Month: October 2018

Everything is not what people want

Sick, the mood also became mottled, but I remember elizabeth barret browning’s words: Don’t forget laughter when sobbing.   At the moment, I express a tearful smile in words.   I thought I had a very mild cold, and I was a taboo patient, so most of the diseases on my body are a word’ endure’. This is also one of my life attitudes: a knife in my heart can’t bear to bring disaster to others. If I want to endure for a while, then I can only know that endurance is high.. This is what I carried back when I was a teenager. I have its eyes shining on me in my life footprint, deep or shallow.. Of course, occasionally I get angry.   There is no body temperature, and the hospital has listed the people who look at the respiratory department separately. If you have a fever or not, take your temperature, because H7N9 makes my heart uneasy.   Although we often deal with hospitals, we are still afraid of going to hospitals, and we will always love dearly and feel dejected when we see all kinds of sad faces.. With the unspeakable crowding and clamour, it is like a market, which often makes me unable to have a good mood. Thinking like this, I admire my sister very much. They can handle all kinds of things calmly every day..   There is an unspeakable ache and weakness all over my body. I admit that I am afraid, and I am afraid of being entangled with diseases.. I tried to participate in Vargas & Bull; Lue Sa’s decree dispels my helplessness. Although young Lue Sa was once scared and helpless, he watched his love story with Aunt Julia, saw him break through the darkness of life time after time, saw him regain confidence and hope again and again, and saw him climb to the top of Nobel literature with courage and perseverance, blessing and lamenting for it..   The book dispelled the boredom and helplessness I was waiting for. I know I’m afraid of blood. I used to bite the bullet and close my eyes when I just pricked my fingers for testing.. This time I lowered my head and stared at the ground until the blood collector stopped drinking and my tears fell warm..   To do a computer tomography scan, the short passage made it difficult for me to go. The doctor was worried about my lung problems and thought that I had been drinking and smoking regardless of what I had been doing. He was really afraid that his body could not endure longer years of cooking..   I have used this sentence to comfort myself for years of hard work and reading: People live to contain hardships and hardships.   In a flash, for many years, my body was moving in the world of mortals, and my heart was entangled in words. As long as I had words to accompany me, I would have no regrets in this life..   Just, everything is not people’s wish. Therefore, we must live bravely and face the possible disaster bravely. According to the news, some people in Fudan Graduate School poisoned their roommates. What kind of enmity should they have so ferociously laid hands on them?   The world is not always full of flowers, I only think it is another adventure. I have already lived through 40 years old, and my body is very old compared with Xu zhimo and qu qiubai, who only lived through 36 years old. Looking back at elizabeth barret browning’s words again, I smiled silently and was speechless.

Dusk in June

[ Original Text ]It is a beautiful and warm evening. The song belonging to June in the evening is drifting gently. When we hear it on the radio one day,’ When we are young, the years are drifting quietly’ ..   Gently, I walked past the evening of June.   Gently, through the mood like water, through the past like smoke, through the good years that belong to the third grade. When the students smiled and waved goodbye to me, when the parting song sounded faint in the ears, a sense of inexplicable emotion welled up in my mind. I finally realized that all the beautiful memories have been lost, and those lovely smiling faces and familiar names make me miss all the more.. I once lived in a kind of preciousness and knew what it means to cherish and have. I carefully collected a ray of sunshine sprinkled on the stairs, singing in the distant place and some familiar figures. I don’t want to easily lose the memories of the third year that touched my life at first..   The classroom was empty and deserted, with white walls, monotonous sunshine and light blue dust flying in the sunshine.. I gently brushed the dust off the table and gently closed the window like a beautiful dream. I want to impress all the beautiful memories in my mind and warm my heart in my loneliest time. Don’t forget to fly bright and clear laughter and clear eyes. Dan stands quietly at the head of the building to see the sunset.. In the dim memory, the song of Bo seems to float in the corner of the classroom over and over again, ” Who is playing with the pipa and participating in the answer straight Regulations?”. Maple leaves stain the story and I see through the ending. On the ancient road outside the fence, I led you through the years of wild tobacco and creeping weed, even breaking up was silent … ” The little lonely tune, dribs and drabs, wisps and wisps, was hanging on my stomach.”. Close your eyes, as if to see some pure smiles again, rippling in the evening sun and slipping away from the sky in June..   Gently, I walked past the evening of June.   Inadvertently, looking at the falling sunset, my heart suddenly throbbed with a warm feeling of deja vu. When I saw the white smoke in the distance, when the leaves of wutong trees on the campus were falling with golden yellow leaves, when the 3322 junior high school students walked in the lawn under the clear sky, when the cries on the basketball court rang through my ears again, and when the lights of night lessons flashed in front of my eyes again, the past time, which would eventually be more and more distant from me, occasionally passed through my heart.. I learned to grow up, learn to be strong, and learn to tell myself what kind of tomorrow I am going to have. On the occasion of parting, Dan held a souvenir book and asked me to write a graduation message. There were many light blue stories in the light blue cover page. Dan once told me that she likes the evening, and likes to see the bright shadows under the evening glow.. In the face of Dan’s pure and misty eyes, I want to tell her that although the past in smoke has gone away with the wind, you still roam in the sky of my memory..   Gently, it is a beautiful and warm evening. The song belonging to June in the evening is drifting gently. When we hear it on the radio one day,’ When we are young, the years are drifting quietly . ”, will the heart vaguely sing for a period of only time?.   Gently, I walked past the evening of June.   Gently, I will hold your hands again and walk through the evening of June with a smile.

