Month: November 2018

In June, we ran aground of our old days

The night is coming, and I have been silent all the time. The bottom of my heart is not aware of the slight coolness..     All of a sudden I thought of you. I don’t know if you are as lively and lovely in the distance as you were before. I love talking and laughing. I don’t know if you can still think of me in other places in your spare time today..     I love you and deeply love you. No matter when, no matter where, I will say so responsibly, because it was you who accompanied me through the most unforgettable time..     Remember, at that time, we always called each other’s nicknames, even though they seemed to outsiders to be alien words, we were still happy to say them..     Remember, we had a meal in a bowl when we had no difference between men and women, no difference between you and me, and we never cared about these small things.     Remember, that night we went out to surf the Internet collectively and didn’t come back until we played all night, just to play a new game with Xiao Xi. Even if we were tired, we would all have to play together..     There are still many things we need to remember, but there are only memories with tears at the moment.     In June, we ran aground in our most beautiful time, leaving us at a loss when facing the road ahead..     Now that we have all entered the university, we have reached the ideal palace that we have been longing for for for a long time.. In fact, at the beginning, we only had a simple idea. Universities have plenty of free time and can contact each other every day..     When time goes by, when we look back on the past, we realize how happy and simple we were at the beginning, and there is no trivial matter in our heads, no need to think about life, no need to think about the future..     However, we can only get together once a year during the winter vacation.. There are too many people who will not give up when they leave, but no one will say that all the world will have a feast..     Because we’re really not willing to give up, we’ve been used to being together for a long time. Who would want to say the word’ scattered’? There’s no such word in our memory dictionary..     I have to accept that we are really separated. Everyone is like a little golden sparrow that has lost its way and is still singing with tears in its eyes..     I haven’t been in touch for a long time. I don’t want to take the liberty to disturb you. I believe you have your own quiet life just like me..     This calm is accompanied by countless loneliness. I’m sure it’s not because my heart is fragile, but because you have settled in my memory and stayed there..     Unexpectedly, it rained outside the window, breaking the peace of the night. This atmosphere caters to people’s mood, ” Hua la” accompanied by light sorrow and deep thoughts in the raindrops..     I like Li Shangyin’s poem ” and a moment that ought to have lasted for ever, has come and gone before I knew”, which should be very suitable for us.     Once upon a time, that was the old time we could never go back.     Gently sigh into the rain accumulated into the small water flow, gradually flow away. At that moment, tears blurred both his eyes and the whole world.     In fairy tales, the ending is perfect after the disaster. If possible, I would also like to write a fairy tale in which the hero is us. We will always be together and never leave each other again..

