Day: September 13, 2018

At this point, jasmine positive open

In the lean season ferry and listen to the wind whisper, graceful breakdown by years of evolution silent fleeting, bright red flowers from flower to leaf thin residue.Various Artists desolately lonely heart to see the vast tears, listening to singing melodious rustle Maple Leaf, winter is not far away from the bar at a glance.Suddenly thin cold annihilation of a vibrant and impetuous mind, although butterflies dancing through the purple street Red, Yela not too pleasant autumn War.Tasted years left pain, the vicissitudes folded leaf Lanzhou quiet, with the heart of the sea wide, wilting in yellow, the other side of the support.  At this time the other side, Mann flowers are open, red as blood, smoke curl, dark fawn enchanting.Bana, gentle devil.Legend, is voluntarily put flowers hell, demons are sent back, still hovering in the lives on the road, demons can not bear, they agreed to let her open the road, away from the human world to have a soul and comfort guidelines.Bana, open the other side, saw the flowers, not leaves, flowers leaves were gone, leaves no flowers, mosaic the two do not meet, life after life with the wrong, but unruly bloom, never delay flowering, even dying, is a crimson, although the phase error in reincarnation, the other side of the road will be alone, read Xiangxi phase until the mountains edge of heaven.  Canoe, the end result of many Zaibu Dong suffering and pain, but not to the other side, became the passing scenery, and now still hesitant this three-way river shore, facing the other side of the blossom, mosaic of Xiangxi staggered , origin edge off.  Flowers, skim ray of fragrance at your fingertips, only a trace of breeze blow it deep Che heart; flowers, pick up a handful of petals in the hands, let Zanko over the fingertips, the wind falling dirt into dust.  Origin, across thousands of miles together in the vast sea, devout accompany each other through a period of care journey; edge off, mind outside a lock on the door, lock the heart of the charming scenery, so lively and earthly heart isolated.  Ruthless ruthless of those passes, passionate is sad sentimental person, idea, or fades in memory, or gradually become a habit, habit or become memories, read or not read, have a nightmare with the night sky and fall pieces.Now the melancholy solo, solo graceful grief in loneliness, being unforgiving grinding mill to a powder, a Young autumn, will be without a trace, but it is an avalanche of Zangxin song.  Tonight, the seasons, the book was left behind the memory of a corner, and understand the state of mind for years, the graceful Manwu in gentle moonlight, look back in the dim light, to gently, gently walk, seasonal depression and sadness away, leaving only the joy of fruitful.In the clear light years, the quiet beauty cut a window of time, so that once scattered blurred scenery, freeze it out of that window, in the softest place, a road engraved scenery, sometimes graceful and sometimes silent, the wind distributing a plume fragrance, sometimes intense and sometimes light, random play one song after another geniality, sometimes joy and sometimes sorrow.  Quietly to find a maple leaf, the depths of the Fallen flowers, filled with old mottled, colorful fallen, deep in the process of pursuing maple leaf in the wind, let the tears chapter laid to rest.  Hurried flashy earth, cold autumn sky Dangqi dust flying, bursts of fragrance Qinru heart, vaguely remember some that personally cultivation of jasmine, this time is open.