Different business models, different results

Speaking from the bottom of my heart, I didn’t pay much attention to the business model before. I always felt that this thing, which I don’t need to learn, can be used by anyone, just like selling vegetables, is a stall. If we have money, we can do a wholesale or we can grow vegetables in a greenhouse ourselves..   But in the previous stage, the group of coffee came here and we talked. I really felt the importance of this.   In fact, in the early days, even before he entered the group, I knew that he was doing very well.. In the first three days of Taobao, he registered his own brand, built several Tmall stores and made car supplies, which he did in front of the industry..   But in my impression, he has done so well, which should be the result of accumulation, local tyrants, and has nothing to do with the model.   When talking to him last year, he said he was studying business models recently.   I was thinking about where to go to class and was brainwashed. But this time he came to Fuzhou to chat and know the importance.   He said that he is also a person. One is to lay the stalls and the other is to do the wholesale of stalls’ products.. Who is more likely to earn a million dollars. I don’t even have to think about it. It must be wholesale, because I have set up my own stall and I don’t earn much money..   But many of our groups are wholesale. It is normal to have hundreds of thousands of them a year..   He said that this is the business model, different models, different results.   I said, everyone understands this, is there anything deeper.   He said that the business model can be copied, but once implemented, the different models will be very different.   He said that there is a small store with two couples, which can earn 300,000 yuan a year, but what if you want to earn 1 million yuan a year.   I said, this is simple, everyone understands, and open three more. Then please, this is 1 million.   However, he said, my model is the most common one, but the risk is too great, and it is difficult to open three stores to manage, hire people and have capital.. I said, then you say your model.   He said that he would find some people to join him, but the headquarters would provide resources, guidance and partnerships.. But the materials and everything must be imported from the headquarters. In this way, the risk is small, the capital is small, and the quantity is large, so the supply chain is cheap..   For example, a kilo of vegetables would have cost 1 yuan, because the quantity was too large, it could have turned into 7 cents.   And it can be copied quickly. There’s some truth in thinking about it.   Speaking from the bottom of my heart, if we open our own business, we will encounter many problems, and the money alone cannot stand it..   But many people want to start a business without fear of failure, and no one guides them.   We use our model to give them, so this is really a win-win situation, and the most important thing is that we can enjoy ourselves.   Think of this, I think, in fact, we also have a person in the group is the same as him.   What does he do. Do everything. But it can only be said that only one point is to be a brand.   He registered many brands himself. And then produce some signs, other people’s products are his brand.   Then he sold himself in Jingdong, a large foreign platform.   So how much can he earn a month, not by month, but by day, how much, 30 thousand a day.   How many people, 4 people.   Maybe a lot of people don’t believe it, but if they come into contact with him, I believe everyone will believe it. This person is what I once said in my talk. That’s the brother of the man I’ve been talking about who earns fifteen million a month.   Will bear a nest, which I have been saying for two months, is the man who has made the underwear industry the number one in Jingdong.   Why is it that his model is also very good.   Because he doesn’t need to do anything by himself, don’t need to deliver goods by himself, and the artists don’t need themselves, and don’t need anything. He doesn’t even have a warehouse. As long as the operation is in charge, the artists are all outsourced. His wife was originally an artist and was also laid off..   So, model, really important. According to the general pattern, we earn 40,000 yuan a day and more than 10 million yuan a year.  Investment, one billion, two billion is not too much.   We didn’t realize this before, but under careful association, it is such a principle.   The most important thing is that the business model can be copied. If you understand it, you can copy it to many industries.   Like the man above, he was originally a woman’s dress, and she copied a woman’s bag behind her, which is also the underwear industry..   Speaking of this, speaking of coffee, he has a driver and he has two secretaries. He said that things must be done by a secretary, one of whom is in charge of life and one of whom is in charge of execution.. He said that all this money will be spent in small amounts.   Coffee said that success is too slow and also a failure.   At the beginning, I really wanted to write an article, but I didn’t write it later. The theme of this article is to spend money on time.. What does this sentence mean. Is a person’s life is not long, don’t do anything yourself.   To know how to give something to someone else to do it.   The one who went to see coffee with me that day was a brother of mine who made taobao guest. That’s what he said above..   For example, he is an accurate person to be a taobao guest, and it is certainly not enough for him to do so himself, so he will think about how to contract the task of adding people to others, because he will think about how to contract the business to others when the salesman is so tired every day..   So he made himself comfortable and comfortable.   He used to do insurance. Insurance companies had a basic salary, but few, but they had to hold meetings every day, deduct money when they were late, and deduct money when they failed to achieve their performance.. As for him, he asked if he could not ask for a basic salary or not to attend a meeting. His manager said he could.   But he will deduct 500 yuan a month, he said, it’s okay, give you 6000 yuan at a time. Don’t call me a whole year.   Why? He gave me the analysis behind him and went there every day. If nothing else, the parking fee alone is not more than 500 a month..   When it comes to this model, one of his friends is more fierce. His husband is in a public institution and his wife also sells insurance. As a result, they earned more than 10 million yuan in 2 or 3 years. This is mostly understood. Even the monks in the temple bought them from their friends and wives.   So, if you don’t think about a lot of things in your head, you really can only open a shop with yourself and another one..   But if you know how to use your own model, you can do it very well at once.   Therefore, considering the system from a model point of view, the success of coffee actually makes a lot of sense. For example, up to now, his management base salary is still 500 a month. Other profit dividends are calculated. Employees are desperate for profits. He is leisurely and must also have money to earn..   Different models are really different results.   A lot of things, when we go deep, will really feel different. The pattern is different, life is also different.   A lot of local tyrants are really not born, nor do they rely on hard work. He has something to do with a lot of things.   Such as this model, business model. It’s up to you whether you can or can’t do it..   My QQ: 838504315, welcome to add.