I really want to have a dream and be drunk with you for a thousand years

If there is no love in the world, it is also a beauty of life to meet you in a dream.! Although it is an illusion, it can also be said to be a complement to human love. The beautiful scenery, wordless table said. I want to have a dream like this, meet with you and embrace for a thousand years. Can drunk a, also don’t waste this life!     I really want to have a dream and be drunk with you for a thousand years!     You, who originally occupied a certain position in my mind, just didn’t come to me properly. I also want to have such illusory and ethereal things. Even if there is no ups and downs of love, can meet chi ping in a dream, also satisfied. Who should have no friend in life and be alone in the world! Who can’t find the right person to fly alone in life!     Dream, every day, see if there is a dream with you. If you were in my heart, dreams would often appear! Dream of you, heavy, cheerful, talking and laughing, share with me. I took your hand and laughed and hugged you. A smile is half an hour. Seemingly in a dream, it is actually enjoying a sweet human hug.. I really want to be drunk for a thousand years, forever and ever!     I don’t see you, but I met flowers in spring, just like I met you. Every season, I pinch a flower and hold it in my chest. I can’t let go of it.. You are actually a flower in spring. The flower smiles, and so do I; Flowers nod, so do I. Flowers and I are always close and whispering. Flowers and I are always touching and friendly. You are a flower and I am the messenger of protecting flowers..     Seeing flowers is a precursor to your coming. Of course, there will be your appearance in your dream! Your smile is a flower for me to enjoy and make me cheerful. When I dreamed of you, how happy was my mood! Like eating a honey jujube in my heart, sweet and soft!     I didn’t see you, but I met the hot weather in summer, just like I met your hot feelings. The heat in my heart is not only surging waves in my heart, but also surging waves and rolling heat waves.. But also keep an eye on your new trends. Of course, there will also be a surge of your dreams. When it is difficult to fall asleep in summer, it seems that you are by my side, giving me warmth and infinite charm.     Encounter the hot weather, is your warm feedback. At night, you often sneak into my heart and teach me trouble sleeping. You are the twine of my heart, you are the concern of my dream, and you are the fetter of my soul. How can I put you down, how can I not always remember you?     I didn’t see you, but I met a warm chrysanthemum in autumn, just like I saw you. Once again, I came to my window to wake me up and teach me to bloom with you. As if you and I were a pair of mandarin ducks fluttering in the autumn wind, stirring together in the autumn wind. People say that autumn is the season of sad autumn! With you alone, I am not lazy, so I will try my best to bloom with you.!     In autumn, the days are short and the nights are long, and your sight comes one after another at night. I can’t sleep, and my eyeful is full of chrysanthemums that stand proudly in autumn.. The fragrance of autumn chrysanthemum is coming, and my heart is very happy.. You are Qiuju, I am a bunch of warm sunshine, we always have endless worries! You need me. I’ll take care of you. How good is it to be together in life and in the world!     I don’t see you. I met cold plum in winter, just like I met beautiful you. You are dressed in bright red and open in the cold. I admire you for being strong and not afraid of danger.. How can you not let me smell the aroma of your plum blossom and miss it?? How can I not dream of you in my dream?Your bright figure in the snow and the angel’s prestige between heaven and earth have been printed in my mind.. Can’t help but make me sigh with emotion! Your glorious scene will always shine in my night sky.     Winter is the coldest season! How can I warm myself without your participation? Even at night, you and I sleep together. I look up at the moon outside the window and look forward to our reunion! The feeling of thinking about your feelings has caused ripples in your heart. Blending with you is a sign of our love. Long love for you is the taste of my missing you. Dreaming that we will be so kind, loving and loving in the dim light!     In fact, I miss you all the year round, miss you all the year round, and fantasize about having you one day. Although the dream is illusory, it shows that my heart has been looking up and thinking about the’ you’ in the distance.. Even if I can’t get you in real life, in this way, my heart is sweet.! It is better to think of you forever in my dream and love you forever.. Dream is also the joy of life. Dreams are also human colors.     I really want to have a dream and be drunk with you for a thousand years!


Every tomorrow is hope.     No matter what kind of hardships people encounter, no matter what kind of difficulties they face, we have to face them frankly, because after today is tomorrow, and every tomorrow brings new hope to people..     Spring is the hope of flying geese in the south. Autumn is the hope of farmers. Rain and dew are the hope of drying up the land. Flowers are the hope of all soil. Children are the hope of parents and the hope of the motherland. The future is the hope of the present . Ah, hope, an immortal lamp in life; Hope is the catalyst for people with dreams to turn their fantasy into reality. Hope is the long-lost light in the heart of the blind. Hope is the constant pursuit of people in setbacks and adversities. Hope is a tender bud in the winter and the star of the long night … ah, as long as there is hope, it is possible for us to realize our dream!     Some people always hope to be full, but they always reap disappointment. Some people calmly face everything in life, but they are always lucky to bathe in hope. Some people pursue continuously all their lives, but they always miss hope. Some people regard fantasy as hope, and hope eventually becomes fantasy. In life, fantasy is always a fantasy and can’t be a hope. But hope sometimes becomes a fantasy in desperation!     In the face of hope, we always have too many illusions, so we always miss hope. In the face of disappointment, I always hold too much sadness, but I can’t see any hope in the result of disappointment.. In the face of fantasy, if you can stand at the right height and no longer look up, maybe fantasy can one day become hope.     Optimists always see hope in life, but pessimists always see hope as disappointment. As a result, hope always cares for optimists and disappointment always falls on pessimists..     Hope is the best. Therefore, the cruelest thing in the world is to kill hope.     Everyone has a hope, and everyone may also be the hope of others. Just like Bian Zhilin’s scenery: ” You stand on the bridge and watch the scenery. People watching the scenery look at you under the bridge. The bright moon adorns your window and you adorn other people’s dreams.”. Lu Xun said: ” Hope is attached to existence, and there is hope if there is one.”. Hope is light. Facing the desperate situation, we must keep hope and keep looking for hope. Only in this way can hope be born and live forever in disappointment..     People, can’t have no hope.     Grass asked the earth: Where is hope?     The earth replied, ” Hope is on you.”!

