Day: September 12, 2018

A child can not go back

(A) Dragon Boat Festival season, can not wait to Hui Letang home.I care deeply about the desire to see the boat race might be achieved.  Child, dragon boat racing game is the highlight of the Dragon Boat Festival.Dragon boat for the game just like a dragon in disguise.Charm full leader, march tall, with black and red beard or mustache or beard white; tail high tilt roll, showing a posture not drag speeding.Under gorgeous sunshine, grass soaring, wide rivers, plentiful water, we have a large group of kids flocked to the shore to stand or sit on the sand, always before the game to warm Bo Le Maxima under discussion boat and a good bet to become each team in the beard of a team of senior fans.Then of course, is the most hard motivation to cry cheer for their chosen team, a sound both go hand in hand with the love interest of dragon boat; the crew bare arm oil yo, blanket intoxicating smile, should the deafening sound of gongs and drums beat struggling to paddle, spray facing the water speed splash cold the whole world, a pure joy in the air, spread up style to sow.In the eyes of our children, always winning or losing is secondary, the process is full of ups and downs of the heart.  A brief three-day holiday, the desire to see the boat race ultimately unsatisfying.Time is not coincidence, the sky still under the ticking of showers, combined, the narrow river, less water, the river may have even dried up, dragon boat racing has long been weakened a lot of enthusiasm, a few years ago some places do not match up, similar language is a barrier to console me and met the boat.  (B) remember the last holiday, I went to see grandmother.A child, I was a foster grandmother more than two years, the place where the grandmother, a wonderful quaint little village, that was my first childhood ultimate paradise, once the keening have left bounded down the jump on me cheerful footprint.After lunch, I propose that this is a fruit of the abundance of the season, we go to the mountains picking wild fruits, over-mouth addiction ah.Ultimately only the mother is willing to accompany me to go, we can handle ahead after less than two hundred meters backed down.Existing experience shows that not long ago the mountains rich berries, and even very few people are willing to go to the mountains collection; coupled with the fear of the unknown infestation of small animals and roadside mosquitoes in the mountains, I can only pick a few scattered on the roadside shriveled berries soothe the soul disappointed Bale.  On the way back, six or seven of the scene from time to time flashed reach the edge of the memory.Every May, the general mood and full of plant growth upwards of breath.I and small partners come and go everywhere, pick peaches on a peach tree, under arbutus bayberry picking up, the tree fold cucumber cucumber.Remember most of the village and is a sixty year-old woman picking berries in the mountains go hand in hand, into the destination of the moment, my eyes shocked, dolphin wild fruits such as bright star-like dot the lush grove where the red fruit juice full of sweet, mouth-watering.Our eating while mining, and filled the whole basket, also filled the entire stomach.The mountains are particularly quiet and cool, as if the world is our.  (C) Now think about it, every home in the heart of the children want to read is not so easily achieved, feet, head, heart always painted a circle, which read great promise of a “home” word.There were also non inhuman, circumstances have changed, people even more weakness in the.  Childhood, especially keen to be seen squatting all the way to the army: dense ant.Most of them soldiers panicked horse chaos as emergency line, in order to win a major prey, the prey that may be just a rice; of course, love to work too hard child maverick; if the world is composed of ants, the world is very interesting; suddenly found ants disappear when they grow up, in fact, I did not really ants?It was only because of his poetic stripped of life, is called: observation.  A child without courage or at the most by a little courage can rampage, to run like the wind speed, the same cow strength long jump; and a variety of plants can be up close dew drops, may be small snails and puppy whisper, you can catch fireflies at night view of the stars; grow up increasingly timid, easy to shrink, easy to get lost, give up easily, willingly fall into the comfort of encirclement, all this, and about the lack of courage to explore, could not open the eyes of curiosity , lumbering pace easy battle.  A child, we will live with a macro lens closer, carefully touch the heart of the closer the better, just facing the sun and hope; grow up, we rely on fire panorama of life, their feet measured, feet go far wider better, and strive towards money and success.  A child, a heart can be filled for a while emptying; grow up, heart load is too heavy, inside filled with emptiness, anxiety, boredom, bondage, this has become an obstacle to occupy.  A child, for the joy of flying and flying; grow up, meet and meet for a living.  A child, what a temptation and envy of the word, but I think the kid can not go back.