Cool breeze and white clouds

The light wind suddenly has a refreshing feeling on the face, relieves the fatigue and heat of the day, not only relaxes people’s mood but also relieves the pressure. in this modern people’s comfortable life, enjoying the sunshine makes the world full of warmth and joy and become a paradise on earth, giving life a poetic painting. in this wonderful environment, people are busy but full of joy and sunshine and joy in their hearts.. Not only changed the quality of life, but also changed some people’s ideas. People showed their ability to do their duty, formed a habit in constantly improving themselves, and formed a harmonious atmosphere in unconsciously influencing the people around them. Laughter kept pushing people’s lives to a climax..     Living in this happy state and attracting the envy of the white clouds also came here, floating overhead like a naughty little ghost, changing different shapes to decorate our lives, sometimes like a naughty child in trouble, covering up the blue sky, smearing the dust with clean air and forming a storm attack, but the crops are enjoying flowers and you hear their thumping sound of drinking water showing their urgent need.. After a rainy day and a sunny day, a rainbow appeared. The sky was cleaner than before, and the earth was bathed in hot water to make all things look brand – new, green leaves shining brightly in the sunlight.. As green as jade and green as oasis, patches of white clouds on the head are like Aries eating grass comfortably, lifting their heads from time to time to shout, enjoy a well-fed life and laugh like people..     Then there was another breeze, bringing the fragrance from far away here to meet the new mission, and giving the gift to the lover, who never tires of looking for the couple and cheering for the bad karma mandarin ducks. To build a bridge for them to renew their leading edge and create favorable conditions for them as far as possible in exchange for a beautiful marriage, so that people enjoy the charm of love, remove obstacles in lovers’ hearts and clean up dust in their hearts, and like a dustman who is busy getting up early and getting dark before returning to eternal cleanness. More detailed detergent is washing away dirt, changing the long-lost appearance, people have not forgotten the support and love of the people behind the scenes in excitement, they are diligently decorating the glory of the stars, people behind the scenes have never complained to do their duty, their life is ordinary but radiating dazzling light, their efforts move every member, although there are no flowers and applause, but the heart is as gorgeous as a garden, and those singers respect these ordinary people with their actions and repay their hard work.. The sweet smile and singing moved the people behind the scenes, there was no distinction between high and low, and they always got along so well.. Never mind your own gain or loss, there is always a warm smile on your face. When singers are frustrated in their practice, they can hear their sweet words, and just like the spring breeze, the newly-built sadness is swept away, revived and ignited.. Re – enter your own stage and re-show your elegant demeanor. In fact, the people behind the scenes shoot their gas stations, more like their food, and the singers in this harmonious family are experiencing any challenges, but there is always a force in their hearts that supports the peak of the stage..     pack up