Hands folded, shallow sleep in the summer of Schisandra chinensis

[ Editor’s Note ]: In Senior Three, people said it was purgatory. The person who fought together once gave up, leaving me wandering alone. I still don’t give up. Although I am the disharmonious person in the teacher’s eyes, I still insist on myself.. After the flowers bloom and fall again, I can only sleep with my hands folded at the end of the summer with the faint fragrance of Schisandra chinensis, with all the thoughts of flying over the sky and covering the ground in pieces of light source, without waking up all the year round.. Say hello to the purple pole, right foam! Looking forward to more excellent work from you! The world is quiet green, with clear layers and dry veins.     The adults have a new topic, and the children who care about their families after tea and meal have a great future..     My mother looked at me and shook her head..     I can’t remember how many times it was. At the beginning, it was just a silent sigh in my heart, pointing out roundly when I spoke.. For a long time, I don’t care how I feel about it. Maybe she thinks I don’t have any feelings at all. I was already numb and hopeless in her eyes. The in the mind of helpless can no longer press down.     The hot sun stung my eyes and stirred.     The squad leader said you must pay for your willfulness. I took the report card and looked at the numbers jumping on it. Ah, the price. The corners of the mouth make a radian upward, so we have been holding the joys and sorrows by these small numbers all the time.. The class leader has an incredible expression on his face, the college entrance examination is imminent, and I can still smile if the score drops to the edge.. He turned and left angrily, leaving the words’ call parents’ swaying in the air.. Whether or not, he has also been disappointed in me to the point of irretrievably.?     Asahi said he could not hold out any longer. Pressure forced his nerves and he was afraid he would go mad. So he chose to leave. I drank the last sip of water from the cup, calmly pressed the delete key, and then turned it off. Remove the analog card, and finally replace it. The message seemed to have never existed, but it was also a shrinking violet.. At the beginning, the man who said that even if people all over the world don’t believe me, I won’t give up on my own.? Now that we all still have faith in you on the same front line, you are the first to be a fugitive. Then I was told with a tear message that I was less happy and more lonely. What pressure, what crazy? Said so charming, selfish as hell.     Turn off the lights, turn on the computer and order He Gui’s participation in the masthead flower opening bill. Sit on the floor with your knees folded and listen again and again.. His voice in the sound box was calm and clear like an 18 – year – old young man. He Gui is energetic and vigorous like a tumbler. I don’t know if when Xie Na often reveals that he is old, he will also remember the time when he once had a gardenia blossom, and whether he will also think of the youth paths he took and walked together..     How long will it be before the summer solstice? This summer solstice I also want to enter the senior three that obliterates the whole illusion of youth. Rumours of purgatory, huh.     The higher the data on the desk is, the faster it will annihilate camphor outside the window. The degree of glasses is advancing with the concept of sustainable development. Anne, my beloved Yi Shu, was moved to the corner of the bookshelf and covered with a thick layer of dust.. I was confused and didn’t even know which corner of the sky I had long dream of wandering in. The sky was vast and gloomy, with no blue crevices, and even a trace of loneliness could not be found..     This is the reality, now in front of the facts. It told me with bloody status quo that my last stand has already started. I have no more innocence and fantasy. How terrible, even the most basic power was blocked, too unsatisfactory.    All say that youth is fearless, why can’t I find any enthusiasm that belongs to me, like fire and song. My right hand is fighting hard, my left hand is waiting for a harvest. What a long blow down the river. I seem to be old, standing on the horizon far away from youth, watching it play a new story.     The light in my brother’s room was turned on very late, even one of his junior high school students knew the situation was critical, and I, a student entering the college entrance examination, was still not sure how determined I was in my position.. So confused and so clueless, it is no wonder that my mother shook her head at me.     Damn it, this summer is gone forever. In a deep word, I’m waiting for the ashes to go out. As if nothing had happened, I crawled in the days near the college entrance examination, just like my soul was delayed. So I lost the meaning of waiting, and I could only start with my legs lifted, even if I was not afraid of the abyss ahead, at least the result would tell me if I was so vulnerable..     Touching the walls of the maze, even if I stumbled and survived, I also had to go on. It doesn’t matter if there are any flowers or applause.. The retreat has been broken, and the world’s hidden rules have always been in place.     Life is weird like a chess game, ten percent of the time. There is always someone in the distance doing something completely opposite to us. I can’t know, I can’t guess, I can’t even miss it. After the flowers bloom and fall again, I can only sleep with my hands folded at the end of the summer with the faint fragrance of Schisandra chinensis, with all the thoughts of flying over the sky and covering the ground in pieces of light source, without waking up all the year round..    [ Responsibility Editor: Violet Pole[ Original ]

