Day: September 22, 2018

Goddess in men’s hearts

Every man has a goddess in his heart. No matter who you are or how successful you are in your life, there is always a woman in his heart. Maybe this woman is not very beautiful, but she is definitely a talented woman..     Women with beautiful appearance can really give people a kind of visual enjoyment. Especially when we encounter some unpleasant things in our work, we all want to use a beautiful thing to transfer our visual fatigue and work troubles. At this moment, the beautiful woman is often a panacea. She is like a dream of spring, giving us a pure land and making us drunk in the dream of spring and reluctant to wake up..     Women with beautiful appearance have had an advantage since birth. She is just like a beautiful porcelain, naturally giving people a kind of pity, it is easy to make people heartache.. However, each of us men has a pair of artist’s eyes, and a woman with beautiful appearance is like a delicate work of art, then we will find her potential value, because these women have much greater potential to become talented women than women with ordinary appearance..     Although it is difficult for a woman with ordinary appearance to give a person a visual enjoyment, as long as she is kind in heart, she can also fascinate men. At this time, she was like a bunch of camellias. Although she looked ordinary in appearance, she had connotation and charm that attracted men..     A woman with ordinary appearance does have an advantage over a woman with beautiful appearance, because she does not have a good leather bag. The plain appearance does not mean that she has no hope of becoming a talented woman, but that she will shed more sweat than those beautiful women in the long river of life.. Through the ages, there are many women who have ordinary appearance and become talented women. Hua Mulan in ancient times, Liu Hulan in modern times and Zhang Ailing in modern times are all models among women..     Ugly – looking women give people the feeling of blurred vision. On the outside, it seems that she was completely defeated. At first glance, most men don’t want to look at the second eye. In fact, this is a man’s’ visual field disease’. It can also be said that most men are vulgar and like to judge people by their looks.. However, you must not give up yourself. As long as your heart is beautiful, you can also calm some men’s hearts, thus charming a large group of men.     A woman with an ugly appearance may have an ugly appearance, but her heart is often beautiful. At this time, we should know that looks are born, given by parents, and can never be changed by ourselves.. Although this is a defect of our own, think about it in turn. In fact, this is also one of our own characteristics. We should not look for some troubles in appearance, but try to open up a little in all things, and there will be a bright day.. As long as we persevere in the road of life, we can also be like Zhuge Liang’s wife Huang Yueying, even though we look like evil spirits and salt-free women from hell, we can also be goddesses in men’s hearts..     Everyone has the heart to love beauty. Men like beauty. If there is a man who says he doesn’t like beauty, he must be hypocritical, because most men like to judge people by their looks, and there are many examples of people who don’t like beauty in the mountains from ancient times, but there are many kinds of beauty: beauty in appearance, graceful and restrained beauty, subtle beauty, exquisite beauty, and spiritual beauty … most of the beauty in the life path is the scenery in the field of vision, and she is often like a bunch of bright roses that can fill the blank in our field of vision, but not all the scenery in the field of vision can be imaged on the screen.. This tells us that not all the beautiful women we meet in life can become goddesses in our hearts, but these beautiful women have a bigger chance than plain women. Nor are the plain-looking women encountered in life impossible to become goddesses in our hearts, but these plain-looking women have less chance than beautiful ones. Not to mention the ugly women encountered in life will not become the goddesses in our hearts, but these ugly women have less chances than other women.     In the long world of mortals, no matter how beautiful she looks or not, as long as she is beautiful in heart, graceful and restrained without publicity, such a woman is the most beautiful, such a woman can impress a man’s heart again, and such a woman is the goddess in a man’s heart..