Cherish what you have at the moment

After watching some old movies on the weekend, I couldn’t help feeling that time is running out..     A call was made to the old colleague and the girl caught a cold again. I remember the same thing last time. In fact, everyone worked very hard outside. Can’t meet, so talk about work, talk about life, talk about feelings, is also a kind of comfort. Recall that when we closed the door to eat together, we always dreamed that we could go to the streets together to say goodbye to the bloody holidays. At that time, happiness was so simple that Crick said it was called’ poor happiness’. Now that I think about it, I should have less, less worries and less worries at that time, so it’s easy to be happy!     The brook said that at that time you always said you would go to play if you had money. Have you gone now? A song said,’ when you have money, you don’t have time. when you have time, you don’t have money.” really, now you have money, but it’s a sad thing to want to go out to the supermarket on a sunny afternoon.? I don’t know how long I haven’t had a meal with my friends and gone shopping.. The brook said, How’s your baby brother? I was surprised to smile: ” Ah, do you still remember that I have a younger brother?”? Crick laughed. ” That’s who you are.”? Friends sharing weal and woe in those days” The heart is warm and rippling. This feeling is wonderful..     However, those things have become’ the year’. In those days, in the place full of rape flowers and lots of water and bridges, there was an ignorant young man’s youth and dream, unyielding and striving. At that time, the lofty sentiments were only a touch of color in his memory.. It’s beautiful, but it’s getting further and further away. Life, only go forward.     It was disappointing to catch up with the rainy day on a rare weekend.. I can’t go anywhere. I can only stay at home. When I was ready to read the book, I couldn’t put it down. The writer is a Canadian woman writer. Although the theory, there are exquisite brush strokes and sensitive nerves, which explain everything to life, work, marriage and make me feel quiet, peaceful and suddenly enlightened, suitable for this quiet and cool late spring weather. It suddenly occurred to me that many years ago, when I was a little girl, I followed my grandmother to make drinks under the plane tree.. Large and small bottles, put chrysanthemum essence on them, slowly add cool boiled water, smell the sweet smell of boiled water, and I wish I could start drinking immediately. Grandma will stop me at this moment, because this is for the busy fathers and uncles, and finally the small bottle for me and my brother.. Ouch, when we drink it in our mouth, it’s sweet. Up to now, I feel more than any other drink. Unfortunately, Grandma can’t adjust it for us any more.. When I looked at grandma’s face for the last time, I knew that some good things can only be remembered.     But life will continue. Just like now, he was busy fighting in front of the computer, and from time to time, I read books and write something without disturbing each other. It was quiet and beautiful.. I like this moment. Even if I had just been in a mood, I wouldn’t feel sad together. Continue and forgive, maybe this is life, cruel and beautiful.     If you think about it, it’s almost five years since you graduated and now you’re working.. At first, all kinds of tension and uneasiness overwhelmed me. I’m not a teacher major, I don’t have teachers’ professional knowledge, and I don’t have all kinds of qualification certificates that teachers should have. I’m full of fear about my work. I’m afraid that leaders and colleagues will attend classes, I can’t arrange classes effectively, I won’t deal with emergencies, and various emotions have spawned pimples on my face. I asked for a holiday to see a doctor, but found out I don’t know where I am when I get off the bus.. Helpless want to cry, thinking about this for only a few days, even the ability to touch the road has degenerated. After getting off the bus, I still didn’t get to my destination. I was helpless and sad.. Very not easy to find a place, caocao took a bag of traditional Chinese medicine and went back. in fact, he did not even know how to fry it, so he went back. Thought: Even if I find it only for such a difficult time, I have to carry it back!     Walking on the road, I feel much better. There is a slight wind, and the sun is slacking off. My heart was full of mixed thoughts, and I also wanted to open a new publicity page for a yoga club. I suddenly felt more relaxed than ever – especially after I pressed down my skirt.. Then I walked around the street with my college roommate. She was still as lively and lovely as before, and all the previous events came to light again.. There are mixed feelings, as if we have not changed. But the fact is, I can’t play like I used to, and I have to get back to school quickly.. But when it was only one step away from the school, the bus and the taxi suddenly disappeared without a single one! I stood on the side of the road and waved vigorously, hoping to meet a kind man as I did in those days. As a result, a car stopped and kindly sent me to school without being late, and the mood was so happy.. Then, I took an examination of the teacher’s qualification certificate. I listened to the class hard and studied hard. A year later, I was successfully graded and finally passed through the darkest period of time..You see, there are times when stress makes us unfamiliar to us and we don’t even know each other, as if we were going back to the darkest of times.. What we all need at this moment is to give ourselves a holiday, to get in touch with fresh air, to meet new people and things, and life may turn for the better..     