From sunny to snowy skies

It was sunny in the morning and the rain began to patter towards noon.. When the headache is no longer there, the mood is better, and the feeling of reading with clear plowing rain rises again..   The wind was very strong. The wind blew my thin umbrella upside down on the way to send Xiao Bao to play zither. I turned around and the umbrella blew up again.. Xiao Bao laughed and I laughed, too. I think of the fable I told her when she was in kindergarten about attending the North Wind and Sun Regulations..   The old man who insisted on using the pressure cooker to popcorn on the roadside in the wind is very persistent. This is a livelihood. Otherwise, who is willing to insist in such a cold wind?? I bought Xiao Bao a new one from the pot and it was warm to hold it in my hand.. When I was a child, I queued up to take my own corn to fry popcorn. Xiao Bao didn’t realize it.   I bought another pair of army green trousers in Mengxuanl. I let my heart rise like a prairie and forest.. The world is so vast and I am so small. I just want my heart to open a channel to those beautiful things that are far and quiet..   I don’t have the tenacity to grow trees on stones, but I must work tirelessly. I’m not Lin Chong who was forced to go to Liangshan. I just don’t want to give up my dream of forcing myself to leave.. Ten years, the next ten years, still work hard, only for a fuller, clearer and lighter self. I am not good enough, not open – minded, not easy enough, not sunny enough … Ah, I am preparing for the new year everywhere, and I entered 2013 year of the snake by reading, which is my habit.   I live and study in my own way, no longer dream of governing the country and leveling the world, but only let myself return to self-cultivation and harmony. I also care about the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the island dispute, Mo Yan’s fairy tale, Zhang Lili, the most beautiful female teacher, and the five teenagers who died in the trash can.. I don’t have the prose writer Zhang Zongzi’s’ one pool of thin film and falling cold flowers’.   Like a saying: when I first read philosophy, when I was soft, I read text. At dusk, snowflakes floated up, and my heart became moist and soft in the snowflakes.. At this moment when snowflakes are fluttering, it is a wonderful situation to think of Bai Juyi’s ” One Voice, All Things Away from the Heart” and ” there’s a feeling of snow in the dusk outside, what about a cup of wine inside?”.   Besides, the snow is really getting bigger and bigger, Xiao Bao dances excitedly. At this time, I really want to have a person drinking with me, not like Shen Congwen, whose name is ” Li Taibai”, ” till, raising my cup, I asked the bright moon, drinking into three people”, and whose name is ” according to my thinking, I can know people”..   This person who has drunk sweet wine and recorded love by participating in Xiangxi Sanskrit Regulations always touched me, and this’ countryman’ who participated in the border city regulations has a touching, quiet and unsophisticated feeling that I will never reach.. Although I also advocate’ love and poetry’, his’ love’ and’ beauty’ are flowers in the soul, an aria of fate, and a kind of enduring beauty flowing like Kawabata Yasunari.   Holding a glass of wine can also be relatively dim, just like loy holding a cigarette silently for Zhou Keqin, but I am not so lucky.   I admit that I still feel lonely, whether in the subway or in the Bund, I often feel dazed and suffocated in the surging stream of people.. In the city, it is difficult to be a country man. Few people can speak quietly in the country like Han Shaogong and Yan Lianke or Chi Li.. Only when I hold a book in the hectic and tumultuous world do I feel like a swimmer taking a deep breath on the surface of the water.   Zhang Zhaohe once commented on Shen Congwen: ” He is not a perfect person, but a rare and kind person, who is full of affection for people, love the motherland, love the people, help others, do nothing for nothing, be honest and simple, and be full of affection for all things.”. Reading such a sentence was particularly touched, and Shen Congwen’s gentle and quiet photos in his later years came to my eyes, thinking of his encounter during the Cultural Revolution. Although he completed the bill to participate in the study of ancient Chinese costumes, I still deeply regret it..   At this moment, I think of him holding a warm hand of baked sweet potatoes in the early morning of the Cultural Revolution, sitting on a stone pier outside Tiananmen Square, watching the sky and the moon waiting for dawn to open the history museum, so lonely, so cold, can literature still give him warmth?   As if the morning sun was shining to the moment of rain and snow, my heart went from light to gloom and decided to stop and go with a bowl of sweet wine..