, and are not waiting for breast-feeding, I still do two kids, than your home is small, it is going to let their son the day they’ve had three.?F said: our family situation is not the same ah, if I go, I can not find my husband even socks, he was taking care of children, I do not worry ah!NONO depressed to say: he would not be thanks to you ah!I really do not understand this in the end is your husband or son ah!Do you not he will perish with hunger!?I send private messages to NONO, I told her do not say, even if?F reluctantly went with us, she was also the husband does not fit, do not enjoy playing also playing, it is better to forget.?F is also proposed, as into family gatherings Well, you no one responded to her, because for us, family gatherings opportunities abound, but when unmarried and friends traveling together, looking for opportunities in the past years, but It is getting a rare.In fact, we are unlikely to be seen?F-style treasure house wife husband, if reluctantly go along, and also illegal and screen.Finally, F husband chose to stay home with the children, I’d sigh of relief, NONO was not very happy, and I could not help but say: I just do not understand why women want to live like this?We get married is it for a man to do when the mother?Three meals a day for food, clothing, everything had to wait thoughtful?She tired ah?I know?F will be tired, but she was tired but happy, when she said her husband and children can not do without their own time, not a performance out of boredom, but a satisfying sense of being needed, perhaps this, her own are not aware, but I know that this feeling of being needed, it is the lot when the mother of a woman in marriage the driving force behind.▼ this role dislocation of marriage in our society really is everywhere, and the saddest thing is that many women do not think that there is anything wrong, such as a man and a woman to be married, her mother always said to his son to her, and later told his wife to take care of her son and daughter often vowed to guarantee that we’ll take care of her husband, to be a wife and mother, so-called wife, in fact, it is the mother baton transfer.The contrast is that many women want to marry a man similar to his father.I remember some time ago the popular online you can love and Mr. Zuo, but must marry Mr. Right, Mr. Right I looked at the standards, says bluntly, is not that required it to his father?Even said that many fathers can not do so ah!Later, against a lot of articles, mostly you are eligible to choose Mr. Right left Mr.?But few people asked for Mr. Right who set this question.There were a lot of girls ask me, like it or not Mr. Right, tell the truth, I do not like Mr. Right who set up, if I was a teenager, I might like it spoil my boundless men, but in my now at this age, I certainly would not choose such a man.Because the so-called Mr. Right, although care of everything in life, but along with the harm is clipped your wings, hindering your growth, warm boiled frog-style put you slowly turn into a giant baby, you no chance to experience their own frustration, and then grow; you have no chance to experience real life, the kind of feelings and get paid; you have no chance to reach the real society, always living in each other to create a mirage for you, do not own thinking and assertive.If one day, he was tired of you, you need a separate face all the time, waiting for you in the way, only two: one is more painful than average growth transformation of the road, there is a completely reduced depravity of the road.Mr. Mr. ▼ left and right of the stem just ended, and came out a resonance: you must marry a man when her pet.These articles have been many women agree, in fact, it is not difficult to see that many girls are subconsciously refuse to grow, they put their own position in the little girl, spoiled needed, take care.Remember watching a sister, smiled and said to me: how I think the girls of our country, not like a man when the mother is like a man to do when her daughter?I feel the same, it seems that few people realize that, in marriage, you really should do is a wife, a grown, independent personality, independent spirit of a woman.But do not let men continue to take your pet when her daughter, accustomed to seeing your temper, no one accustomed to seeing your ability, spoiled your life, no upgrade your wisdom, in the end, bear all the consequences, or do you own.A woman, when the mother hopes to return to the formula of pay dependent on men, and when her daughter-like request to pay in exchange for the men, the mind is not mature performance, how, when a woman his own mind is not mature, how well handled all kinds of problems in marriage, how can we take to spend the rest of the agreement?Truly qualified partner, not everything can not do without you, but not everything instead of you, but when you step by step toward a better life, staying always holding your hand.As a woman of us, and that they should clearly understand this, learn to take the initiative to grow, rather than teaching to promote their own growth.▼ remember the year before I got married, my mother said to me after marriage must be diligent little, a little better temperaments, something happens forbearance and tolerance, although my mother is very virtuous, but her life has been dedicated to making me very virtuous but the power of examples is endless, so I do not virtuous.My aunt said to me, after marriage must be smart about it, put her husband’s money and people watching live, not to take advantage of another woman.These words, as I have heeded really deep impact on me, it was my brother told me, he said: married, you have to remember two things, you are not his mother, he is not your son, you’re not his daughter, he is not your father, you two are husband and wife relationship, equality of personality, the spirit of independence, or whether it is to take care of the growth, is mutual, do not ever mistake their role.I deeply remember these words.About the author: Late Love: writer, screenwriter, Emerald cloud Yixuan founder, author of “bald and with a total Wife,” “ho marriage” and other books, the book “just doing a good woman: do not cling, will not “is [email protected] Microblogging late love nest, individual public platform: pour our best to live (wanqingdepingtai) background replies, “Good morning” greeting ↓↓↓ daily check point to read the original to learn more

1 million yuan in the world to buy a house, to see me cry

1 million yuan in the world to buy a house, I cried after watching the attention of this number, [] reply within a number to see the article!  [1] erhu county party secretary was removed from office because he raped Art.[2] Zhong Nanshan: Most people are not die of old age, not dead, but.[3] Titanic banned content, you absolutely can not think of!  [4] three academicians warning: 99% no signs of thrombosis, a word can make you remember life without bolt!  [Five] article on the USA Network is delivered crazy (highly recommended) [6] immature people five characteristics, very accurate!(Highly recommended) Source: Sina gateway to rate tier cities in China, many white-collar workers have said the elusive, so if you have 1 million yuan, the world, what kind of house you can buy it?Xiao Bian feeling to see the last cry.1.Chi Libya in the ninth district dollar price: $ 110,000 three-bedroom three bathroom house in Biarritz town, surrounded with a world-class field.  2.South Africa Eastern Cape Jeffreys Bay dollar price: about 15.$ 20,000 five bedroom three bathroom in the house has a barbecue, garden, he was one of the best surf spots from the world close.  3.Portugal Alliant Teru Ai Evora dollar price: about $ 150,000 two-bedroom a bathroom that the prescription live in Vienna Baoalieti sweet village.  4.Croatia Islamic Terry subwavelength Rick dollar price: about $ 150,000 three-bedroom two bathroom all this is a three-room apartment, only three minutes away from the beach and nearby yacht.  5.New Zealand blessing nemesis dollar price: about 12.$ 50,000 Four-Bedroom Two Bathroom This is a stylish 4 bedroom.  6.Second and third largest city in eastern dollar price China: 150,000 US dollars (1 million yuan) (without traffic jams) about an hour’s drive from the city center.100 square meters of rough housing.  Press two-dimensional code Follow us over many exciting content, good-looking not to be missed!