Now, my life and work are progressing smoothly step by step. There are also more different understandings of life, life and happiness.     Just two days ago, I just came out of the mineral spring and was thinking about what kind of essential oil I should use at a later age. Suddenly there was an ugly but very loud song behind me.. The in the mind secretly scolded 1” mental derangement! ‘ but I saw a famous man riding a tram with a girl flying past me. My mind immediately flashed that sentence” would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle. I thought this young couple was the best retort to this sentence. Maybe they will fight for necessities and vinegar when they get home, but at least I saw their happy side. Even if they are really discouraged by everything in the future, they will not be able to give up remembering the joy of singing together on the tram? Of course, I also don’t feel angry, there are people who love each other in BMW, who work together and become famous. Even if I feel sad and cry in BMW for a while, I will be moved by the hardships of working together.?     In fact, whether it’s a BMW or a tram, as long as you have love in your heart, it’s Cinderella’s pumpkin coach, carrying two people together towards happiness. After crying, laughing, crying, laughing, crying and laughing, the days passed. As long as they have each other in their hearts, crying or laughing is life, love is both inevitable and impossible.. Sometimes I think it is a good choice to cry and laugh like this in this life and spend it safely..     Like a fish. In fact, fish is like human nature.     Accompanied her husband to fish, feed machine roared. And he was sitting in the feed station not far away. I was thinking about how I could catch fish when all the fish had gone to dinner.? But I saw my husband lift the pole fiercely. I saw a big fish billowing clearly on the hook. Because although the food under the feeding stage is delicious, there are always fish swimming to one side. However, most of the fish caught at this time are not large. The husband said that the big fish all went to the feeding machine to grab food and eat. I thought to myself, if I eat fatter, I will still be served as a delicious food. It would be better to rise to the bait so early and save the suffering of overcrowding.. The same is true of people. Even if the scenery over there is unique and there is plenty of food and clothing, there will always be people who choose to leave and choose a wider and more tolerant world.. What about our current career? By contrast, we don’t have a high income and may not be able to afford luxury food, luxury cars and beautiful houses, but here we have the loveliest children to accompany us, and we have given our children the most complete childhood, which is also a kind of happiness.. When we are old, Tao Li can tell our children on a bright afternoon or a bright morning: ” who is this? who is this? but my students say he was” as the principal said, choosing a teacher is choosing a life.”. I think, this kind of life has both scenery and helplessness, and do it and cherish it.     Recently, my friend’s brother opened a restaurant, which is idyllic and lovely, so he began to ponder over the time to sit down. A person.     In some places, it has always been felt that only one person can go. A person, elegant, or leisurely, or free. For example, Tibet, a person, a bag, a hat and a camera, just go. Look at the bumpy road like a devout believer worshiping at every step, walking to the gate of the palace step by step, listening to monks’ prayers, touching the flying sutras and silks, and turning around the little things in the hands of the old man, and realizing the joy of reaching out and touching the sky.. Such as Yunnan border town, such as Dali. Prepare enough long flowered skirts, big wide brim hats, comfortable flat shoes, and carry on like a machine. Just go. Shopping in small shops, walking in small alleys, drinking small drinks and looking at handsome men, which is not a kind of enjoyment? Like this restaurant, just go. I want to burn a large roll for this restaurant, buy a skirt full of broken flowers, find a window seat, sit down with a skirt, sleep with a lovely cat in a basket, ask for a cup of black tea, some delicate snacks, turn over two pages of magazines, read two novels, one and so beautiful.     The road to life is short and long, cherishing the family’s happiness in family life and enjoying their own comfort and independence. Don’t run away when you should strive, don’t be demanding when you should relax and miss the past, but don’t falter. If you choose, go on and cherish it firmly, just as I said, ” Dear, stick to it, it’s a good life.”. ”

Bitter taste

We walk on the same road and often meet each other, but we often brush our shoulders and never talk to each other..   I often secretly watch your vigorous posture on the court from a window in the distance, and watch you feel distressed after sweating like rain..   Often imagine what kind of girl you will like and whether you are like this.   Often imagine what color you will like and whether it is the color you often wear on your body.   I like to walk on the road you walk along, I like to appear in the place where you often appear, I like to look at your back in a daze..   One day, when you don’t see you in the place where you often appear, you will think about what happened to you, whether you were ill, dated or never appeared again..   One day, you wore a dress of your own favorite color. Imagine if you knew that I also liked this color, whether it was for me or not.   One day, the eyes of a casual touch meet, imagining whether you are also watching me.   Hope mood, sweet and bitter.

Back to’ Home’

[ editor’s note ]catkin elder sister, in fact, you have never left this home in our hearts. you have to leave temporarily because of the change of work. we also know the helplessness. after all, the time and energy spent by the editorial department is not what ordinary people can imagine, especially a good editor who is so serious and responsible as you are.. This reminds me of the busy and full days and nights I spent in the online haunting of prose. I really feel a lot about it.! Catkin elder sister, remember: the door of your home is always open for you, and you are more expected to return to the’ back garden’ and continue to work with everyone to build a better home.!   I don’t know whether this is home or not, and I have been away from prose online for several years. I remember when I first established this website, I buried myself in this world every day because of my love, for three years, because some changes in work and life had to leave prose online.. But today I unknowingly walked into this home that once took most of my time and energy, and my mood was also very complicated..     I’m glad my name is still on the web page, but I forgot my password when I entered again, and applied for another one again. I entered the ancient self as a tourist, with scattered words in the space, which made me feel a little cold.. I haven’t started writing for a long time. Some friends said: Your pen should be rusted. Actually, my mind is really rusted..     Some familiar faces, more new faces, still flickered on the front page. After browsing line by line, I feel like I’ve returned to my family, but there are many members in my family, many of whom I don’t know, so I can’t help feeling a little lonely in my heart..     I think I am really attached to this place. After all, it has also given a good time and filled many gaps in my memory. It has also made me know many friends and grow up myself..     Home is a place where wounds and masks can be stripped off, a place where you can be isolated from the world, a place where you can miss no matter how long you leave, a feeling that makes it difficult for you to give up. I am in this mood, so I am back to’ home’.[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

as warm as spring

The cold wind once again attacked the town, setting off too many memories. Buttonwood leaves catch up with winter’s footsteps, leaving behind a confused figure, provoking pity. I don’t know since when, I slowly like the weather here.     In every abnormal change of weather, memories are raised, which is like an agreement that was born with a label for a lifetime.. The warm and spring-like heart quietly blooms in the winter, and can feel her fragrance, which can’t be forgotten like a light one..     In the middle of the night, the yellow light shines slightly on the campus, and stars can be seen when the window is opened. The rest of the dormitory was quiet with their breathing mixed unevenly, like the sound of raindrops trickling down the roof..     The wind blows on the leaves, and the leaves and leaves dance vaguely, warming each other at night, so pure as not to allow any impurities to seep in, and at a certain moment they stand out unusually.. Turn on the desk lamp and clearly see the dust flying in the air. The air feels frozen in an instant without any cracks..     No matter how the shadow changes, my mind stops here with the air, thinking of the phone call from my mother in the afternoon, and constantly telling me that you should wear more clothes when it’s cold, don’t catch a cold again, and your body is so poor … Ah, although she was very tired of her nagging at that time, my heart was still warm and unspeakable warmth.. In an hour in the afternoon, the mobile phone was filled with more than ten text messages, full as if in a mood.     Those are just words of blessing, simple greetings, but enough to warm me in this season. In the passage of time, some people always stand out in a special time. I suddenly thought of what a friend said to me. Time is a light that is getting stronger and stronger. As long as I can see a little light, I have hope.. Warm, also is so simple.     Shallow breathing, light end. One breath ends and the other begins. The part of the heart that suddenly shrinks or enlarges may only be remembered in a long and long dream, warm and warm. The palm of the hand is cold, hot water is poured into the empty mineral water bottle, the hot air rises at the bottom of the bottle in an instant, and the whole bottle slowly shrinks by half, the warm distance. Everything needs a carrier. If it wasn’t for the cold wind, I couldn’t detect these warm feelings.

Afternoon thoughts

The afternoon sun was so warm and warm that people felt a little stuffy and stuffy, and immediately drank a cup of cold boiled water. When the cold water entered the body, they felt so fresh and fresh. After the skin was soaked with water, they also became moist, slippery and damp, a kind of comfort that people could not say.!     I looked at myself at this time, wearing a small unlined shirt with black and white stripes and lace trim at the neckline and hem, a silver-gray dress, and a pair of light blue slippers at the foot. In this empty room, I could listen to a favorite song and dance with its beautiful melody, and the skirt formed a big circle in the slow rotation, as if I were in the center of the earth. The long hair also rotated with the body, and a breeze swept across my cheek at the moment of rotation. I took a deep breath, so fresh and fresh..     It was during the warm and cold season of spring that they shook their tender branches to show people the coming of another year’s spring. The little green color made people feel life and vitality. When the river gradually became civilized, the farmers wore thick winter clothes, came to the fields and carefully cultivated their fields, and then carefully waited on their fields like baby – sitting. The pickaxe and hoe contained their deep attachment to the earth, gradually sprouts sprang up with spring breeze, soaked in the moisture of rain, and the crops grew even more gratifying..     Summer arrived in their hope. Look at the boundless fields, the wheat billowing, the fertile fields thousands of miles away, the fragrant rice flowers, July and August are the season when rice spikes fall, the green rice fields and the fragrant rice that cannot be hid. You can feel deeply soaked in the insides with a deep breath. No one can describe the rare moisture in words, because after that season, farmers all put on their favorite clothes, dressed themselves beautifully and went out to visit relatives and friends, and some young people like to travel.? You’re not going to lose it, are you? I’ll tell you with a smile that they are modern farmers who not only grow fields but also do business. Some active farmers go to work in the city during their leisure hours. Some of them can work as carpenters, some can work as bricklayers and some can repair various kinds of vehicles. It is their arrival that complements the shortage of labor force for these jobs in the city. The city’s bosses also like these simple migrant workers very much, because many of them are short-time workers and their wages and benefits are almost enough. Therefore, the bosses can reap more profits from their efforts. As for those farmers who know how to do business at ordinary times, some of them are family members.. Their children also came to schools in the city early to receive the best education.     When autumn comes, the thousands of miles of plain is a piece of golden yellow. The heavy ears of rice, rice and beans exude another kind of ripe aroma, which makes people see in their eyes and delight in their hearts. At this moment, farmers no longer stay in bed and are busy in the fields at three or four o’clock in the morning. Perhaps you will ask to cut rice so early.? Or cut corn? In fact, there is only one harvester in the field. Some family members and friends are busy tying bags, some are busy loading cars, and rice in the field can be harvested in a day’s time. It seems mechanization has brought real benefits to farmers..     Unconsciously snow in winter is like a naughty child who quietly comes and scatters silvery white on the earth. Children are the happiest when they run to the open space to fight snow battles. Some children even stretch out two small hands and then watch the snowflakes slowly melt in their hands. Some children stretch out their small mouths and then snowflakes to taste what snowflakes are like. After tasting, they say, ” Why are they not sweet?”? Silly child. If all of them are sweet, you naughty little ones are not sweet enough to hurt your teeth? Ha ha, this is the children.     I also had a childhood and experienced a young childhood like them, but now I think of it as a distant thing for me, as if I had gone through a process from ancient times to the present, so long and really incredible. I was so calm in the face of the complicated society at this time, perhaps I had never had any extravagant ideas and lived a life of nine to five, with family companionship, my own career, and occasionally went to the market to buy food after work every day. It is not too much to do a few things at home.. In a word, the morning mist, the neon lights at night, and the weaving of people and traffic are so common to me. I often think that everyone wants their life to be colored, and the background color of this color is authentic. We walk in the world for a time, and dust will return to dust and soil at the end. Then we can find our true self. Home is the warmest harbor when we are tired. Family is our forever company. Remember that no matter how far you go, your family is your forever hanging lead.!

A village that is slowly disappearing

The spacious and straight cement street was built when the village was connected. It was a few years ago, when no one would believe that the village would disappear slowly and raise funds to build the cement street.. The narrow hutongs left traces of the village before repairing the water and mud roads. The poplar trees lined the streets rustled with the wind, gray walls and red tiles on the houses were located in orderly courtyards.. This is my village.     I was born in this village and graduated from primary school to middle school. I never left the village. The village is lively in my memory.. Winter is the most carefree day of the year. When the sun comes out, the men, women and children in the village come out to bask in the sun. After lunch, I walked out of the house and chatted in groups.     Women don’t have leisure in their hands, some have sole, some knit sweaters, chatter and chat, and work in their hands is not stopped. The topic of women is nothing more than who does delicate sewing, who weaves sweaters with beautiful designs and novel designs, and sometimes they say who adds a new dress..     The men brought their children together to talk about the eastern parents, the western family’s short harvest, Kan Kan’s one-year harvest, the changes of each family, and who has a daughter-in-law for the boy and a husband’s family for the girl.. Or talk about how to celebrate the New Year. What kind of new year goods do you do.     The quietest ones are the old people, sitting next to a warm haystack or against a wall, narrowing their eyes and pulling up two sentences one after the other to show off their past and look forward to the future..     The happiest thing is that those children who are at home on Sunday play and play together, or gather around adults to listen to adults or let adults tell stories to them..     The glory of the past is no longer today. There were 1,000 people in the village. Now there are not a quarter of the people living in the village. Young people have gone to work in the city.. They settled in different cities, their children went to school in the city, and they didn’t come back to be reunited until the New Year holidays.     The middle-aged and elderly people living in the village, who work at sunrise and rest at sunset, grow their own acres of land. Solve your life. They have cultivated the land which has never been deserted. Now, it is winter again, the village has become deserted without the lively atmosphere of the past.. Maybe, when they can’t farm, they will go to different cities to join their children.     The excitement and laughter of the past seem to exist only in my memory. Maybe I have forgotten the laughter of the past, and maybe I will never have it again!     A few years later, with the process of urbanization, the village will slowly disappear.     Every time I stand at the entrance of the village and look at the distance, the unspeakable melancholy spreads in my heart, for the distant relatives, for the village that has gone into the sun, for this village that has slowly disappeared. I feel very deeply.     No one can stop the process of urbanization. The only thing that slowly disappeared was my village.